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June 1952 

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Heinrich Schütz called "the Father of German Music", (he often called himself 
Heinricus Sagittarius) was born in 1585, just 100 years before Bach. As a boy he lived 
at Wessenfels, where he received a sound general education in the arts and sciences, as 
well as thorough musical training, under the patronage of the Landgraf of Hesse-Cassel. 
At first he studied law, but in 1609 the Landgraf, impressed with his extraordinary musical 
talent, offered, provided he agree to become a musician, to defray the expense of his further 
musical education in Venice under Giovanni Gabrieli, "the most distinguished musician of 
the age". Schütz' first published work was the book of 19 five-part Madrigals, with Latin 
texts, (Vol. 19, pp. 125-128 hereof), which he composed in 1611, and dedicated to Gabrieli. 
On the latter's death in 1612, Schütz returned to Cassel. In 1616 he was given charge of 
the Kapelle of the Elector of Saxony, which position he held until his death in 1672, 
aged 87. 

Schütz' first important work was the two Volumes (Vols. 2 and 3), of the Psalms of 
David, (1619), (pp. 52-69). The Resurrection Oratorio was written in 1623, the Cantiones 
Sacrae, four-part Motets, (Vol. 4, pp. 70-78) in 1625, the three Parts of the Symphoniae 
Sacrae in 1629, 1630 and 1648 (Vols. 5, 7, 10 and 11, pp. 79-84, 102-113, 129-140) ; Vol. 6 
(pp. 85-102) in 1636 and 1639, and Vol. 8 (pp. 114-124) in 1648. The 150 hymn-settings 
to Becker's texts (see Assoc, of Am. Choruses Choral Series No. 188) were begun in 
1628, after the death of his wife, and finished in 1661, at the request of the Elector. The 
Christmas Oratorio (pp. 47-51) was composed in 1664, followed by the four Passions, 
(pp. 8-46), when Schütz was 80 years old. 

In the present volume, where a German phrase is repeated, (which is sometimes in- 
dicated by a parenthesis), if the English equivalent will not bear repetition, alternate 
English words are given underneath for the phrase on the repeat. Wherever (except in 
the case of repeated notes in the long recitatives) the note values are changed for the 
English words, this is indicated. The fact that these texts have been copied out at different 
times accounts for the difference in form. 

Henry S. Drinker 
249 Merion Road, 

Merion, Penna. 
June 1952. 



Genesis XXXII, 26 

Exodus XV ,2, 11 

I Samuel 11,1-2 

II Samuel XVIII, 33 
Job XIX, 25- 26 



in, 5:8 







IX, 11-12 

XIII, 1-6 

XIII, 5-6 

XIV, 2- 3 


XVIII, 1-6 





XXVII, 1-6 



XXX, 4-5 

XXXI, 1-2 

XXXIII, 1-3 

XXXIV, 1-5 

XXXVII, 2-5 





LI, 10-12 

LI, 15 

LVII 7-10 





IXXXIV t l,2,4 








63, 80 








CIV, 33 





156, 122 




62, 85 



57. 87 

CXI, 1-10 



CXI, 10 












CXVI ,8-9,3-4 








56, 102 

CXVIII ,25,26 

89, 130 






59, 129 















130, 162 



59, 67 




61, 129 





137, 111 



60, 68 








CXLV, 15-16 


72, 79,116 






82, 91 


65, 106 






Proverbs, V, 18- 19 


99, 107 


.IX, 5 




.XIX, 14, XVIII, 22 



Prov. XXVII, 10 



Prov .XXX, 7- 9 












.VIII, 15 




of Solomon, 111,1-4 









various others, 



Isaiah 1,18 


63, 69 

1 » 


90, 118 

Old Testament (cont) 
Isaiah, XXVI, 20 
" XLI,10 
" XLV.8 
Jeremiah, XXXI, 15 
XXXI, 20 


Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 11,8-11 

XXV, 1 

Song of the Three Holy Children 



VI, 9-13 
VIII, 11-12 
XI, 28-30 
XIII, 30 
XVIII, 32-33 
XIX, 19 
XXII, 4 
XXII, 16- 21 
XXVII, 48 
XXVII, 50 



XV, 25 









VI, 36-42 

VIII, 5-8 

XVI, 19-31' 

XVIII, 10- 14 


XXI, 23 

XXI ,29-31 

XXI, 34-36 


New Testament 





77 147,137 














XXIII, 34 
XXIII, 39-43 
XXI II, 46 



XI, 25-26 
XV, 1-5 
XIX, 25- 27 

XIX, 29-30 

XX. 13- 17 





157,149, 106 










94, 119 








VIII, 31-34 
VIII, 35, 38-39 
XIV, 8 

I Cor.V,7-8 

Gal. V, 15 



Phil. Ill, 20 

Phil. 111,20-21 

Col. Ill, 18 

Tim. I, 15- 17 

Tim. IV, 8 

Titus 11,11-14 

Hebrews XI II, 4 

Revelation, XII, 7- 12 

XIV, 13 
I John 1,7 

Ach, Herr du Schöpfer 

Ach wie soll 

Ad Dominum 

Allein Gott in der Höh 

Alma afflitta 

Aspice pater 

Auf er immensam 



Bernhardi (Hymns) 

Bone Jesu, verbum Pätris 


121, 151 




157, 122: 

89, 154 




100 > 


131 ,132,145' 

Calcicem Salutaris 


Cantate Domine 

Canticle of Simeon 

Cantiones sacrae (40 Latin) 

Canzone tta 

Christ ist erstanden 

Christmas Oratorio 

Communion Service 


Comfortless Tomb 

Cosi morir 

Creed (Nicene) 

Da Jesus an dem Kreuze 


Danksagen wir 

Dank sagen wir alle 

Dank sei Gott 

Dank sei unser m Herrn 

Da pacem Domine 

Der Erde trinkt 

Deus misereatur nostri 


Di marmo • 

Die Seele Christi 

Die Wort der Einsetzung 

Domine ne in furore 

Dom ine non est 

Dorrida selce 


Dunque addio 

Ecce advocatus 
Ego dormio 
Ego enim inique 
Ego sum tui plaga 
Erbarm dich mein 
Et ne despicias 

Father Abraham 



Fuggi, o mio core 

Fürstliche Gnade 

Geistliche Chor Music 
Gelobet seist du 
Gieb unsern Fürsten 
Giunto e pur 
i Gloria 

i Glück in den Helikon 
Gratias (after meal) 




Herr Gott dich loben wir 



Heu mihi,Doraine 



Hodie Christus natus est 

94, 167 


Heute ist Christus 




Ich hab mein Sach 



Ich glaube an einen einigen Gott 



Ich ruf zu dir 



In dich hab ich gehoffet 



In te Doraine 



Inter brach ia 



Italian Madrigals 



Itzt blicken 



John Passion 




Komm heiliger Geist 



Kyrie eleison 



Kyrie from Mass Föns benitatis 




Lasset uns doch den Herren 



Lasst Salomon 



Liebster sagt 






Litany (Six Part) 



Lorcfs Prayer (Matth.VI,9-13) 



Luke Passion 




Madrigals, Italian 



Madrigals, German 



Madrigal, The Four Shepherdesses 





Mark Passion 



Mass, German 



Matthew Passion 



Messe, Die Deutsche 



Mi saluta 



Musikalische Exequien 




Nach-dem ich lag 


Nicene Creed 



Nonne hie est 



Nun komm 




O bone Jesu 



O bone, o dulcis 


O dolcezze 



O du allerstisseter 



O du grossen Wundertaten 



O hilf Christ 

43, 89 


O Jesus nomen dulce 



O Jesu süss 



O liebet Her re Gott 



« _ 

O misericordissime 


.# » 


primavera (Monteverde) 


süsser Jesu Christ 

Pater noster 

Pitiless Death 

Pro hoc magno 

Psalms (150) See Choral Serii 

Quel la damma 
Quid commisisti 
Quoniam ad te clamabo 
Quoniam non est 
Quo, nate Dei 

Reduc Domine 
Resurrection Oratorio 
Ride la primavera 

Selve beate 

Seven Words 

Shepherdesses, The Four 

Sicut Moses 

Siehe mein Fürsprecher 

Simeon, Canticle of 

So fahr ich hin 

Sospir che del bei petto 

Speret Israel 

Spes mea 


Surrexit pastor bonus 

Symphoniae sacrae 

Teutoniam dudum 

Thirteen Psalms 

Tugend ist der beste Freund 






Wann unsre Augen 



Was hast du verwirket 



Was mein Gott will 


Wer Gottes Marter 

37, 46 


Why art thou sad, 



Wie wenn der Adler 



Wir glauben 


s 188 (Vol .XVI) 

Wir glauben (Nicene Creed) 


Wo Gott der Herr 



Zwölf geistliche Gesänge 















149, 157 







129-134, 135-140 






Unser Herr 

Vasto mar 

Veni sancte Spiritus 

Veni, rogo 

Verba me 

Verleih uns Frieden 

Vier Hirtinnen 

Vitae fugacitate 

Von Gott will ich nicht lassen 

Vulnerasti cor me um 






107, 115 





L \f 

Resurrec tion 
Die Auf-er-ste-hung un-sers Her- ren Je- -su Chri-sti, wie uns die von der vier 
The Re-sur-rec-tion of our Lord and Sav-iour Je- sus, as for us the Four 

E-van-ge-li-sten be-schrie-ben wird. 

Ho-ly A-pos-tles have writ- ten it. Matth.XXVIII 

Mark, XVI, l: Evan: Da der Sab- bath ver-gan-gen war, Ma-ri-a Mag-de - le-na, und die 

When the Sab-bath - day was past, - Ma-ry Mag-da- lene^ andto^ 
an-dre Ma-ri-a,, wel-che ge-nen-net wird Ja- -co- -bi, und Sa-lo-me. und Jo-han-na; 
oth-er Ma- -ry, (who was the mo-ther of James)and and Sa- lo-me too, and Jo-han-na, 

Üff'^-dre mit ih- nen, die »it JeWJ^ÄSM Ua-li-lä-a. kauf-ten 
and cer-tainoth-ers with them, who had come with Je-sus up out of Ga-li- -lee, bought & 

Äe^rei-te-t^die Spe- -ce- -rei dass - sie kä- men und sal- be-ten Je-sum, 
had pre- pared- - cer-tain sweet spices that they might come and a- noint Je-sus? bo-dy, 
, , wttt co Matth.XXVIII, 1-4 

d^'™n 'Satr oath u- ber wa- ren sie still nach dem Ge- -se- tze. Am Ä-bend a-ber der 
since they rest-ed on the Sab- bath, as it had been com- man- ded. In the end - of the 

Sab- ba-then, wel-cher an-bricht am Mor-gen des er- sten Ta-ges des Sab-ba-then sehr 
Sab-bath day, as it be- gan to dawn - to- ward the first - day of the week, ve-ry 

T V\ V"V 1 

früh, da es noch°fin-ster war, kom- - men sie zum Gra- be, da - die Son- ne auf-ging„ 

ear- '-ly, while it yet was dark, they came to the se- pul-chre, attheris-ing of the sun, 

Luke XXIV, 1 - Matth. XXVIII, 2-4 

und tru- gen die Spe-ce-rei-en, die sie be-rei-tet hat-ten. Und sie-he es ge-schach 

and bring-ing the spi-ces - - »which they - had made rea-dy. And be-hold,- there was 

ein gross Erd-be-ben, denn der En-gel des Her- ren steig von Him-mel her- -ab, trat hin- 
a great earth- quake, for the An gel of the Lord from Hea-ven came down, came to 

- zu und w'äl- -zet den Stein von des Gra- bes Thür, und sa-tzte sich drauf, und sein 
earth and rolled back the stone from be-fore the door, and sat up- -on it, and his 

Ge-stalt war wie der Blitz und sein - Kleid weiss als der Schnee. Die Hü-ter a- 

coun-ten- ance was like Light- ning and his rai- ment white as snow. For fear of him 

Mark, XVI, 2 
-ber er-schra-ken für Furcht, und wur-den als wa-ren sie todt. Die Wei- ber a- ber 

- the keep- ers did shake and be- came as if they were dead. And thus the wo- men 

The Women . n - , n Evan 

spra-chen un-ter ein-an-der: Wer wäl- zet uns den Stein von des Gra- bes Thür? Denn er 

said one un-to the oth-er: Who rolls for us the stone from be-fore the door? which was 

war sehr gross. Und sie sa- hen da- hin, und wur-den ge- -wahr, dass der Stein ab- -ge- 
ve- -ry great. And they looked in the grave, and saw as they looked, that the stone had been 

Luke XKIV,3 
-wa'l- -zet war von Gra- be, und sie gin-gen hin-ein in das Grab, 

rolled back from the en-trance, and they en- - tered in-to the grave, 

Leib des Her-ren Je- -su nicht, da lauft Ma-ri-a Mag- de-le- -na 
bo- dy of Je-sus laid there-in; and Via- -ry Mag-de lene did run back 

zu sa- gen, und da die Wei-ber da-rum be- küm- mert wa- ren dass der Leib Je-su nicht 
the oth-ers; and as the wo- men were much per-plexed that the bo- dy of Je-sus was 

da war, sie-he, da tra-ten zu ih-nen zwee-ne Man-ner mit glan-zen-den Klei-dern, 
not there, be-hold, there stood by them two men in shin-ing gar-ments, 

und - sie - er schra-ken, und schlu- gen ihr An-ge-sicht nie-der zu der Er-den, 
and as they were a- fraid and - bowed down their fa- — ces - to - the earth, 











solchs nach- 





Schütz Resurrection, 
The Two Men 
da spra-chen sie zu ih-nen: Was su-chet ihr den Le- ben-di- gen, was su-chet ihr 

they spoke and said un-to them: Why seek ye to find the liv-ing here, why seek ye to 

den Le- ben-di-gen bei den To- dten, er ist nicht hie, er ist auf-er-stan-den. 
find the liv-ing a-mong the dead here, He is not here, but He is a- ris- en, 

Ge-den-ket da- -ran was er euch sa- -get, da er noch in Ga- li-la-a war, und sprach: 
Re-mem- ber His words, how that He spake to you when He was yet in Ga-li-lee,and said: 

des Men-schen Sohn muss U-ber-ant-wor- tet wer-den in die Han-de der Sun-der und ge- 
The Son of Man must be de-liv-ered and come in- to the hands" of sin-nersand be 
kreu-zi-get wer-den, und am drit-ten Tag auf-er- -ste-hen. Und sie ge-dach-ten an 
cru- ci-fied al-so, and yet He will rise on the third day. And they re-mem-bered the 

sei- ne Wort, und gin- gen vom Gra- -be, und ver- kiln- dig- ten das dar-nach 
words He spake, and re-turned from the grave, and they told all these things to the 
den El-fen und den an-dern al- len, und sag- ten sol- -ches den A- po-steln und 

E- le-ven, and to all the oth-ers; and all these things were told un-to them,' yet 

es dauch-ten sie ih- -re Wort eb-en als wä-renj^r-lein, und gläub-ten ih- -ren nicht 

t f h W ?J dS ; - seemed to them - -as id-le sto-ries, and they be-lieved them not/ 
John, xx, 2-10 
Da a-6er Ma-ri-a Mag-da- le-na al-so läuft, wie ge-sagt, kommt sie zu Si-mon Pe-tro 
But - - Ma-ry Mag-da-lene - thus run- neth, as was told, com- eth to Si-mon Pe-ter| 

und zu dem an-dern Jün-ger,wel-chen Je-sus lieb hat- te, und spricht zu ih-nen: Sie' 

tery^MagdaC 61 dlS " Cl " Pl6 *" 1 ° m Je " SUS l0Ved aeal ' 1 ^ and saith "»"to them: The 

i«£ T« h TT " / 6g " ge - noln - |nen aus del » G w-be, und wir wis-sen nicht, wo sie 
lord has been ta-ken.from the se- pul-chre been ta-ken, and we do not know, we do 

ihn hin- , -ge- -le- get ha- ben. Da ging Pe-trus - und der an- der Jün-eer 
not know where they have laid Him. There-fore Pe-ter went forth and that otter dls- 
hin-aus, und ka-men zu dem Gra- be, es lie-fen a-ber die zwee-ne Jun-ger zu-eleich 
-ci-ple, and came to the se-pul-chre; so the two - dis-ci- pies ran both togeth- er 
und der an-der Jün-ger lief zu-vor, schnel-ler den Pe-trus, und kam am er ,t»n 

and the oth-er dis-ci- pie ran on fast- er than p e to- T. ? en 

f c i<in uii, iast er tnan Pe-ter, and came the first to 

zum Gra- - be, gu- cket hin- ein und sie-het die Let-npn „» ,„„, 

sr= a. = r - = ss r Ä r - -- :;:r Ä - 

-ekelt an em be-son-dern Ort. Da ging - auch n*r r.Vn 

wrapped to-geth-er bv it-self Thl Z ! • , Jun- ^ -ger hm-ein, der 

* y U self • Tben went « al-so that oth-er dis-ci- pie which 


won-dered - at all these things. 

Schütz Resurrection 

Ma- J ?il?a XX ' 1 a- 1 -ber stund für dem Gra- be, und wei- net drau- ssen. Als sie nun wei- 
But Ma-ry stood with-out the se- pul -ehre, and wept in s or- -row. And as she wept 
-net, gu- cket sie in das Grab, und sie-het zwee-ne En-gel in wei-ssen Klei- 
she'stooped and looked down there-in, and - - saw two An-gels clothed in white gar- 
-dern si-tzen, ei-nen zum Hä'u-pten und den an-dern zum Fü-ssen, da sie den Leich-nam 
-mentsit-ting, one at the head and the oth-er at the - feet, wner ^he^bo—dy of 
Je-sus hin-ge- -le- get hat-ten, und die-sel-ben spra-chen zu ihr: Weib, weib was wei- 

Je-sus had but late-ly lain - , and the An-gels say un- to her: Why, wo- man,weep- 

-nest du? Sie spricht zu ih-nen: Sie ha- ben mei- nen Her-ren weg- ge-nora-men, und 

-est thou? She saith un-to them: Be- cause they came and took my Lord a- way hence, and 


ich weiss nicht, wo sie ihn hin-, wo sie ihn hin- -ge- le- get ha- nen. Und als 
I know not, and I know not, and I know not where they have laid Him. And when 

sie das sa- get, wan- dte sie sich zu- -rü- cke, und sie- het Je-sum ste- hen, 

she had thus said, she turned her-self and looked back, and there saw Je-sus stand- ing, 

und weiss nicht, dass es Je-sus ist. Spricht Je-sus zu ihr: Weib,- was wei-nest 

and knew not that it was Je-sus. Saith Je-sus to her: Wo- man, why weep-est 

du, wen suchst - du? Sie mei-net es - sei der Gart-ner, und spricht zu ihm: 

thou; whom seek- est thou? Sup-pos-ing Him to be the garcf-ner, she said to Him: 
Herr, hast du ihn weg- -ge- -tra- gen, so sa- ge mir, wo hast du ihn hin- ge- 

Sir, if thou from hence hast borne Him, then tell thou me, tell me where He has been 

Evan Jesus 

-legt, so will ich ihn ho- -len. Spricht Je- sus zu ihr: Ma-ri-a! Da wan-dte 

laid, and I will take Him thence. Je- -sus saith to her: Ma- -ry! She turned 

sie sich um und spricht zu ihm: PölHPbu-ni! Da heisst: Mei-ster. Spricht Je-sus zu ihr. 

her-self - and saith to Him: Rab-bo-nü which means Mas-ter. Saith Je-sus to her: 

_ Jesus 

Ruh-re mich nicht an, denn ich bin noch nicht auf-ge- fah-ren zu mei- nen Va-ter, 

Do not touch thou me, for I am not as yet as-cen-ded un- to my Fa-ther, . 

Ge-het a- ber hin zu mei-nen Brü-dern und sa- get ih-nen: Ich f ah- reauf zu mei-nem 
Go thou there- fore un- to my dis-ci- pies, and say thou to them: I will ascend un-to ray 

Va-ter und zu eu-rem Va-ter, zu mei-nem Gott und zu e'u-rem Gott. Dies ist die 
Fa ~Mark XVI 9?n° y ° Ur Ea " ther ' as " cend to m y °od and your. God. Now this was 
Ma- ri-a Mag-da- le-na, von wel-cher Je-sus aus-trieb sie-ben Teu-fel, wel-cher er am 
the Ma-ry Mag-da- -lene out of whom Je-sus had cast se- ven de-vils and to whom He 
er- sten er-schien, da er auf-er-stan-den war, früh am er-sten fa- - ge der Sab- 
had first ap-peared, af-terHisre-sur-rect-ion, ear- ly in the mor-ningof the Sab- 
-ba- then. Und sie ging hin und ver-kün- di- gets de-nen, die mit ihm ge-we-sen wa-ren 
bath day. And she went - and -told the dis- ci-ples, who had - - - been with Him', 
die da Ui- -de tra- - gen und wei- ne- ten, dass sJe^en'Aer-ren ge- se- hen hat- te 
as in grief they mourned and - wept for Him that she - - - had seen - the Lord, 
und solchs hatt er zu ihr ge-sagt, Und die- sei- 6i- gen , da sie ho- -re- ten, dass 
and what - He had said to her. And they - - ,when thay had heard that He was 
er-lebt und wä- -re ihr er-schie-nen, glaub-ten sie nicht. feWßerV ber gin- gen hin- 
a- live,and had been - seen of her, would not be- lieve. How-be-^it the wo- men en-tered 
-ein in das Grab, und sa-hen ei-nen JÜ'ng-ling zur rech-ten Hand si- tzen, der hat-te 
the se-pul-chre, and saw a - - young man sit- ting on the right side, clothed in a 
ein lang weiss Kleid an, und sie ent- -sa-tzen sich. Es war der En-gel des Her-ren 
long - white gar-ment, and they were sore a- fraid. It was the An-gel from the Lord 


Schütz, Resurrection 
The Angel 
er a- ber sprach zu ih-nen: Ent-setzt euch nicht. Ich weiss, dass ihr su-chet Je-sum 

who spake and said un-to them: Be not a- -fraid. I know, Him you seek is Je-sus 

von Na-za-reth, den ge-kreu-zig-ten, er ist nicht hie, er ist auf- er- s tan-den, wie er 
of Na-za-reth, who was cru-ci-fied; He is not here, for He is a- -ri- sen, as He 

ge- sagt hat. Kom-men her und se-het die Stät- -te, da der Herr ge- le- gen ist. 
has fore-told. Come ye now and see ye the place there, where the ri-sen Lord has lain. 

Und ge-het schnell hin und sa-gets sei-nen Jün-gern und Pe-tro, dass er auf-er-stan-den 
And go ye your way and say to His dis-ci- pies and Pe-ter, that He is a- -ri- sen 

sei von den To- dten, und sie- he, er wird für euch hin-gehn in Ga- li- lä- am, da 

a-gain from the dead; and mark ye, that He will go to Ga- li-lee be- fore you, and 

Matth. XXVIII, 7 

wer-det ihr ihn se- hen, wie er euch ge-sagt hat. Sie-he, ich hab es euch ge- sagt. 

there ye all shall see Him, as He said un- to you. Be-hold, for I have told you this. 

Und sie'gin-gen schnell zum Gra- be hin- aus, mit Furcht und gro-sser Freu-de, und lie- 
And they de-par- -ted quick- ly from the grave, with fear and great re- joic-ing, and did 

-fen dass sie es sei- nen Jün-gern ver-kün-dig-ten, denn es war die Zit- tern und 
run to - - bring the word to His dis-ci-ples, but when they had heard these things, 

Ent- se- tzen anr kom- men, und sag- ten nie-mand nichtsn denn sie furch- ten sich. 

they trem-bled, a- mazed, yet of them did they say naught, for they were a- fraid. 

Matth. 9-15 

Und da sie gin-gen sei-nen Jun-gern zu ver- kun- di- -gen, sie-he, da be-geg-net ih- 

And as they went to tell to His dis- ci-ples all these things, lo,then there came to meet 

Jesus .. T £van ... .^. ^ 

-nen Je-sus und sprach: Seid ge- gru-sset. Una sie tra-ten zu ihm und grif-fen an sel- 
tnem Je-sus, who said: All hail, all hail! And they came - - - and held - - Him 

-ne Pü- sse, und fiel-len für ihm nie- der. Da sprach Je-sus zu ih-nen: FurW-tet euch 
by the feet, and fell to earth be-fore Him. Then said Je-sus un-to them: Be not a- 

nicht, ge-het hin, und ver-kün-di- get es mei-nen Brü-dern, dass sie hin-gehn in Ga- 
- fraid, go ye hence, and I bid ye that ye tell my breth-ren, to go be- fore me to 

-li-lä-am, da selbst wer- -den sie mich se-hen. Da sie a- ber hin-gin-rgen, sie- 
Ga-li-lee, and they there shall sure-ly see me. Now when they were go- ing, be-hold, 

-he, da ka-men et-li-che von den Hü- tern in die Stadt, und ver- -küh-dig-ten den Ho-hen- 
then, in-to the ci-ty came- - cer-tain of the watch, - and shewed - - un- to the 

-prie- stern al- les was ge-sche-hen war. Und sie ka- men zu-sam-men mit den 
High Priests all the things that had been done. And when they were as-sem-bled with the 

AI- te-sten und hiel-ten ei- nen Rath und ga- -ben den Kriegs-knech-ten Gel- des ge- 

El-ders and had ta- ken coun-sel there, they gave large mo- -ney to the sol-diers and 

High Priests 
-nug und spra-chen: Sa-get, sei-ne Jun- ger ka- men des Nachts und stah- len ihn, 

said un- -to them: Say ye, his dis-ci-ples came in the night, and stole Him thence, 

die-weil wir schlie-fen, und wo es wird aus- kom- men beim Land-pfle-ger, wol- len 
while we were sleep- ing, and if the Gov-er- nor should chance^gjp hear it, then will 

wir ihn stil- len, und schaf-fen, dass ihr si-cher seid. Und sie nah- men das Geld und 
we per-suade him, and we will see that you are safe. And they took the " jno- ney 

thä-ten wie sie ge-leh- ret wa- ren. Und sol-che Re-de ist rucht-bar wor-den * * bei 

and - did as - they were bid-den. And this say- ing is com- -mon-ly re-por-ted a-mong 

den Ju- den bis auf den heu- ti-gen Tag. Und sie-he, zwee-ne aus ih-nen gin-gen an dem-sel- 

the Jews.ev- en un- til this ve-ry day. And lo,then,, two of them- - went - - on that 

-bi-gen Ta- ge in ei- nen Fle-cken der war * von Je- ru- -sa- lern sech-zig 
same —day to a cer-tain vil-lage, which was a-bout three score fur-longs a- way from 


Schütz, Resurrection 
Feld-we-ges weit, des Nam heisst Em-ma-us. Und sie re-de-ten mit ein-an-der von 

Je- ru-sa- lern, which was called E- - maus. And they talked' - - to-geth-er of 
al- -len die- -sen Ge-schich-ten, und es ge-schah da sie so re-de- -ten, und 
all these things which had hap- pened, and it came to pass while they so rea-soned, and 
be- frag- ten sich mit ein-an- der, na-het Je-su zu ih- nen und wan-del- te mit 
com-muned thus with one an- oth-er, - - Je-sus Hira-self drew near and went a- long 

ih- nen. A-ber ih- re Au-gen wur-den ge-hal-ten, dass sie ihn nicht er- kann-ten, 
with them. But their eyes - were - - hol-den, that - they should not know Him, 
Mark XVI 12 Luke , XXVII I, 17- 35 

denn in ei- ner an- dern Ge-stalt er-schien er ih- nen, er sprach a-ber zu ih- nen: 
for He had ap- peared to them in a form they knew not, and spake un-to them,say-ing: 
Was Je s s i u nd das für Re-den, die ihr zwi-schen euch han-delt un-ter- we- gen, und seid trau- 
What com-mu- ni- ca-tion have ye with one an- oth--er as ye walk on, and are so 
-rig? Da^irt-wor- tet ei ner mit Na- men Cle-o-phas und sprach zu ihm: Bist 

sad? And an-swer- ing Him the one whose name was Cle-o-phas said un- -to Him: Art 

du Hinein, un- ter den Freund-li-gen von Je-ru-sa-lem, der nicht wis- se, was in 
thou in-deed so great a stran-ger with- in Je-ru-sa-lem, and know- eth not all of 

die- -sen Ta- gen da- -rin- nen ge- sche-hen ist? Und er sprach zu ihm: 
those things which in these days here have come to pass? And He said to him: 

Wei- eher? Sie a-ber spra-chen zu ihm: Das von Je-su von Na-za-reth, wie er war ein Pro- 
What things? And they said un- to Him: Touch- ing Je-sus of Na-za-reth, for a Pro-phet was 

-phet, mach- tig von Tha-ten und Wor- ten, wie ihn un-sre Ho- hen-prie- -ster und 0- 
He, migh-ty in deed and in doc- trine, how our Ru-lers and our Chief Priests and Gov- 

-bri-sten ü- ber-ant-wor-tet ha-ben zum Ver-damm-niss des To- des, und ge-kreu-zi-get. 
-er- -nor did de- liv-er Him ov-er and to death did con-demn Him, to be cru- ci-fied^ 

Wir a- ber hof- fen, er sollt I-sra-el er- lo-sen, und u- ber al- les, ist heut 
For we had trust-ed Him as Is-ra-els Re-deem-er, and be-side all this, since all 

der drit- -te Tag, dass sol-ches ge-schehn ist. Auch ha-ben uns er-schreckt et- 
these things were done to- day is the third day. Yea,cer-tain of our wo- -men 

- li- che Wei-ber der Un- sern, sie sind früh bei dem Gra- be ge- -we- sen, ha- ben 
there have made us as- ton-ished, for they went to the gnye in the morn-ing, and when 

sei- -nen Leib nicht fun-den, kom-men und sa- gen, sie ha- ben ein Ge-sich-te der 
they found not His bo- dy, came to us say- ing that they had seen a vis- ion of 

En-gel ge- se- hen, wel- che sa- gen, er le- -be. Und et- -li-che un- ter uns gin- 
An-gels from Hea-ven, which had said that He still lived. And cer-tain a-mong us went to 

-gen hin zum Gra- -be und fun- dens al-so, wie die Wei-ber sag-ten, a- ber ihn 
the grave and looked in, and found that it was as the wo- men had said; yet His bo- 

Jpc lie 

fun-den sie nicht. Und er sprach zu ih-nen: ihr Tho- ren und tra- ges Ifer- zen, 
-dy saw they not. And He said un-to them: ye fools, and ye slow of heart, ye 

zu glau-ben al- le dem, das die Pro-phe- ten ge-re- det ha- ben. Muss- te nicht 

who will not yet be-lieve all that the Pro-phets of old have spo-ken! Ought not our 

Chri-stus sol-ches lei- -den und zu sei-ner Herr-lich-keit ein-ge-hen? Und - fing an 

Lord to suf-fer these things, & to en- ter thus in- -to His glo-ry? And De- jin-ning 

von Mo-se und al-len Pro-phe- ten und legt ih- -nen die Schrift aus, die von ihm ge-sa- 
at Mo-ses and all of the Pro-phets, He ex- pound- ed all things con-cern-ing Him in all 

-get wa- -ren. Und sie ka-men na- he zum Fle-cken, da sie hin- gin-gen, und er 
the Script- ures, And they drew nigh to the vil-lage, whi- ther these two went, and He 


Schlitz, Resurrection 
stel-let sich, als wollt er für-der ge- hen, a- ber sie no- -thig-ten ihm und 
made as tho He would have gone on fur-ther, but they con-strained Him and said un- 
sora-chen- Ble^'be^ei uns, denn es will A- bend wer- den, und der Tag hat sich ge- 
-to Him: Bidp thou with us, for it will soon be eve-ning, and the day al- rea- dy 
-nei- get Und™? ging hin-ein, bei ih-nen zu blei-ben, und es ge-schach, da er mit 
far spent. And He went - in, to tar-- -ry with them, and it came to pass as He 
ih-nen zu Ti- sehe sass, nahm er das Brot, - dankt,- - brach's, und gab's ih-nen. 
sat - at meat with them, He took the bread, blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. 
Da wur-den ih- -re Au-gen ge- -off- net und er- ken- ne- ten ihn. Und er ver- 
Then as thev looked up-on Him, their eyes were op- ened and they knew Him. And from their 

^ j r DisciDles 

-schwand für ih- nen, und sie spra-chen un-ter ein-an-der: Brann-t£ nicht un- ser Herz 
sight He van-ished,and they said one un-to an- oth-er: Did not our heart with-in 

in uns, fbrannt}, da er mit uns re-det auf dem We- ge? als er uns die 

us burn burn, while He talked with us as we were walk-ing? and the Script-ures 


Schrift off-net? Und sie stun-den zu den sel-bi-gen Stun-de auf, und keh-re- ten wie-dei 

He op-ened? And in that same - - ho- ur - they a-rose, and re-turned - - 

gen Je-ru-sa-lem, und fun- den die El-fe ver-sam-melt und die bei ih- nen wa- ren, 
to Je-ru-sa-lem, and found the E-lev-en there to-geth-er, and them that were with them, 

wel-che spra-chen: Der Herr ist wahr- haf- tig auf- er- stan-den, und Si- -mo- -ni er 
who were say-ing: Lo the Lord in-deed from death is ri- sen, and ap-peared un-to 

-schie-nen. Und sie er-za'hl-ten ih-nen, was auf dem We-ge ge-sche-hen war, und wie er 
Si- -mon. And they - told what things- - - were done - - in the way, and how He 

von ih-nen er-kannt wa-re an dem, da er das Brot brach, und de- nen glaub-ten sie 

- - was known - - of them when He did break bread, but they were yet un- be- 
auch nicht. Es war a-ber am A- bend des-sel-bi-gen Sab- baths, und die Thur war ver- 

-liev- ing. Then on - - the eve-ning of that - same Sab-bath, when the doors - had 

-schlo-ssen, da die Jun-ger ver- sam-melt wa- ren aus Furcht für den Ju-den, da sie 

been shut where the dis-ci-ples were as-sem-bled, for fear of the Jews,- and - 

Luke,XXI\r,36 Mark, XVI, 14 

a-ber da- von re- -de- ten, kam Je-sus selbst, da sie zu Ti-sche sa-ssen, und trat 

as - they were speak- ing thus, came Je-sus Him-self,as they sat at meat and stand- ing 

mit-ten ein und spracht zu ih-nen: Frie- de sei mit euch! Uncr schalt ih- -ren 
in their midst He said un-to them: Peace be un- to you! And He re-buked their 

Un-glau-ben und ih- -res Her-zens Här-tig-keit, dass sie nicht ge-glau-bet hat-ten de- 

un- be-lief, up- braid- ing them as hard of heart, that - they be-lieved - - not them 

Luke, XXIV, 37 
-nen die inn ge- -se- hen hat- ten auf-er-stan-den. Sie a- ber er-schra-cken, 

who them-selves had seen Him af- ter He was ri- sen. But they were af-fright-ed, 

und furch-ten sich, mei-ne- -ten sie sa- hen ei-nen Geist, und er sprach zu ih-nen: 
and ter- ri- fied, and sup-posed that they had seen a spi- -rit,and He said to them: 

Was seid ihr al— so er-schro-cken? Und wa-rum kom- men sol- -che Ge- -dan- ken auf 
why are ye so af-fright-ed? And why do trou-bled thoughts in your hearts a-rise 

in eu- ren Her-zen? Se- het, se-het mei- ne *&n-de und mei- ne Fu- sse, 
to thus dis-may you? Look ye, see you here my hands and my feet and touch me: 

selbst, füh-let mich und se-het, ich bin es selbst, denn ein Geist - - 

-self; han-dle me, and see ye, it is my- self, for no_ spi-rit hath flesh and 

Fleisch und Bei-ne, wie ihr se- het dass ich ha-be. Unc^ais - er das sa- get, 

bones and bo- dy, which ye all can see that I have. And when He thus had spo- ken 



bin es 


is my- 



Schütz, Resurrection 

zei- get er in- nen Hand und Fü- sse, und sei-ne Sei- te, da wur-den die Jun- ger 
He shewed - them His hands and His feet, and al- so His side, and the dis-ci-ples were 

froh, dass sie den Her- ren sa- hen. Da sie a- ber - noch nicht gläu-ben für 

glad' that they in-deed had seen Him. And while they yet be-lieved not - - for 

Freu-den und sich ver- wun-der-ten, sprach er zu ih-nen: Habt ihr hier zu es- -sen? Und 

joy - and while they won- -dered, said He un-to them: Have ye a- ny meat here? And 

sie an ieg-ten ihm für ein Stück vom ge- bra- ten Fisch und Ho-nig-seims und er nahms und ass 

they gave - to Him a piece of -broiled - fish and ho-ney-comb, and He took and ate 

j esus 

fur ih-nen. Er sprach a- ber zu ih-nen: Dies sind die Re- -de, die ich zu euch sa-get, 
be- fore them. And Je- sus said un^to them: These are the words which I have spo-ken to you, 

da ich noch bei euch war, denn- es muss al- -les er-fül-let wer- - den, was von mir 
when I was yet with you, where-by the things must all be ac- com- plished which of me 

ge-schrie-ben ist, was von mir ge-schrie-ben ist in dem Gsetz Mo-si, in den Pro- 
were writ- ten down, which of me were writ- ten in the law of Mo-ses, and in the 

o- „ Evan .. w 

-phe-ten, und in den Psal-men. Da er-off-net er ih-nen das Ver-stand-niss, dass 

Psalms 7 and by the Pro-phets. Then - op-ened fe their un- der-stand-ing, that 

sie - die Schrift ver-stun- -den, und sprach zu ih-nen: AI- so ist es 

they might un-der- stand the Scrip- tures, and said un-to them: Thus is the Scrip- 

ge-schrie-ben, und al-so- muss- -te Chri- stus lei-den, und auf-er-stehn, von den 
-ture writ- ten, and it be-hoved that Christ thus suf-f er, and rise a-gain from the 

To- dten am drit-ten Ta- ge, und pre- di- gen las- -sen in sei- nen Na- -men 
dead, rise up- on the third dayjand ye shall go forth hence and preach re- pen- tance 

Buss und Ver-geb- ung der Sun-den un-ter al- len Vö'1-kern, und an-he- ben zu Je-ru-sa- 
and for-give-ness of sin-ners in His Name to all men, and be-gin-ningin Je-ru-sa- 
-lem, ihr a- ber seid des al-les Zeu- -gen. Und a -ber- mal sprach er zu ih-nen: 
-lern, ye are the wit-ness- es of these things. And once a- gain spake He un-to them: 

Jesus John, XX, 21-22 

Frie- de sei rait euch, gleich wie mich mein Va-ter ge-sandt hat, al-so sen-de ich euch. 
Peace be un- to you, Be- hold as my Fa-ther hath sent me, «v-en so send I you.* 

Und als er das sa- get, blies er sie an und spricht zu ih-nen: Nehmet hin den 
And when he had said this, breath- ing on them He said un-to them:Re-ceive from me the 
heil-gen Geist, wel-chen ihr die Sün-den er- las-set, den sind sie er- las-sen, und wel- 

Ho- ly Ghost; whose-so- ev- er sins ye shall re- mit, they shall be re-mit-ted, and if 
-chen ihr sie be-hal- tet, den sind sie be-hal-ten. 
ye shall yet re-tain them, they are not r*-mit-ted. 

r t^ CHORUS 

üott sei Dank, der uns den Sieg ge- ge- ben hat, durch Je-sum, durch Je- 

Thanks to God, who giv-eth us, the vic-to- ry, thru Je-sus, thru Christ 

-sum Chri-stura un-sern Her- ren, Vic-to-ri-a! 

our Sav- iour, our Re-deem- er, Vic-to-ri-a! 

Heinrich Schütz 

St. Matthew Passion 

Introi tus 

Das Lei-den un-sers Her-ren Je- -su Chri-sti, wie es be-schrei-bet der hei-li-ge 
The Pas-sion of our Lord and Sav-iour Je- sus, as it was writ- ten for us by the 

E-van-ge- li-ste Mat-thae- us. 
Ho-ly E- van-ge-list Mat- thew. 

Chap. XXVI, v.1-2: Und es be-gab sich, da Je-sus al- le die- se Re- -de voll- 
van# It came to pass then, when Je-sus Christ Our Lord had fin-ished with 

-en- det hat- te, sprach er zu sei-nen Jün-gern: Ihr wis- set, dass nach 

all these say-ings, He saidtoHis dis-ci- pies: Jesus - Ye well know, that the 

zwei-en Ta-gen O-stern wird, und des Men-schen Sohn wird ü-ber-ant- wor-tet wer-den, 
Pass-ov-er is two days hence, and the Son of Man shall be de-liv-ered un- to them, 

dass er ge- kreu- zi-get wer-de. 3-5 Da ver-sam-mle-ten sich die Ho- hen- prie- ster 
that they may cru- - - ci- fy Him. Evan - Then as-sem-bled to-geth-er all the Chief Priests „ 

und Sehr ift-ge- lehr- ten, und die Äl- te- sten im Volk, in dem Pa- last des Ho- hen- 
and scribes and el-ders, and to- geth-er came they all in- to the Pa- lace of the 

-prie- sters, der da hiess Ca-i-phas, und hiel- -ten Rat, wie sie Je-sum mit 
High Priest, who was called Ca-i-phas, and coun- selled there, how that Je-sus with 

Li- sten grif-fen, und to- te- ten. Sie spra-chen a-ber: Ja 

craft be ta- ken, and put to death. How- be- -ittheysaid: Hign Priests & Scribes: Nay 

nicht, nicht auf das Fest, auf dass nicht ein Auf-ruhr wer- de, ein Auf-ruhr wer- de 
not, not on the feast, lest there be an up- roar from it, an up- roar from it 

im Volk, auf dass nicht ein Auf- rühr wer-de, ein Auf-ruhr wer- de im Volk, ja nicht, 
be raised, an up- roar a-mong the peo-ple,an up- roar from it be raised, nay not, 

nicht auf das Fest. 6-8 Da nun Je-sus war zu Be-tha-ni-en, im Hau-se Si- 
not at the Feast. Evan Now when Je-sus so-journed in Be-tha-ny, a- bi-ding with 

-mo-nis, des Aus-sät-f i-gen, trat zu ihm ein Weib, das hat- te ein Glas mit 
Si-mon, who was a le-per, came a wo- man there and brought Him a box of 

kost-li-chem Was- ser und goss es auf sein Haupt, da er zu Ti-sche sass. Da das 
cost-li-est oint-ment, and poured it on His head, as Je-sus sat at meat. But when 

sei-ne Jün-ger sa-hen, wur- den sie un-wil-lig und spra-chen: 8-9 Wo- zu 

His dis-ci-ples saw it, they had in-dig-na-tion and 'they said: he Dis ciples Wherefore 

die-net die- ser Un- rat, die- ser Un- rat? Wo- -zu die-net die-ser,die-ser 
is this oint-ment was- ted, where-fore was-ted? Where-fore is this was-ted,is this 

die- ser Un- rat? Die-ses Was-ser hat-te mocht teu- er ver-kauft und den Ar-men 
oint-ment was-ted? For a good-ly sum it might well have been sold, and been gi-ven 

ge- -ge- ben wer-den. 10-12 Da das Je-sus mer- ke- -te, sprach er zu ih-nen: 

the poor and need-y. Evan. ^ when j e _ sus heard them thus, He said un-to them: 

Was be- küm- raert ihr das Weib? Sie hat ein gut Werk an mir ge- -than. 
Jesus Where-fore trou-ble her ye so? It is a good work that she hath wrought. 

Ihr ha-bet al- le-zeit Ar- me bei euch, mich a-ber ha- bet ihr nicht al- le- zeit. 
The poor ye have in-deed al-ways with you, but me ye have not with you al-ways thus. 

Dass sie dies Was-ser hat auf mei- nen Leib ge-gos-sen, hat sie ge- tan, dass 
For in that she hath poured this oint-ment on my bo- dy, this she hath done that 

man mich be-gra-ben wird. Wahr- lieh ich sa-ge euch, wo dies E-van- ge- li- -um 
I may be bur-ied so. Ve- -ri- ly I now say: where-ev-er this gos-pel shall 


St. Matt hew Passion 

ee- Dre-di-get wird in der gan-zen Welt, da, da wird man auch sa- gen zu 
here-af-ter be preached thru-out all the world, the thing this wo- man hath done shall 
ih-renGe-dächt-nis, was sie ge- tan hat. 14-16 Da ging hin der Zwöl- fen ei- ner, 
ev-er be spo- ken in her re-mem-brance. Evan * Then one of the twelve dis- ci-ples, 

mit Na- men Ju-das I-scha-ri-oth, zu den Ho-hen-prie- stern und sprach: Was 

whose name was Ju-das Is-ca- ri-ot, went un-to the High Priests and said: What 

wollt ihr mir ge-ben, was wollt ihr mir ge-ben? Ich, ich will ihn euch ver- ra- ten. 
will ye give to me? What will ye give to me, if I. if I will be- tray him? 

Und sie bo- ten ihm drei-ssig Sil-ber-lin-ge, und von dem an such- te er 
tow And they pro-mised him thir- ty sil-ver pie-ces; and from that time he sought op- 

Ge- le-gen-heit, dass er ihn ver-rie- te. A-ber am er- sten Ik- ge der sü- ssen 
-por-tu-ni- -ty that he might be-tray Him. Now on that day, the first of un-lea-vened 

Brot tra- ten die Jün-ger zu Je-su und spra-chen zu ihm: 17 Wo wilt 

Dread, came the dis-ci-ples to Je-sus, and said un- to Him: %e Disciples: Where wilt 

du dass wir dir be-rei-ten, dass wir dir be-rei-ten das 0- ster-lamm zu es-sen? 
Thou that we shall prepare it, that we shall prepare it, the Pass- ov- -er to-geth-er? 

18 Er sprach: 18 Ge-het hin in die Stadt zu ei-nem, und spre-chet zu ihm: 

Evan He said: J esus In tne ci _ ty find ye SUC h a man, and say un- to him: 

Der Mei-ster lässt dir sa-gen: Mei-ne Zeit ist hie, ich will bei dir die O-stern 
The tes-ter bids us tell you: "My time is at hand; I will eat the Pass-ov-er 

hal- ten mit mei-nen Jun-gern. 19-20 Und die Jun-ger ta- -ten wie ih-nen Je-sus 
with you and my dis-ci-ples 1 ! Evan The dis-ci-ples har-kened, and did as Je-sus 

be- foh-len hat- te, und be- -rei- te- ten das 0- ster-lamm. Und am A- bend 
had bid-den to them, and pre- pared for Him the Pass-ov- -er. And at eve-ning, 

setz-te er sich zu Tis- che mit den Zwol-fen, und da sie a-ssen, sprach er: 
He sat at ta-ble with the twelve dis- ci-ples, and as they did eat, He said: 

21 Wahr-lich, ich sa-ge euch, ei-ner un- ter euch wird mich ver-ra-ten. 22 

Jesus Ve-ri- -ly, I say to you, of you who sit here, one shall betray me. van 

Und sie wur-den sehr be- -trlibt, und hu- ben an ein jeg- -li-cher un-ter ih- nen: 
And they were ex-ceed-ing grieved, and all be- gan to ques-tionHim a-mong them-selves, 

und sag- ten zu ihm: 22 Herr, bin ictfs? 23 Er ant- wor- tet und sprach: 

and said un-to them: 1 * 16 Dlsci P le s: LoT(lt not I? Evan ^ an . swered them and said: 

23-24 Der mit der Hand mit mir in die Schü-ssel tau-chet, der, der wird mich ver- 
Jesus ^jjQ dip.peth his hand with me in the dish this ev- en, this night shall he be- 

- ra- ten. Des Men-schen Sohn ge-het zwar da- hin, wie von ihm ge-schrie-ben ste- het, 
-tray me. The Son of Man go-eth on His way, as of Him it has been writ-ten; 

doch we-he dem Men-schen, durch wel-chen des Men-schen Sohn ver- ra-ten wird, es wa- 
but woe un-to that man, by whom - the Son of Man shall be be-trayed. For him 

-re ihm bes-ser, dass der-sel- bi- -ge Mensch noch nie ge-bo- ren wa- -re. 25 Da 
it were bet- ter, yea for that man were bet- ter nev-er to have been born. an Then 

ant- wor- tet Ju-das der ihn ver- -riet, und sprach: 25 Bin ictfs, bin ictfs, Rab-bi? 

an-swered Him Ju-das, he who be- trayed Him, and said: Judas Not I, not I, Mas-ter? 

25 Er sprach zu ihm: 25 Du sag-est es. 26 Da sie a- ber a-ssen, nahm 

LVan He said to him: J esus: Thou hast said it. Evan And as they were eat- ing, He 

Je-sus das Brot, dan- -ket und brachs und gab es sei-nen Jün-gern und sprach: 
took of the bread, gave thanks and brake, and gave to His dis-ci- pies, and said: 

St?Matthew Passion 

26 Neh-met, es-set, das ist mein Leib. 27 Und er nahm den Kelch, und dan- ket, 
Jesus Take yBt eat ye> my D0 „ - dy this. Evan And He took the cup, and gave thanks, 

gab ih-nen den und sprach: 27-29 Trin-ket al-le dar-aus, das ist mein Blut des neu- 
and gave it them and said: Jesus Drink ye all now of it; this is my blood of the 

-en Te- sta-ments, wel- ches ver-gos-sen wird für vie-le, zur Ver-ge-bung der Sun- den. 
New Tes-ta- ment, which shall be shed by me for ma- ny, for re-mis-sion of their sins. 

Ich sa-ge euch, ich wer- de von nun an von dem Ge- wach- se des Wein-stocks 
I say to you, I will not drink hence-forth of this the fruit of the vin- -yard, 

nicht mehr trin-ken bis an den Tag, dass ictfs neu trin-ken wer- de mit euch in 
will drink no more, un-til that day, when in my Fa- tiler's King-dom a- new I 

mei- nes Va-ters Reich. 30 Und da sie den Lob- ge- sang ge-spro- chen hat- ten, 
drink of it with you. ^ van And when they had sung a hpn of praise to- -geth-er, 

gin-gen sie hin-aus an den 01- berg, da sprach Je-sus zu ih-nen: 31-32 In die- 
to the Mount of 01- ives they went out. Then saith Je-sus un-to them: JesuS - This ve- 

-ser Nacht wer-det ihr euch al-le är-gern an mir, denn es ste- het ge-schrie-ben: 
-ry night all of you will be of-fen-ded of me; for the Scrip-ture is writ- ten: 

Ich wer-de den Hir- ten schla-gen, und die Schä- fe der Her- -de wer-den sich zer- 
For lo, I will smite the shep-herd, and the sheep of the flock shall all be scat-tered 

-streu- en. Wenn ich a-ber auf- er-ste- he, will ich für euch hin-ge- hen, in Ga-li-lae- 
a- broad. But when I a-gain am ri- sen, then I will go be-fore you, in-to Ga-li- 

-am. 33-35 Pe-trus ant-wor- tet und sprach zu ihm: Wenn sie auch al- le 

-lee. Evan Pe-ter an-swered Him, and said to Him: Peter: Ev- en tho all men 

sich an dir ar-ger-ten, so will ich doch nim-mer-mehr är-gern. Je-sus sprach zu 

be so of- fen-- -ded, yet will I be-cause of Thee, nev-er. an Je-sus said to 

ihm: Wahr- lieh, ich sa-ge dir, in die-ser Nacht, e- -he der Hahn kra- het, 

him: Jesus - Ve- -ri- -ly, ve-ri-ly, this ve-ry night, be- fore the cock crow-eth, 

wirst du mich drei- mal ver-leug-nen. Pe-trus sprach zu ihm: Und 

three times shalt thou have de- nied me. ^ an Pe-ter said to Him: Peter - Tho 

wenn ich mit dir ster-ben mü'ss-te, so will ich dich, so will ich dich nicht 

I should die with Thee, my Mas-ter, yet will I not, yet will I not so 

ver-leug-nen. Des-glei-chen sag-ten auch al- le Jun-ger. Da kam Je-sus mit 

de- -ny Thee. Evan - And like-wise al- so said all the oth-ers. Then came Je-sus with 

ih- nen zu ei-nem Ho- fe, der hiess Geth-se-ma-ne, und sprach zu sei-nen Jüh-gern: 
them un- to certain gar -den, by name Geth-se-raa-ne , and saith to His dis- ci- pies: 

36 Set-zet euch hie, bis dass ich dort hin-ge- he, und be- -te. 37 Und nahm 
Jesus. Sit ye down nere ^ wnile i g0 ov _ er yon-der,, j and P rav | there j Van I^e took 

zu sich Pe-trum und die zwee-ne Son- ne Ze-be-dae-i, und fing an zu trau-ern und 
witji tyim Pe-ter, and al- -so the two sons of Ze-be-dee. and be-gan tobesor-row-ful and 

zu za- gen. Da sprach Je-sus zu ih-nen: 38 Mei-ne See-le ist be- trü-bet bis 
ve-ry hea-vy. Then saith Je-sus un-to them: JesuS ' Lo my spi-rit is sor-row-ful nigh 

an den Tod, blei-bet hie und wa- chet mit mir. 39 Und ging hin ein we- nig, 
un-to death; bide ye here, and watch ye with me. ^ van He went on yet far-ther, 

fiel nie-der auf sein An-ge- sich-te und be- tet und sprach: Mein Va-ter, istfs 

and fall-ing down up- on His - face, in pray-er He said: Jesu s : My Fa-ther,if it 

mbg-lich, so ge- he die- ser Kelch von mir, doch nicht wie ich will son-dern wieduwillt. 
may be, I pray Thee pass this cup from me; yet not as I will but yet as Thou wilt 

Und er kam zu sei-nen Jün-gern und fand sie schla-fend, und sprach zu Pe-tro: 
And He came to His dis-ci- pies and found them sleep- ing, and said to Pe-ter: 

St. Matthew Passion 

Kon-net ihr denn nicht ei- ne Stun-de mit mir wa-chen? Wa-chet und be- tet, 
Jesus: could ye no t then watch with me ev- en for an ho- ur? Wafch ye and pray ye, 

dass ihr nicht in An-fech-tung fal-let, der Geist ist wil- lig, a- ber das Fleisch 
that ye en-ter not in temp-ta-tion; the spi-rit is will-ing, but yet the flesh 

ist schwach. 42 Zum an-dern Mal ging er a- ber hin, be- -tet und sprach: 

is weak. ^ an The sec-ond time Je-sus went a- way, prayed there and said: 

Mein Va-ter, ist es nicht mög-lich, dass die- ser Kelch von mir ge- he, ich trin- 
Jesus: Mv F a - tner> if it may not be, that this cup pass a- way from me, ex- cept 

-ke ihn denn, so ge-sche-he dein Wil- le. 43-50 Und er kam und fand sie a-ber- 
I drink it, let it be as Thou will-est. an And He came and found them yet a- 

-mal schla-fend, und ih- -re Au- gen wa-ren voll Schla-fes. Und er liess sie, und 
-gain sleep-ing, be-cause their eyeswere hea-vy with sleep-ing. And He left them, and 

ging a-ber-mal hin und be- tet zum drit-ten Mal, und re- det die- -sei- bi- gen 
went a-way a-gain, and prayed yet an- oth- er time, and said the same words in His 

Wort. Da kam er zu sei-nen JÜn-gern und sprach zu ih-nen: 45 Ach wol-let ihr 
prayer. Then came He to His dis-ci- pies and saith un-to them: Jesus - Ah, are ye yet 

nun schla-fen und ru- hen? sie- he, die Stun-de ist hie, dass des Men-schen Sohn 
now sleep-ing and rest-ing? Look ye! the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man 

in der Sun- der Han- de ü-ber ant- wor- tet wird. Ste-het auf, lasst uns ge- hen, 
in the hands of sin-ners will be this night be- trayed. Rise ye up, let us go hence, 

sie- he, er ist da, der mich — ver- rat. 47 Und als er noch re- -de- -te, sie-he, 
be- hold, he is here who doth be- tray me. an And while He yet was speak- ing, be-hold, 

da 'kam Ju-das der Zwol-fen ei-ner, und mit ihm ei-ne gro-sse Schar mit Schwer- 
there came Ju-das one of the twelve, and with him came a great ar- ray, with swords 

-tern und mit Stan-gen von den Ho-hen- prie-stem und Al-te- -sten des Volks, 
and staves to take Him, by the El-ders sent there, and by the Priests and Scribes, 

Und *der Ver- rä-ter hat-te ih- nen ein Zei-chen ge-ge-hen und ge- sagt: Wel- 

Now this same Ju-das who be-trayed Him had giv- en a sign , and had said: Judas That 

-chen ich küs- sen wer-de, der, der istfs, den grei-fet. 49 Und als- bald trat 
one whom I shall kiss , that is he, him hold ye. van Forth-with he came 

er zu Je-su und sprach: Ge- grü-sset seist du, Rab-bi. Und küs- set ihn. 

un-to Je-sus and said: Judas All hail to Thee, Mas-ter; Evan And kissed Him then. 

Je-sus a- -ber sprach zu ihm: Mein Freund, war- um bist du kom- men? 

Je-sus turned and said to him: Jesus: My friend, where-fore art thou come here? Evan 

Da tra- ten sie hin-zu und leg- ten die Han- de an Je-sum, und grif-fen ihn. 
van And so they came to Him, and lay- ing their hands up-on Je-sus, they held Him fast. 

Und sie-he, ei-ner aus de- nen, die mit Je- -su wa-ren, reck- -te die Hand aus, 
And be-hold, one of the peo-ple who were there with Je-sus, stretch- ing his hand forth, 

und zog sein Schwert aus, und schlug des Ho- -hen- prie-sters Knecht und hieb ihm ein 
he drew his sword out and struck the High Priest's ser-ving- -man, and cut the man's 

Ohr ab. Da sprach Je-sus zu ihm: 52-56 Ste-cke dein Schwert an sei-nen Ort, denn 
ear off. Then said Je-sus to him: Jesus: Put up thy sword, back in his place; for 


wer das Schwert nimmt, der soll durchs Schwert um-kom- men. o- -der mei-nest du, 
they that take the sword, shall al- - so per-ish by the sword. Think-est thou in- deed, 

dass ich nicht konnte mei-nen Va-ter bit-ten, dass er mir zu--schi-cke-te mehr denn 
that I can not now pray un-to my Fa-ther, that He pre-sent- ly give me more than 


St. Matt hew fttssion 

zwölf Le-gi- on En-gel? Wie wür- de a- ber die Schrift er- fül- let? Es muss al- r 
twelve le-gions of angels? But how then may be ful-filled the Scrip-ture that it thus | 

-so ge- hen? 55 Zu der Stun-de sprach Je-sus zu der Sena- re: Ihr seid ji 

must hap- pen? Evan In that ho- ur spake Je-sus to the peo-ple: J esus: Are ye 1 

aus ge- -gan- gen als zu ei- nem Mör-der, mit Schwer-tern und mit Stan- gen mich li 
come a-gainst me as a-gainst a rob-ber, with swords and staves by vio- lence thus k 

zu fa-hen, bin ich doch tag-lich ge- -ses-sen bei euch und ha- -be ge- leh-ret im \t 
to take me? Was I not dai- ly found sit-ting with you and teach- ing with you in the 

Tern-pel, und ihr habt mich nicht ge-grif-fen, A- -ber das ist al- les ge-sche- 
tem-ple, yet ye laid no hold up- on me? There- fore these things all were ac-com- f 

- -hen, dass er- -ful- let wur- den die Schrif-ten der Pro-phe- ten. 56 Da ver- 
-plished.that there might be ful-filled the Scrip- tures of the Pro-phets. Evan Then did ji 

-lie-ssen ihn al- le Jün- ger und flo- -hen. Die a- -ber Je- sum ge- grif-fen if 
all His dis-ci-ples leave Him, and fled a- way. And they who thus had laid hold on 

hat-ten, fiih- re-ten ihn zu dem Ho- - hen- prie-ster Ca-i-phas, da- -hin die Schrif- 
Je- sus, led Him a- way to the High Priest who was Ca-i-phas, where with him were 

-ge-lehr-ten sich ver- samm- let hat-ten. Pe-trus a- -ber fol— ge- te ihm nach von 
as-sem-bled all the Scribes and El-ders. Pe-ter fol-lowed them who had Je- sus, from 

fer-ne, bis in den Pa- last des Ho-hen-prie- sters, und ging hin- ein und setz-te 
far off, and came to the Pa-lace of the High Priest, and went there-in, and sat with 

sich bei die Knech- te, auf dass er sa- -he, wo es hin- aus woll-te. Die Ho- 
the High priests ser-vants, that he might wit-ness, how it would be end- ing. Now all 

-hen-prie-ster, a- ber und die AI- te-sten und der gan- -ze Rat such- -ten 
the coun-cil and the Priests and the El-ders, who were ga-thered there, sought false 

fal-sche Zeug-nis wi- der Je-sum, auf dass sie ihn to- te- ten, und fun- den kei-nes. 
wit-ness- es ac-cus- ing Je-sus, that He might be put to death, yet found they no one. 

Und wie-wohl viel fal-sche Zeu-gen her- zu- tra- ten, fun-den sie doch kei-nes. Zu 
But tho ma- -ny ly- ing wit-ness-es came for-ward, yet they could not find one. But 

-letzt tra-ten her- -zu zwee-ne fal-sche Zeu- gen, wel- che spra-chen: 61 

fin- al- ly came there two to swear a— gainst Him false-ly, say- ing: Eal se Witnesses: 

Er hat ge- -sa- get: Ich kann den Tem-pel Got- tes ab-bre-chen und in drei-en Ta- gen, 
This fel-low hath said: Gods tem- pie I can raze and de-stroy it and a- gain in three days, 

in drei-en Ta- -gen, den- sei- -ben bau- en. 62 Und der Ho- he- prie- ster stund 
a- gain in three days in three days build it. Evan And then did the High Priest a- 

auf und sprach zu ihm: Ant -wor- test du nichts zu dem, das die-se wi-der dich 

-rise and said to Him: ^iphas And an- swer-est naught to them who tes-ti-fy thus a-' 

zeu- gen? 63 Je-sus a- ber schweig stil- le. Und der Ho- - he- prie- ster 
-gainst thee? van Je-sus stood and held His peace. And the High Priest an- swered 

ant-wor-tet und sprach zu ihm: ich be-schwb*- re dich bei dem le- ben- di-gen 

un- to Him: and said to Him: Cai Ptos i a d-jure thee now, by the true and liv-ing 

Gott, dass du uns sa-gest, ob du seist Chri-stus, der Sohn Got-tes. 64 Je-sus 
God, that thou shalt tell us, whe-ther thou be Christ, the Son of God. ^^ Je-sus 


sprach: j °u sa- gest es, doch ich sa-ge euch, von nun an wird es ge-sche-hen 

saith: So thou hast said; yet I say to you, that ye shall see him here-af- te 

dass ihr se- hen wer-det des Men-schen Sohn sit-zen zur Rech- ten der Kraft und kom-men 
that ye see here-af -ter the Son of Man sit-ting on Gods own right hand and com- ing 


St. Matthew Passion 

in den Wol-ken des Him-mels. 65 Da zu-reiss der Ho- he Prie- ster sei- ne Klei- 
in the clouds of Hea-ven. ^ an Then did Ca- -i-phas the High-priest rend his gar- 

- der und sprach: Er hat Gott ge- lä- stert, was dür-fen wir wei-ter Zeug- 

-ments and say: Caiphas ßlas-phe- my he speak- eth; what need we for fur-ther wit- 

-nis? Sie-he, it- zo habt ihr sei- ne Got-tes- la- ste- rung ge- ho- ret, was d'ün- 
-ness? Be-hold! ye have heard the blas-phe-my that now this one has ut-tered; what think 

-ket euch? 66 Sie ant- wor- te-ten und spra-chen: Er ist des 

ye then? Evan They an-swered to him and said: Scribes and Elders ^^ fflan Qf 

To- des schul-dig. 67 Da spei- e- ten sie aus in sein An-ge- sich-te, und schlu- 
death is guil- ty. an Then spat they in His face, ev- en in His face; and oth- 

-gen ihn mit FaVsten, et- li- che a- ber schlu-gen ihn ins An- -ge- sich- -te und 
-ers al- so smote Him, and buf- fet-ed Him, strik-ing with the palms of their hands, and 

und spra-chen: 68 Weis-sa- ge uns, Chri-ste, wer ist es, der dich schlug? 

while they said: Tne ^ ltitude if thou be Christ, tell us, who was it struck thee now? 

69 Pe-trus a- Mr sass drau-ssen im- Pa- last, und es trat zu ihm ei-ne Magd und sprach; 
Evan p e .ter sat with-out in the Pa-lace Court, and a dam-sel came un-to Him and said: 

Und du, du wa- rest auch mit dem Je-su aus Ga-li-lae-a. 70 Er leug-ne- te 
1st Maid ^ tnou indeed wert al- so with Je-sus,him of Ga-li-lee. ^^ But Pe-ter de- 

a- ber, für ih- nen al-len, und sprach: Ich, ich weiss nicht, was du sa- gest. 

-nied it be-fore all of them, and said: reter ^ j j mow not ^ wnat tnou sav . es t. 

71 Als er a- ber zu der Tür hin-aus-ging, sa- he ihn ei- ne an- de- -re, die 
Evan And when He was gone out in- to the porch, yet an-oth-er maid saw Him there, and 

sprach zu de- nen, die da wa- -ren: Die-ser war auch mit dem Je-su von 

said to them that were with her there: nd Maid. Tnis f^»]^ nere was W jth Je-sus of 

Na-za-reth. 72 Und er leug-ne-te a- ber- mal und schwur da- zu: Ich ken- ne 

Na-za-reth. Evan He de-nied it a sec- ond time, and swore an oath: Peter I know not 

des Men-schen nicht. 73 Und ü-ber ei- ne klei- -ne Wei- le, tra- ten hin- zu, die 
the man at all. Evan And in a lit-tle while there-af- ter, they that stood by came 

da stun-den, und spra-chen zu Pe-tro: Wahr- lieh, du, du bist auch ei-ner, 

un-to Him, and said un- to Pe-ter: ^ e Servants : Sure- ly, thou.thou^thou art al-so, 

du bist auch ei-ner von de- nen, denn dei- ne Spra- che, dei-ne Spra- -che ver-rat dich, 
art al- -so one of them with him, for when thou speak-est, lo thy speech doth be-traythee 

74 Da hub er an sich zu ver- -flu- chen und zu schwo- ren: Ich ken- ne 

an Then still did he de- ny with curs- ing and with swear- ing: Peter - I know not 

des Men-schen nicht. Und als- bald krä 1 - het der Hahn. Da ge-dach-te Pe- trus 

the man at all. Evan And forth- with there crowed the cock. And Pe-ter re-mem-bered 

an die Wor- te Je-sus, da er zu ihm sag-te*: E- -he der Hahn kra- hen wird, wirst 
then the word of Je-sus, which He had said to him: Be- fore the cock yet shall crow, thou 

du mich drei Mal ver-leug-nen. Und ging hin-aus und wei- ne-te bit- ter- lieh. 

shalt have three times ae-nied me. And he went out, and wept ve-ry bit- ter- -ly. 

Chap. XXVII, v. 1-4 
Des Mor-gens* a- ber hiel-ten al- - le Ho- he- prie- ster und die AI- te-sten des 

When mor-ning was come, there as-sem-bled all the High Priests & the El-ders and the 

Volks ei- nen Rat ü- ber Je-sum, dass sie ihn to- te- ten. Und bun-den ihn, und 
Scribes tak-ing coun-sel on Je-sus, that He be put to death. When He was bound, they 

fun-re- ten ihn hin, und ü- -ber-ant- wor- te-ten ihn dem Iand-pfle-ger Pon-ti- o Pi- 
led Him then a- way, and they de- liv-ered Him ov- er to the Gov- er- nor Pon-ti-us 


St. Matthew Passion 

-la- to. Da das Ju-das sa- -he der ihn ver-ra-ten hat- te, dass er ver- dam-met 
Pi-late. Then when Ju-das saw this, Ju- das who had be-trayedHim, and knew that Je- sus 

war zum To- - - de, ge-reu- et es ihn und brach- -te her-wie-der die drei-ssig 
was con-demned to death, he then did re-pent, and brought to the tem-ple the thir- ty 

Sil-ber-lin-ge den Ho- hen-prie-stern und AI- te-sten und sprach: 4 Ich ha-be 
Sil- ver pie-ces and gave them to the priests and El-ders and said: udas An ev-il 

ü- -bei ge-tan, dass ich un-schul-dig Blut ver-ra-ten ha- -be. Sie spra-chen: 

thing have I done, that I this day be- trayed the in-no-cent blood. van But they said: 

Was ge-het es uns an, ge-het es uns an, uns an, da sie- he du zu, du zu. 
What does it con-cemus,does it con-cern us, why us, for it was thy deed, thy deed. 

5-6 Und er warf die Sil-ber-lin-ge in den Tern-pel, hub sich da-von, ging hin und 
^ van And he cast the sil-ver-pie-ces in the tem-ple, and turned a-way, went out and 

er-hing sich selbst. A- ber die Ho- -hen-prie-ster nah-men die Sil-ber-lin-ge 
hanged him- -self. But the Chief Priests and El- ders took up the sil-ver-pie-ces 

und spra-chen: 6 Es taug nicht, dass wir sie in den Got-tes- ka-sten 

and they said: Qü^ Priests We may not bv law take tnem & put tneffl in the 

le- gen, dass wir sie in den Got-tes- ka-sten le- gen, denn es ist Blut-geld. 7-11 
trea-sTy, we may not take and put them in the trea-sty; they paid for his blood. ^ an 

Sie hiel- -ten a- -ber ei- -nem Rat, und kauf-ten ei- nen Top- fers Ak-ker dar- 
They coun-selled then a- mong them-selves, and bought a Pot-tefs Field, a bu-ri- al- 

- -um, zum Be-grä"b- nis der Pil- grim, da- her ist der- -sei- bi- -ge A- -cker 
-ground, for the bur- ial of stran-gers; where-fore this same field that they bought thus 

ge- nen- -net der Blut- a- cker, bis auf den heu-ti- gen Tag. Da ist er- -f til- 
has been called The Field of Blood, yea, ev-en un- to this day. It was ful-filled 

-let das ge^ sa- get ist durch den Pro-phe-ten Je-re-mi-am, der da spricht: Sie ha- 
thus as was pro- phe-sied, yea by the Prophet Je-re-mi-ah, when he said: They took 

-ben ge- nom- men drei-ssig Sil-ber-lin-ge, da- -mit be-zah-let ward der ver-kauf-te, 
and they used the thir- ty sil-ver-pie-ces, the price of him, of him that was val-ued, 

wel- chen sie kauf-ten, von den Kindern Is-ra-el, und ha-ben sie ge- -ge-ben um ei- 
that they did val- ue, child-ren they of Is-ra-el, and for a field they gave it, to be 

-nen lfrp-fers A- cker, als mir der Herr be- foh- len hat. Je-sus a- -ber stund 
a Pot-tefs Field, as God the Lord ap-point-ed me. Je-sus there-fore stood 

für dem land-pfle-ger, und der Land-pfle-ger frag- te ihn und sprach: Bist du 

be- fore the Gover-nor, and the Gov- -er — nor asked of Him and said: Pilate Art thou 

der Ju- den Ko nig? Je-sus a- ber sprach zu ihm: Du sa-gest es. 

then the King of the Jews? Evan Je-sus spake and said to Him: Jesus Thou say-est it. 

12 Und da er ver- kla-get ward von den Ho- -hen- prie- -stern und Xi- te-sten, 
Van And when He was sworn a- gainst by the Chief of Priests and by the El-ders, 

ant-wor- tet er nichts. Da sprach Pi- la-tus zu ihm: Ho-rest du nicht, 

He an-swered them not. And then said Pi- late to Him: Pilate Hear-est thou not, 

wie hart sie dich ver- kla- -gen? 14 Und er ant-wor-te- te ihm nicht auf ein 
what things they charge a-gainst thee? Evan Yet did Je-sus an-swer him not, not a 

Wort, al-so dass auch der Land-pfle-ger sehr ver- -wun- der-te. Auf das Fest a-ber 
word, in so much that the Gov- -er- nor mar- veiled migh- ti- ly. Now the Gov-er-nor 

hat-te der land-pfle-ger Ge-wohn-heit, dem Volk ei-nen Ge-fan-ge-nen los-zu-ge- ben, 
at that feast had made it a cus- torn, to re- lease what-ev-er pri-so-ner to the peo-ple, 


StrMatthew Passion 

wel- chen . sie woll-ten. Er hat-te a- -ber zu der Zeit, ei- nen Ge-fan-ge-nen, 
whom they should ask him. Now as it hap-pened at this time, there was a pri-so-ner, 

ei-nen son- der- -li- chen fur an-dern, der hiess Bar-ra-bas. Und da sie ver- samm- 
one in-deed well known to the peo-ple, by name Bar-ra-bas, And when they were met 

-let wa- ren, sprach Pi- -la- tus zu ih- nen: 17 Wel-chen wol-let ihr, dass ich 

Pi 1 a1"p 

to- ge-ther, Pi- late spoke to them say-ing: rii - aLC Whe-ther will ye now that I 

euch los- ge-be, Bar-ra-bam, o- der Je-sum, von dem ge- - -sa- get wird, er sei 
re- lease to you, Bar-ra-bas, or this Je-sus, he who is known as Christ? Whe-ther 

Chri-stus? 18 Denn er wuss- te wohl, dass sie ihn aus Neid u- ber-ant-wor- tet 
will ye? Evan For he knew full well that He had been held and de- liv-ered for 

hat-ten. Und da er auf dem Richt-stuhl sass, schick- te sein Weib zu ihm und liess 
en- vy. And when he took the Judg- ment Seat, came from his wife to him a mes- 

ihm sa- gen: Ha- be du nichts zu schaf-fen mit die- -sem Ge- reen- 

gage say-ing: "ilates w ife. Have not thou a- -ny deal- ing with that right-eous per- 

-ten, ich ha-be heu- -te viel er- lit-ten im Traum von sei- net- we- gen. 20 A- 
-son, for I have suf-fered much this day in a dream be-cause of that man. ^ an Yet 

* * 

-ber die Ho ; -hen- -prie- -ster und AI- te-sten if- ber- re-de- ten das Volk dass 
all the Scribes and Chief Priests and the El-ders, did persuade the mul- ti- tude so 

sie um Bar-ra-bas bit- -ten soil-ten, und' Je-sum um-bräch-ten. Da ant-wor-tet nun 
that for Bar-ra-bas they should ask him, and cru-ci-fy Je- sus. The Gov-er--nor an- 
der Land-pfle-ger und sprach zu ih-nen: 21 Wel-chen wol-let ihr un-ter die-sen 

Pi la fp 

-swered un- -to them and said un-to them. xaLC Whe-ther of the twain, Bar-ra-bas or 

zwei-en, den ich euch soll los- ge-ben? 21 Sie spra-chen: Bar-ra-bas ! 

Je-sus, will ye I re-lease to you? Evan They all said: Tne Multltude Bar-ra-bas. 

22 Pi- la- tus sprach zu ih- nen: Was soll ich denn ma-chen mit Je-su, von 

Evan To them ^id Pi- late answer: Pilate And what shall I do then with Je-sus, this 
dem ge-sa-get wird:er sei Chri- stus? Ev.SIe spra-chen al- le: Lass inn kreu-zi-gen. 23 Derl^nd- 
oth-er pri-so-ner, who is called Christ? ^'They all then shout-ed: A11 Have him cru- ci-fied! ^ The Gov- 

-pfle-ger sa- ge- te: Was hat er denn U-bels ge-tan? Sie schrie-en a- ber noch mehr und spra- 

l-ern- or said to Him: 11 - Hhat hath he done? What evil done? 1 ^ But they cried out yet the more & shout- 

-chen: A Lass ihn kreu-zi-gen. Da a-ber Pi- la- tus sa- he, dass er nichts schaf-fe- te, son- 
• ed: u Have iim cru- ci-fied. 1 ^ When Pilate had seen in this wise that he could not pre-vail,but 

-dern dass viel ein gro-sser Ge- tum-mel ward, nahm er Was-ser,und wusch die Han-de fur dem Volk und 
that a tu-mult oth-er wise would be made, he took wa-ter & washed his hands before them all and 
sprach: p 24 Ich bin un-schul-dig an dem Blut die-ses Ge- rech- ten, se-het ihr zu. 25 Da ant-wor-te-te 
said: x • I am in- no- cent of the blood of this just per-son,see ye to it. Ev 'Tten all the people 
das gan-ze Volk und sprach: Sein Blut kom-me ü-ber uns, und un-se- re Kin- der. Da gab er ih- nen 
did an-swer him and say: A11 His blood be up-onus all and on all our child- ren. And Pi-late then set 

Bar-ra-bam los, a- ber Je-sum liess er gei-sseln und ü- ber ant-wor-tet ihn, dass er 
Bar-ra-bas free and when Je-sus had been scourged he gave him ov- er to them, that they 

ge- kreu-zi-get wür- de. Da nah-men die Krie-ges- knech-te des Land-pfle-gers 
might cru- - ci- - -fy Him. The Gov-er-nors sol-diers, tak-ing Je- sus with them, 

Je- sum zu sich in das Rieht- - -haus, und ver-samm- -le- -ten ü- ber inn die 
led Him a- way to the Com-mon Hall, and they ga- thered a-bout Him there the 

gan-ze Schar, und zo- gen ihn aus, und leg- ten ihm ei- nen Pur- -pur- -man- 
whole- band, and stripped off His clothes, and put up- -on Him in- stead a scar- 


St. Matthew Passion 

-tel an und f loch-ten ei-ne Dor-nen-kro-ne, und setz- ten sie auf sein Haupt und ein 
-let robe, and plat- ted Him a crown of thorns, and put it up- on His head, and a 

Rohr in sei-ne rech-te Hand, und beu- ge- ten die Knie für ihm, ver-spot-te- ten ihn 
reed ^ in His right— hand, and bowed the knee be-fore Him low, and mock-ing at Him 

und spra-chen: 29 Ge-gru- sset, ge-grü-sset seist du, du, der Ju- den 

they hailed Him: Tne Soldiers We hail thee, be-hold we hail thee, thee, thou King of 

Ko-nig, . du, du, 30-9 Und spei-e-ten ihn an und nah- men das Rohr und schlu-gen 
Jew-ry, . all hail, Evan They spat up-on His face, and took then the reed, and smote Hin 

da-mit sein Haupt. Und da sie ihn ver-spot-tet hat- ten, zo- gen sie ihm den Man- 
up-on His head, And af-ter they in this-wise mocked Him, then they took off His scar- 

-tel aus und leg- ten ihm sei-ne Klei-der wie-der an und fun- re- ten ihn hin, dass er 
-let robe and put on Him His own rai-ment yet a- gain and led Him thus a- way , that He 

ge-kreu-zi-get wiir- de. Und in- -dem sie hin- aus gin- gen, fun-den sie ei- -nen Menschen 
be cru- ci-fied by them. As they were go- ing out with Him, they came up-on a - man, 

von Cy-re-ne, mit Na- men Si-mon, den zwun-gen sie dass er ihm sein Kreu-ze 
from Cy-re-ne; whose name was Si-mon; him they corn-pel led that he should bear Je-sus 1 

trug. Und da sie an die Stat- te ka-men, mit Na- -men Gol-go-tha, dass ist 
cross. And when they reached a cer- tain place, a place called Golgo-t ha, that is 

ver-deut-schet Sch'ä-del-stat-te, ga-ben sie ihm Es-sig zu trin- ken, mit Gal- len 
to say a Place of Skulls, to Him there was vi-ne-gar of-fered, with gall mixed 

ver-mischt, und da er es schme-cke-te, woll-te er es nicht trin-ken. Da sie 
there- in, and when He had tas- ted it, yet He re-fused to drink it. And when 

inn a- ber ge-kreu-zi-get hat-ten, tei- le- ten sie sei- ne Klei-den und wur- fen 
the sol-diers hadcru-ci-fied Je- sus, part- ing His gar-ments a- mong them, they came and 

das Los dar- um. Auf das er- fül-let wür- -de, das ge - sa- get ist durch den 
cast lots for them; that there might be ac- com-plished that which was of old said by 

Pro-phe-ten: Sie ha- ben mei- -ne Klei-der un- ter sich ge-tei- -let und u- ber 
the Pro-phet: My gar-ments they have par- ted, par- ted them a-mong them, and lots by 

mein Ge- wand ha- ben sie das Los ge-wor-fen. Und sie sa- ssen all- - da, 
them were cast, that they might di-vide my ves-ture. And they sat down and watched, 

und hu- te- -ten sein, und o-ben zu sei-nen Haup-ten hef-te-ten sie die Ur- -sach 
to see what would come; and ov-er His head a- bove Him set up a su- per-script to 

sei-nes To-des be-schrie-ben, nam- lieh: Dies ist Je-sus, der Ju- den Ko- nig. Und 
tell of His ac-cu- sa- tion, writ-ten: This is Je-sus, the King of the Jews. And 

es wur- den zwee- ne Mor-der mit ihm ge-kreu-zi-get, ei-ner zur Rech- ten 
there were two thieves who al- so with Him were cru-ci-fied, one on the right hand, 

und ei-ner zur Lin- ken. Die a- -ber vor- -ü- -ber gin- gen, la- ster- ten inn 
and one on the left hand. And they that were pass- ing by there, railed a- gainst Him, 

und schüt-tel- ten ih- -re Kop- -fe und spra-chen: 40 Der du , 

and wag-ging their heads they mocked Him as they said: Jews and Soldiers ^ ou wno 

den Tern-pel Got-tes zer-brichst und bau- est ihn in drei- en Ta- gen, hilf dir 
de-stroy the tem-ple of God, and thou who in three days can build it, save thyr 

sei- ber, bist du Got- tes Sohn, so steig, so steig her- ab, so steig her- ab vom 
-self now, if thou be Gods Son, then come, then come thou down, come down from off the 

Kreuz; (Bass at end) so steig her ab . 41 Das-glei-chen auch die Ho- - hen-prie- 
cross; from off the cross. Evan And like-wise did the High Priests al- 


St? Matt hew Rassion 

-ster spot-te- ten sein samt den Schrift-ge-lehr-ten und AI- te-sten und spra-chen: 
-so, mock- ing at Him, with the Scribes and El-ders of the peo-ple, say to Him: 

43 An- dem hat er ge-hol-fen,und kann ihm sei- ber nicht 

High Priests, Scribes and Elders Sav- iour was ne of oth - e rs,but for hira-self can do 

hel-fen. Ist er der Ko-nig Is-ra-el, so stei-ge er nun vom Kreuz, so wol-len wir 
no- thing. If he be King of Is-ra-el, let him from the cross come down, and we will then 

ihm glau-ben. Er hat Gott ver-trau-et, der er- -lb- -se nun, lust es ihn. Denn er 
be-lieve him. He has trust-ed in God, let God save him now, if he will. For we 

hat ge- sa-get: Ich. ich bin Got- -tes Sohn. 44 Des glei- -chen schma- he -ten 
heard him say it: "I, I an Gcxfs own Son" an The thieves who were with Him 

ihn auch die Mor-der, die mit ihm ge- kreu- zi-get wa- -ren. Und von der sech- sten 
cru- ci-fied al- so, said the same and cast it in His teeth. And from the sixth hour 

Stun-de ward ei- ne Fin-ster-nis, u- ber das gan-ze land bis zu der neun-ten Stun- 
on-ward dark-nesswas eve- ry-where, came ov-er all the Land, yea,ev-en to the ninth 

-de. Und um die neun-te Stun- de schrei Je- sus laut und sprach: 46 E-li,la-ma 
hour. And lo a- bout the ninth hour He cried a- loud and said: Evan E-li, la-ma 

a-sab-tha-ni. Das ist: Mein Gott, wa- -rum hast du mich ver- las-sen. Et- li- 

a-sab-tha-ni. ®* m That is: My God, where- fore dost thou now for-sake me. When some 

-che a- -ber die da stun- den, da sie das ho- re- ten spra-chen sie: 47 
of them who stood and watctfdHim heard Je- sus call- ing thus they cried out: Soldiers 

Der ru- fet E-li-as. 48 Und bald lief ei-ner un- ter ih-nen und nahm ei-nen 
He call-eth E-li-as. an And straight-way one of them ran ov-er and took up a 

Schwamm und fül- let ihn mit Es- - -sig und stek-ket ihn auf ein Rohr und — trän- 
sponge and fill- ing it with vi-ne- gar, he put it up- on a reed, and gave Him 

-ket ihn. Die an-dern a- -ber spra-chen: 49 Halt, halt, lasst se-hen, ob 

to drink, The oth-ers spoke a- mong them: Tne Jews Wait, wait to see now, wheth- 

E- li- -as kom-me und ihm hei- fe. 50-4 A- ber Je-sus schrei a- ber-mal laut, 
-er will E- -li- as come and help him. an Je-sus a-gain cried with a loud voice, 

und ver-schied. Und sie-he da, der Fur-hang im Tem-pel zu- reiss in zwei Stück, 
and was gone. And now be-hold! the veil of the tem-ple was rend- ed in twain, 

von o-ben an bis un-ten aus. Und die Er- -de er- -be- be- -te, und die Fel- 
from ve-ry top, down to the ground; and the whole of the earth did quake, and the rocks 

-sen zu-ris-sen, und die Gra- -ber ta- ten sich auf und stun-den auf viel Lei-ber 
burst a-sun-der, and the graves were op-ened a- gain, and up a-rose the bo-dies 

der Hei-li-gen, die da schlie-fen, und gin-gen aus den Gra-bern nach sei- ner Auf- 
of Ho- ly Ones, who were sleep- ing, and af- ter He was ri- sen they left the place 

-er-ste-hung und ka-men in die hei-li-ge Stadt und er-schie- -nen vie-len. A- ber 
of bur-ial and went in- to the ho- - -ly ci-ty, and ap-peared to ma- ny. But now 

der Haupt-mann und die bei ihm wa- ren und be- -wah- -re- ten Je-sus, da sie 
the cap- tain, and they that were with him, who were there watch- ing Je-sus, when they 

sa- hen das Erd- -be- -ben und was da ge- scha- he, er- schra-ken sie sehr 
saw the migh- ty earth-quake and these things that were done, they trem-bled with fear^ 

und spra-chen: Wahr- lieh, die- ser ist Got-tes Sohn, ge- we- sen, 

and they said: Captain and Soldiers ^^ _ ly ^ this wag thß Son Qf ^ wag ^^ Son ^ 

Got-tes Sohn ge- we- sen. 55 Und es wa-ren viel Wei- ber da die von fer-ne 

was his Son, God's own Son. Evan Ma- ny wo-raen were ga-thered there from a- far off, 


St-Matthew Passion 
zu- sa-hen die da Je- -su wa-ren nach-ge-fol-get aus Ga-li-l'a- a und hat-ten ihm 
othold-ing, which had fol- lowed af-ter Je-sus ev- en from far Ga-li- lee, to mi- ni-ster 
^-die-net un-ter wel-chen war Ma- ri-a Mag-da- le-na, und Ma-ri-a, die Mut-ter 
Vto £ and a-mong them there was Ma-ry Mag-de-lene r al- so Ife-ry. the mo- 1 her 
Ja- -co- -bi und Jo-ses, und die Mut-ter der Kin-der Ze- -be- -da- -i. Und am 
o? James and of Jo-ses, and the mo-ther of Ze- be- dee's two child- ren. And at 
A-bend kam ein rei- eher Kfenn von A-ri-ma-thi-a, der hiess Jo-seph, wel-cher auch ein 
even came a wealth- y man from A-ri-ma-the-a, by name Jo-seph, who was al- so 
Jun-ger Je- su war, der ging zu Pi-la- to, und bat ihn um den I*ib Je-su. Da be- 
Je- sus' dis-ci-ple, and he went to Pi-late and begged of him Je- sus* bo-dy. Pi-late 
-fahl Pi-la- tus, man sollt ihm ihn ge-ben. Und Jo-seph nahm den Leib und wi- kelt 
com-man-ded them that it be giv-en him. The bo- dy Jo-seph took and wrapped it 
ihn in ein rein Lein-wand und leg- te ihn in sein ei- gen neu Grab, wel- ches er 
in a cloth of lin- en, and bore it thence to his own new-made grave, which from out 
hat-te las-sen in ei- nen Fels hau- en, und wal- zet ei- -nen gro-ssen Stein fur 
the so- lid rock he him-self had hewn it, and rolled a great and hea- vy stone to 
die Tur des Gra- bes und ging da-von. Es war a- ber all- da Ma-ri-a Mag-da-le-na 
the se- pul-chre door, and went a- way. And there was al-so there — Ma- ry Mag-da- lene- 

und die an- de- re te-ri-a, die satz-ten sich ge gen das Grab. Und des an-dern 

and with her the oth-er Ma-ry, who sat by the se-pul-chre watch- ing. And now on the 

Ta- ges, der da fol-ge- te nach dem Rust-ta- ge, ka- men die Ho- -hen prie-ster 
mor-row, com-ing af-ter that of Pre- pa- ra-tion, came all the Priests and El- ders 

und Pha-ri- sa- er samt-lich zu Pi- la- to und spra-chen: 63 Herr, wir 

and Pha-ri-sees to-geth- er un-to Pi-late and they said: mests & Pharisees Sir> we 

ha-ben ge-dacht, dass die- ser Ver-fuh-rer, sprach, da er noch le- be-te; Ich will nach 
bear it in mind, that this base de- cei-ver said when he was yet a-live: I will up- 

drei-en Ta- -gen wie-der auf- er-ste-hen. Da- rum be- fieh- le, dass man das 
-on the third day rise a-gain in glo-ry. There-fore com- mand thou, that they shall 

Grab ver-wah- -re bis an den drit- ten Tag, auf dass nicht sei-ne Jun- ger kom- 
keep a watch for the space of these three days, lest his dis- ci-ples come by night 

-men und steh- len ihn und sa-gen zu dem Vol-ke: Er ist auf, er ist auf- er- 
there and steal him thence, and say to all the peo-ple: From the grave, from the grave and 

-stan-den von den To-ten, und wer-de der letz-te Be- trug är- -ger, denn der er- ste. 
death is he a- ri-sen; and so the last er-ror were worse, far worse than the first one. 

65 Pi- la-tus sprach zu ih-nen: Da- ha-bet ihr die Hu-ter, ge-het hin und 

Van And Pi-late said un-to them: Pllate Ye have your watch-men al-so; go your way, make 

ver- -wah-ret es wie ihr wis-set. 66 Sie gin- gen hin und ver-wah-re-ten das Grab 
your watch as se-cure as may be. an So forth they we nt, and made sure the se- pul- ehre 

mit Hu- -tern, und ver- sie- gel-ten das Grab, Beschluss Eh-re sei dir Chri- 

with watch-men, and they sealed it with a stone. Conclusion Un-to Thee be glo- 

-ste, der du lit- test Not, an dem Stamm des Kreu-zes, für uns den bit- tern Tod, 
-ry, who wert cru- ci-fied; on the cross in an-guish, it was for us Thou died; 

und herr-schest mit dem Va-ter dort in E-wig-keit, hilf uns ar-men Suh-dern zu der 
Thou who art with the Fa-ther, there in Ma-jes-ty, help us hum-ble sin-ners to E- 

Se- lig-keit. Ky-ri-e e-lei-son, Chri-ste e-lei-son, Ky-ri-e e-lei-son. 
-ter-ni- -ty. Ky-ri-e e-lei-son, Chri-ste e-lei-son Ky-ri-e e-lei-son. 


St. Mark Passion 

Mark, Chaps. XIV & XV 

Vol. 1, pp. 75-96 


Das Lei-den un-sers Herrn Je- -su Chri-sti, wie es uns Sanct Mar-cus, Sanct Mar- 
ine Pas-sion of our Lord Christ the Sav-iour, as St. Mark has writ-ten, St Mark 

-cus be-schrei-bet. 
the A- - po- stle. 

Chap. XIV. Evan. Und nach zwei-en Ta- gen war 0- -stern und die Ta- -ge der sü- 

And äf- ter two days was the Pass-ov- er and the Feast of Un- leav- 

-ssen Brod, und die Ho- hen-prie- -ster und Schrift-ge- -lehr-ten such-ten, wie sie 
-ened^read, and the Scribes & Chief Priests and El- ders sought to-geth-er, how that 

Je-sum mit Li-sten grif-fen und tod- - - ten. Sie a- ber spra-chen: High Priests: Ja, 
Je-sus by craft be ta- ken and put to death. But yet did they say: Nay, 

nicht auf das Fest, auf dass nicht ein Auf-ruhr, ein Auf-ruhr im Volk, ein Auf- rühr 
not on the Feast, lest there be an up- roar, an up- roar there be, an up- roar 

im Volk wer-de, . Evan. Und da er zu ße-tha-ni-en war in Si- mo-nis des Aus-sä-tzi- 
of the peo-ple, . And be-ing in Be-tha-ny and a- bi-ding in the house of Si-mon 

-gen Hau-se, und sass zu Ti-sche, da kam ein Weib, die hat- te ein Glas mit un- ge- 
the le-per, as He sat at meat, a wo- man came, and brought Him an a- -la- bas-ter 

-falsch- tern kost- li-chen Nar- den- -was- ser, und sie zu-brach das Glas und goss 
box of oint-ment of pre-cious spite-nard, and forth-with broke the box, and poured 

es auf sein Haupt. Da wa- -ren et- li-che, die wur-den un- wil- lig und spra-chen: 
it on His head. And there were some of them who had in- dig-na- tion, and they said: 

Disciples: Was, was soll doch die- ser Un-rath, die- ser Un-rath? Man konn- te das 
Why was thus this oint-ment wast-ed, where-fore wast-ed? The oint-ment she 

Was-ser mehr denn um drei-hun- dert Gro-schen ver- -kau-fet ha- ben und das-sel-be den 
wast-ed might be sold for more than three hun-dred pence of sil-ver and been gi-venthe 

Ar- men ge-ben, . den Ar-men, Evan: Und mur- -re- ten u- ber sie. Je-sus a- ber 
poor and need-y, . the need-y, And thus they corn-plained of her. Je-sus there-fore 

sprach: Jesus: Las-set sie mit Frie-den; was be- küm-mert ihr sie? Sie hat ein 
said: let this wo-man a -lone; where-fore trou-ble ye her? For she hath 

gut Werk an mir ge-than. Ihr habt all-zeit Ar- me bei euch, und wenn ihr wollt, 
wrought a good work on me. The poor ye have al-ways with you, and when ye will, 

koh-net ihr ih-nen Guts thun; mich a-ber habt ihr nicht al- -le-zeit. Sie hat ge- than. 
ye may do good un- to them; but me ye have not al- ways with you. She hath but done 

was sie kunnt; sie ist zu-vor kom- men mei-nen Leich-nam zu sal-ben zu mei-nen Be-grab- 
what she could; she is come a-fore-hand to a- noint and make rea-dy my bo- dy for bu- 

-niss. Wahr- -lieh, ich sa-ge euch: Wo dies E-van- ge- li- um ge- -pre- -di- get 
-rial. Ve-ri- ly I say to you, Where- ev-er this gos-pel shall be preached thru- out 

wird in al- -ler Welt, da wird man auch sa- -gen zu ih-rem Ge-dacht-niss, das sie 
all the whole wide world, this thing she hath done shall be-come a me- mor- ial, in re- 

jetzt ge- than hat. Evan: Und Ju-das I-scha-ri-oth, ei-ner von den Zwol-fen, ging hin 
-mem-brance of her. And Ju-das Is-ca- ri-ot, one of His dis- ci-ples, pro-fessed 

zu den Ho- hen-prie-stern, dass er ihn ver-rieth, Da sie das ho- -re-ten, wur- den 
to the friests & El- ders, that be be- tray Him. And when they heard of this, they all 

sie froh, und ver-hie-ssen ihm das Geld zu ge-ben. Und er such- te, wie er ihm fug- 
were glad, and they pro-mised him to give him mon-ey. And he sought how con-ven-ient-ly 


St. Mark Passion 

-lieh ver- Aie- -the. Und am er- sten Ta- ge der su- ssen Brod, da man das 
he might be- tray Him. And on the first day of un-lea-vened bread, the day for 
0- -ster-lamm o- pher-te, spra-chen sei-ne Jun-ger zu ihm: Disciples: Wo wilt du, 
kill- ing the Pass- ov- er, His dis- ci-ples said un-to Him: Where wilt thou 

dass wir hin- ge-hen und be- rei-ten, dass du das 0- ster-lamm, das 0- -ster-lamm 
that we shall go and shall pre-pare it, pre-pare the Pass-ov- -er, that Thou may-est 
es-sest? Evan: Und er sand-te sei-ner Jun-ger zween und sprach zu ih-nen: Jesus: Ge- 
eat it? And He send-eth two dis-ci-ples forth and saith un-to them: Go 

-het hin in die Stadt, und es wird euch ein Mensch be- geg- nen, der trägt ei-nen 
to Je- ru-sa- -lern, and with- in it a man shall meet you, who bear-eth a 

Krug - mit Was-ser, fol-get ihm nach, und wo er ein- ge-het, da sprecht zu dem 
pit-cher of wa- ter; fol-low ye him, . and where he shall en-ter, then say to the 

Haus-wir- the: Der Mei-ster lasst dir - sa- gen: Wo ist das Gast-haus, dar-in-nen 
Good Man there: The Mas-ter bids us to ask thee: Where is the guest-room, where I may 

ich das Oster-lamm es-se mit mei-nen Jun-gern? Und er wird euch ei-nen gro-ssen Saal 
come and eat the Pass-ov-er with my dis-ci- pies? And he will shew you a large up- per 

zei- gen der ge-pfla-stert und be-rei- tet ist, da-selbst rich-tet fur uns zu. 
cham-ber, which is fur-nished and is well pre-pared; there make you rea-dy for us. 

Evan: Und die Jun-ger gin- gen aus, und ka-men in die Stadt, und fun-dens wie er 
The dis-ci-ples then went forth, and came as He had bade, and found as He had 

ih-nen ge-sagt hat- te, und be- rei-te- ten das 0- ster-lamm. Am A- bend a- ber 
said un-to them would be, and made rea-dy there the Pass- ov- -er. And in the eve-ning 

kam er mit den Zwöl-fen, und als sie zu Ti- sehe sa-ssen und a-ssen, sprach 
with the Twelve He com- eth, and as they were sit- ting with Him and eat- ing, saith 

Je-sus: Jesus: Wahr- -lieh, ich sa-ge euch, ei-ner un- ter euch, der mit mir is-set, 
Je-sus: Ve-ri- ly, I say to you, one a-mong you here, who eat-eth with me, 

wird mich ver- ra-then. Evan: Und sie wur-den trau-rig, und sag-ten zu ihm, ei-ner nach 
one shall be- tray me. And they sat in sor- row, and said un-to Him, one by one 

dem an-dern: Disciples: Bin ich's? Evan: Und ein an-der: Disc: Bin ictfs.bin ich's? Evan: 
ask- ing Him: Not I? And an-oth-er: Not I, not I? 

Er ant- wor- -tet und sprach zu ih-nen: Jesus: Ei-ner aus den Zwol-fen, der mit mir in 
He an-swered them and said un-to them: One of you -Twelve,- he that dip-peth 

die Schlu-ssel tau-chet. Zwar des Men-schen Sohn ge-het hin, wie von ihm ge-schrie-ben 
with me in the dish. Yea, the Son of Man go-eth hence, as of Him it has been 

ste-het. Weh a- ber dem Men-schen, durch wel-chen des Men-schen Sohn ver- ra-then wird, 
writ- ten. But woe un-to that man, by whom the Son of Man shall be be-trayed. 

Es wa- re dem-sel-ben Men-schen bes-ser, dass er nie ge- bo-ren wa- -re. Evan: Und in- 
For that man in-deed it had been bet- ter, that he had not ev-er been born. And as 

-dem sie a-ssen, nahm Je- sus das Brod, dan- -ket und brachs und gabs ih-nen und 
they were eat- ing, He took of the bread, gave thanks and brake and gave it them and 

sprach: Jesus: Neh-met, es-set, das ist mein Leib. Evan:Und nahm den Kelch, und dan- -ket 
said: Take ye, eat ye, ray bo- -dy this. And He took the cup, and gave thanks , 

und gab ih-nen den, und sie trun-ken al- -le dar-aus. Und er sprach zu ih-nen: Jesus: Das 
and gave it to them, and they all of them drank of it. And He said un-to them: This 

ist mein Blut, des neu-en Te- sta-ments, das für vie-le ver-gos-sen wird. Wahr-lich ich 
is my blood of the New Tes-ta- ment, which for ma- ny is shed by me. Ve-ri-ly I 


St. Mark Passion 
sa- ge euch, dass ich hin- fort nicht trin-ken wer- de vom Ge- wach- se des Wein-stocks, 
say to you, that I hence-forth will drink no more of this the fruit of the vin- -yard, 

bis auf den Tag, da ichs neu trin- ke in dem Rei-che Got-tes. Evan: Und da sie den 
un- til that day when I shall drink it new in God's King-dora. And when they had 

Lob-ge-sang ge- spro-chen hat-ten, gin-gen sie hin-aus an den 0- - Je- berg, und Je-sus 
sung an hymn of praise, to-geth-er, in- to the Mount of 01-ives they went out, and Je-sus 

sprach zu ih-nen: Jesus: Ihr wer-det euch in die-ser Nacht al- le an mir 'är-gern. Denn 
saith un-to them: Ye all be-cause of me this night shall be of-fen- - -ded. For 

es se- het ge-schrie-ben: Ich wer-de den Hir- ten schla-gen, und die Scha- -fe 
the Scrip-ture is writ- ten: And lo, I will smite the shep-herd, and the sheep shall 

wer-den sich zu-streu- en. A-ber nach-dem ich auf-er-ste-he, will ich fur euch hin-ge- 
wan-der and be scat-tered. But af-ter that I am a- ri-sen, I will go be-fore you 

-hen in Ga-li-lae-am. Evan: Pe-trus :a-ber sag-te zu ihm: Peter: Und wenn sie sich al- le 
in- to Ga-li-lee T . But Pe-ter - said un-to Him: Al- tho they shall all be 

är-ger-ten, so woll-te ich doch mich nicht är-gern. Evan: Und Je-sus sprach zu ihm: 
of-fen-ded, yet will I nev- er be of-fen-ded. And Je-sus saith to him: 

Wahr- lieh, ich sa-ge dir, heu-te in die-ser Nacht, e- he denn der Hahn zwei- -mal 
Ve-ri-ly, I say to thee, this day, this ve-ry night, ev-en ere the cock twice shall 

kra-het, wirst du mich drei- -mal ver-leug-nen.Evan: Er a- ber re- det noch wei- 
crow,- thou shalt have three times de-nied me. But he did speak the more ve-he- 

*- -ter: Peter: Ja, wenn ich mit dir auch ster-ben müss-te, wollt ich dich nicht ver- 
-ment-ly: Yea, tho I should die with Thee, my Mas- ter, I will in no -wise 

-leug-nen. Evan: Des-sel-ben glei-chen sag-ten sie al- le. Und sie ka-men zu dem Ho- 
de-nyThee. And likewise al- -so said all the oth-ers. And they came to a place 

-fe mit Na-men Geth-sa-ma-ne, und er sprach zu sei-nen Jün-gern: Jesus: Set-zet euch 
which was called Geth-sa-ma-ne, and He saith to His dis-ci- pies: Sit ye now 

hie, bis ich hin- ge- he und be-te. Evan: Und nahm zu sich Pe-trum und Ja-co-bum 
here, while I shall go hence and pray. He took with Him Pe-ter and James - 

und Jo-han-nen, und - fing an zu zit- - tern und zu za-gen und sprach zu ih-nen: 
and * *■ John, and be-gan to be sore a-mazed and ve-ry hea-vy, and saith un-to them: 

Jesus: ~Mei- - -ne See- le ist be-trübt, bis- an den Tod, ent-hal-tet euch hie 
. My soul is ex-eeed-ing sor-row-ful, ev-en un-to death; — tar-ry ye here 

uria ° wa-chet. Evan: Und - ging ein we-nig fur-bass, fiel auf die Er-den und be-tet 
and watch with me. And He went a lit-tle for-ward, fell on the ground, and prayed 

dass so es mog- lieh wa- - re, die Stun-de fur- ii-ber gin- ge und sprach: Jesus: 
that if it should be pos-si-ble, the ho- ur might pass from Him, and He said: 

Ab-ba, mein Va-ter, es ist der al- -les müg-lich, u- ber-he- be mich die-ses Kelchs, 
Ab-ba, my Fa-ther, to Thee are all things pos-si-ble; take a-way from me now this cup; 

doch nicht, was ich will, son-dern was du willt. Evan: Und - kam - und fand sie 
yet not what I will, but that which Thou wilt. And He com-eth and found them 

schla-fend und sprach zu Pe-tro: Jesus: Si-mon schlä-fest du? Ver-mbch-test du nicht 
sleep- ing, and saith to Pe-ter: Si-mon, sleep- est thou? And could-est thou not 

ei- -ne Stun-de zu wa-chen? Wa- chet und be- tet, dass ihr nicht in Ver-such ung 

watch for ev- en an ho- ur? Watch ye and pray ye, lest ye shall en- ter in- to temp- 

fal-let. Der Geist- ist wil-lig, a-ber das Fleisch ist schwach. Evan: Und - ging wie-der 
-ta-tion. The spi-rit is wil- ling, but the flesh is weak. And a- gain He went 


StrMark Passion 

hin und be- tet und sprach die-sel-bi- gen Wort. Und kam wie-der und fand sie 
a- way and prayed and spake a-gain the same words. And when He - re-turned He 
a- ber-mal schla- -fend, denn - ih-re Au- gen wa-ren voll Schlafs, und wuss-ten 
found them a- sleep a-gain, for their - -eyes were hea-vy with sleep, nor wist - 
nicht, was sie ihm ant-wor- te-ten. Und - kam - zum drit-ten-mal und sprach zu ih- 
they what they might an-swer to Him. And He com-eth the third time and saith un-to 

-nen: Jesus: Ach wollt ihr nun schla- fen und ru- hen? Es ist ge- nug, die Stun-de ist 
them: Ah, are ye yet sleep-ing and rest-ing? It is e- nough; the ho- ur is 

kom-men. Sie-he, des Men-schen Sohn wird ü- - ber- ant- wor-tet in der Sün-der Han- de. 
at hand. Be-hold,the Son of Man is this night be-trayed in-to the hands of sin-ners. 

Ste-het auf, las-set uns ge-hen. Sie-he, der mich ver-fäth, - ist * na- -he. Evan: Und 
Rise ye up! Let us be go-ing! Be-hold, he that be- tray-eth me is at hand» And 

als- bald, da er noch - re- det, kam her-zu Ju-das, der Zwol-fen ei- ner, und 
forth-with, while He yet was speak- ing, there com-eth Ju-das, one of the twelver and 

ei- ne gro-sse Schaar mit ihm mit Schwer- tern und mit Stan-gen von der Ho-hen-prie- 
a great mul-ti- -tude with him with swords and staves to take Him, from the Chief Priests 

-stern und Schrift-ge- lehr- ten und Al-te-sten. Und der - Ver- ra- -ther hat-te ih-nen 
and Scribes» and from the El- - ders. And he that be-trayed Him - had gi-ven 

ein Zei-chen ge-ge-ben und ge- sagt: Judas: Wel-chen ich küs- sen wer- de, der ist's, 
- them a to- - ken, and had said: He whom I shall kiss, the same is He; 

den grei-fet, und fiih- ret ihn ge-wiss. Evan: Und da er kam, trat er bald zu ihm 
then take Him, and lead Him safe a-way. And Ju-das came, went straight-way to Him, 

und sprach zu ihm: Judas: Rab-bi, Rab-bi. Evan: Und küs- set ihn. Die a- ber leg- ten 
and saith to Him: Mas-ter,Mas-ter, and kissed Him then. And so they came and 

ih- -re Han- de an ihn und grif-fen ihn. Ei- ner a- ber von de- nen, die da- -bei 
laid their hands up- on Him, and made Him fast. And one of them a-mong them, who were stand- 

stun-den, zog ein Schwert aus, und schlug des Ho- - hen- -prie-sters Knecht und hieb 
-ing by, drew out his sword, and smote the High Priests serv- ing- man, and cut 

ihn ein Ohr ab. Und Je-sus ant- wor- tet und sprach zu ih-nen: Jesus: Ihr seid aus-ge- 
the man's ear off. And Je-sus an-swered them and said un-to them: Are ye come out 

-gan- gen als zu ei- nem Mor-der mit Schwer- ten und mit Stan- gen, mich zu fas-sen. 
a-gainst me as a-gainst a thief, with swords - and with - staves, thus to take me? 

Ich bin tag- lieh bei euch im Tern- pel ge-we- sen, und ha- be ge- -leh- ret, und ihr habt 
I was dai- ly with you in - - the Tem-ple, and dai-ly was teach- ing, and yet you 
mich nicht ge-grif-fen. Evan: A- ber auf dass die Schrift er- -fül-let wur- - de. Und 
did nev- er take me. But thus in-deed the Scrip-tures must be ful-filled. And 

die Jun-ger ver-lie-ssen ihn al-le und flo-hen. Und es war ein Jung-ling, der fol- 
theyall - for-sook - Him - - and fled. And there was a young man, who fol- 

- ge- -te ihm nach, der war mit Lein-wand be- klei- det auf der blo-ssen Haut, und 
-lowed af-ter Him, hav-ing a li- nen cloth cast a-bout his na- ked bo-dy; and 
die Jung- lin- ge grif-fen ihn. - Er a- ber liess die Lein-wand fah-ren und flo-he 
the young men laid hold on him. And he left the lin- en cloth be-hind and fled a-way 
von - ih-nen. Und sie flih-re-ten Je-sum zu dem Ho-hen-prie-ster, da- hin zu- sam- 
from them na-ked. And they led a- way Je-sus to the High - Priest,- and with him were 

-men kom-men wa-ren al- le Ho-he-prie-ster und Xl- te-sten und Schrift-ge-lehr-ten, 
as- sem-bled - - all the Chief - - Priests & El-ders and the Scribes to-geth-er 


St .Mark Passion 

Pe-trus a- ber fol- -ge- te ihm nach von fer-nen, bis hin-ein in des Ho-hen-prie-sters 
And Pe-ter fol-lowed af-ter Him yet a- far off, yea ev- en to the pa-lace of the 

Pal— last, und er war da und sass bei den Knech-ten und war- me-te sich bei dem 
High Priest, and came there- in, and sat with the ser-vants.and warmed - him-self at the 

Licht. A- ber die Ho-hen-prie-ster und der gan- ze Rath such- -ten Zeug-niss wi- der 
fire. And all the Chief - Priests - and the Coun-cil all sought for wit- ness a-gainst 

Je-sum, auf dass sie ihn zum To- de brach-ten, und fun- den nichts. Viel ga- - -ben 
Je-sus, that they - might put Him to - death, and found they none. . For ma-ny bare 

falsch Zeug-niss wi- der ihn, a-ber ihr Zeug-niss stim-me-te nicht ü- ber ein. Und 
false wit- ness a-gainst Him, but - their wit-ness a- greed not to-geth-er. And 

et- -li- che stun-den auf und ga-ben fal-sche Zeug-niss wi- der ihn und spra-chen: 
there a- rose cer-tain ones and bare - false - wit- ness a- gainst Him and they said: 

False Witnesses: Wir, wir ha- ben ge- -ho- ret, dass er sag-te, dass er sag- te: 

We, we heard it from this man, heard him say it, heard him say this: 

Ich will den Tem-pel, den Tem-pel, der mit Han- den ge-macht ist, ab- bre-chen, 
I will de-stroy it, the Tem-ple, which with hands has been buil-ded, de-stroy it, 

und in drei- en la- -gen, in-drei- en Ta- gen ei-nen an- dem bau-en, der nicht 
and with-in three days time, with- in three days time I will raise an- oth-er, one that 

mit Han- den ge- macht sei. mit Han- den ge- macht, Evan: A- ber }hr Zeug-niss 
no hand shall have buil- ded. no hand shall have built. But nei-ther so did 

stim- me- -te noch nicht ü- ber-ein. Und die Ho-hen-prie-ster stund auf un-ter sie 
their wit-ness a- gree to-geth-er. And the High - Priest - stood up in the midst, 

und frag- te Je-sum und sprach: Pont if ex: Ant-wor-test du nichts zu dem das die- se 
and asked of Je-sus ,say- ine: And an- swer- - -est thou nought that these do 

wi- der dich zeu- gen? Evan: Er a- ber schweig Stil- le und ant- wor- tet nichts. Da 
wit-ness a-gainst thee? But Je- sus held His peace and an-swered them not. A- 

frag-te ihn der Ho-hen-prie-ster a-ber-mal und sprach zu ihm: Pontifex: Bist du Chri- 
-gain - did the High -Priest - ask of Him and say to Him: Art thou the 

-stus, der Sohn des Hoch-ge- -lob- ten? Evan: Je-sus a- ber sprach: Jesus: Ich biris; und 
Christ, the Son of God the Bles- sed? Je-sus said to him: I am; and 

ihr wer-det se-hen des Men- sc hen Sohn si-tzen zur rech- ten Hand der Kraft und kom-men mit 
ye - shall see - the Son of Man sit on the Right - Hand of Powr, and com-ing in 

des Him- mels Wol-ken. Evan: Da zu-reiss der Ho-hen-prei-ster sei-nen Rock und sprach: 
the clouds of Hea-ven. Then - did the High- Priest - rend his clothes, and saith: 

Pontifex: Was dur-fen wir wei-ter Zeu-gen? Ihr habt ge- -hö- ret die Got-tes-la- ste- 

What need we a-ny fur-ther wit-ness? For ye have heard - - the - blas-phe- 

-rung, was dün-ket euch? Evan: Sie a-oer ver- damm- ten ihn al-le, dass er des To-des 

- my; what think ye now? And they - con-demned Him,eve-ry one, that He was guil-ty 
schul-dig wä- -re. Da fin-gen an et-li-che ihn zu ver-spei-en, und ver-deck-ten sein 

to suf-fer death. And some of them be-gan - to spit up- on Him, and to cov- er 

An-ge-sicht, und mit Fäu-sten schlv-gen, und zu ihm sa-gen: The Multitude: Weis-sa-ge uns, 

- His face, and to buf-fet - Him, and to say to Him: Now pro-phe-sy! 
weis-sa-ge uns. Evan: Und die Knech- te schlu-gen ihn ins An- -ge-sich- -te. Und - 

pro-phe-sy! And the ser-vants struck Him with the palms of their hands. And as 

Pe-trus war dar-nie-den im Pal- last., da kam des Ho- hen prie sters Kfag-de ei-ne, 

Pe-ter was be-neath - in the pa- lace, there cora-eth one of the maids of the High - Priest' 
und da sie sa- he Pe- trum sich wär-men, schau- et sie ihn an und sprach: Maid: Und 
and when she saw Pe-ter warm-ing him-self, she looked up- on him and said: And 


St. Mark Passion, p. 6 

du wa-rest auch mit Je-sus von Na-za-reth. Evan: Er leug-net a- ber und sprach: Peter: 
thou al- so wast with Je-sus of Na-za-reth. But he de-nied it say- ing: 

Ich ken-ne ihn nicht, -weiss auch- nicht, was du sa-gest. Evan: Und ging hin-aus 

I know not this man, nei-ther un-der- stand what thou say-est. And he went out 

in den Vor-hof, und der Hahn kra-het, und die Magd sa- he ihn, und hub a-ber-mal an 
in-to the porch, and the cock crew - , and the maid saw him there, and - - be-gan to 

zu sa-gen zu de-nen, die da bei ihm stun-den: Maid: Die-ser ist ei-ner. Evan: Und 
- say - to - them that were stand- ing - by: This is one of them. And 

er leug-net a-ber-mal. Und nach ei-ner klei-nen Wei-le spra-chen a- ber-mal zu Pe- 
he de-nied it a-gain. And af-ter a lit- tie - while they that stood by said to Pe- 

-tro die da- bei stun-den: The Multitude: Wahr- lieh, wahr- lieh, du bist der ei-ner, 
-ter, they that stood by him: Sure- ly, sure- ly, thou art one of them, 

denn du bist ein Ga-li-lae-er, und dei- -ne Spra- che lau- tet gleich al-so, lau- tet 
for thou art a Ga-li-lee-an, and when thou speak-est.doth thy speech a-gree, doth thy 

gleich al-so, gleich al-so. Evan: Er a- ber fing an sich zu ver-flu-chen und 
speech a-gree, doth a-gree. But Pe-ter an-swered them with - cur-sing and 

schwo-ren: Peter: Ich ken-ne des Men-schen nicht, von dem ihr sa- get. Evan Und der Hahn 
swear- ing: I know not this man at all! him of whom ye speak! And the cock 

kra-het zum an-dern-mal. Da ge-dach-te Pe-trus an das Wort, das Je-sus zu ihm sag-te: 
crew for the sec-ond time. And - then did Pe-ter call to mind, what Je-sus had said to him: 

E- -he der Hahn zwei-mal kra-het, wirst du mich drei- -mal ver-leug-nen. Und er - 
Be- fore the cock crow-eth - twice, thou shalt have three times de-nied me. And when he 

hub an zu wei-nen. Chap. XV Und bald am Mor-gen hiel-ten die Ho- - hen- 
thought there-on.he wept. And straight-wajf in the morn- ing the High Priests 

-prie-ster ei-nen Rath,- mit den Al-tes- ten und Schrift- ge- - lehr- ten, dar- zu der 
called a con-sul-ta-tion,with the El-ders and the Scribes of the peo- pie, and with the 

gan- ze Rath, und bun- den Je-sum und fllh- re- ten ihn hin und ü- ber- ant- wor-te-ten 
coun-cil all, and fast bound Je-sus, and car-ried Him a- way and de-liv-ered Him ov-er 

ihn Pi-la- to. Und Pi-la-tus fra-get ihn: Pilate: Bist du ein Ko-nig der Ju- den? 
un- to Pi-late. And - Pi- late asked of Him: Art thou the King ov-er Ju-dah? 

Evan: Er ant-wor- tet a- ber und sprach zu ihm: Jesus: Du sa-gest. Evan: Und die Ho-hen- 
And an-swer-ing Je-sus said un- -to Him: Ihou say-est. And the High - 

-prie-ster be- schul-dig-ten ihn hart. Pi- la-tus a-ber frag-te ihn a- ber-mal, und 
Priests ac-cused Him of ma- ny things. And Pi-late - asked of Him once a-gain, say- 

sprach: Pilate: Ant-wor-test du nichts? Sie-he, wie hart sie - dich ver- kla- 
-ing: An-swer-est thou naught? Be-hold,how ma-ny things they witness a-gainst 

-gen. Evan: Je-sus a-ber ant-wor- tet nichts mehr, al- so dass sich auch Pi- la- tus ver- 
thee? But Je-sus - an-swered them no- thing, so that - Pi-late did mar- 

-wun- der- te. Er pfleg- te a-ber ih-nen auf das O-s ter- fest ei-nen Ge-fan-ge-nen 
-vel great-ly. Now at that feast - he was wont to re-lease un- to them - - - 

los zu ge-ben, wel-chen sie be-geh- re- ten. Es war a- ber ei-ner, ge-nannt Ba-ra- 
one pri-so-ner, whom-so- ev- er they de-sired. And there was one - - - named Ba-rab- 

-bas, ge- - -fan- - gen - mit - den - Auf-rüh- ri-schen, die - im Auf- 
-bas, which lay bound with them that had with them made In-sur-rect- ion, who had com-mit- 

-ruhr ei-nen Mord be-gan-gen hat- ten. Und das Volk- ging hin-auf und bat, dass er that 
-ted mur-der in the In- sur-rect-ion. And the mul-ti- tude be- gan to ask that he do 


St. Mark Passion, p. 7 

wie - er ^pfle-get. Pi- la-tus a-ber ant- wor- -tet in- nen: Pilate: Wollt ihr, dass 
as he had ev-er done. But Pi-late - - an-swered them say-ing: Will ye, that 

ich euch den Kö-nig der Ju-den los ge- - be? Evan: Denn er wuss- te, dass ihn die 
the King of the Jews be re- leased you? For he well knew, that - the 

Ho-hen-prie-ster aus Nied ü- ber-ant- wor-tet hat-ten. A- -ber die Ho-hen-prie-ster 
Chief- Priests - - had de-liv-ered Him for en- vy. But still the Chief- Priests - 

rei-ze-ten das Volk, dass er ih- nen viel lie- ber den Bar-ra-baw los-g'ä- be. Pi- la- 
moved - the peo-ple, that he should ra- ther re- lease - Ba-rab-bas un- to them. And Pi- 

-tus a-ber ant-wor-tet wie-der-um und sprach zu ih-nen: Pilate: Was wollt ihr denn, dass 
-late - - an-swered them a-gain and said un-to them: What will ye then, that 

ich thu-e dem, den ihr be-schul-di- get, er sei ein Kö-nig der Ju- den? Evan: Sie 
I do to him, him whom you ac- cuse here, and call the King - of the Jews? But 

schrie- en a-ber-mai: The Multitude: Kreu-zi-ge, kreu-zi-ge ihn! Evan: Pi- la-tus a-ber 
they cried out a-gain: Cru- ci-fy, cru- ci-fy him! And Pi- late - 

sprach zu ih-nen: Pilate: Was hat er denn U-bels ge-than? Evan: A- ber sie schrei-en 
said un-to them: Why, what of ev-il hath he done? But yet they cried out 

noch viel mehr: The Mob: Kreu-zi-ge, kreu-zi-ge ihn!Evan: Pi- la-tus a-ber ge-dach-te dem 
more and more: Cru- ci-fy, cru- ci-fy him! And Pi- late, - - will-ing to 

Vol- ke gnug zu thun, und gab ih-nen Bar-ra-bam los, und u-ber- ant-wor-tet ih-nen Je- 
con-tent the peo-ple, re-leased - Ba- rab-bas to them, and de-liv-ered ov-er Je-sus to 

-sum, dass er ge- - gei- sselt und ge-kreu-zi-get w'ur- - de. Die Kriegs-knech-te a-ber 
them, when he had scourged Him, that - He - be cru-ci-fied. The sol- -diers - led Him 

fun- re- ten ihn hin- -ein in das Richt-haus, und rie- fen zu-zam-men die gan-ze Schaar, 
a-way to the Hall called Prae -to- -ri- -um, and they call to-geth-er the whole- band, 

und ZQ- gen ihm ein Pur-pur an, und floch-ten ei-ne Dor- nen-kro- ne und setz-ten 
and clothed Him in a pur-ple robe, and plat- ted Him a Crown of -Thorns, and put it a- 

sie ihm auf, und fin-gen an, ihn zu gru-ssen: The Mob: Ge- gru-sset seist du, der Ju- 
-bout His head, and be- gan to sa- lute Him thus: All hail un- -to thee, the King 

-den Ko-nig! Evan: Und schlu-gen ihm das Haupt mit dem Rohr, und ver-spei-e-ten ihm, und 
of Ju-dah! And smote Him on the head with a reed, and did spit up-on Him, and 

fie-len auf die Knie und be-te-ten ihn an. Und da sie ihn ver- spot-tet hat-ten, 
bow-ing - their knees they wor- - -shipped Him. And when they - had mocked - - Him, 

zo- gen sie ihm den Pur-pur aus, und zo-gen ihm sei-ne ei-ge-ne Klei- -der an und 
they took from Him the pur-ple robe, and put on Him His - own - -clothes a-gain, and 

fuh-re-ten ihn aus, dass sie ihn kreu-zig-ten. Und - zwun-gen ei- - -nen, der 
led - - Him out, that they might cru-ci-fy Him, and com- pelled a cer-tain one, that 

für- -ü- ber ging, mit Na- men Si-mon von Cy-re-ne, der - vom - - Fel-de kam, der 
was pass-ing by, whose name was Si-mon of Cy-re-ne, com-ing out of the coun - try, who 

ein Va-ter war A-lex-an-dri und Ru-fi, dass er - ihm das Kreu- ze tru- ge. Und 
was fa-ther to A-lex-an-der and Ru-fus, that he should take the cross and bear it. And 

sie brach- ten ihn an die Stat- -te Gol-go-tha, das ist ver-dol-met-schet: -Scha- 
they bring Him un- to the place called Gol-go-tha, which is in- ter-pre- ted: The Place 

-del- statt, und sie ga- ben ihm Myrr- hen im Wein zu trin- -ken, und er nahms nicht 
of a Skull, and they gave Him to drink wine - min-gled with myrrh, but He re-ceived 

zu sich. Und da sie ihn ge-kreu-zi-get hat-ten, thei-le-ten sie sei-ne Klei-der, und 
it not. And when they - had cru-ci-fied - Him, they par- - ted - His gar-ments, 


St. Mark Passion 

wor-fen das Loos dar- um, wel-chen was if- -ber- ka- me. Und es war um die drit-te Stun- 
casting lots up- on them, what eve- ry man should re-ceive.And it was - - - the third 

-de, da sie ihn kreu-zig-ten. Und es war o -ben ü- ber ihm ge-schrie-ben, was man 
hour, and they cru- ci-fied Him. And the su-perscription of His ac-cu- - sa- tion waswrit- 

ihm Schuld gab, nam- lieh: ein Ko-nig der Ju-den. Und sie kreu-zig-ten mit ihm zwee-ne 
-ten ov- -er, that is: The King of the Jews- . And with Him they cru-ci- fy two - 

Mör-der, ei-nen zu sei-ner Rech- ten, und ei- - -ner zur Lin- ken, Da ward die Schrift 
-thieves, the one on - His right hand, the oth-er on His left hand. And so theScripture 

er- fül- let, die da sa- get: Er ist un-ter die Ü- -bei- tha- ter ge- -rech- net. 
was ful-filled, which was writ-ten: He was - - - num-bered with the trans-gress- ors. 

Und die ftfr-u-ber gin- gen, la- ster-ten ihn und schilt- tel- ten ih-re Haup-ter und spra- 
And they - -that passed by, railed up- on Him, - wag-ging - their- - heads, and say- 

-chen: The Jews: Pfui dich, wie fein zu-brichst du den Tem-pel und bau- est ihn in drei- 
-ing: Ha, ha! thou who de- stroy-est the Tem-ple,and build-est it a- gain 

-en Ta- -gen, hilf dir nun sei- ber und steig her- ab, her- ab vom Kreuz, steig her-ab 
in three days, save thy-self now, and come thou down from off the cross, down from off 

vom Kreuz. Evan: Des-sel- ben glei-chen die Ho-hen-prie-ster ver-spot-te-ten inn un- - ter 
the cross f And like-wise al- -so the Chief- Priests - - mock-ing - - talked a- 

ein- -an- der, sammt den Schrift- ge- lehr- -ten, und spra-chen: Priests etc: Er hat an- 
-mong them-selves^-with the scribes of the peo-ple,say-ing thus: Thou hast saved 

-dern ge-hol-fen, ge- -hoi- fen, und kann ihm sei- ber nicht hei- fen* Ist er Chri-stus 
ma- ny oth-ers, hast saved them, but for thy-self can do no- thing. If thou tru- ly 

und Ko- -nig in I-sra-el, so stei- -ge er nun vom Kreu-ze, dass wir se- hen und glau- 
be Christ King of Is-ra-el, de-scend from the cross & shew us, that we see and be-lieve 

-ben, (se-hen)fiv:Und.die mit ihm ge-kreu-zi-get wa- ren, schma-he- ten ihn auch. Und 
thee, see it, And they that were - cru- ci-fied with Him, re-viled Him with them. And 

nach der sech- sten Stun-de, ward ei- -ne Fin-ster-niss Ü-ber das gan-ze Land bis urn die 
when the sixth hour was come, a dark-ness was - - ov-er - all the land un- - 

neun-te Stun- -de. Und um die neun-te Stun-de rief Je- sus -laut und sprach: Jesus: E-li, 
-til the ninth hour. And at the ninth- ho- -ur Je-sus cried a-loud and said: E-li, 

E-li. la-ma a-sab-tha-ni. Evan: Das - ist - ver-dol-met-schet : Mein Gott, mein Gott, 
E-li, la-ma a-sab-tha-ni. Which is,be-ing in- ter-pre- ted: My God, my God, 

wa- rum hast du mich ver-las-sen? Und et- li-che, die da- bei stun-den, da sie das 
where-fore - am I for-sa- ken? And some of them who were stand- ing by, when they had 

ho-re-ten, spra-chen sie: Sie- he, sie- he, er ru- fet den E-li-as, . Da lief ei- ner 
heard it, spake and said: Hark and hear him!He call-eth for E-li-as! And one ran and 

und fül- let ein Schwamm mit Es- - sig, und ste-cket ihn auf ein Rohr und tran-ket - ihn 
filled a sponge - full of vi-ne-gar, and put it up- on a reed, and gave Him to drink 

und sprach: Soldier: Halt,lasst se-hen, ob E-li-as kom- -me und ihn her- ab neh- — me. 
and said: Wait, let us see if E-li-as will come,& take him down from the cross . 

Evan: A- ber Je- sus schrei laut und ver- - schied. Und der Fur-hang im Tem-pel zu-reiss 
But Je-sus cried with a loud voice, and was gone. And the Veil of the Tera-ple was ren- 
in zwei Stuck, von o-ben an bis un- ten aus. Der Haupt -mann a-ber, der da- -bei stund 
-ded in twain, from the - top to the bot-tom. And when the Captain, who stood & watched 

ge-gen ihm u- ber und sa- -he, dass er mit * sol-chem Ge-schrei ver-schied, sprach er: 
ov-er a- gainst Him saw and heard that He so cried out and gave up the ghost, saith he: 

Centurion: Wahr- lieh, die-ser Mensch ist Got-tes Sohn ge-we-sen.Evan: Und es wa-ren auch 
Tru- -ly this - man was the - Son of - God. And al-so were there 


St. Mark Pass ion 

Wei-ber da, die von fer-ne sol-ches schau-e-ten, un-ter wel-chen war Ma-ri-a Mag-da- 
wo-men there,- - look-ing on a- -far - off, a-mong whom - was - Ma-ry Mag-da- 

-le-na, und Ma-ri-a, des - klei-nen Ja-kobs und Jo- ses Mut-ter, und Sa-lo-me, die ihm 

- lene.and Ma- -ry, the mo-ther of Jo-ses and of James the Less, and Sa-lo-me, who al- 

auch nach ge- -fol- -get, da er in Ga-li-lae-a war, und ge- die-net hat- -ten, und 
-so had fol-lowed Him when He - was in Ga-li- lee, and min-ist-ered un-to Him, and 

viel an-de- re, die mit ihm hin-auf gen Je-ru- sa-lem ge-gan-gen wa-ren. Und am A-bend, 
ma- ny oth-ers, which came - up - - - with Him un-to Je- ru- sa-lem. And at ev-en, 

- die- -weil es der Rüst-tag war, wel- eher - ist - der Vor-sab-bath, kam Jo-seph 
be-cause it was the Pre- pa- ra-tion,that is the day before the Sab-bath, came Jo-seph 

von A-ri-ma-thi-a, ein ehr- - ba-rer Raths-herr - , wel-cher auch auf das Reich Got- 
of A-ri-ma-th£-a, an hon-our- ab-le coun-sel-lor, which al- -so wait-ed for the 

-tes war-te-te, der wagts - und ging hin-ein zu Pi-la- to, und bat urn den Leich-nam 
King-dom of God, and bold-ly he went - in un-to Pi-late, and craved the bo- -dy of 

Je-su. Pi-la-tus a- - ber ver-wun-der-te sich, das - - er schon todt war. Und 
Je-sus. ßut Pi-late mar-veiled - won-der- - ing, if He were al- rea- -dy dead. And 

rief den Haupt-mann und frag- te ihn, ob - er »langst ge-stor-ben wa- -re. Und 
called the Cap- tain and asked of him,whe-ther He had been a- -ny - while dead. And 

als ers er-kun-det von dem Haupt-mann, gab --er Jo-seph den Leich-nam. Und er kauf-te 
when he he knew it of the Cap- tain, he gave the bo- dy to Jo- seph. And he bought - 

ein Lein-wand und nahm ihn ab und wi- -chel-te ihn in die Lein-wand und leg- te 
fine li- nen, and took Him down, and wrapped Him in the - li- nen cloth, and laid Him 

ihn^ in ein Grab, das war in ei- nen Fels ge-hau-en und wäl- -ze- te ei nen 

in a se-pul-chre, which had been hewn - - from a rock, and rolled a stone un-to the 

Stein für des Gra-bes Thür. A-ber Ma-ri-a Ma.g-da-le-na und Ma-ri-a -- Jo-ses schau- 
door of the se- pul-chre. And - Ma-- ry Mag-da- -lene and Ma-ry Jo-ses' mother be- 

-e- ten zu, wo er hin ge-le- get war. 
held the place - -where He had been laid. 

Beschluss . 


Dank sei un-serm Herrn Je- su Chri-sto, 
Thanks to God the Lord, Christ our Sav-iour, 

der uns er- lö- set hat durch sein Lei-den 
who has re-deemed us all, thru His Pas-sion, 

von der Höl-len, . 
from dam-na-tion, 


Heinrich Schutz 
St. Luke Passion 
Luke, Chaps. 23-4 


Das Lei-den un-sers Her-ren Je- su Chri-sti, wie uns das be-schrei-bet der 
The Pas-sion of our Lord and Sav-iour Je- sus, as it has been writ- ten for 

hei-li-ge E-van-ge-li-ste, E- van-ge-li-ste Lu- cas, . XXII, Evan: Es war 
us by the Ho-ly A-pos-tle, by the E-van-ge- list Luke. . 1-9,' And now 

a- ber na- he, das Fest der sü- ssen Brot, das da 0- -stern hei-sset, 
the Feast drew nigh, that of un-leav-ened bread, which is called "Pass- ov- -er", 

und die Ho- -hen-prie-ster und Schrift- ge- -lehr-ten trach-te-ten, wie sie ihn 
and the scribes and el- ders and Chief Priests al- so sought a way that He be 

tö- te- ten, und furch- ten sich für dem Volk. Es war a- ber der Sa-ta- nas 
put to death, but feared for the peo-ple still. And as they pon-dered Sa-tan came 

ge-fah- ren in den Ju-das, ge- nannt O-scha-ri-oth, der da war aus der Zahl 
and en-tered in-to Ju-das, sur-named Is-ca- ri-ot, who was one of the twelve 

der Zwöl-fen, und er ging hin und re- det mit den Ho- hen-prie -stern, und mit den 
dis- ci-ples. He went his way, and had com-mun-ion with the cap- tains, and al- so 

Haupt-leu- ten, wie er ihn woll-te ih- nen ii- ber-ant-wor- ten, und sie 
the Chief Priests how it might come to pass that he might be- tray Him, and they 

wur-den froh und ge- lob- ten ihm Geld zu ge-ben, und er ver-sprach sich, und 
all were glad, and they pro-mised to give him mon-ey, and he gave his word, and 

such- te Ge- le-gen-heit, dass er ihn li-ber- ant- wor-tet oh- -ne Ru- mor. 
sought op-por-tu-ni- -ty that He might be be-trayed to them when none should know. 

Es kam nun der Tag der sü-ssen Brot, auf wel- chen man muss-te op- fern das 
And now was the Päss-ov-er at hand, on which there must be of-fered up the 

0- ster-lamm, und er sand-te Pe-trum und Jo- han-nem und sprach: Ge-het 
Eas-ter Lamb, and He sent on Pe-ter and with him John, and said: Jesus, qq ve 

hin, be- rei- tet uns das 0- ster-lamm, auf dass wir*s es-sen. Sie a- ber 
hence, pre-pare for us the ftiss- ov- -er, that we may eat it. van * But yet they 

spra-chen zu ihm: Wo willt du, dass wir es be- rei- ten? Er 

said un- to Him: Tne Disciples: mele wilt Thou, that we shall pre-pare it? Evan: He 

sprach zu ih-nen: Sie- he, wenn ihr hin-ein kom-met in die Stadt, wird euch ein 
said un-to them. esuS - Look ye, when ye are come by the ci-ty gate, a cer-tain 

Mensch be- geg- nen, der tragt ei-nen Was-ser-krug, fol-get ihm nach in das Haus, da 
man shall meet you, who car-ries a wa- ter jug; fol-low ye him to that house in 

er hin- ein- ge-het, und sa-get zu dem Haus-her- -ren: Der Mei-ster lasst dir sa-gen: 
which he shall en-ter, and say ye to the good-man there: The Mas-ter bids us ask you: 

Wo ist die Her- ber- ge, dar-in-nen ich das O- ster-lamm es- sen mö'- ge mit mei- 

Where is the guest-cham-ber, where I may eat the Rass-ov- -er, yea, may eat it with my 

-ne Jüh-gern? Und er wird euch ei-nen gro-ssen ge- pfla-ster-ten Saal zei- gen, 

dis-ci- pies? And he will shew you a large up-per room for a guest-cham-ber; 

da-selbst be-rei-tet es. Sie gin- gen hin und fun-dens, wie er ih-nen ge- sa- 
there make ye rea-dy all. Evan * And there they went and found it,, ev- en so as He said 

-get hat- te, und be- rei-te- ten das 0- ster-lamm, und da die Stun-de kam, 
it would be; they made rea-dy there the Pass-ov- -er and when the hour was come, 
satz-te er sich nie-der, und die zwölf A-po- stel mit ihm, und er sprach zu ih-nen: 
Je-sus sat down to meat, and the twelve A-pos-tles with Him, and He said un-to them: 



St. Luke Passion 

XXII Mich hat herz-lich ver-lan-get, die-ses 0- -ster-lamm mit euch zu es-sen, 
Jesus: 15 j have long been de _ sir . ing t0 be here with you at this pass-ov-er,. 

e- -he denn ich lei-de. Denn ich sa-ge euch, dass ich hin- fli- re nicht mehr da- von es- 
be-fore I must suf-fer. For I say to you it will not hap- pen a- -gain that I will 

-sen wer- de, bis dass er-fül-let wer- de im Reich Got- tes. 17: Und er 

eat there-of , un- til it be ac- com-plished in God's King-dom. Evan * And He 

nahm den Kelch, dan- ket und sprach: Neh-met den sei- bi- gen und tei-let 

took the cup, gave thanks, and said: Jesus: Take ye this cup from me; di-vide it 

ihn un- ter euch, denn ich sa-ge euch: Ich wer- de nicht trin-ken von dem Ge-wä'ch- 
a- mong your -selves, for I say to you that I will not drink a-gain of the fruit 

-se des Wein-stocks, bis das Reich Got-tes kom- me. 19 Und er nahm das Brot, dan- 
of the vin- -yard, 'til the King- dorn of God come. Evan - And He took the bread, gave 

--ket und brachs und gab es ih-nen und sprach: Das ist mein Leib, der fur 

thanks and brake and gave un-to them and said: J esus: My bo _ _ dy tnis> wnicn is 

euch ge-ge- ben wird, das tut zu mei-nem Ge-dacht --nis. 20 Des- sel-ben glei-chen 
giv- en for your sake; do this for me in re -mem- brance. Evan - Like -wise He al- -so 
auch den Kelch nach dem A- bend-mahl und sprach: Das ist der Kelch, das neu-e 

took the cup, at the sup-per's end and said: Jesus - This is the cup. of my new 

Te-sta-ment in mei- hem Blut, das für euch ver-gos- sen wird. Doch sie-he, die Hand 
tes-ta-ment in mine own blood, which for you I soon will shed. Be-hold now, the hand 

mei- nes Ver- rä-ters ist mit mir ü- ber Ti-sche, und zwar des Men-schen Sohn ge-het 
that will be- tray me is with me on the ta-ble, and lo, the Son of Man go-eth 

hin, wie es be-schlo-ssen ist, doch we- he dem-sel-bi-gen Men-schen, von wel-chem 
hence, as it was pro- phe-sied, but woe, woe I say, un-to that man, by whom his 

er ver- ra-ten wird. 23 Und sie fin-gen an zu fra- gen un- ter sich selbst, 
Mas-ter is be-trayed. Evan - Then they all be-gan in-quir-ing,ask-ing them- selves, 

wel-cher es doch wa- re un-ter ih- nen, wer das tun wur- de. Es er-hub sich auch 
which of them it was that He in- ten-ded, who should do this thing. And a-mong them was 

ein Zank un-ter ih- nen, wel-cher un- ter ih- nen soll-te für den gross-ten ge- 
a strife as to which one, which a- mong the twelve dis- ci-ples as the great-est should 

-hal-ten wer -den, er a- ber sprach zu ih-nen: 25 Die welt- li-chen Ko- ni- ge 
be ac- count -ed; but Je-sus said un-to them: Jesus - The lords of the Gen-tiles are 

herr-schen, und die Ge-wal-ti-gen hei- sset man gna- di-ge Her- ren, ihr a- ber 
ru- lers, they in au-tho-ri-ty with them are called Be-ne- fac- tors; but ye shall 

nicht al-so, son-dern der gross- te un-ter euch, soll sein wie der jung- ste, und der 
not be so; he who is great-est a-mong you, shall be as the young-est, and he 

fur-nehm-ste wie ein Die-ner. Denn we-cher ist der gro-sse-ste, der zu Ti- sehe 
that is chief, as a ser-vant. For whe-ther is the great-er one, he that sit-teth 

sit-zet, o- der der da die-net? Ist es nicht al- so, dass der zu Ti-sche sitzet? 
at meat, or the one that ser-veth? Is it not that one, who sit-teth at the ta-ble? 

Ich a-ber bin un-ter euch wie ein Die-ner, ihr a- ber seid es, die ihr be- har-ret 
But I am here a-mong you as a ser-vant; for ye here are they who have con-tin-ued 

ha- bet bei mir, in mei-nen An- fech- tun-gen, und ich will euch das Reich be-schei- 
faith-ful to me when Sa- tan has temp-ted me; to you will I ap- point a King- 

-den, wie mir mein Va-ter be-schei-den hat, dass ihr es-sen und trin-ken sol-let, ii- 
-dom, as God my Fa-ther ap-point-ed me, that ye sit at the ta- ble with me, where 

-ber mei-nem Tisch, in mei-nem Reich, und sit-zen auf Stüh- len und rich-ten die 
my king-dom is , to eat and drink, and sit on your thrones there in judg-ment to 


St. Luke Passion 

zwölf Ge-schlech-ter Is-ra-el. XXII, 31 Der Herr a- ber sprach: Si-mon. Si-mon, 

judge the tribes of Is-ra-el. van - The Lord spake a- -gain: Jesus': si-mon, Si-mon, 

sie- -he, der Sa-ta- nas hat eu- -er be- geh- ret, dass er euch moch-te sich- ten, 
look thou, for Sa-tan has de -sired that he have thee, that he may ev- en sift thee, 

wie den Wei-zen. Ich ha-be a- ber für dich ge-be-ten, dass dein Glau- be nicht 
like un-to wheat. But I have prayed for thee to my Fa-ther, that thy faith shall not 

auf- ho- re, und wenn du der- mal- eins dich be-keh-rest, so star- ke dei- ne Brü-der. 
now fail thee; and when at last thou shalt be con-ver-ted, then strengthen thou thy brethren« 

33 Er sprach a- ber zu ihm. Herr ich bin be-reit, mit dir in- das Ge- 

Evan. And ne said un _ t0 H im: Peter. Lo r( j >r ea-dy am I with Thee both in- to 

-fäng-nis und in den Tod zu ge-hen. 34 Er a- ber sprach: Be-tre,ich sa-ge 

pri- son and un-to death — to go. Evan - And Je-sus said: Jesus - Pe-ter, I say to 

dir, der Hahn wird heu- te nicht kr'ä- hen, e- he denn du - drei- mal ver-leug-net 
thee, this day be-fore the cock crow-eth,ere he crow-eth thou shalt de- -ny three 

hast, dass du mich ken-nest. 35 Und er sprach zu ih-nen: So oft ich euch 

times that thou dost know me. Evan * And He said un-to them: Jesus: When I bade you 

ge-sandt ha- be oh- ne Beu-tel, oh- ne Ta-schen und oh- ne Schuh, ha-bet ihr 
go forth from me with-out mon-ey, with-out pur-ses, and with-out shoes, on the jour- 

auch je-mals Man-gel ge- habt? Sie spra-chen: Nie kei- nen, 

-ney did ye a- ny thing lack? Evan - And they said: The Dis ciples: Nay no- thing, . 

36 Da sprach er zu ih-nen: A- ber nun wer ei- nen Beu-tel hat, der neh- 

Evan. Tnen said jjg un . t0 tnein: Jesus: Ye t but now if one shall have a purse, that he 

-me inn, des-sel- bi- gen glei-chen auch die Ta-sche, wer a- ber nicht hat, ver-kau- 
shall take, and like-wise his scrip if a- -ny have it; if one have no sword, let him 

-fe sein Kleid, und kau-fe ein Schwert, denn ich sa-ge euch, es muss das noch 
sell his cloak, and buy him a sword, for I say to you, that tru-ly all 

voll-en-det wer- den in mir, das ge-schrie-ben steht: Er ist un-ter die Ü- bel- 
must be ac- com-plished in me, as the Scrip--ture said: "And like-wise he was reck-oned 

-tä- ter ge- rech- net. Denn was von mir ge-schrie-ben ist, das hat ein Bi-de. 
with the trans-gress- ors." For all the things con-cern- ing me, must have an en-ding. 

38 Sie spra-chen a- ber: Herr, Herr, sie- he, hier sind zwei Schwert. 

Evan. -j^gy said un _ t0 Hiin: The Disciples: j^ ^ be _ nold noWf nere are two SWO rds. 

Er a- ber sprach zu ih-nen: Es ist ge- nug. 39 Und er ging hin-aus 

Evan - And He said then un-to them: JesuS: It is e-nough. Evan - And as was His wont 

nach sei-ner Ge- wohn-heit an der Ö'l-berg, es fol- ge- ten ihm a- ber sei-ne 
He came out and sought the Mt. of Ol-ives; there fol-lowed Him there His dis-ci-ples 

Jiin-ger nach, an den- sei- bi-gen Ort, und als er da- hin kam, sprach er zu ih-nen: 
af- ter Him, til they came to the place; and when He had come there He said un-to them: 

40 Be-tet, auf dass ihr nicht in An-fech-tung fal-let. 41 Und er reiss sich 

Jesus. pj. a y ye> that ye ffla y en- t e r not jjj J- e m p . t a . t j on Evan. And He went f rom 

von in- nen bei ei-nem Stein-wurf, und knie- et nie- der, be- -tet und sprach: 
a-mong them a-bout a stone's throw, and kneel- ing down there He prayed and said: 

42 Va-ter, willt du, so nimm die- sen Kelch von mir, doch nicht mein, son-dern 
Jesus. Fa-ther, Fa- ther, re-move Thou this cup from me, yet if not, let it 

dein Wil- le ge-sche- he. 43 Es er-schien ihm a- -ber ein En-gel vom Him-mel, 
be Thy will, not my will. Evan - And to Him ap- peared there an An-gel fromHea-ven, 



St. Luke Passion 

und star-, ket ihn. Und es kam, dass er mit dem To-de rang, und be- te- te 
and strength-ened Him. And a-gain, be-ing in an a- go- ny, He prayed yet more 

he?- ti-ger, es war a-ber sein Schweiss wie Bluts- trop-fen, die fie- len auf die 
ear-nest-ly; it was as if His sweat were drops of blood, that fell down up-on 

Er- den. Und er stund auf von dem Ge- be- te und kam zu sei-nen Jün-gern und 
the ground. And when He rose a-gain from pray-ing,and cametoHis dis-ci- pies, He 

fand sie schla-fend fur Trau-rig-keit und sprach zu-ih-nen: 46 Was schla-fet ihr? 

found them sleep-ing from hea- vi- ness, and said un-to them: esus Why sleep ye here? 

Ste-het auf und be- tet, auf dass ihr nicht in An-fech-tung fal-let. 47 Da er 
Rise ye up and pray ye, lest ye shall en-ter irv-to temp-ta-tion. Evan - And while 

a-ber noch re- de- te, sie- he, die Sch'aar, ** und ei- ner von den Zwol-fen, ge-nannt 
yet He was speak- ing thus, be- hold, a mul- ti-tude,& one of the dis- ci-ples, he called 

Ju-das, ging vor ih- nen her, und na- het sich zu Je-su, ihn zu küs- sen. Je-sus 
Ju-das, went be-fore them all, and drew near un- to Je-sus, as to kiss Him. Je-sus 

a- ber sprach zu ihm: 48 Ju-da, ver-ra-test du des Men-schen Sohn mit ei-nem 
spake and said to him: Jesus Ju-das, be-tray-est thou the Son of Man thus with a 

Kuss? 49 Da a- ber sa- hen die um ihn wa- ren, was da wer- den woll-te, spra- 
kiss? Evan - And when the oth-ers which were a-bout Him saw what then would fol-low,said 

-chen sie zu ihm: Herr, Herr, sol-len wir mit dem Schwert, drein-schla-gen? 

they un- to him: ' Ihe Dlsci P les - Lord, Lord, shall we take up the sword, and smite them? 

50 Und ei- ner aus ih- nen schlug des Ho- hen- prie-sters Knecht und hieb ihm 
Evan. ^ one wno j^fl a S])l0I ^ t smote the high priesfs ser-ving- -man, and cut the 

sein recht Ohr ab. Je.-sus a- ber ant- wor- te-te und sprach: 51 Las-set sie doch so 
man's right ear off. Je-sus an-swer-ing spake to him and said: Jesus Suf-fer ye thus far 

fer- ne ma- chen. • Und er run- -ret sein Ohr an und hei-let ihn. Je- sus a- ber 

what they pur-pose. ^an. And ^ touched him on his ear, and heal-ed him. Then did Je-sus 

sprach zu den Ho- hen- prie-stern und Haupt- leu- ten des Tem-pels und den Al- te- sten, 
speak to the priests and el- ders and cap- tains of the tem-ple and to their ser-vants, 

die ii- ber ihn kom-men wa- ren: 52 Ihr seid als zu ei-nem Mor-der mit Schwer-tern 
and all who were come to take Him: Jesus And think ye me as a rob-ber, with swords and 

und mit Stan- gen aus -ge- gan- gen. Ich bin tag-lich bei euch im Tern-pel ge- we- sen, und 
staves that ye come out a-gainst me? I was dai- ly teach-ing with you in the tem-ple, yet 

ihr ha- bet kei- ne Hand an mich ge- le- get, a-ber dies is eu- re Stun- de und 
did none of you stretch forth a hand a- gainst me; but I know that this is your hour and 

die Macht der Fin-ster-nis. 54 Sie grif-fen ihn a- ber und fuh-re-ten ihn und 
the pow'r of dark- -ness. Eva,n ' Forth-with they then took Him and led Him a- way, and 

brach- ten ihn in des Ho-hen-prie-sters Haus. Pe-trus a- ber fol- ge- te von fer-ne. 
brought Him in- to the pa -lace of the priest. Pe-ter watch- ing fol-lowed from a- far off. 

Da zun- de- ten sie ein Feu- er an mit-ten im Pa- last und satz-ten sich zu-sam-men, 
And when they had made a fire of coals in the pa- lace hall, and were set down to-geth-er, 

Pe-trus a- ber satz-te sich un- ter sie. Da sa-he ihn ei-ne Magd sit-zen bei dem 
Pe-ter came and sat him down a- mong them. There he was seen by a maid, sit-ting by the 

Licht und sa- he e- ben auf ihn und sprach zu ihm: Die- ser war auch 

light, who ear-nest-ly looked at him, and said to them: Maid: This man too was 

mit ihm. 57 Er a- ber ver- leug- ne- te ihn und sprach: Weib, ich ken- 

with Him. Evan - But Pe- ter de- -nied Him to all and said: P eter: Maid, I know 


St. Luke Kiss ion 

-ne sein nicht. 58 Und ü-ber ei- ne klei- ne Wei-le sa- he ihn ein an- de- rer 

not this man. Evan. And in a üt-tle while there-af-ter, yet an-oth-er saw Him there, 

Servant : 
und sprach: Du bist auch der ei-ner. Pe-trus a- ber sprach: Mensch, ich 

and said: Thou art al- so of them. Evan - Yet did pg-ter say: Peter: j^^ j 

bins nicht. 59 Und ü-ber ei- ne Wei-le bei ei- ner Stun-den, be-kraf-ti-get es 
am not. w&n. And in a . D0Ut an no _ ur af-ter this ser-vant, an-oth- er af- firmed 

ein an- de- rer und sprach: Wahr-lich, die- ser war auch mit ihm, denn er 

with con-fid-ence, say- ing: 2nd Servant ttu- -ly, this one too was with Him, for he 

ist ein Ga-li-la-er. 60 Pet-rus a- ber sprach: Mensch, ich weiss nicht 

is a Ga-li-le-an. Evan - But Fe- ter yet said: Peter: Man ^ j know not 

was du sa-gest. Und als-bald, da er noch re- de- te, kra- het der Hahn, 

what thou say-est. Evan - And ev- -en as he was speak- ing thus, lo the cock crew! 

Und der Herr wand- te sich und sa- he Pe-trum an. Und Fe-trus ge-dach- te an des 
And the Lord turned a- bout and looked at Pe-ter there. And Pe-ter re-mem- bered the word 

Her-ren Wort, als er zu ihm ge-sa-get hat-te: E- he denn der Hahn kra- het, wirst 
of the Lord, how He had said to him at sup-per: Ere to-day the cock crow-eth, thou 

du mich drei- mal ver-leug-nen. Und Pe-trus ging hin-aus und wei-net bit-ter-lich. 
shalt have three times de- nied me. And Pe-ter went a- way, and he wept bit-ter-ly. 

Die Man- ner a- ber, die da Je-sum hiel-ten, ver- spot-te- ten ihn und schlu-gen ihn, 
And then the men who thus had ta-ken Je- sus, were mock- ing at Him, and struck at Him, 

ver- deck-ten ihn und schlu-gen ihn ins An- ge- sich- te und frag-ten ihn und 
blind-fold-ed Him, and on His face they smote and struck Him, and spake to Him and 

spra-chen: Weis-sa- ge, wer ist, der dich schlug? 65 Und viel 

asked Him: The Jews: Thou pro-phet, who smote thee this blow? Evan. ^ _ n y 

an- de- re La- ster- un- gen sag- ten sie wi- der ihn. Und als es Tag ward, 
oth-er things blas -phe- mous-ly spake they a- gainst Him then. And when it was day, 

sam- mel-ten sich die AI- te-sten des Volks, die Ho- hen- prie-ster und Schrift - 
there were as-sem-bled all the peo-ples' scribes, the High Priests al- -so, and El- 

- ge- lehr- ten, und füh-re-ten ihn hin- auf für ih- ren Rat und spra-chen: 
-ders with them, and led Him a- way to where their Coun-cil was, and asked Him: 

67 Bist du Chri- stus, sa- ge es, sa- ge es uns, sa- ge, 

High Priests and Scribes: Art Tnou christ>now tell us, , now tell it to us, tell us, 

sa- ge es uns, sa- ge es, sa- ge es uns, sa- ge, sa- ge es uns. 67 Er sprach 
tell it to us, tell us, now tell it to us, tell us, tell it to us. Evan. And un _ 

a- ber zu ih-nen: Sa-ge ichs euch, so glau-bet ihr es nicht, fra-ge ich euch 

-to them all He said: Jesus: if i tell you, ye will not be-lieve me. al- so if I 

a- ber, so ant- wor-tet ihr nicht und las-set mich doch nicht los. Da- rum von nun 
ask you you will give no an- swer, and nei-ther will let me go. Here-af- ter know 

an wird des Men-schen Sohn sit- zen zur rech- ten Hand der Kraft Got-tes. Da 

ye that the Son of Man shall sit on GodS right hand of His pow-er. Evan - And 

spra-chen sie al- le: Bist du denn Got-tes Sohn, bist du denn Got-tes, Got-tes Sohn, 
then did they all say: Art Thou the Son of God, art Thou the ve- ry Son of God, 

bist du denn Got- tes, bist du denn Got-tes Sohn, Got- tes Sohn? Er sprach 

art Thou then GodS Son, art Thou the Son of God, God's own Son? Evan - And He 

zu ih-nen: Ihr sa-get es, denn ich bin es. Sie a- ber spra-chen: 

said to them: Jesus: Ye say to me, that I am He. Evan * And then they all said: 


St. Luke Riss ion, 

Was dür-fen wir wei- ter Zeug-nis? Wir ha- ben es selbst 
High Priests and Scribes: what need we a fur-ther wit-ness? We have our-selves heard 

ge- ho- ret, aus sei-nen Mun- de. Ch.XXIII,v.l: Und der gan- ze Hau-fe stund auf 
him say it, out of his own mouth. Evan. And tnen tne wno i e mul-ti-tude rose 

und füh-re-ten ihn für Pi-la-tura und fin- gen an, ihn zu ver-kla-gen und spra-chen: 
and led Je-sus a- way to Pi-late, and fierce-ly be- gan to ac-cuse him, say-ing thus: 

Die-sen fin- den wir, dass er das Volk ab-wen- det und 
High Priests and Scribes: We ^^ found this mn per-vert-ing all the na-tion, and 

ver-beut den Schoss zu ge- ben dem Kai-ser, und ver-beut den Schoss, den Schoss zu <ge- ben 
for-bid-ding a- -ny tri-bute to Cae-sar, and for-bid-ding them to give a tri-bute 

dem Kai-ser und spricht er sei Chri-stus der KÖ-nig, Chri-stus der Kö'-nig, der Kö-nig. 
to Cae-sar, and says he is king and he on-ly, king and he on-ly, he on-ly. 

3 Pi- la- tus a- ber fra-gte ihn und sprach: Bist du der Ju-den Ko-nig? 

i^van. And po n _tius Pi-late asked of him and said: Pilate: Art thou the king of Ju-dah? 

Er ant- wor- te-te und sprach: Du sa- gest es. Pi- la-tus sprach: 


He an-swered to him and said: Jesus: Thou say-est it. Evan - Then Pi-late spake 

zu den Ho- hen-prie-stern und zu dem Volk: 4 Ich fin-de kei- ne Ur- sa-che 

to the Priests and peo- -pie, who were with- out: Pilate j find no f au ^ at a jj ± n h^ 

an die-sem Men-schen. 5 Sie a- ber hiel-ten an und spra-chen: 
no fault in this man. ^ van But they were yet more fierce and shout-ed: 

Er hat das Volk, das Volk er- re- get, da-mit dass er ge- 
High Priests and Scribes: ^ s tir-reth,stir- reth up )the peo-ple), in-cit- eth by his 

-leh- ret hin und her, im gan- zen jü- di-schen Lan-de, und hat in Ga- It-la- a 
teach-ing eve-ry- where, in-deed thru- out all of Jew-ry, be- gin-ning first in Ga-li- 

an- ge- fan-gen bis hie- her. 6 Da a- ber Pi- la- tus Ga- -li- -la- -am hö- 

-lee and ev- en to this place. ^ van And when from the peo-ple Pi- late heard of Ga- 

,»» . * 

-re-te, frag-te er, ob er aus Ga-li-la-a wa- re, und als er ver-nahm, dass er 
-li-lee, he en-quired if the man were a Ga-li-lae-an, and when he was told He oe- 

un- ter ife-ro-dis 0- brig-keit ge-hb- re-te, ii- ber-sand-te er ihn zu He-ro-des, 
-longed un-to He-rods pow- er and au-tho-ri-ty, forth-with Pi- late sent Him un-to He-rod, 

wel-cher in den-sel-bi-gen la- gen auch zu Je-ru-sa-lem war. Da a- ber He-ro- des 
who him-self was al- so, it hap-pened, there in Je-ru-sa-lem then. And He- rod wasgladwhen 

Je-sum sa-he, ward er sehr froh, denn er hat- te ihn langst ger- ne ge-se- hen, denn 
he saw Je-sus, ex-ceed-ing glad, for he long had de- sired great-ly to see Him, since 

er hat- te viel von ihm ge-ho- ret, und hof- fe-te, er wiir-de ein Zei-chen von 
he had heard ma- ny things a-bout Him, and hoped to see some mi-ra-cle which He might 

ihm se-hen. Und er frag-te ihn man- -cher-lei er ant-wor- -te- -te ihm a- ber nichts, 
be do-ing; and with ma- ny words ques-tioned Him ;but He an- swered him nev-er a word. 

Die Ho- hen- prie- ster a- ber und Schrift- ge-lehr-ten stun-den, und ver-klag-ten 
The High Priests stood De -fore Him, the scribes and el-ders with them, and ac-cused Him 

inn hart, a- ber He-ro-des mit sei-nem Hof- ge-sin- de ver-ach- te-te und ver-spot- 
withrage, where-up-on He-rod and all his band of sol-diers did mock at Him then and set 

-te-te ihn, leg- -te ihm ein weiss Kleid an und sand- te ihn wie-der zu Pi-la- to. 
Him at naught .dressed Him in a gor-geous robe, and or- dered Him back a-gain to Pi-late. 

Auf den lag wur-den Pi- la-tus und He-ro-des Freun- -de mit-ein-an-der, denn zu-vor 
On that day Pi-late and He-rod were u- ni-ted, friends with one-an- oth-er, for be-fore 


St-Luke Riss ion, p. 7 

wa- ren sie ein-an-der feind. Pi- la- tus a- ber rief die Ho- hen-prie-ster 
they had been at en- mi- -ty. Then Pi-late called the Chief Priests and the El- ders, 

und die 0- bri-sten und das gan-ze Volk zu-sam-men und sprach zu ih- nen: 
and the Gov-er-nors, and the peo-ple all to-geth-er, and to them spake he: 

14 Ihr ha- bet die- sen Men-schen zu mir bracht, als der das Volk ab- wer.-de, 
Pilate ye now have brought this man be- fore me here, as one who stirs the peo-ple, 

und sie-he, ich ha- be ihn fur euch ver-h'ö- ret und fin- de an dem Men-schen 
and see ye, I have ex-am- ined him be-fore you and find no fault in this man, 

der Sa-chen kei- -ne, de- -ren ihr ihn be-schul-di-get, He- ro-des auch nicht, 
con-cern-ing those things where- of you are ac- cus-ing him, nor He-rod eith- er ; 

denn ich ha- be euch zu ihm ge-sandt und sie-he, man hat nichts auf ihn bracht, 
for I sent you to him with 'this man, and be -hold, naught is brought a-gainst him, 

das des To- des wert sei, da- -rum will ich ihn züch- ti- gen und los-ge-ben. 
that is wor-thy of death; there- fore I will chas-tis? this man and let him go. Evan - 
Denn er muss-te ih-nen ei- nen nach Ge-wohn-heit des Fes- tes los ge- ben. 
For he must, as was the cus-tom, at the feast day re-lease one un- -to them. 

IT Da schrei deT gan- ze Hau- fe und sprach: Hin-weg, hin-weg mit 

Evan - And all at once they cried out and said: Tne Multitude: A _ way> a _ way witn 

die- sem, und gib uns Bar-ra-bam los. 19 Wel-cher war um ei-nen Auf-ruhr, der in 
this man, and give us Bar-ra-bas free, Evan - who for a cer-tainse-di- tion made in 

der Stadt ge-scha-he, und um ei- nes Mor-des wil-len ins Ge- fang- n is ge-wor-fen. 
the ci- -ty by him, and mur-der com-mit-ted al- so, had been cast in- to pri-son. 
Da rief Pi- la- tus a- oer- mal zu ih- nen und woll-te Je-sum los-las-sen, sie 
But Pi- late spake a sec -ond time a-bout Him, for he was wont to let Him go, but 
rie- fen a- ber und spra-chen: 21 Kreu-zi-ge ihn, 22 Er a- ber 

they cried out a- gain, say- ing: The Multitude: Cru . ci . fy h im. * van - Yet once a- 

sprach zum drit-ten Mal zu ih- nen: Was hat denn die-ser u-bels ge-tan? 

-gain he spake to them and asked Pilate: Wnat ev _ n nas tnis ^ n ev- er done? 

Ich fin-de kei-ne Ur- sa-che des To- des an ihm, da- rum will ich ihn ziich-ti- gen 

I have not found a-ny rea-son for death in this man; and so I will chas-tise him and 
und los- las- sen. 23 A- ber sie la- gen ihm an mit gro-ssem Ge-schrei, und 
will re-lease him. Evan * But they were in-stant with Him, and cried out a- -loud, re- 

for- der-ten dass er ge- -kreu- zi-get wür-de, und ihr und der Ho- -hen-prie-ster 
-quir- -ing that Pi- late might cru- -ci-fy Je-sus, and they and the Chief Priests by their 
Ge-schrei nahm u- ber- hand. Pi- la-tus a- -ber ur- tei- -le- te, dass ih- re 
out-cry at last pre-vailed, and Pi-late there-fore gave sen-tence then, that it should 
Bit-te ge-scha-he, und 1 less den los, der um Auf-ruhr und Mor-des wil-len war ins 
be as they urged him, and let him go, who for mur-der and for se- di-tion late-ly 
Ge- fang-nis ge-wor-fen, um wel-chen sie ba- ten, a- ber Je-sum u-ber-gab er ih-rem 
was cast in- to pri-son, as they had de-mand-ed, but held Je-sus, and de-livered Him to 

Wil- len. Und als sie ihn hin- füh- re- ten, er- grif-fen sie ei-nen, Si-mon von 
their will. And as they led Him forth with them, they laid hold up-on one Si-mon, from 
Cy-re-nen, der kam vom Fei- -de, und leg-ten das Kreu-ze auf ihn, dass er es 
Cy-re-ne, but late-ly come thence, and on him they laid Je- sus' cross, that he might 

je- su nach-tru-ge. Es fol-ge- te ihm a- ber nach ein-gro-sser Hau- fe Volks und Weiber, 
bear it af- ter Him. And fol-low-ing af-ter Him came a mul- ti-tude of men and wo-men 

die kla- ge- ten und be-wei-ne- ten ihn. Je- su a- ber wand-te sich um zu ih-nen 
which wailed for Him and la-men-ted for Him. Then did Je-sus turn a-round to the wo-men, 


St. Luke Fission 

und sprach: 28 Ihr Tbch- ter von Je-ru-sa-lem, wei-net nicht u-ber mich, son-dern 

and say: Jesus. Y e daugh-ters of Je-ru-sa-lem, weep ye not ov-er me, ra- ther 

wei-net u-ber euch selbst und ü- ber eu- re Kin- der. Denn sie-he, es wird die 
weep ye ov-er your-selves and weep ye for your child-ren; for De-hold, the days will 

Zeit kom-men, in wel-cher man sa- gen wird: Se- lig sind die Un-frucht-ba- ren und 
be com-ing, in which ye will hear them say: Bles- sed she who has borne no child, and 

die Lei- ber, die nicht ge- -bo- ren ha- ben, und die Brü- ste, die nicht ge- sau-get 
is bar- ren, yea, she whose womb is bar-ren, and whose bo-som has nev- er known a 

ha- ben. Denn wer- den sie an-fa- hen, zu sa-gen zu den Ber- gen: Fal-let u- ber uns, 
suck-ling. Then will they be be-gin-ning to say un-to the moun-tains: Fall ye down on us, 

und zu den Hu- geln: Be- dek-ket uns. Denn so man das tut am grU- nen Hol- ze, 
and to the hill-ocks: Come cov-er us. For if they do these things in a green tree, 

was will am dur-ren wer-den. 32 Es wur- den a-oer auch hin- ge-füh-ret zwee-ne 
what will they in a dry one? Evan. And there were al-so led out with Je-sus, two oth- 

an- de- re Ü- bei- ta- ter, dass sie mit ihm ab-ge-tan wür- den, und als sie ka- 
-ers,who were ma-le- fact-ors, who were to be cru-ci-fied with Him; and when they came 

-men an die Stat- te, die da hei- sset Sena- del- statt, kreu-zig-ten sie ihn 
to where the place is which is called the Place of Skulls, cm- ci-fied Je- - 

da-selbst und die ij-bel- ta- ter mit ihm, ei-nen zur rech- ten und ei-nen zur lin- ken, 
-sus there, and the ma-le -fact-ors with Him, one on the right hand, and one on the left hand; 

Je-sus a- ber sprach: 34 Va-ter, ver-gib ih- nen, denn sie wis-sen nicht, was 
Je-sus spake and said: Jesus: Fa- ther, for -give Thou them, for they know -- not what 

sie tun. Und sie tei-le- ten sei- ne Klei-der und wur-fen das Los drum, 

they do. Evan. And thev parted His clothes a- mong them, and for them they drew lots. 

und das Volk stund und sa- he zu, und die 0- bri-sten samt ih- nen spot-te- ten sein 
The peo-ple stood and saw Him there, and the Ru-lers al- -so with them, mock-ing at Him, 

und spra-chen: 35 Er hat an- dem ge-hol-fen, er hel-fe ihm, er hel-fe 

and say- ing: Tne R ulers - He has saved ma- ny oth-ers, now let him save, now let him 

ihm sel-ber, ist er Chri- stus, der Aus- -er-wahl- te Got-tes, der Aus-er-wahl-te, . 

save him-self, if he be Christ, the one whom God has cho-sen, whom God has cho-sen,. 

36 Es ver- spot- te- ten ihn auch die Krie-ges- knech- te, tra-ten her-zu und 
^ an - And with scoff-ing and rail-ing the sol-diers mocked Him, com-ing to Him with 

brach- ten ihm Es-sig und spra-chen: 37 Bist du der Ju-den Ko-nig, so hilf 

vi- -ne- gar al-so, and say- ing: Tne Soldiers If thou be Kin g of j u _ ( j a n ) o save 

dir sei- ber,, . 38 Es war auch o-ben ü- ber ihm ge-schrie-ben die Ü- ber-schrift 
thy-self now, . Evan. And ov _ _ er Him U p_ on ^ e cross was writ- ten a su- per- script, 

mit grie- Chi- sehen und la-tei-ni- sehen und e- bra- i-schen Buch-sta- ben: Dies ist 
in three-fold words; in La-tin, and Greek, and let-ters of the Heb- rew tongue: This is 

der Ju-den Ko- nig. A- ber der U-bel- ta- ter ei-ner,die da ge- hen- ket wa- ren, 

the King of the Jews. One of the ma-le -fact-ors al-so, they who were hanged be- side Him, 

la-ster-te ihn und sprach: 39 Bist du Chri- stus, so hilf dir sel-ber und uns, 

rail-ing at Je- sus, said: First Thief If thou art ^rist, then save thy-self and save us. 

40 Da ant-wor-tet der an- de- re, stra- fe- te ihn und sprach: 
Evan, rj^g th-er one re-ouk- ing him, an-swered the first and said: S^ ™* Thief 

Und du fiirch-test dich auch nicht fur Gott, der du doch in glei-cher Ver-damm-nis bist, 
Hast thou now in- deed no fear of God. be-ing in the same con- dem- na-tion here? 


St. Luke Fission 

und zwar wir sind bil-lig dar- in-nen, denn wir em- pfa- hen, was uns-re Ta-ten wert 
we in-deed are just-ly con-vict-ed, for we re-ceive but the due re-ward of our 

sind, die-ser a-ber, hat nichts un-ge-schick- tes ge-hand-elt. 42 Und sprach zu Jesu: 
deeds, but this oth-er is guil- ty of no thing of ev- il. Wan. He said to Jesus: 

Herr,ge-den-ke an mich, wenn du in dein Reich kom-mest. 43 Und Jesus 
Second Thief: Lord, re -mem- ber ^ ou m > wnen T^ 011 in Tnv King- dorn come. Evan - And Jesus 

sprach zu ihm: Wahr- lieh, ich sa-ge dir, heu- te wirst du mit mir im Pa-ra- 

said to him: Jesus: ve-ri-ly, I say to thee, thou shalt this day with me be in Pa- 

-dies sein. 44 Und es war um die sech-ste Stun- de, und es ward ei- nes Fin-ster-nis 
-ra- dise. Evan - And lo it was a- bout the sixth hour, and a darkness was ov- -er all, 

li-ber das gan-ze Land, bis an die neun-te Stun- de, und die Son-ne ver- lor ih-ren 
ov-er the whole earth, un-til a- bout the ninth hour, and the sun be-came dark in the 

Schein, und der Fur-hang des Tern-pels zu-reiss mit-ten ent-zwei, und Je-sus rief laut und 
sky, and the veil of the tem-ple was rent, rent in the midst, and Je-sus cried out and 

sprach: 46 Va-ter, ich be-feh- le mei-nen Geist in dei- ne Han-de. Und als 

said: Jesus - Fa-ther,in- to Thy hands do I now corn-mend my spi-rit. Evan * And when 

er das ge- sa- get, ver-schied er. Da a- ber der Haupt-mann sa- -he, was da 
He thus had spo-ken, He was gone. Now when the cen- tur- rion saw these things that 

ge-scha- -he, prei-se-te er Gott, und sprach: 47 Fur- wahr, die- ser ist ein from- 

had hap-pened, he glo-ri-fied God say- ing: Centurion In _ ^ ee ^ t this man was in ve- 

-mer Mensch ge- we- - -sen. 48 Und al- les Volk, das da- bei war und zu- sa- -he, 
-ry truth a right-eous man. Evan# And all the peo- pie who had come to see that sight, 

da sie sa- hen, was da ge-scha- he, schlu- gen sie an ih- re Brust und 
be-hold-ing the things which were done there , smote with their hands on their breasts, and 

wand-ten wie-der um. Es stun- den a- -ber al- -le sei-ne Ver-wand- ten, von fer- 
turn-ing went a-way.. And stand-ing mean-while there were all His ac-quain-tance, a- far 

-ne, und die Wei-ber, die ihm aus Ga- -li- -la- a wa- ren nach-ge-fol-get, und sa- 
off , and the wo-men, they who had fol-lowed af-ter Him from Ga- li-le& -a, be- hold- 

-hen das al - -les. Und sie- he, ein M=inn, mit Na- men Jo-seph, ein Rats- -herr, der 
-ing all these things, And be- hold, a man whose name was Jo-seph, a coun-sellor, who 

war ein gu- ter, from-mer Mann, der hat- te nicht be-wil-ii-get in ih- ren Rat und Han- 
was a just and pi- ous man, the same had not con-sen- - ted un- to their deed & coun- 
sel, der war von A-ri-ma-thi-a,der Stadt der Ju-den, der auch auf das Reich Got-tes war-te-te,der ging zu 
-sel;he was from A-ri m thi-a, a Jew-ish ci-ty, who wait-ed the King- dorn of God al-so,went in un- 

Pi-la- to, und bat um denLeioJe-su und nahm ihn ab und wick- -elt ihn in Lein-wand, 
-to Pi-late, and begged for Je-sus' bo-dy,and took it down, and wrapped it round in lin- en, 

und le-get ihn in ein ge- hau- en Grab, dar- in-nen nie-mand je ge- le- gen war. 
and laid it in a se-pul-chre new-hewn, where- in had nev- er man be-fore been laid. 

Und es war der Rust- - -tag, und der Sab-bat brach an. Es fol- ge- ten a-ber die 
It was the Pre-pa- ra- tion, and the Sab-bath drew on. There fol-lowed Him al-so the 

Wei-ber nach, die mit ihm kom- men wa-ren aus Ga-li-lä- a, und be-schau-e-ten das 
wo- men there, which late had come with Je-sus from Ga-li-lea-a, and be-held the se-pul- 

Grab, und wie sein Leib ge-le- get war. Sie keh-re-ten a- -ber um und be- rei- 
-chre, and how His bo- dy lay there- in. And so they re-turned a-gain,and pre-pared 

-te- ten die Spe-ce- rei und Sal- ben, und den Sab-bath u- ber wa- ren sie 
them-selves with spi-ces and with oint-ments, and up- on the Sab-bath wait-ing they 


St-Luke F&ss ion 

stil-le, nach dem Ge- set- ze. 
rest-ed, as was com- mand- ed. 


Wer Got-tes Mar-ter in Eh- -ren hat 
He who will hon-or our Sav- iour's deatfy 

und oft De-tracht sein bit-tern Tod, 
His bit-ter pain and dy- ing breath 

des will er e- ben pfle-gen, 
and on them oft-en pon- der, 

wohl hie auf Erd mit sei- ner Gnad 
will gain His grace both here oe- low, 

und dort in dem e- wi-gen Le- ben. 
and there in His Fa-ra-dise yon-der. 

St . John Pass ion 

St. John, Chaps. XVIII & XIX 


Das Lei-den un-sers Her-ren Je- su Chri-sti, un-sers Her-ren Je- su Chri-sti, wie uns 
The Fas-sion of our Lord and Sav-iour Je- sus, of our Lord and Sav-iour Je- sus, as it 

das be-schrei-oet der hei- li-ge E- van- ge- li- ste Jo- nan- nes, 
has been writ- ten and left to us by John the Ho- ly A- -pos- tie, 

ac- cor-ding to the Ho- ly gos-pel of St. John. 

XVIII, 1: Da Je-sus sol-ches ge- re- det hat-te, ging er hin- aus mit sei-nen Jün- 
Evan - When Je-sus un- -to them thus had spo-ken, He then went forth with His dis-ci- 

■gern ü-ber den Bach Ki-dron, da war ein Gar-te, dar-ein ging Je-sus und sei-ne 
•rles ov-er the brook Ce-dron, where was a gar-den, to which came Je-sus and His dis- 

Jun-ger. Ju-das a-ber, der ihn ver-riet, wuss-te den Ort auch, denn Je-sus ver-samm- 
-ci-ples. Ju-das al-so, he who was false, knew of the gar-den, for Je-sus re- sort- 

-le-te sich oft da-selbst mit sei-nen Jün-gern. Da nun Ju-das zu sich ge-nom-men 
-ed thi-ther oft to be with His dis-ci- pies. So then Ju-das, with him a band of 

hat-te die Scha-re, und der Ho- hen-prie-ster und Pha-ri- sa- er Die- ner, kömmt er 
of- fi-cers and men, whom the Priests & eld-ers and Pha-ri-sees had sent him, com-eth 

da -hin mit Fak-keln, Lam-pen und mit Waf-fen. Als nun Je-sus wuss-te al- les, 
to Him, with Ian- terns, tor-ches,and with wea-pons. There-fore Je -sus, know -ing all things 

was ihm be-geg-nen soll-te, ging er hin- aus und sprach zu ih-nen: 5 Wen 
that were to come up- on Him, went straight-way forth and said un-to them: Jesus: Whom 

su-chet ihr? Sie ant-wor- te- ten ihm: Je-sum von Na-za-reth, 

seek ye here? Evan - And they an-swered to Him: Tne Jews: Je-sus of Na-za-reth, 

5-7 Je-sus spricht zu ih-nen: Ich bins. Ju-das a-ber, der ihn ver- 

Evan - je-sus saith un-to them: Jesus: I am he. Evan - Ju-das al-so, he which be- 

-riet, stund auch bei ih- nen. Als nun je-sus zu ih-nen sprach: Ich bins, wi- 
-trayed Hi^st ood there be-side them. And when Je-sus had said to them, I am he, all 

-chen sie zu- ruk- ke und fie-len zu Bo- den. Da fra-get er sie a- ber-mal: 
of them went back-ward and fell un-to the ground. Then asked He them a sec-ond time: 


St. John Fässion 

Wen su-chet ihr? Sie a- ber spra-chen: Je-su*\>von Na-za-reth. 

Jesus: Wnom seek ye nere? Evan. A _ gain they snout _ ed: Tne Jews: je-sus of Na-za-reth, 

Je-sus ant- wor- tet: Ich hab es euch ge- sagt, dass ichs sei, 

Evan - Je-sus an- swered thera: Je-sus: A1 _ rea _ dv j have said that j am ne . 

su-chet ihr denn mich, so las- set die- se ge- hen. Auf dass das Wort 

if ye seek for me, then let these go on their way. Evan - That there might be 

er- fül- let wür-de, wel-ches er sa- get: Ich ha- be der kei- nen ver-lo-ren, 
ful-filled the say-ing, which He had spo-ken: Of them that thou gav- est to me— , 

die du mir ge- ge- ben hast. Da hat-te Si-mon Pet-rus ein Schwert, und zog es aus, 
not one have I lost, not one. Then Si-mon Pe-ter,hav-ing a sword, he drew it out, 

und schlug nach des Ho- -hen- prie-sters Knecht, und hieb ihm sein recht Ohr ab, und 
and struck at the High-Priests ser-ving man, and cut the mans right ear off; and 

der Knecht hiess Mal-chus. Da sprach Je-sus zu Pe-tro: 11 Stek-ke dein Schwert in 
his name was Mal-chus. Then said Je-sus to Pet-er: Jesus: put up thy sword in 

die Schei-de. Soll ich den Kelch nicht trin-ken, den mir mein Va-ter ge- ge-ben hat? 
its scab-bard. This cup, shall I not drink it? the cup my Pa-ther hath giv-en me? 

12-14 Die Schar a-ber und der 0- ber- haupt-mann und die Die- ner der Ju- den 
Evan. Tne bo _ d y of sol-diers with their Cap- tain and the ser-vants of the Jews 

nah- men Je-sum und bun- den ihn, und füh-re-ten ihn aufs er- -ste zu Han-nas, der 
took then Je-sus and bound Him fast, and led Him a- way at first un- -to An- nas, who 

war Ca-i-phas Schwä- her;- wel-cher des Jah-res Ho- - -her-prie-ster war. Es war 
was Ca-i-phas' fa-ther-in-law. Ca- i- phas was the High-Priest that same year. Now it 

a- ber Ca-i-phas der den Ju- den riet, es wa- re gut, das ein Mensch um-bracht 
had been Ca-i-phas who had told the Jews, that it was right that one die for the 

wür-de, für das Volk. Si-mon Pe-trus a-ber fol- ge- -te Je-su nach, und ein an- 
peo-ple, one for all. Si-mon Pe-ter al-so fol-lowed with Je-sus forth, and one more 

-der Jün-ger. Der- sel-bi-ge Jün-ger war dem Ho- -hen prie-ster be-kannt und ging 
dis-ci- pie. That oth-er dis-ci- pie to the High Priest had long been known, and went 

mit Je-su hin- ein in des Ho- hen- -prie-sters ffc- last. Pe-trus a- -ber stund 
with Je-sus there- in, and had en-trance in- -to his court. Pe-ter mean-while was 

drau-ssen für der Tür. Da ging der an- de- re Jun-ger, der dem Ho- hen-prie-ster 
stand-ing at the door. Then did that oth-er dis- ci- pie, who was known to them in 

be-kannt war, hin-aus und re- det mit der Tur- hii- te- rin und fun- ret Pe-trum 
the pal- ace, go out and speak to her that op-ened the door, and brought in Pe-ter 

hin-ein. Da sprach die Magd, die Tur- hü- te- rin, zu Pe- tro: 17 Bist du nicht 
al- so. Then spake the maid, that ten-ded the door, to Pe-ter: ^^ And art thou 

auch die-ses Men-schen jün-ger ei- ner? Er a- ber sprach: Ich bins nicht, 

not al- so one of his dis-ci-ples? EvarK But Pe-ter saith: ^ eteT: 1 am not. 

Es stun-den a- ber die Knech- te und Die- ner, und hat- ten ein Kohl-feu-er ge-macht, 
The of- fi-cers and the ser-vants that stood there, had made them a fire out ~ of coals, 

denn es war kalt, und war- -me- -ten sich. Pe-trus a-oer stund auch bei ih- nen 
for it was cold, and warmed them-selves there. Pe-ter al-so stood in a-mong the'm, 

und war- -me- te sich. A- ber der Ho- -hen- prie-ster fra- ge- -te Je-sum urn 
and warmed him- self there. Then did the High Priest ask Him, quest- ion- ing Je-sus of 

sei-ne jün-ger und um sei-ne Leh- re. Je-sus a- ber ant- wor- tet ihm: 
His dis-ci-ples, —> and of His doc-trine. Je-sus spake and an-swered to him: 


St. John I&ssion, p. 3 

20 Ich ha -be frei öf-fent-lich ge- re- det für der Welt, ich ha-be al- le-zeit 

Jesus j ev . er spake op- en- -ly and free-ly to the world, and in the syn-a-gogue 

ge-leh-ret in der Schu- le und in dem Tern-pel, da al-le Ju-den zu-sam-men kommen, 
I oft-en- times was teach- ing, and in the tem-ple, where- in the Jews do re-sort to-gether, 

und ha- be nichts im Ver-bor-gen ge- re-det: was fragst du mich dar-um, fra- ge die 
nor have I ev- -er in sec-ret said aught; why ask- est thou of me? Ask thou this 

dar-um, die ge- hö- -ret ha- ben, was ich zu ih-nen ge- re- det ha- -be. Sie- he, 
of them, ask thou them who heard me, what I have said un-to them and taught them. Be-hold, 

die sei- bi-gen wis- sen, was-ich ge-sa-get ha-be. 22 Als er a- ber sol-ches 
for they do know all things, what ev-er I have told them. Evan * And when Je-sus thus had 

re- -de- te, gab der Die-ner ei- ner die da-bei stun-den, Je- -su ei- nen 
an- swered Him, then an of- fi-cer stand- ing near to Je- sus, struck Him with his 

Bak-ken-streich und sprach: Soil-test du dem Ho-hen-prie-ster al- 

op- en hand and said: Hi gh-Priestfc Servant ^ dost tnou now dare t0 give the High 

-so ant-wor- ten? 23 Je-sus sprach: Ha-be ich H-bel ge-redt, so be- wei- 

Priest this an-swer? E^ 11 - je-sus said: J esus if it was ev-il I spoke, do thou bear 


-se es,dass es bo-se sei, ha-be ich a-ber recht ge- redt, was schla-gest du mich? 
wit-ness to my ev-il words; but if now I have spo-ken well, why smi- testthoume? 

24-25 Und Han-nas sand-te ihn ge- bun-den zu dem Ho- hen- prie-ster Ca-i-phas. Si-mon 
Evan. Now An _ ms ^ ^ j e . sus bound, and had sent Him bound to Ca-i-phas. Si-mon 

Pe-trus a- ber stund und war- -met sich. Da spra-chen sie zu ihm: Bist 

PB-ter mean-while stood and warmed him-self. They there-fore said to Him. e Jews: Art 

du nicht sei-ner jün-ger ei-ner? 25-27 Er ver-leug-ne-te a-ber und sprach: Ich 

thou not one of his dis-ci-ples? Evan - Yet did Pe-ter de-ny it and said: P eter: i 

bins nicht. Spricht des Ho- hen-prie-sters Knecht ei- -ner, ein Ge-freund-ter des, 

am not. Evan - Then a ser-vant of the High Priest said, be- ing kin to him 

dem Pe-trus das Ohr ab- ge- hau-en hat-te: Sa-he ich dich nicht 

whom PB-ter had smit-ten and cut his ear off : Hign f* 1681 ^ Servant: ^ j not tnee in 

im Gar-ten bei ihm? 27-30 Da-ver-leug-net Pe-trus a-ber- mal, und al-so bald kra- 
the gar-den with him? Ev an - pg-ter then de- nied it yet a- gain; im-med-i- ate- ly 

-het der Hahn. Da fiih-re-ten sie Je-sum von Ca-i-pha fur das Rieht- — -haus, 
crowed the cock. Then led a- way they Je-sus to Ca-i-phas, to the Judg- ment Hall, 

und es war früh,_ und sie gin- gen nicht in das Richt-haus, auf dass sie nicht un- 
and it was ear-ly, yet did they them-selves not go there- in, lest they be de- filed 

-rein wiir- den, son-dern 0- stern es- sen moch ten. Da-ging Pi- la- tus zu 

in this wise, but that they might eat the I&ss-ov-er. Then un- to them Pon- tius 

ih-nen her- aus und sprach: Was brin-get ihr fur Kla- ge wi~der die- sen 

Pi- late went out and said: Pilate Wnat ac _ cu _ sa -tion bring ye now a-gainst this 

Men-schen? Sie ant- wor- -te-ten und spra-chen zu ihm: Wa- re die- 

per- son? Evan, ^gy an _ swere d to him and said un- to him: The Jews If this man 


-ser nicht ein U-bel- ta- ter, wir hat-ten dir ihn nicht, u- ber- -ant- -wor-tet. 
were not a ma-le- fact- or, we had not brought him here, had not brought him here. 

31 Da sprach Pi- la- tus zu ih-nen: So neh- met ihr ihn hin, und rich-tet 

Evan - And Pi- latethensaid un-to them ? ilate Now come and take ye him, and judge ye 

ihn nach eu- rem Ge-set- ze. Da spra-chen die Ju- den zu ihm: Wir 

him ac- cor -ding to your law. Evan - The Jews there -fore said un- to him: Tne Jews: To 



St. John Riss ion 

dür-fen nie-mand to-ten. 32-36 Auf dass er- fül-let wür- de das Wort Je-su, 
death we may put no man. Evan. That so might be ful-filled the word of Je-sus, 

wel-ches er sa- get, da er deu-tet, wel-ches To- des er ster-ben wür- de. Da 
which He had spo-ken, sig-ni-fy- ing by what man-ner of death He shall die. Then 

ging Pi- la- tus wie-der hin- ein in das Richt-haus und rief Je-su. und sprach 
Pi-late en-tered in- to the Judg- ment Hall a- -gain and called Je-sus and said 

zu ihm: ßist du der Ju- den Kö~- nig? Je-su$ ant- -wor- tet: 

to Him: Pilate: Art thou the King of Ju- dah? Evan. Je-sus an- -swered him: 

Re-dest du das von dir selbst, o- der ha- ben dir es an- de-re von 
Jesus: gay-est thou this of thy- self, or are these things what they say of me? what 

mir ge- sa- get? 35 Bin Ich ein Ju- de? Dein Volk und die Ho- -hen-prie-ster 
oth-ers told thee? Pilate: Am I a Jew then? Thy Chief Priests & thine own na- tion 

ha-ben dich mir ü- ber-ant-wor-tet; was hast du ge- tan? 36 Je-sus ant- wor- 
have de-liv-ered thee un- to me here; what then hast thou done? Evan. Je-sus an-swered 

-tet: Mein Reich ist nicht von die.ser Welt. Wa- re mein Reich von die-ser 

him: Jesus: My King- dom is not of this world. For were my King- dom of this 

Welt, mei- -ne Die-ner wür- den drob kamp- fen, dass ich den Ju-den nicht ü-ber- 
world, I would bid my ser-vants to fight thee, that thou shouldst not de- liv- er-me 

-ant-wor-tet wür- de. A- ber nun ist mein Reich nicht von dan- nen. 37 Da sprach 
ov- er to the Jews. Yea but now is my King- -dom not from hence. Evan. Then Pi- 
Pi- la-tus zu ihm: So bist du den-noch ein Ko- nig? Je-sus ant- wor- 
-late said un-to Him: Pllate And art thou in truth a King then? Evan - je-sus an-swered 

-tet: Du sa-gest es, ich bin ein Ko-nig, ich bin dar-zu ge- bo- ren, und in 

him: Jesus: Thou say-est it, that I am a King, to this end was I born here; for this 

die Welt kom-raen, dass ich die Wahr-heit zeu-gen soll. Wer aus der Wahr-heit ist, der 
I came to earth, that I bear wit- ness to the truth; and all who seek the truth, will 

ho- ret mei- ne Stim- me. Spricht Pi- la-tus zu ihm: Was ist Wahr- 

hear and heed my teach- ing. Evan - Then Pi-late said to Him: Pilate: Wnat is truth 

-heit? Und da er das ge- sa- get, ging er wie-der hin-aus zu den Ju- den, 

then? E van - And when he had spo-ken thus, he went out once a-gain where the Jews were, 

und spricht zu ih-nen: Ich fin- de kei-ne Schuld an ihm. Ihr ha-bet a- ber 

and saith un-to them: Pllate: i find in him no fault at all. A cus-tom at the 

ei- ne Ge-wohn-heit, dass ich euch ei- nen auf Ostern los ge- -be, wol-let ihr 
Pass-ov-er have you, that I re-lease to you one whom you may choose. Is it your 

nun, dass ich euch der Ju- den KÖ-nig los ge- be? Da schrie-en sie wie- 

will, that I should re-lease the King of the Jews now? E van - Then cried they to-geth- 

-der al- le samt und spra-chen: Nicht die-sen, son- dern Bar-ra-bam. 

-er all a- gain, and shout-ed: Tne Multitude: Not tnis man> give us ßar-ra-bas! 

XIX, 1 Bar-ra-bas a-ber war ein MÖr-der. Da nahm Pi- la- tus Je-sum und gei-ssel- 
Evan. Bar-ra-bas was a well-known rob-ber. Then Pi- late took out Je-sus and ord-ered 

-te ihn. Und die Krie-ges-knech- te f loch-ten ei- ne Kro- ne von Dor-nen und 
Him scourged. And the com- mon sol-diers plat- ted Him a crown out of thorns, and 

setz-ten sie auf sei» Haupt und leg-ten ihm ein Pur-pur-kleid an und spra- chen: 
put it up- on His head, and put on Him a pur-^le man- tie and mocked Him: 

2-3 Sei ge- grii- sset, lie- ber Ju- den- k'ö- nig, sei ge- grii- sset. 

The Soldiers: Hail t0 t hee,King, hail thee, King of Ju- dah, hail to thee King! 


St. John Kiss ion 
Evan Und ga- ben ihm Bak- ken- strei-che. Da ging Pi- la-tus wie- der her-aus 

And then with their hands they smote Him. A- gain came Pi-late forth from the Hall, 

und sprach zu ih-nen: Se-het, ich füh- re ihn her-aus zu euch, dass ihr er- 

and saith un-to them: pilate: See ye, I bring him forth here un-to you, that ye may 

-ken-net, dass ich kei-ne Schuld an ihm fin-de. 7 AI- so ging Je-sus her- aus und 
know now that I find no fault in him at all. Evan - Andthendid Je-sus come forth, still 

trug ei- ne Dor- nen- kro- ne. und Pur-pur-kleid, und er spricht zu ih-nen: 
wear-ing the crown made of thorns and pur-ple robe, and Pi- late said to them: Pllate 

Se-het, welch ein Mensch! Da ihn die Ho- hen- prie- -ster und die Die-ner 

Look ye, see the man! Ev an - now there-f ore when the Chief Priests and of- fi-cers 

sa- hen, schrie-en sie und spra-chen: Kreu-zi-ge ihn, Pi- 

saw Him, cry- ing out they all said: Tne Wnole Multitude: q^. ci _ fy nim , Evan. ^ 

-la-tus spricht zu ih-nen: Neh-met ihr ihn hin und. kreu-zi-get ihn, denn ich 

Pi latp • 01 

Pi-late saith un-to them: rxj - atc - Take ye now this man, and cru- ci-fy him, for I 

fin- de kei-ne Schuld an ihm. 7 Die Ju- den ant-wor- te- ten ihm: Wir 

find not a- ny fault in him. Evan - The Jews gave Him an- -swer and said: Tne Jews: we 

ha- ben ein Ge- set- ze, und nach dem Ge- set-ze soll er ster-ben, denn er hat 
have with us a Stat-ute, and by this our law he ought to die now, for he made 

sich selbst zu Got-tes Sohn ge-macht. 8 Da Pi- la- tus das Wort ho- re- te, fiirch- 
him- -self to be the Son of God. Evan - Now when Pi-late heard what thus was said, he 

-tet er sich noch mehr und ging wie-der hin-ein in das Richt-haus und spricht zu 
was the more a- fraid and went a-gain in- to the Judg- ment Hall, and saith to 

Je-sus: 9 Von wan- nen bist du? A- ber je-sus gab ihm kei-ne Ant-wort. 

Je-sus: " llate From whence com- est thou? Evan - yet did Je-sus give to him no an- swer. 

Da sprach Pi- -la- tus zu ihm: 10 Re- dest du nicht mit mir, weisst du nicht, 
Then Pi- late saith un- to Him: Pllate: speak-est thou not to me? Know- est not 

dass ich Macht ha- be dich zu kreu-zi-gen, und Macht ha- -be dich los zu ge-ben? 
I have powt, yea have powt to cru- ci-fy, and I have powt to let thee go free? 

11 Je-sus ant- wor- tet: Du ha't- test kei- ne Macht ü'-ber mich, wenn sie 

Evan * Je-sus an-swered him: Jesus: Tho could-est have no powt ov-er me, if it 

dir nicht w'a-re von o- ben her- ab ge-ge-ben, dar- um, der mich dir ü- ber- ant- 
were not giv-en un- to thee from Hea-ven a-bove, where-fore, he who de- liv-ered me 

-wor-tet hat, der hat es gro- sse- re sün-de. 12 Von dem an trach-te- -te 
un- to thee, was in-deed the great-er sin-ner. Ev an - ^ricl from then Pi- late sought 

Pi- la-tus, wie er ihn los lie- sse. Die Ju-den a- ber schrie-en, und spra-chen: 
an ex-cuse that he might re-lease Him. How-be-it the Jews cried a- loud and said: 

las-sest du die- sen los, so bist du des Kai- sers Freund nicht, so bist du des 

If thou let this man go, thou art not the friend of Cae- -sar, thou art not the 

Kai- sers, so bist du des Kai- sers Freund nicht, so bist du des Kai- sers, 
friend, nay thou art not the friend of Cae- -sar, thou art not the friend, not 

des Kai- sers Freund nicht, denn wer sich zum Ko- ni- ge ma- chet, der ist wi-der 
the friend of Cae- -sar, for who- ev- er ma-keth him-self king, is there-by foe 

den Kai-ser, der ist wi-der, wi-der den Kai-ser. 13-15 Da Pi- la-tus das Wort 
to Cae -sar, is there-by foe, is foe to Cae -sar. Evan Then when Pi- late heard them 


ho- re- te, fun- -re- te er Je-sus her- aus und satz-te sich auf den Richt-stuhl, 
speak- ing thus, straight -way he brought Je-sus with-out, and sat on the Seat of Judg- ment, 


St. John Passion 

an die Stät- te, die da hei- sset Hoch-pflas-ter, auf e- bra- isch a- ber Gab-ba-tha. 
in a place- that is called the High Rive-ment, but is called in Heb-rew Gab-ba-tha! 
Es war a- ber der RÜss tag in O-stern, um die sechs-te Stun- de, und er spricht zu den 
It was the Pre-pa- -ra-tion for Eas-ter, and a-bout the sixth hour, and he saith un-to 

Ju- den: Se-het, das ist eu- er Ko'-nig. sie schrie- en a-ber: 

the Jews: Pliai:e - 5^ ye> here your Kingf b e-holdhini. Evan - They cried out ev-er: 

Weg, weg mit dem, kreu-zi-ge, kreu-zi-ge ihn. Spricht Pi-la-tus zu 

Jews. A . _ way witn hilD| cru _ ci _ fy> cru . ci . fy nira! Evan. Then did pi . late say 

< * 

ih-nen: p -, t . So11 icn eu-ren Ko-nig kreu- zi- gen? Die Ho- hen-prie- ster 

to them: Pllate ^ shall I cru-ci-fy him, this your King? Evan - But yet the High Priests 

ant- wor- te-ten: Wir ha-ben kei- nen, kei-nen Ko- nig, denn den Kaiser, 

an- swered to him: rne Hlgn Biests: we have no King but on- ly Cae-sar, none but Caesar, 

kei- nen Ko- nig, . 16-17 Da 11- -ber-ant-wor-tet er ih-nen, dass er ge- kreu-zi- 
none but Cae-sar, . Evan - And then he de- liv-ered Him to them, that they might cru-ci- 

-get wür-de. Sie nah-men a- ber Je-sum und füh-re- ten ihn hin, und er trug sein 
-ci- fy Him. And so they then took Je-sus, and led Him forth a- way, and He bore His 

Kreu- ze und ging hin- aus zu der Stat-te, die da hei- sset: Scha-del-stfatt, 
- cross, and went thence forth to a place ,-. that is called The Place of Skulls, 

wel-che hei-sset auf e- -brä- isch: Gol-go-tha. All- da kreu-zig-ten sie ihn, 
which is in the Heb-rew tongue called Gol-go-tha. And they cru- ci- f ied Him there, 

und mit ihm zwee- ne an- de- re zu bei-den Sei- ten, Je-sum a- ber mit-ten in- ~ne. 
and with Him there were two oth-er, on ei-ther side one, Je-sus in the midst be-tween them. 

Pi- la- tus a- ber schrieb ei-ne Ü-ber-schrift und satz-te sie auf -das Kreu-ze, und es war 
And Pon-tius Pi- late wrote themanE-pi- -graph and put it up on the cross,-, and on it 

ge-schrie-ben: Je-sus von Na-za-reth, der Ju- den K'ö-nig. Die- -se Ü-ber-schrift 
was writ- ten: Je-sus of Na-za-reth, the King of Ju-dah. And this E-pi- -graph 

la- -sen viel Ju- den, denn die Stat- te war na- he bei der Stadt, da Je-sus ge- 
ma-ny Jews were read- ing, for the place was not far from the ci- - ty, where Je-sus was 

-kreu-zi-get ist, und es war ge-schrie-ben auf e- brä- i- sehe, grie-chi-sche und 
cru- ci- -- fied, and these words were writ- ten in the Heb-rew tongue, in La- tin and 

la- tei- ni-sche Spra-che. Da spra-chen die Ho- -hen-prie-ster der ju-den zu Pi- 
like-wise al- so in Greek. Then came the Chief Priests of the Jews to Pi-late and said 

-la-to: 21 Schrei-be nicht der Ju- den Ko-nig, son-dern, dass er ge- sagt 

to him: Cnief Priests write you not the King of Ju-dah, ra- ther that he him-self 

ha- be: Ich bin der Ju- den KÖ-nig, (end, Ten. ich bin der Ju-den, der Ju- den Ko-nig. 
has said: I am the King of Ju-dah, the King of Ju-dah, the King of Ju-dah. 

Pi- la-tus ant- wor- tet: 22 Was ich ge-schrie-ben ha- be, das ha- be ich ge- 
But Pi-late an-swered them: pilate: What I have writ- ten my-self,that I , yea I have 

-schrie-ben. 23-24 Die Krie-ges-knech- te a- -ber, da sie Je- sum ge-kreu-zi- 
writ- ten. Evan * The com- mon sol-diers there-fore, af-ter thus they had cru-ci- 

-get hat-ten, nah- men sie sei-ne Klei- der und mach- ten vier Teil, ei- nem jeg- li- 
-fied Je- sus, por-tioned out His gar-ments in four eq--ual parts, and for each of 

-chen Krie-ges- knech-te ein Teil, da- zu auch den Rock. Der Rock a-ber war un- ge- na- 
the sol-diers there was a part; and al- so the coat. The coat had no seam and was wo- 

-het,von 0- ben an ge- -wir- ket durch und durch. Da spra-chen sie un- ter ein- one sin-gle piece from the top thru-out. They said there-fore one to the 


St. John Piss ion 

an-der: 24 Las-set uns den nicht zu-tei-len, son-dern da-rum lo- sen, wess, 

oth-er: Tne Soldiers: Let ^ not rend or dj-vide it, ra- ther let us cast lots, whose, 

wess er sein soll 24-27 Auf dass er- -fül- let wür- de die Schrift, die da sa- 
whose it shall be. Evan. ^^ thus tne scrip-ture might be ful-filled which was writ- 

-get: Sie ha- ben mei-ne Klei-der, un-ter-sich ge-tei-let und ha-ben if- ber mei- 
-ten: They por-tioned out my rai-ment, eq-ual--ly a-mong them, and for my ves-ture they 

-nen Rock das Los ge-wor-fen. Sol-ches tä- ten die Krie-ges-knech- te. Es stund 
cast lots, yea, for my ves-ture. All these things were done by the sol-diers. Now stand- 

a-ber bei dem Kreu- ze Je-sus sei-ne Mut-ter und sei-ner Mut-ter Schwes-ter, Ma- ri-a 
ing be-side the cross of Je-sus was His mo-ther,the sis-ter of His no- ther, and Ma-ry, 

Cle-o-phas Weib, und Ma-ri-a Nfeg-da-le-na. Da nun Je-sus sei-ne Mut-ter sa- he und 
Cle-o-phas* wife, al- so Ma- ry Mag-da- lene- And when Je-sus saw His mo-ther near Him, and 

den Jun-ger da- bei ste-hen, den er lieb hat- te, spricht er zu sei-ner Mut-ter: 
His well-be-loveddis -ci-ple stand-ing by her there, he saith un-to His mo-ther: 

Weib sie -he, das ist dein Sohn. Dar- nach spricht er zu dem Jün-ger: 

Jesus: j^j^ wo . man> be-hold thy son. Evan - Then saith He to this dis-ci- pie: 

Sie- he, das ist dei- ne Mut-ter. Und von der Stun-de an nahm sie 

Jesus: See thou, be-hold here thy mo-ther. Evan. And from that ve- ry hour that same 

der jün-ger zu — sich. Dar-nach als Je-sus wuss- te dass schon al- les voll- 
dis-ci- pie took her home. And now since Je-sus well knew that all things were ac- 

-bracht war, dass die Schrift er-fü'l-let wur- de, sprach er: 28-30 Mich dÜretet. 
-com- plished as were writ- ten in the Scrip-tures, He saith: Jesus I thirst. 

Da stund ein Ge-fa- sse voll Es- - sig, sie a- ber ful-le- ten ei- nen 
Evan. There stood near a ves-sel of vi-ne-gar. Then from the ves-sel they filled a 

Schwamm mit dem Es-sige und leg-ten ihi ei-nen Y- -so- pen, und hiel-tens ihm dar 
sponge full of vin-egar and put it up -on a hys-sop twig, and held to His mouth, 

zum Mun- de. Da nun Je- sus den Es-sig ge- -nom-men.hat-te, sprach er: 30 
to drink it. When there-fore Je- sus had re-ceived the vi- ne-gar, He said: Jesus: 

Es ist voll-bracht. Und nei- get das Haupt, und ver-schied. 

It is fin- ished. Evan. ^ t> owec j ^ Qf)in His head, and was gone! 


^ hilf Chri-ste, Got-tes Sohn, durch dein bit- ter Lei-den, 

HelpHiou Je- sus, Gods own Son, Thou who suf-fered for us, 

dass wir dir stets un- ter- tan, all Ui- tu- gend mei- den, 

help that ev- il ways we shun, to Thy grace re-store us; 

Alto bar 20) all Un- tu-gendj Bass bar 18) stets un-ter-tan, 

in Thy mer-cy, all ev-il shun, 

dei-nen Tod und sein ur- sach, frucht-bar-lich be- den-ken, 
on Thy death and why Thou died, may we pon-der du- ly, 

da-für wie- wohl arm-und schwach, dir Dank- -op- fer schen-ken. 
we tho weak have right-ly tried, Lord, to thank Thee tru- ly. 

dir Dank- op- fer, 
Lord to thank Thee, 


Die sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz 
Jesus 1 Seven Sayings on the Cross 


Da Je-sus an dem Kreu-ze stund 
When Je-sus Christ was cru- ci-fied, 

und ihm sein Leich-naro war ver-wundt, 
and on the Cross in tor-ment died, 

so gar mit bit- term Schmer-zen, 
His Sev-en Say-ings spo- -ken, 

die sie-ben Wort, die Je-sus sprach, 
must be pre-served with- in our hearts, 

be-tracht in dei-nem Her-zen, 
for- ev- -er as a to- ken, 

be-tracht in dei- -nem, in dei-nem, dei-nem Her-zen. 
for- ev- -er bide there, f or- ev- er, as a to- ken. 

Symphonia, (Five Parts) 


St. Mark, XV, 25: "And it was the third hour and they crucified him. 
St. Luke, XXIII, 34: "Then said Jesus^ Father forgive them; for they know not what 
they do." 

Evan. Und es war um die drit-te Stun- -de, da sie Je- sum kreu-zig-ten, er a- ber 
And it was at a- bout the third hour, when our Lord was cru- ci-fied, and He spake 

sprach: Jesuse Va-ter, ver-gieb ih-nen, denn sie wis-sen nicht, was sie tun. 
thus: Fa-ther,for-give them,- for they do not know, what they do. 

St. John, XIX,25-27: "Now there stood by the- cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's 
sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene. 

26. When Jesus therefore saw his mother and the disciple stand-ingby whom he loved, 
he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son. 

27. Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple 
took her unto his own home." . 

Evan. Es stund a- ber bei dem Kreu-ze Je-su sei-ne Mut-ter, und sei-ner Mut- ter 
There stood by the cross of Je-sus Ma-ry, Je-sus* mo-ther, and His — bo- therts 

Schwes-ter, Ma- ri- a, Cle-o-phas Weib, und Ma-ri-a Mag-da- le-na. Da nun Je- sus 
sis- -ter, and Ma-ry, Cle-o-phas* wife; Ma- ry Magdalene among them. When Je- sus there- 

sei-ne Mut-ter sa- he, und denJun-ger dar-bei ste-hen,den er lieb hat-te, sprach er 
-fore saw His mo-ther, and be-side her — there His be- lov-ed dis- ci-ple, said He 

zu sei-ner Mut-ter: Jesus: Weib, Weib, sie- he, sie-he, das ist dein Sohn, dein Sohn, 
un-to His mo-ther: Look, be- hold thou, Wo-man, be-hold thy Son, thy Son! 

Evan. Dar-nach spricht er zu dem Jün- ger: Jesus: Jo-han- nes, Jo-han- nes, sie- -he, 
And then saith to that dis-ci- -pie: Be-hold thou, be-hold thou, see thou, 

das ist dei-ne Mut-ter, . Evan. Und von Stund an nahm sie der Jün-ger zu sich, 
for this is thy mo-ther, . From that ho- ur, he took her to his own home. 

St. Luke, XXIII, 39-43: "And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, 
If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. 

40. But the other answering rebuked him, saying ,Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou 
art in the same condemnation? 

41. And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath 
done nothing amiss. 

42. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. 


The Seven Sayings 

43. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be vith me in 

* * * • * 

Evan. A- -ber der U- bel-ta-ter ei- ner, die da ge- henkt wa- ren t la-stert inn 
How-belt, one of the ma-le- fact-ors, they which were hanged with Him, railed on Him 

und sprach: Thief on Left Hand: Bist du Chri-stus, bist du Chri-stus, bist du Chri- 
and said: Be thou tru- ly Christ the Sav- iour, Christ the Sav- 

-stus, so hilf dir selbst, dir selbst, dir selbst und uns. Evan. Da ant- -wor- te-te 
-iour, then save thy- self, thy- self, thy- self and us. Then an-swered to Him 

der an-der, straf-te ihn und sprach: Thief on Right Hand: Und du, und du furch- test 
the oth-er, chid-ing Him, and said: Dost thou, dost thou not then 

dich auch nicht für Gott, der du doch in glei-cher Ver- -dam- niss bist, und zwar wir 
fear the Lord thy God, see-ing thou and I are con-demned with Him-, in- deed we 

sind bil-lig dar- in- nen, denn wir emp- -fan- gen was uns- re Ta-ten wert sind, die-ser 
two now suf-fer just-ly, for we re- ceive here the due re-ward for our deeds; he, how- 
a- ber, die-ser a- ber, hat nichts un- ge-schick-tes ge-han-delt. Evan. Und sprach zu 
-ev-er, he, how-ev- er, is not guil-ty of ev- il-do- ing. He said to 

Je-sus: Thief on Right Hand: Herr, ge-den-ke an mich, Herr, wenn du in dein Reich 
Je " sus: Lord, re-mem-ber thou me, Lord, in thy King-dom a- 

kommst. Evan. Und Je-sus sprach: Jesus: Wahr- -lieh, ich sa-ge dir, heu- te wirst du mit 
-bove. And Je-sus said: Ve- ri- ly, I say to thee, this day art thou with 

mir im Pa-ra- deis sein, im Pa- ra- deis sein, 
me in Pa-ra- dise there, in Pa- ra- dise there. 

St-Matthew, XXVII, 46: "And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice saying Eli 
Eli, lama sabachthani? That is to say, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" 
Und um die neun-te Stun- -de schrei Je- sus laut und sprach: Jesus: Eli,E-li E-li la-ma 
And at a- bout the ninth hour He cried a- loud and said: Eli.E-li,E-li la-ma 

a-sab-tha-ni. Evan. Iks ist ver-dol-met-schet: Jesus: Mein Gott, wa- -rum hast du mich 
a-sab-tna-ni. That is in- ter-pre- ted: My God where-fore have I been 

JK^'S J^L f^l'' "^ thlS ' JeSUS taoiiI * that a11 thi ^ s »™ now 

for sa ken? accomplished , that the scriptures might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst ■ 

EVan ' ^"^ h a i S r G ' SUS WUSS " te ' dass schon al " les voll-bracht, al- - les voll- 
And then when Je-sus knew , that the things all were done, all things ac- 

" b ^ ht i^'/* 88 diC &l,rlft er -" fiil -let wur-de, sprach er: Jesus: Mich dür-stet 
-com-plished,thatthe Scrip-tures be ful-fiiled, spake thus: I tMrst n™ 

St tetthew, XXVII, 48 :<«And straightway one of them ran, and took a sponge and filled it 
with vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink. 

St John r XIX,29-30: "Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a soonee 
with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth. ^ gG 

his'LlnVSvl uTt^hosT reCeiV6d the ViDegar ' hC Sald ' Jt iS finlShed: «- * b -d 

7 a n at srr ääs: s = -rr sr s 
r r e sr stfÄ ai a tz z is — = — ; 

sprach er: Jesus: Es ist voll-bracht. ^ r 

He said: It is the end. 45 

The Seven Sayings, page three 

St. Luke, XXI 1 1, 46:" And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy 
hands I commend my spirit: and having said this he gave up the ghost." 
St. Matthew, XXVII, 50: "Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the 

Evan. Und a- ber-mal rief Je- sus laut und sprach: Jesus: Va-ter, ich be-feh-le 
And af-ter-ward He cried a- loud, and said: Fa-ther,now my spi-rit 

mei-nen Geist in dei-ne Han- de, Evan. Und als er das ge- sagt hat- te, nei-get e 
I com-mend un-to thy keep-ing. And when the Lord had spo- -ken thus, bow-ing 

er das Haupt und gab sei-nen Geist auf, . 
down His head, He gave up His Spi- rit, . 

Symphonia (repeated) 


Wer Got-tes Mar-ter in Eh-ren hat, 
Who hon-ors Je- sus, His Ho-ly Birth, 

und oft ge- denkt der sie-ben Wort, 
re-veres His Words, of pre-cious worth, 

des will Gott gar e- ben pfle-gen, 
and on them will of- ten pon- der, 

wohl hie auf Erd mit sei-ner Gnad 
him God will fa-vor here on earth, 

und dort in dem e- wi- gen Le- ben. 
and there in His Hea-ven up yon-der. 


Heinrich Schütz 

Christmas Oratorio 

(Volume 17) 

Die Ge-burt un-sers Her- -ren Je-su, un-sers Her- ren Je-su Chri-sti, wie uns die 
Here is told of the birth of Je-sus, Je-sus Christ our Lord and Sav-i our, (as it has) 

be- schrie-ben wird von den hei- li- gen E- van- ge- li- sten. A-men. 
been writ- -ten by the E- -van- ge- lists ,Ho-ly A- -po- sties. A-men. 
Evangllist:"^ be- gab sich a- ber zu der sei- -bi- gen Zeit, dass ein Ge- bot 
And in those, sanie days be-hold it came then to pass that there went out 

"Von dem Kai- ser Au- gus-tus aus-ging, dass al- -le Welt ge-schät-zet wur-de, und die- se 

a de-cree from Cae- sar Au- gus-tus that all the world en-roll for tax-es t t and this 

Schat-zung war die er- ste und ge-schah zu der Zeit da Cy-re-ni-us Land- pfle- -ger 
tax- ing was the first one, and was made at the time when Cy-re-ni-us was Gov-er-nor 

in Sy-ri-en Jar, und je-der-mann ging, dass er sich schat-zen lie-sse, ein jeg- -li- 
in Sy-ri-a — , and eve-ry one went that he might be re- cor-ded, each one to the' 

-eher in sei- ne Stadt. Da mach-te sich auch auf Jo-seph aus Ga- - li- -la- r -a, 
ci- ty that was his. And al- so there went up Jo-seph who came from Ga- li-lee, 

aus der Stadt Na-za-reth, in das jü-di-sche Land zu der Stadt Da-vids, die da hei-sset 
up out of Na-za-reth, to the ci-ty of Da-vid in Ju- de- a, which is cal-led 

Beth-le-hem, dar- um dass er von dem Hau-se und Ge-schlech-te Da-vids war, auf dass 
Beth-le-hem, be-cause Jo-seph was of Da-vicfs house and Da- vids li- ne- age- that there 

er sich schät-zen lie-sse mit Ma- ri-a, sei-nem ver-trau-ten Wei-be, die war 
he might -be en- -rolled, there with Ma-ry, Ma- ry his wed- ded wife, be- ing 

schwan- ' ger. Und als sie da-selbst wa- ren, kam die Zeit, dass sie ge- b'a-ren 
great with child. And while they a- -bi- ded there came the time when she should be de- 

soll- te, und sie ge- -bar ih- ren er- sten Sohn und wik- -kelt ihn in 
-li-vergd. And she brought forth there her first born son, and wrapped the babe in 

Win- - - dein und leg- te ihn in ei-ne Krip-pe, denn sie hat-ten sonst kei- nen 
swad-dling clothes, and lade his cra-dle in a man-ger, for there was no room, was no 

Raum in der Her- ber- ge. Und es wa- ren Hir- ten in der sei- -bi- gen Ge-gend 

room in the inn for them. And in that same coun-try there were shepherds, a- bi-ding 

auf dem Fei- de, die hü- te- -ten des Nachts ih-re Her- - de, und sie- he, des 
in the mea-dows, who kept the watch by night ov-er their sheep; and lo then, the 

Her- ren En-gel trat zu ih- nen, und die Klar-heit des Her- ren leuch- tet um sie, und 

an- gel of the Lord was with them, and the glo- -ry of God — shone round a-bout, and 

10-12 m 
, sie furch- te- ten sich sehr. Und der En-gel sprach zu ih-nen: The Angel: Furch-tet euch 

they all were sore a- fraid. And the an-gel said un-to them: Be- not a- 

nicht, sie- he, ich ver-kun- di-ge euch gro-sse, gro-sse Freu-de, gro-sse,gro-sse Freu-de, 
-fraid, see now, for I bring un-to you joy-ful ti-dings to-day, joy-ful ti-dings to-day, 

(bars 26-27) Freu- de. Freu-de, die al- lern Volk wi- der-fah-ren wird, ich ver- kün- di-ge 
this day. Joy to all peo-ple I bring un- to you all*, low, I bring un-to 

euch gro-sse, gro-sse Freu- de, gro-sse, gro-sse Freu- de. Denn euch, euch, euch ist 

you joy-ful ti-dings to- day, bring you ti-dings of joy: To you, un- -to you 

heu- te der Hei- land ge-born, der Hei- land ge-born, wel-cher ist Chri-stus, Chri-stus, 
this day a Sav-iour is born, a Sav-iour is born which is Christ our Lord, Christ in 

der Herr in der Stadt Da- vid. Ich ver-kun- di-ge euch gro-sse, gro-sse Freu-de, 
the ci- ty of Da-vid born. Lo , I bring un-to you joy-ful ti-dings to-day, 


Christmas Oratorio i 

Und das habt zum Zeich-en: ihr wer-det fin- den das Kind in Win- dein ge- wik- 
This sign do .J-^give you: that you will find there the babe _ wrapped in swad-dling- 

-kelt und in Si-ner Krip-pen lie-gen. (end) in ei-ner Krip-pen lie-gen. 

-clothes f and ly-.- ing in a man-ger. and ly-ing in a man-ger. 

Evan: Und als-bald war da bei dem En- -gel die Men-ge der nimm- li- sehen Heer-scha-ren, 

And lo sud- den-ly there ap-peared with the An-gel a mul- ti-tude from Hea- ven 

die lo- be- ten Gott, und spra-chen: The Heavenly Host: Eh- re sei Gott, in der 
with praise un-to God, and say- ing: Glo-ry to God, in the 

Ho- he, Bass, Frie- de, Frie- de auf Er- den, 

High-est, 9-11,15-17,19-21, Peace on earth un- to all men (also 38-40) 

24-27 ,& 38-40 Rgace on earth, good- will to all, 

41-43 peace un- to all men, 

S-S-A-T-T 40-43, 51- 54, 67'- 70: Peace on earth un- to all men, 

und den Men-schen ein Wohl-, ein Wohl- ge- fal- len, S-I 58- 61, S- II, 57- 60, ein Wohl- 

un- to all men, to all, to all men good-will, T-II, 78-80 ,B,78-81 good-will 

Evan: Und da die En-gel von ih- nen gen Him-mel fuh-ren spra-chen die Hir — ten 

And as the an-gels were gone in- to Hea-ven from them, there spake the shep-herds 

un-ter-ein-an- der: The Shepherds: Las-set uns nun ge-hen gen Beth-le-hem, und die 
one to the oth-er: Let us ev- en go now to Beth-le-hem, that we 

Ge-schich- te, se- hen, die da ge-sche-hen ist, und der Herr uns kund, uns kund 

may see there this thing which there has come to pass, which to us the Lord, the Lord 

ge- tan hat. Evan: Und sie ka- -men ei- lend und fan- -den bei-de, Ma- ri- -a, 

has made known. And the shep-herds has-tened, and found there Ma- ry, the mo-ther, 

und Jo-seph, da — zu das Kind in der Krip-pe lie-gen; da sie es a- -ber ge- se- hen 
and Jo-seph, and found the babe ly-ing in a man-ger. And when the shep-herds had come and 

hat- ten, brei- - te- -ten sie das Wort aus, wel-ches zu ih- -nen von die-sem Kin- 
seen it, they spread the say- ing a- broad, con-cern-ing this child which had been told 

-de ge- -sa- get war, und al- -le, vor die es kam, ver-wun- der- ten sich der 
and made known to them, and all they that heard the word, were tru- ly a- mazed and 

Re- - de, die ih- nen die Hir- ten ge- sa-get hat- -ten. Ma- ri- -a a- ber behielt 

won-dered, at all that was told to them by the shep-herds. But Ma- ry, kept to herself 

al«? -le die- se Wortf und be- -we- get sie in ih- rem *fer- - -zen. Und die Hir- 
all their words and all that had come to pass, to pon-der in her heart. And the shep- 

•ten keh-re- ten wie- der um, prei- se- ten und lo- be-ten Gott, um al- les, das sie 
herds came to their flocks a- gain, wor- shipping the glo-ry of God, and prais-ing Him for 

ge- -se- -hen und ge- h"ö- ret hit-ten, wie denn zu ih- nen ge- -sa- get war. 
the things that they had seen and heard-, as all these things had been told to them. 

Und da acht Ta- ge urn' wa- -ren, dass das Kind be-schnit-ten wur-de, da ward 
And when eight days hadbeenac-com-plished,to the time of cir- -cum-cis-ion, then was 
sein Na- me ge- -nen- -net Je-sus, wel-cher ge- -nen-net war von dem En-gel, 
the name of the child called Je-sus, the name which was so named of the an-gel, 
e- -he denn er im Mut- ter- -lei- be em- pfan- gen ward, 
be-fore He yet had been con-ceived in His mo-ther*s womb. * , 

Matthew, 11,1; Evan: Da nun Je-sus ge- -bo- ren war zu Beth-le-hem im * jü- di-schen 

Y Nqw when Je-sus our Lord was born in Beth-le-hem, in the land of Ju- 

Lan-de zur Zeit des Kö-ni-ges He- ro-des, sie-he, da ka- men die Wei-sen aus 
-de-a _ in the days- of King He-rod, lo then, there came from the East — three 


Christmas Oratorio 2 

Mor- gen-lan-de gen Je-ru-sa-lem und spra-chen: Intermedium IV, The Wise Men: Wo ist, 
Wise Men going to Je-ru-sa-lem .and say- ing: Where is 

der neu- ge- bor- ne Kö-nig der Ju- - den, der neu- ge- bor- ne neu- ge- bor- ne 
the new-born king of Is-rael,of Is-ra- el, the new-born king, the new born king of 

Kö-nig? Wir ha-ben sei- nen Stern ge- se-hen, im Mor- gen-lan-de, und seind kom-men, 

Is-rael? For we haveseenHis star be-fore us, His star be-fore us, and are com- ing, 

ihn an-zu- be- ten, (end) an-zu- be- ten. Evan: Da das der Ko- nig He- ro- des 

that we a- dore Him, to a- dore Him. And when the King, He- rod, had been 

ho- re- te, er-schrak er und mit ihm das gan- ze Je-ru-sa-lem; und liess ver- 
told of this, he was trou- bled and with him the whole of Je-ru-sa-lem; he there-fore 

-sam- mein al- le Ho- -hen-prie-ster und Schrift-ge- lehr- ten un- -ter dem Volk 
ga-thered all the priests and el- ders, and with them all the scribes and high priests, 

und er-for-sche-te von ih- nen, wo Chri- stus soil- te ge- bo- ren wer-den, und 
and de-raan-ded that they tell him, the place where Christ hap-ly should be born,- and 

sie sag- ten ihm: Intermedium V, 5 Zu Beth-le-hem im jü-di-schen Lan-de, 

they said to him: High Priests and Scribes: In Beth-le-hem, which is of Ju- -de- a, 

den al- so steht ge-schrie-ben durch den Pro-phe-ten: una du Beth-le-hem, im jü- di- 
for it thus has been writ- ten by —- the Pro-phet: And thou Beth-le-hem, thou ci- ty 

-sehen Lan-de, du bist mit nich-ten die Klei-ne-ste , mit nich-ten die Klei-ne-ste 
of Ju-dah, shalt not in- deed be the least of them, shalt not be the least of them 

un- ter den Für-sten Ju-da, denn aus dir soll mir kom- -men der Her-zog der 
a- mong the Lords of Ju-dah, for from .thee there shall come forth a Ru- ler and 

u- -ber mein Volk Is-ra-el ein Herr sei. Evan: Da be- -rief He- -ro- des die Wei-sen 
he. shall be a Gov-er-nor in Is- ra-el. .He-rod called the Wise Men then to him 

heim- -lieh und er- ler-ne- te mit Fleiss von in- nen wenn der Stern er-schie- nen wa- 
pri-vi- ly and with di- li-gence en-quired of them - when the star ap-peared be- fore 

-re, und wei- -se- te sie gen Beth-le-hem und sprach: Intermedium VI, Herod: Zie-het 
them, and bade them to go to Beth-le-hem, and said: , Go forth 

hin, und for-schet flei-ssig nach dem Kind- lein bar 15: Kind- lein bar 19:Kind-lein, 
hence, go forth and seek ye, for the young child, child,- child, yea, 

und wenn ihr's fin-det, so sag- et mir es wie-der, dass ich auch kom- -me, dass ich 
and when ye find him, then bring me word and tell me. that I may come there, that I 

auch kom- me und es an- be- te, und es an- be- te. Evan: Als sie nun den Kb- -nig 
may come al-so and a- dore him, and may a- dore him, When the Wise Men heard what 

ge- -hö- ret hat- ten, zo- -gen sie hin, und sie- -he, der Stern, den sie im Mor- 
the king had bade them, forth then they went. Be- hold then, the star, which they had seen 

-gen-lan-de ge- -se-hen hat- ten, ging vor ih-nen hin, bis dass er kam und stand 

a- far in the east-ern coun- try, yet went on be-fore, 'til it had come and stood 

o-ben- u- -ber, da das Kind- lein war, da sie den Stern sa- hen wur- den sie hoch 

ov-er where Je-sus, the young child was, and when they saw the star they were ex- ceed- 
er- freu-et und gin- gen in das Haus, und fan-den das Kind-lein mit Ma- ri- -a, 
-ing joy-ful, and came with- in the house, and saw the young child, - and with him his 
sei-ner Mut-ter, und fie- -len nie- der und be- -te- ten es an und ta- ten ih- re 
mo-ther Ma- ry, and straightway fell down and worship'd as they knelt, and opr^en- ing their 
Senat- ze auf und schenk-ten ihm Gold, Weih-rauch und Myr-rhen, und Gott be- 
trea-sures brought, they gave to him gold, in- cense and myrrh, and be- ing 


Christmas Oratorio 

-fahl ^ ih-nen im Traum,dass sie nicht sich soil-ten wie-der zu He- ro-des len- ken, und 
warned of God in a dream that they should not then re-turn to He- rod as he bate them, they 
sie zo-gen durch ei-nen an-dern Weg wie-der in ihr Land. Da sie a-ber hin-weg ge- 
dt-par- - -ted by an-oth- er way in- to their o^n Jand. And when they- had gone^and 
-zo-gen wa- ren, sie-he, da er-schien der En- - gel des Her-ren dem Jo-seph im 
were de-par-ted, lo.then there ap-peared the an-gel of the Lord un-to Jo-seph in a 
Traum und sprach: Intermedium VII Ste- he auf, Jo-seph, und nimm das Kind- lein, und 
dream and said: The Angel Get thee up. Jo-seph, and talje the young child and 

sei- ne Mut-ter zu dir, und fleuch in E-g^p-tenrland. Und blei-be all- -da, bis ich 
take his mother with thee, and fly in- to E- - -gypt. And be -thou there un- til 

dir sa- - -ge, denn es ist vor-han- den, dass He- -ro- des das Kind -lein su-che, das- 

I bring thee word, for be-hold I tell thee, that the child is pur-sued by He-rod, for 

-sei- -be um-zu-brin- gen, . Evan. Und er-stand auf und nahm das Kind- lein und 

he would, fain de-stroy him, . Then he a- rose and took the young child, and 

J, <d 15 

sei- ne Mut-ter zu sich bei der Nacht und ent-floh nach E- gyp- ten- land und blieb all- 
took his mo- - ther with him by night, and de- par- -ted to E- - -gypt and bi- -ded 

da bis nachdem To- -de He- ro-dis, auf dass er- -fül-let wür-de das der Herr 
there un- til the death of .King He-rod, that there might be ful- filled which was spo- 

durch den Pro-phe-ten ge- sa-get hat, der da spricht: (Hosea,XI,l) Aus E- -gyp- ten ha- 
-ken of the Lord by the Pro- -phet, when he said: k i I have called my son 

AR m 

i nun He- -ro- des sa- -he, das er von den 

that he come up out of E- gypt. Then He- rod, when he saw that the Wise Men had de- 
Wei- -sen be- tro- gen war, ward er sehr zor- nig und schi-cket aus und liess 
-ceived and were mock-ing him, his wrath was kind- led, and he sent forth, and slew 

al- le Kin- der zu Beth-le-hem to- - ten, und an ih- ren Gren- - -zen, die da 
all the child-ren in Beth-le-hem, eve-ryone, and in all the coasts there-of, that were 

zwei jah-rig und drun-ter wa- ren, nach der Zeit, die er mit Fleiss von den Wei- -sen 

from two years- old and un- der, this ac- cor- ding to the time he had learned when 

17 „ / 

er ler- net hat- te, da, da ist er- -ful- -let, das ge- sa- get ist durch den Pro- 

the Wise Men told him,. Then, then was ful-filled what had been pro-phe-sied — by the 

-phe-ten Je-re-mi-a, der da spricht: (Jer.XXXI,15) Auf dem Ge-bir-ge hat man ein Ge- 

Pro-phet Je-re-mi-ah, when he said: High up in Ra- ma there was heard a 


-schrei ge-hö- ret, viel Kla- gens, Wei-nens und Heu- lens. Ra-hel be-wei- ne- te 

voice la-raen-ting, great mourn-ing, weep-ing, and wail-ing, Ra-chel - weep-ing to 

ih- re Kin- der und woll-te sich nicht trö-sten las- sen, denn es war aus mit 
mourn her child-ren, rer -fu-sing com- fort for her child-ren weep-ing be-cause they 

ih- nen. Da a-ber He-ro-des ge- stor-ben war, sie-he, da er-schien der En-gel des 
are not. And af- -ter He- rod the King was dead, lo then, there ap-peared the angel of the 

Her-ren dem Jo-seph im Traum und sprach: Intermedium VIII Ste- he auf, Jo-seph, 
Lord un-to Jo-seph in a dream and said: The Angel Get thee up, Jo-seph, 

und nimm das Kind- lein und sei- ne Mut-ter zu dir, und zeuch hin, und zeuch hin in 
and take the young child and take his mo- ther with thee, and go thence, and go thence to 

in das Land Is-ra-el, sie sind ge-stor-ben, die dem Kin- de nach dem Le-ben stun- 
the land of Is-ra-el, for they are all dead which had sought to put to death the young 

-den, die dem Kin- de nach dem Le- ben, die dem Kin- de nach dem Le- ben stun- 
child, which had sought the child to slay him, which had sought to put to death the young 


Christmas Oratorio 

-den. Evan. Und er stand auf und nahm das Kind- lein und sei- ne Mut-ter zu sich 

child. And he a- rose, and took the young child, and took his mo- ther with him 

und kam in das Land Is-ra-el. Da er a- ber ho- -re- te, das Ar-che-la-us im 
and came to the land of Is-ra-el. But when he had heard it told that Ar-che-la-us did 

jii- di-schen Lan-de Ko-nig war, aR statt sei-nes Va-ters He- ro-dis, furch- tet er sich, 
reign in Ju- -de- a as the king, in place of his fa- ther King He-rod, fearj ing to take 

da- hin zu kom-men, und im Traum em-pfing er Be- - fehl von Gott, und zog an die Or- 
them with him thi-ther, be- ing warned a-gain in a dream by God, / he turned a-side 

-ter des ga- li-la-i- sehen Lan- de una kam und woh- ne- te in der ' Stadt, die hei- 
in- to Ga- li-lee for his dwell-ing, and came and made his a-bode in a ci- -ty. vhich 

hei-sset Na-za-reth, auf dass er- -fül-let wür-de, was da ge- sa-get ist durch den 

is called Na-za-reth, that it might be ful-filled which had been spo- - ken by - 

a Luke II 40 
Pro-phe- ten: Er soll Na- za- -re- -nus hei-ssen, A-ber ads Kind wuchs und war 

the Pro-phets: A Na- za-rene they shall call him. And- the child grew and waxed 

stark im Geist, vol- -1er Weis-heit, und Got-tes Gna-de war bei ihm. 
strong in spi-rit, filled with wis-dom, and on Him was the grace of God. 


Dank sa-gen wir al- -le, al- le Gott, 
Thanks be to God, sing we, sing we all, 

Gott un- serm Herrn Chri-stus 
God our Lord, Christ Je- sus, 

der uns mit sei- ner Ge- - burt hat er-leuch-tet 
who by His birth has brought light un- to our world, 
und uns er- lo- -set hat mit sei- nen Blu-te 
and by His pre- cious blood has saved His peo-ple 

von des Teu-fels Ge-walt. 
from the Pow-ers of Hell, 

Den sol-len wir al- le mit sei-nen En-geln 
So shall we all praise Him with all His an-gels, 

lo- ben mit Schal- le, sin- gen, sin- gen, 

praise Him with sing-ing, sing-ing, sing-ing, 

Preis sei Gott in der Ho- he, 
praise to God in theHigh-est, . 



Vol. II 

Psalm 110 

1. The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my 

right hand, until I make thine enemies my 

footstool . 

2. The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength 

out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine 


3. Thy people shall be willing in the day of 
thy power, in the beauties of holiness from 
the womb of the morning: thou hast the" dew 
of thy youth. 

4. The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent, 
Thou art a priest for ever after the order of 

5. The Lord at thy right hand shall strike 
thru kings in the day of his wrath. 

6. He shall judge among the heathen, he shall 
fill the places with the dead bodies; he 
shall wound the heads over many countries. 

7. He shall drink of the brook in the way: 
therefore shall he lift up the head. 

Der Herr sprach zu mei-nen Her-ren; 
The Lord spake and said to my Lord: 

se- tze dich, zu mei-ner Rech- ten, 
Sit thee down, up-on my right hand, 

bis ich dei- ne Fein-de zum Schle-mel 
that I make thine e - ne-mies serve thee 

dei-ner Fii-sse le- ge. 
ev- en as a foot-stool. 

Psalm 110 (cont) 

Du bist ein Prie-ster e-wig-lich nach 
"Thou art a priest for-ev-er af- ter 

der Wei-se Mel-chi-se-dech. 
the or -der Mel-chi-ze-dek." 

Der Herr zu dei- ner Rech- ten wird 
The Lord at thy Right Hand stri-keth 

zu-schmeis-sen die Ko- ni- ge, 
thru kings in the Day of Wrath, 

wird zu-schmeis-sen die Ko- ni- ge 
thru the kings in His Day of Wrath, 

zur Zeit sei-nes Zo- rens, . 
the Day of His an- ger, 

Er wird rich- ten un - ter den Hei- den, 
He shall judge the hea- then a-mong them, 

Er wird gro- sse Schlacht thun, 
He fill-eth the pla- -ces 

er wird gro-sse Schlacht thun, 
with ma- ny dead bo- -dies. 

er wird zu-schmeis-sen, er wird zu- 
for He shall smite them, and give them 
-schmeis-sen das Haupt u-ber gro-sse Lan- de. 
wounds on the head ov-er ma- ny coun-tries. 

Er wird trin-ken vom Ba- che auf dem We- 
He shall drink of the brook be-side the path- 

-ge da- rum wird er das Haupt em-por 

Der Herr wird das Scep-ter dei- nes 
He will send the rod to make thee 

Rei-ches sen- den aus Zi-on, 
ru- ler, strength out of Zi-on, 

herr-sche un-ter dei-nen Fein-den. 
ru- ler thou of foes a-round thee. 

Nach dei-nem Sieg wird dir dem Volk 
Then in thy glo- -ry will thy folk 

wil-lig-lich o- pfern im heil-gen Schmuck, 
glad-ly a -dorn theewithho- lv grace. 

Dei-ne Kin- der wer-den dir ge- bo- ren, 
And thy child-ren will be like the sunshine, 

-way .there- fore he shall go with head up- 

he- ben. Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und 

-lift-ed. Glo- ry to the Fa-ther and 

dem Sohn und auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, 
the Son, and to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; 

wie es war im An- fang, jetzt und 
as it ev - -er has been, now and 

im-mer-dar, und von E-wig-keit zu E-wig-keit, 
ev-er-more, from E-ter-ni- ty for ev-er-more 

A- men. 
A- men. 

Psalm 2 

wie der Thau aus der Mor-gen-r'd- the. 
on the dew of a ro- sy morn-ing. 

Der Herr hat ge-schwo-ren und wird ihn 
The Lord hath sworn to thee and will 

nicht ge-reu- en. 
not re -pent it: 

i. Why do the heathen rage, and the people 
imagine a vain thing? 

2. The kings of the earth set themselves, and 
the rulers take counsel together against the 
Lord, and against his anointed. 

3. Let us break their bands asunder, and cast 

Schutz, Psalm 2, (cont) 

away their cords from us. 

4. He that sitteth in the heavens shall 
laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. 

5. Then shall he speak unto them in his 
wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. 

6. Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill 
of Zion. 

7. I will declare the decree: the Lord hath 
said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have 
I begotten thee. 

8. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the 
heathen for thine inheritance, and the utter- 
-most parts of the earth for thy possession. 

9. Thou shalt break them with a rod of 
iron; thou shalt dash them to pieces like 
a potter's vessel. 

10. Be wise now therefore, ye kings: be 
instructed, ye judges of the earth. 

11. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice 
with trembling. 

12. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye 
perish from the way, when his wrath is kin- 
-dled but a little. Blesses are all they 
that put their trust in him. 

Wa- rum to-ben die Hei-den, und die 
Where-fore rageth the hea-then, and the 

Leu-te re-den so ver-geb-lich? 
peo-ple vain-ly so i- ma- gine? 

Die Kö- nig im Lan- de leh-nen sich 
The kings of the earth have set them-selves 

auf, und die Her-ren rath-schla-gen 
up and the ru-lers take coun-sel 

mit ein-an-der wi- der den Her- ren 
all to-geth-er a- gainst the Lord and 

und sei- nen Ge-sal-bten. 
a-gainst His a-noin-ted. 

Las-set uns zer- rei-ssen ih-re Ban-de. 
tet us break their sha-ckles all a- sunder, 

und von uns wer- fen ih- -re Sei- le. 
and from us cast the cords that bind us. 

A- ber der im Him-mel woh-net 
He that sit-teth high in Hea-ven 

la- chet ihr, Und der Herr spot-tet ihr. 
loud shall laugh, for the Lord mock-eth them. 

Er wird ei-nest mit ih- nen re- den in 
In His an-ger the Lord will speak un-to 

sei-nen Zorn, und mit sei-nem Grimm, 
them in wrath, vex them in His wrath, 

wird er sie er- schre-cken. 
in His sore dis- plea-sure. 

Psalm 2 (cont) 

A- ber ich ha-be me i -nen Ko-nig ein-ge- 
Yet have I set my king up-on my Ho- ly 

-setzt, auf mei-nem heil -gen Ber-ge Zi-on. 
Hill, up- on my Ho- ly Hill of Zi-on. 

Ich will von ei-ner sol-chen Wei- se pre- 
I will de-clare to thee and tell the Lonfs 

-di-gen, dass der Herr zu mir ge-sagt hat: 
de-cree,that the Lord to me hath spo-ken: 

Du bist mein Sohn, heut hab ich dich ge- 
Thou art my Son, this day have I be- 

-zeu-get. Hei-sche von mir, so will ich 
-got thee. Ask thou of me, and thou shalt 

dir die Hei-den zum Er- be ge- ben und 
have the hea-then for thy pos-ses-sion, and 

der Welt En- de zum Ei-gen-thum. 
shalt in- her- it the ends of earth. 

Du sollt sie mit ei-nem ei-sern Sce-pter 
For ve- -ri- ly with a rod of iron thou 

zu- schla-gen, wie Top- fe sollt du 
shalt break them, like clay shall they be 

sie zu-schmei-ssen. So lasst euch nun wei- 
dashed in pie- -ces. So be ye in-struct- 

-sen, ihr Ko- ni- ge, und lasst euch zifch- 
-ed, ye kings of earth, and be ye there- 

-ti- gen, ihr Rich-ter auf Er- den. Die- net 
-fore wise, ye ru-lers and jud-ges. Serve the 

zum Her-ren mit Furcht, und freu-et euch mit 
Al-migh-ty with fear, and be ye glad with 

Zit- tern. Kiis-set den Sohn, dass er nicht 
tremb-ling. Kiss ye the Son, lest He be 

zür-ne und ihr um-kom-met auf dem We- ge, 
an-gry and lest ye per-ish from the path-way, 

denn sein Zorn wird bald an-bren-nen, 
when His wrath kin- dies but lit-tle, 

a- ber wohl AI- len, die auf ihn trau- en. 
Bles- sed they, all they who fear and trust Him. 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn, und auch 
Glo-ry to the Fa- t her, and the Son, and to 

dem heil-gen. Gei-ste, wie es 
the Ho- ly Spi-rit; as it 

An- fang, jetzt und im-mer-dar, 
has been, now and ev-er-more, 

von E-wig-keit zu- E-wig-keit. 
E- ter-ni- ty for e-ver-more. 

A- men. 





VolII, No. 3 Schutz, Psalm 6 

1. Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger, 
neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure. 

2. Have mercy on me, Lord; for I am weak; 
Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed. 

3. My soul is also sore vexed: but thou, 
Lord, how long? 

4. Return, Lord, deliver my soul: oh 
save me for thy mercies' sake. 

5. For in death there is no remembrance of 
thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks? 

6. I am weary with my groaning; all the 
night make I my bed to swim; I water my couch 
with my tears. 

7. Mine eye is consumed because of grief; it 
waxeth old because of all mine enemies. 

8. Depart from me, all ye workers of ini- 
-quity; for the Lord hath heard the voice of 
my weeping. 

9. The Lord hath heard my supplication; 
the Lord will receive my prayer. 

10. Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore 
vexed: let them return and be ashamed suddenly. 

Ach Herr, straf mich nicht in dei- nem Zorn, 
Ah Lord, chide me not when Thou art wroth, 

und züch-ti- ge mich nicht in dei-nem 
and chas-ten Thou me not in hot dis- 

Grim- me. Herr sei mir gna-dig, denn ich 
-plea-sure. Lord, show me mer-cy, for I 

bin schwach, hei-le mich, Herr, denn mei- ne 
am weak; heal me, Lord, for know that 

Ge- bei- ne sind er-schro-cken, und 
my bones are vexed with- in me, and 

mei- ne See- le ist sehr er-schro-cken. 
sore-ly vexed is my spi-rit al - -so. 

Ach du Herr, wie lang, ach du Herr, wie lang! 
Thou,0 Lord, how long, my Lord, how long? 

Wen- de dich Herr, und er-ret-te mei- ne 
Come back, Lord, and de-liv-er Thou ray 

See-le, hilf mir um dei-ner Gu- te wil-len. 
spi-rit, and in Thy mer-cy come and save me! 

Denn im To- de ge- den- ket man dein 
For in death who is there who will thank 

nicht, wer will dir in der Hol-le dan- ken? 
Thee, and in the grave is no re-membrance. 

Ich bin so mu- de von Seuf- zen, ich schwem- 
I. am so wea-ry with groan-ing; all night 

-me mein Bett die gan-ze Nacht und net-ze 
I make my bed to swim, and wa-ter 

Psalm 6 (cont) 

mit mei- nen Thr'a'-nen mein La- ger. 
my couch with tears of ray weep-ing. 

Mei-ne Ge- stalt ist ver- fal-len von 
I am con-sumed and mine eye wax-eth 

Trau-ern und ist alt wor- den, denn ich al- 
old from ray hea-yy griev-ing; e- ne-mies 

-lent-hal-ben ge- ang-stet wer-den. 
are eve-ry-where round a- bout me. 

Wei-chet von mir al- le Ü-bel-tha-ter, 
Get ye a- way all ye ev-il-do- ers, 

denn der Herr hört mein Wei- nen, der 
the Lord hear-eth my weep-ing, the 

Herr hb'rt mein Fle-hen, 
voice of my pray-er, 

mein Ge-bet nimmt der Herr an. 
hear-eth my sup- pli- ca-tion. 

Es mus-sen al-le mei- ne Fein- de zu 
Let all mine e-ne-mies be vexed and be 

Schan- den wer- den und sehr er- schre- 
filled with shame, and be sore con-found- 

-cken, sich zu- ru-cke keh- ren und 
-ed, let them now re-turn hence, sud- 

zu Schan-den wer-den plotz-lich. 
-den- -ly in shame re- turn- ing! 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn und 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther,and the Son, and 

auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, wie es 
to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; as it 

war im An- fang, jetzt und im-mer-dar, 
ev- er has been, now and ev-er-more, 

und von E-wig-keit zu E-wig-keit. A-men. 
from E-ter-ni- ty for ev-er-more. A-men. 

No. 4, Psalm 130 

1. Out of the depths have I cried unto 
thee, Lord. 

2. Lord, hear my voice: let thine ears be 
attentive to the voice of my supplications. 

3. If thou, Lord, shouldest mark iniqui- 
ties, Lord, who shall stand? 

4. But there is forgiveness with thee, 
that thou ma yes t be feared. 

5. I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, 
and in his word do I hope. 

6. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than 
they that watch for the morning: I say, more 
than they that watch for the morning. 



Schütz Ffcalms, Vol. II, No. 4, Ps.130 

Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with 
the Lord there is mercy, and with him is 
plenteous redemption. 

8. And he shall redeem Israel from all 
his iniquities. 

Aus der Tie- fe, ruf ich, Herr, zu dir, 
Out of dark-ness, cried I, Lord, to Thee. 

Herr, Herr, ho-re mei- ne Stirn- me, 
Lord, hear me when I call Thee, 

lass dei- ne Oh- ren mer-ken 
Lord let Thine ears be op-en 

auf die Stim-me mei-nes Fie- hens, 
to the voice of mine en-trea-ties. 

So du wilt, Herr, Siin- de zu- rech- 
If Thou,Lord,shouldst mark all our fail- 

-nen, Herr wer wird be- ste- hen. 
-ings,Lord, who then can face Thee? 

Denn bei dir ist die Ver- ge- bung, 
But with Thee there is for-give-ness, 

dass man dich für- chte. 
that we may fear Thee. 

Ich har- re, ich har-re des Her-ren, 
I wait Thee, I ev- er a-wait Thee, 

mei-ne See- le har- ret, 
yea, my soul is wait-ing, 

und ich hof- fe auf sein Wort, 
in Thy Word have I my hope. 

Mei-ne See-le war- tet auf den Her- ren 
For my spi-rit wait-eth for the Lord more 

von ei- ner Mor- gen wa- che, 
than they that watch for morn-ing, 

bis zur an- der n. 
'til the morn-ing. 

Is-ra-el hof- fe auf den Her- ren 
Is-ra-el,hope thou in the Lord God, 

dem bei dem Her- ren ist die Gna- de 
for with the Lord there is com-pas-sion, 

und viel Er- lo- sung bei ihm. 
and full re-demp-tion with Him. 

Und er wird Is-ra-el er- 10- sen 
And un- to Is-ra-el re-demp-tion 

von al-len sei- nen Sun- den. 
from all of his trans-gress-ions. 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther,and the Son, 

und auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, 
and to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; 





wie es 


in An- 

fang, : 



as it 


- -er has 

been , 






von E-wig-keit 



from E-ter-ni- ty, 

zu E 





for E-ter- 


No. 5, Psalm 122 

1. I was glad when they said unto me, 
us go into the house of the Lord. 

2. Our feet shall stand within thy gates, 

3. Jerusalem is builded as a city that is 
compact together. 

4. Whither the tribes go up, the tribes of 
the Lord, unto the testimony of Israel, to give 
thanks unto the name of the Lord. 

5. For there are set thrones of judgment, 
the thrones of the house of David. 

6. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they 
shall prosper that love thee. 

7. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity 
within thy palaces. 

8. For my brethren and companions' sakes, 
I will now say, Peace be within thee. 

9. Because of the house of the Lord our God 
I will seek thy good. 

Ich freu mich des, das mir ge-redt ist, 
My heart was glad, when they said to me, 

dass wir wer-den ins Haus des Her-ren ge- 
let us go to the house where God the Lord 

-hen. Und dass un- sre Fu-sse wer-den 
dwells. Where- fore shall our feet be firm-ly 

ste- hen, in dei-nen Tho-ren, Je-ru-sa-lem. 
stand-ing with- in thy gates, Je-ru-sa-lem. 

Je-ru-sa-lem ist ge- bau- et, dass ei-ne 
Je-ru-sa-lem has been buil-ded to be a 

Stadt sei, da man zu- sam- men kom-men soil, 
ci - ty that is corn-pact with- in it- self. 

Da die Stam-me hin- auf, hin-auf ge-hen 
Whi-ther do the tribes go up, go up to 

sol-len, nam- lieh die Stam-me des Her- ren, 
wor-ship, they that do wor-ship the Lord God, 

zu pre-di-gen dem Volk Is-ra-el, 
to tes-ti-fy there for Is-ra-el, 

zu dan- ken dem Na-men des Her- ren. 
(give thanks to the name of) the Lord God. 

Denn da-selbst si- tzen die Stun- le, 
55 For there are set thrones of judg-ment 

Schlitz Vol.II, Psalm 122 (cont) 

die Stuh-le zum Ge- rieh- te, Stüh- le 
where jud-ges sit in judg-ment, thrones of 

des Hau-ses Da-vids. Wün-schet Je-ru-sa- 
the House of Da-vid. Send to Je-ru-sa- 

-lem Gitfck, es mus- se wohl ge- hen 
-lern peace, that they and their sons shall 

de- nen, die dich lie- ben. 
pros-per, they who love Thee. 

Es mus- se Frie-de sein, un- wen-dig 
Peace be with- in thy walls, peace and pros - 

dei-nen Mau-ern und Glück in dei-nen 
-per- i- ty in thy pa- -la-ces be 

Pai-l'a-sten. Um mei-ner Brü-der und Freun- 
for ev- er. For my com- pan- ions and for 

-de wil- len will ich der Frie- de wünschen, 
my bro-thers now I say peace with-in thee. 

Um des Hau-ses wil- len des Her- ren unser s 
In the tem-ple where God has made His ha-bi- 

Got-tes will ich dein Be- stes su- chen, . 
-ta-tion I will be-seech thy wel-fare, . 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn und 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther and the Son and 

auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, wie es war 
to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; as it ev- 

im An- fang jetzt und im-mer-dar und 
-er has been , now and ev-er-more, from 

von E-wig-keit zu E-wig-keit. A-men. 
E-ter-ni- ty for ev-er-more. A-men. 

No. 6, Psalm 8 

1. Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy 
name in all the earth! who hast set thy 
glory above the heavens. 

2. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings 
hast thou ordained strength because ^ of thine 
enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy 
and the avenger. 

3. When I consider thy heavens, the work 
of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, 
which thou hast ordained; 

4. What is man, that thou art mindful of 
him, and the son of man, that thou vis i test 

5. For thou hast made him a little lower 
than the angels, and hast crowned him with 
glory and honour. 

6. Thou madest him to have dominion over 
the works of thy hands; thou hast put all 
things under his feet: 

Rsalm 8 (cont) 

7. All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts 
of the field; 

8. The fowl of the air, and the fish of the 
sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths 
of the sea. 

9. Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy 
name in all the earth! 

wie herr-lich ist 
how ex- eel- lent 


Herr, un-ser Herr-scher, 
Lord, who art our Lord, 

dein Nam in al- len Lan-den, 
Thy Name in all ere- a-tion, 

da man dir dan-ket im Him-mel. 
glo-rious^a-bove all the hea-vens! 

Aus dem Mun- de der jun- gen Kin- der 
Out of the mouth of - babes and suck- lings, 

und Saug- lin- ge hast du ei- ne Macht 
of suck- lings hast Thou or-dain-ed strength, 

zu-ge-rich-tet um dei- ner Fein-de wil- len, 
to en-com-pass thy foes and to destroy them 

dass du ver-til-gest, den Feind und den 
that Thine a- ven-ger and foe may be 

dis- com-fi-ted. 

Denn ich wer-de se-hen die Him-mel, 
When I but con-si-der the hea-vens, 

dei- ner Fin-ger Werk, den Mon- den 
work Thy fin-gers wrought, the moon and 

und die Ster-ne, die du- be-rei-testj 
stars pf Hea-ven, that Thou or-dain-ed* 

was ist der Mensch, dass du sein ge- 

what is '— man, that of him Thou art 

-den-kest, und des Men-schen Kind dass du 
mind-ful, and the son of man that he 

dich sein an- nimmst? Du wirst ihn las- 
should con-cern Thee? For Thou hast made 

-sen ein klei-ne Zeit von Gott ver- las-sen 
him a lit-tle low- er than the an-gels 

sein, a- ber mit Eh- ren und Schmuck 
are, crowned him with glo-ry and fame, 

wirst du ihn kro- nen. 
with hon-or crowned him. 

Du wirst ihn zum Her-ren ma-chen ü-ber 
Tliou mad- est him have do-min-ion ov-er 

dei- ner rian-de Werk. AI- les hast du 
all Thy han-dy-work. Thou hast put all 

un- ter sei- ne Fti-sse ge- than, 
liv-ing crea-tures un-der His feet, 

Schutz. Vol.II, Psalm 8 (cont) 

Schaf und Och-sen all- zu- mal, 
sheep and ox- en, flocks and herds, 

dar- zu auch die wil-den Thier, 
the beasts that walk in the field, 

die Vo - gel un-ter dem Him-mel, und die 
the fowls that fly in the Hea-ven, and the 

Fisch im Meer und was im Meer ge- het. 
fish that swim, yea,what-ev- er swim-meth. 
Sop. II) and 

Herr, un- ser Herr-scher, etc. 
Lord, who art our Lord, etc. 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn und 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther,and the Son, and 

auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, wie es war 
to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; as it ev- 

im An-fang jetzt und im-mer-dar und 
-er has been, now and ev-er-more, from 

von E-wig-keit zu E-wig-keit. A-men. 
E-ter-ni- ty.for ev-er-more. A-men. 

No. 7, Psalm 1 

1. Blessed is the man that walketh not in 
the counsel of the ungodly, nor standet h in 
the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat 
of the scornful. 

2. But his delight is in the law of the 
Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day 
and night. 

3. And he shall be like a tree planted by 
the rivers of water, that bringeth forth 
his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall 
not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall 
prosper . 

4. The ungodly are not so: but are like 
the chaff which the wind driveth away. 

5. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand 
in the judgment, nor sinners in the con- 
gregation of the righteous. 

6. For the Lord knoweth the way of the 
righteous: but the way of the ungodly 
shall perish. 

Wohl dem, der nicht wan-delt im Rath der 
Bles-sed he who wal-keth not with the 

Gott-lo-sen, noch tritt auf den Weg der Sün- 

un-god-ly, nor go- eth the way of sin- 

-der, noch si- tzet da die Spbt-ter si-tzen. 

-ners.nor sit-teth in the seat of scorn-ers. 

Son-dern hat Lust zum Ge- se-tze des Her- ren 
But in the law of the Lord he de -light- eth 

Psalm 1 (cont) 

und re- det von sei- nem Ge- se- tze Tag 
to keep and ob-serve His Com-mand-ments day 

und Nacht, . Der ist wie ein Baum 
and night, , He is like a tree 

ge- pflan-zet an den Was-ser- ba-chen, 
one plant-eth by the wa- ter-cour-ses, 

der sei- ne Frucht brin-get zu sei-ner Zeit, 
that bring-eth his fruit at the pro-per time, 

und sei- ne Blat-ter ver-wel-ken nicht, 
his leaf shall flourish and with-er not, 

und was er ma-chet, das ge-rath wohl, 
and all he do-eth shall en-rich him, 

A- ber so sind die Gott-lo-sen nicht, 
Yet the un-god- ly are not as this, 

son-dern wie Spreu die der Wind zer-streu-et f 
but like the chaff that the wind doth scat-ter. 

Da-rum blei-ben die Gott- lo- sen nicht im 
The un-god- ly shall not stand in the seat 

Ge-rich- te, noch die Sun-der in der 
of judg-ment,nor the sin-ners inthecon- 

Ge-mein-de der Ge- rech- ten. Denn der 
-gre-ga-tion of the right-eous. For the 

Herr ken- net den Weg der Ge- rech- ten, 
Lord know-eth the way of the right-eous, 

a- ber der Gott- -lo-sen Weg ver- ge- het. 
but the way of un- god-li-ness shall per-ish. 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn, und 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther and the Son, and 

auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, wie es war 
to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; as it ev- 

im An- fang, jetzt und im-mer-dar, 
-er has been now and ev-er-more, 

und von E-wig-keit zu E-wig-keit. A-men. 
from E-ter-ni- ty for ev-er-more. A-men. 

No. 8, Psalm 84 

1. How amiable are thy tabernacles, 
Lord of hosts. 

2. My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth 
for the courts of the Lord: my heart and 
my flesh crieth out for the living God. 

3. Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, 
and the swallow a nest for herself, where 
she may lay her young, even thine altars, 
Lord of hosts, my King, and my God. 

4. Blessed are they that dwell in thy 
house; they will be still praising thee. 
57 ßelah. 

Schutz, Vol.II, Psalm 84 (cont) 

5. Blessed is the man whose strength is in 
thee; in whose heart are the ways of them. 

6. Who passing through the valley of Baca 
make it a well; the rain also filleth the 

7. They go from strength to strength, eve- 
-ry one of them in Zion appeareth before God. 

8. Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer: 
give ear, God of Jacob. Selah. 

9. Behold, God our shield, and look . 
upon the face of thine anointed. 

10. For a day in thy courts is better 
than a thousand. I had rather be a door- 

-keeper in the house of my God, than to 
dwell in the tents of wickedness. 

11. For the Lord God is a sun and shield: 
the Lord will give grace and glory: no 
good thing will he withhold from them that 
walk uprightly. 

12. Lord of hosts, blessed is the man 
that trusteth in thee. 


Wie lieb-lich wie lieb-lich sind dei- ne 
How love- ly, how love- ly is Thine own 

Woh- nun- ge, sind dei-ne Won- nun-ge 
dwell-ing- place, how dear and dear -ly be- 

Her- re Za- ba- oth. Mein Seel ver- 

-loved.O Lord of hosts. My spi- rit 

Ian- get und seh- net dich nach den 
long-eth, yea it would faint, faint for 

Ver- -ho- fen des Her- ren, 
the courts of the Lord God; 

mein Leib und See-le freu-et sich, 
my soul and bo- dy cri-eth out, 

in dem le- ben-di» gen Gott, 
cri-eth for the Liv-ing God. 

Denn der Vo- gel hat ein Haus fun- 
Yea, the swal-low hath found a dwel- 

und die Schwal-be ihr Nest, ihr Nest, 
and the spar-row a nest, her nest, 

dass sie Jun- ge he-cken, nam- lieh 
where her young may be laid, at Thine 

dei-ne Al-tar, Her-re Ze-ba-oth, 
al-tars,0 Lord, God of Sa-ba-oth, 

mein Kb'- nig, und mein Gott. Wohl de- nen, 
my Mas-ter, and my God. How bles-sed, 

wohl de- nen die in dei-nem Hau- se 
bles-sed are they whose home is where Thou 

woh- nen, die lo-ben dich im- mer-dar, 
dwell-est; they ev-er are prais-ing Thee, 


Psalm 84 (cont) 

Se-la. Wohl den Men-schen. 
Se-lah. Bles-sed that one, 

die dich fur ih- -re Star-ke hal-ten, 
(he that Thy strength up-hold-eth)ev-er, 

die dich fur ih- re Star- ke hal-ten, 
he that Thy migh-ty strength up- hold-eth, 

S.I) und von Her- zen dir nach-wan-deln, 
and whose heart will fol-low Thy ways, 

.II) und von Her-zen dir nach-wan-deln, 
know and fol-low ev- -er Thy ways, 

,11) und von Her- zen dir, von Her- zen 
and whose heart will know, will know and 

dir nach-wan-deln. 
fol-low Thy ways; 

Die durch das Jam- mer-thal ge-hen 
and pass- ing thru the Vale Ba-ca, 

und gra-ben da-selbst Brun- nen. 
they make it a sweet well-spring. 

Und die Leh- rer wer- den mit viel 
And their teach-ers will with count-less 

Se- gen ge-schm'u-cket, sie er-hal-ten 
bles-sings a-dorn them as they go from 

ei- nen Sieg nach dem an- dem, 
strength to strength in their glo-ry, 

dass man se- hen muss, der rech-te Gott, 
and they shall ap- -pear be- fore the Lord, 

der rech-te Gott, sei zu Zi-on. 
there with the Lord, in His Zi-on. 

Herr Gott Ze- ba- oth, ho- re mein Ge- bet, 

Lord God of hosts, hear Thou my pray-er, 

ver-nimms, Gott, Ja-kob, Se-la. 
give ear,0 God of Ja-cob, Se-lah. 

Gott, un- ser Schild, schau doch, sie- 
ße-hold, God our shield, look Thou^look 

-he an das Reich dei- nes Ge-salb-ten. 
up-on my face, see Thine a-noin-ted. 

Denn ein Tag in dei-nen Ver- ho- fen ist 
For a day in — Thy — courts - is 

bes-ser denn sonst tau-send. 
bet-ter than a thou- sand. 

Ich will lie-ber, will lie-ber der Thiir 

1 had ra-ther, had ra-ther be door- 

hii- ten in mei-nes Got-tes Hau- se, 
-keep-er where God Him-self is dwell-ing, 

denn Ian- ge woh-nen in der Gott - 
than dwell for-ev-er with them God 


Schütz, Vol.II, Psalm 84 (cont) 

-lo- sen Hut -ten, (S, II) in der Gott-lo-sen, 
has for-sa- ken, than dwell for- ev-er, 

Denn Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild, 
For God the Lord is sun and shield, 

der Herr giebt Gnad und Eh- re. 
who giv- -eth grace and glo-ry. 

Er wird kein gu-tes man-geln la-ssen den 
No good will He de- ny them that walk up- 

Frora-men, Herr Ze- ba- oth, wohl dem 

-right -ly, Lord God of Hosts, he is 

Men-schen, der sich auf dich ver-lasst, 
bles-sed who puts his trust in Thee, 

No. 9, Psalm 128 

1. Blessed is every one that feareth the 
Lord; that walketh in his ways. 

2. For thou shalt eat the labour of thine 
hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be 
well with thee. 

3. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine 
by the sides of thine house: thy children 
like olive plants round about thy table. 

4. Behold, that thus shall the man be 
blessed that feareth the Lord. 

5. The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion: 
and thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem 
all the days of thy life. 

6. Yea, thou shalt see thy children's 
children, and peace upon Israel. 

Wohl dem, der den Her- ren fürch-tet 
Bles-sed, they who fear the Lord God, 

und auf sei-nen We-gen ge- het, 
and who walk as He com-mand-eth, 

Du wirst dich nah- ren dei-ner Han- de 
Thou shalt be nourished by the work of 

Ar- be it, wohl dir, du hast es gut,, 
thy hands; hap- py, thou then shalt be,. 

Dein Weib wird sein wie ein frucht-bar 
Thy wife shall be as a fruit- ful 

Wein-stock um dein Haus her- -um, 
vine-yard round a- bout thine house, 

dei-ne Kin- der wie die Ols- wei- ge 
and thy child-ren like o-live bran-ches, 

um dei-nen Tisch her, 
all at thy ta- Die, 

Sie- he, al- so wird ge- seg- net der 
Look ye, for in that-wise shall they be 

Mann, der den Her- ren furch-tet, 

blest, they who fear the Lord God, . ^g 

Psalm 128 (cont) 

Der Herr wird dich seg- nen aus Zi-on 
God the Lord shall bless thee from Zi-on 

dass du se-hest das Gluck Je-ru-sa-lem, 
that thou se-est the Lord's Je-ru-sa-leni, 

dein Le- ben lang, und se- hest dei- 
thy whole life long, yea, thou shalt see 

-ner Kin- der Kin- der, Frie- de u'-ber 
thy child-Tens' child-ren; peace be un-to 


Eh- re sei dem Va-ter etc, see Psalm 110 ,2, etc 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther etc, 

No. 10 Psalm 121 

1. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, 
from whence cometh my help. 

2. My help cometh from the Lord, which made 
heaven and earth. 

3. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: 
he that keepeth thee will not slumber. 

4. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall 
neither si umoer nor sleep. 

5. The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy 
shade upon thy right hand. 

6. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor 
the moon by night. 

7. The Lord shall preserve thee from all 
evil: he shall preserve thy soul. 

8. The Lord shall preserve thy going out 
and thy coming in from this time forth, and 
even for evermore. 

Ich he- be mei- ne Au-gen auf, zu den 
I lift mine eyes un-to the hills, to the 

Ber- -ge, von wel- chen mir Hu'l-fe, 
high hills; from whence doth my help come? 

mir Hu'l- fe kom-met. 
whence doth my help come? 

Mei-ne Hul-fe kömmt vom Her- ren, 
My help com-eth from the Lord God, 

der Him-rael, und Er- den ge-macht hat, 
the hea-ven, and earth He ere- a- -ted, . 

Es wird dein Fuss nicht glei-ten las-sen, 
He will not suf- -fer thee to fal-ter, 

(thy foot to fal-ter,) 

und der dich be- hll- tet, schlaft nicht, 
and He will not slum-ber, nor sleep. 

Sie- he, sie-he, sie-he der Hii- ter I-sra-el 
Look ye, see ye, lo He that keep-eth Is-ra-el 

Chor. II: schläft noch schlum-mert nicht, 
He shall slum- ber not, 

Schütz, Vol.II, Psalm 121 (cont) 

Chor.I: schläft noch schlum-mert nicht, 
slum- ber not nor sleep, 

end) noch schlum-mert nicht, 

He (shall not sleep) , . 

der Herr ist 
the Lord is 

Der Herr be-hu-te dich, 
Thy Keep- er is the Lord; 

dein Schat-ten ü- ber dei- ner rech- ten 
thy sha- dow that the sun shall smite thee 

Hand, dass dich des Tags die Son- ne 
not, so in the day the sun shall 

nicht ste-che, noch der Mon- de des Nachts, 
not smite thee, nor the moon in the night. 

Der Herr be- hu- te dich, 
The Lord pre-serv-eth thee, 

für al- lern U-bel, . 
from eve-ry ev-il, . 

Er be- hü*- te dei- ne See-le, 
He will keep thy soul from ev- il, 

Alto I: 

Er be- hü- te, be- hü- te 

He will keep thee, will keep thy 

dei- ne See-le, 
soul from ev- il, 

der Herr be- hu- te dei-nen Aus-gang 
the Lord pre-serv-eth thee in com-ing 

und Ein-gang, 
and go- ing, 

von nun an bis in E-wig-keit. 
from this time forth for ev-er-more. 

No. 11, Psalm 136 

1. give thanks unto the Lord; for he is 
i<ood: for his mercy endureth for ever. 

2. give thanks unto the God of gods: for 
liis mercy endureth for ever. 

3. give thanks unto the Lord of lords: 
for his mercy endureth for ever. 

4. To him who alone doeth great wonders: 
for his mercy endureth for ever. 

5. To him that by wisdom made the heavens: 

6. To him that stretched out the earth 
above the waters : for his mercy etc each verse, the moon and the stars thru the night 

out arm: 

13. To him which divided the Red sea into 
parts : 

14. And made Israel to pass through the 
midst of it: 

15. But overthrew Pharoah and his host in 
the Red sea: 

16. To him which led his people through the 

17. To him which smote great kings: 

18. And slew famous kings: 

19. Sihon king of the Amorites: 
. 20. And Og the king of Bastian: 

21. And gave their land for an heritage: 

22. Even an heritage unto Israel his 
servant : 

23. Who remembered us in our low estate: 

24. And hath redeemed us from our enemies: 

25. Who giveth food to all flesh: 

26. give thanks unto the God of heaven: 
for his mercy endureth for ever. 

See Assoc. of Am. Chor. Series 197 

Dan-ket dem Her- ren, denn er ist freund- lieh, 
Thank ye the Lord God for all His good- ness, 

denn sei- ne Gu- te wah-ret e-wig-lich, 
His grace en-dur-eth to E-ter-ni- ty; 

dan- ket dem Gott al-ler Got-ter, 
give thanks to God, god of all gods, 

dan- ket dem Herrn, al- ler Her- ren, 

thank the Lord, Lord of all Lords, 
der gru- sse Wun-der thut al-lei- ne, 
the Lord who do- eth migh-ty won-ders, 

der die Him-mel or-dent-lich ge-macht hat, 
by His wis -dorn He hath made the Hea-vens, 

Der die Er- de auf Was-ser aus-ge- 
He who stretched out the earth a-bove the 

-brei- tet hat, 
wa- ter's flood; 

der gro- sse Lieh- ter ge-macht hat, 
who made great light out of dark-ness, 

die Sonn, dem Ta- ge für- zu-stehn, 
who caused the sun to rule by day, 

den Mon- den und Ster- ne der Nacht 

7. To him that made great lights: for etc 

8. The sun to rule by day: 

9. The moon and stars to rule by night: 

10. To him that smote Egypt in their first- Der E- 
born: He that 

11. And brought out Israel from among them: 

12. With a strong hand, and a stretched go 

to be mas-ters; 

gyp- ten schlug an ih-ren 
smote the first born sons of 

er-sten Ge- bur- ten, 
E- gypt and slew them, 

Schutz, Vol.11, PSalm 136 (cont) 

und füh-ret I-sra-el her-aus, durch 
and led out Is-ra-el a- way, with 

mach-ti-ge Hand und aus- ge- re-ckte Arm, 
pow-er-ful arm and wide ex-tend- ed hand; 

der das Schilf-meer in zwei Theil zer-thei-let 
He who made the sea di- vide in two parts 

und liess I-sra-el durch ge-hen, 
and let Is-ra-el pass thru it, 

der Pha-ro und sein Heer ins Schilf- 
drowned Pha-ro and his host be- neath 

-meer stiess, 
the sea , 

der sein Volk füh-ret durch die wü-sten, 
who led His peo-ple thru the de-sert, 

der gro- sse Ko- ni- ge schlug, 
and smote great kings with His hand; 

und er-wür-get mach- ti- ge- Ko- ni- ge, 
in the bat- tie slew great and fam-ous kings; 

Si-hon,der A- mo-ri- ter Ko-ni- ge, 
Si-hon,the king of all the A- mo-rites, 

und Og, den Ko-nig zu Ba- san, 
and Og; the King ov-er Ba-shan, 

und gab ihr Land zum Er- be, 
and gave their land to Is-rael, 

zum Er-be sei-nem Knecht Is-ra- el, 
to be to them an in- -he-ri-tance; 

denn er ge-dacht an uns, 
for He re- mem-bered us, 

da wir un- ter ge-dru-cket wa-ren, 
in our hum-ble es- täte He knew us, 

und er-lö-set uns von un-sern Fein- de, 
from our e-ne-mies He hath re-deemed us; 

der al- lern Flei-sche Spei-se giebt, 
who giv-eth food to all that breathe, 

i Dan-ket dem Gott, dan-ket dem Gott vom 
|Ihank ye the Lord, thank ye the God of 

Him-mel, denn sei- ne Gu- te 
Hea-ven, whose grace en-dur-eth 

wah-ret e-wig-lich. 
to E-ter-ni- ty. 

No. 12, ftalm 23 

1. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not 

2. He maketh me to lie down in green pas- 
tures, he leadeth me beside the still 
waters. 61 

Psalm 23 (cont) 

3. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me 
in the paths of righteousness for his 
name's sake. 

4. Yea, though I walk through the valley 
of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; 
for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff 
they comfort me. 

5. Thou preparest a table before me in 
the presence of mine enemies: thou anoint- 
-est my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 

6. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow 
me all the days of my life; and I will 
dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. 

Der Herr ist mein Hirt, 
My Shep-herd the Lord, 

mir wird nichts man-geln, 
I want for no-thing, 

2nd time; Der Herr ist mein Hirt 

The Lord is my Shep-herd, 

mir wird nichts man-geln, 
I shall not want — ; 

Er wei-det mich auf ei-ner grü-nen Au- en 
He ma-keth me to lie in plea-sant pastures, 

und füh- ret mich zum fri-schen Was-ser. 
and lead-eth me by sweet still wa-ters; 

Er er-qui-eket mei-ne See- le, 
and my soul He so re-sto-reth, 

er füh- ret mich auf rech- ter Stra-ssen 
He lead-eth me in right-eous path-ways, 

um sei-nes Na- raes wil- len. 
to guide me, for His Name's sake. 

Und ob ich schon wan-dert im fin-ste-ren 
Yea tho I shall walk in the sha-dow of 

Thai des To- des, furcht ich kein 
death's dark val-ley, I fear no 

Un-glück, denn du bist bei mir, dein 
ev- il, for Thou art with me, Thy 

Ste-cken und Stau tro-sten mich. 
rod and Thy staff com- fort me. 

Du oe- rei-test fur mir ei-nen Tisch 
Thou pre-par-est a ta-ble for me 

ge- gen mei- ne Fein-de, du sal- best mein 
where my foes may see me, with oil hast my 

HauDt mit 0- -le, und sehen- ket mir voll 
head an- oint- ed, my cup doth ov- -er- 

ein, Gu- tes und Barm-her- zig- keit 
-flow, good-ness and kind-heart-ed- ness 

Schutz, Vol.II, Psalm 23 (cont) 

wer- den mir fol- gen mein le- ben lang, 
all thru my life long will fol-low me, 

und wer-de blei-ben im Haus des Her-ren 
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord 

im-mer-dar, im Haus des Her-ren 
ev-er-more, His house for ev- er, 


No. 13, Psalm 111 

1. Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the 
Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly 
of the upright, and in the congregation. 

2. The works of the Lord are great, sought 
out of all them that have pleasure therein. 

3. His work is honourable and glorious: 
and his righteousness endureth for ever. 

4. He hath made his wonderful works to be 
remembered: the Lord is gracious and full 
of compassion. 

5. He hath given meat unto them that fear 
him: he will ever be mindful of his coven- 
ant . 

6. He hath shewed his people the power of 
his works, that he may give them the herit- 
age of the heathen. 

7. The works of his hands are verity and 
judgment; all his commandments are sure. 

8. They stand fast for ever and ever, 
and are done in truth and uprightness. 

9. He sent redemption unto his people: 
he hath commanded his covenant for ever: 
holy and reverend is his name. 

10. The fear of the Lord is the beginning 
of wisdom: a good understanding have all 
they that do his commandments: his praise 
endureth for ever. 

Ich dan- ke dem Herrn von gan-zen 
I praise the Lord God with all my 

Her- zen, im Rath der From-men und 
whole heart, a- mong the up-right, in 

in der Ge-mei- ne. 
the con-gre-ga-tion. 

Gross sind die Wer- ke des Her-ren, wer 
His works are migh-ty to all them that 

ihr ach-tet, der hat ei- tel Lust dran, 
es-teem them, who have plea-sure in them, 

Was er ord-net, dass ist lob-lich und 
All His won-ders are ex- al- ted and 

Psalm 111 (cont) 

herr-lich und sei-ne Ge- rech- tig- keit 
glor-ious.His in- fi-nite right-eous-ness 

olei-bet e-wig-lich. 
is for-ev-er-more. 

Er hat ein Ge-dacht-niss ge-stilft sei-ner 
He hath made His won- der-ful works be re- 

Wun- der, der gnä-di-ge und barm-her- zi- ge 
-mem-bered,the mer-ci-ful and com-pass-ion-ate 

Herr, er giebt Spei-se de-nen, die ihn fürch- 
Lord. He hath giv- en meat to them that fear 

-ten, er den-ket e-wig-lich an sei- nen Bund. 
Him; His ho-ly cov-en-ant for-get-teth not. 

Er lasst ver- kün- di-gen sei-ne 
The Lord hath shewed to His peo-ple 

ge- wal-ti- gen Tha-ten sei-nem Volk, 
the won-der-ful pow-er of His works, 

dass er ihm ge- oe das Er- -be der 
that He may make them the heirs of the 

Hei-den. Die Werk sei-ner Hän- de sind 
hea-then. The 'works of His hand are the 

Wahr-heit und Recht, al- le sei- ne Ge- bot 
Truth and the Right; His com-mand-ments are all 

sind recht schaf-fen, sie wer-den er-hal-ten 
sure and stead- fast, a- bid-ing for ev-er 

im-mer und e-wig-lich, und ge- sche-hen 
fast to e-ter-ni- ty, and are done up- 

treu-lich, und red -lieh. Er sen- det sein 
-right-ly, and tru- ly. Our Lord hath sent 

Er- To- sung sei-nem Volk, er ver-hei-sset 
re-demp-tion to His folk, and com-man-ded 

dass sein Bund, e- wig-lich blei-ben soil, 
that His Word bid-eth for ev- er- more; 

hei-lig und hehr ist sein Na- - me. Die 
ho- ly and high is the Lorcfs Name. To 

Furcht des Her- ren ist der Weis-heit 
fear the Lord shall be the part of 

An-fang, dies ist ei-ne fei- ne Klug-heit, 
wis -dorn, a good un-der-s,tand-ing have they 

wer der-nach thut, des Lob blei-Det 
who o- bey Him. praise Him e- 

e- wig-lich. 
-ter-nal- ly. 

Eh- re sei dem Va- ter etc. see Psalm 110. 
Gio-ry to the Fa-ther, etc. " 

p. 52 


Vol. Ill 
PSalm 98 

1. sing unto the Lord a new song; for he hath 
done marvellous things: his right hand and his 
holy arm, hath gotten him the victory. 

2. The Lord hath made known his salvation: his 
righteousness hath he openly shewed in the 
sight of the heathen. 

3. He hath remembered his mercy and his truth 
toward the house of Israel: all the ends of the 
earth have seen the salvation of our God. 

4. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the 
earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing 

5. Sing unto the Lord with the harp; with the 
harp, and the voice of a psalm. 

6. With trumpets and sound of cornet make a 
joyful noise before the Lord, the King. 

7. Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof; 
the world, and they that dwell therein. 

8. Let the floods clap their hands: let the 
hills be joyful together. 

9. Before the Lord; for he cometh to judge the 
earth: with righteousness shall he judge the 
world, and the people with equity. 

Sin-get dem Herrn ein neu- es Lied, 
Sing to the Lord a new-made song, 

denn er thut Wun-der; er sie-get mit sei- 
sing of his won-ders; his migh-ty right hand 

-ner Rech- ten und mit sei-nem heil- gen Arm. 
gave vic-t'ry, and his ho- ly arm pre-vailed. 

Der Herr las- -set sein Heil ver- kun- -di- gen 
The Lord hath shewed to us his right-eous-ness 

fur den Vol- kern l'ässt er sei- ne Ge- -rech- 
his sal-va- tion hath the Lord pub-lished o- 

-tig-keit of-fen-ba- ren. Er ge-den- ket an 
-pen- ly to the hea-then. He re-mem-bered his 

sei-ne Gna-de und Wahr- he it dem Hau- se I-srael 
ten-der mer-cy and truth to the House of Is-rael 
j ( to Is-.rael) 

al- ler Welt &i- -de se- -hen das Heil 
all the ends of the earth have be-held 

un-sers Got-tes. 
his sal-va- tion. 

Jauch- zet dem Her-ren al- le Welt, 
Shout and be joy-ful,all the earth , 
(shout ye) 

sin- get, run- -met und lo; -bet, 
with a loud noise to praise him, 

lo- bet den Her- ren mit Har- fen 
praise ye the Lord with your harps and 

(with harps and 

und Psal-men, mit Drom-me- -ten, 
your sing-ing; with your tim-brels 
with sing-ing,) 

und Po- -sau- -nen, 
and your trum- pets 

jauch- zet für dem Herrn, dem Kc- -ni- ge, 
make a joy-ful noise be- fore the Lord, 
(praise him) (God your King) 

here be- fore the Lord your King) 

Das Meer brau-se, und was drin-nen ist, 
The sea roar-eth in the migh-ty deep; 

der Erd- bo- -den und die drauf woh- nen, 
earth a- round us, and all its dwel-lers, 

die Was-ser-stro- me froh-lo- cken, 
the hills re-joice all to-geth- er, 

und al- le Ber- -ge sind froh- lieh für 
and all the floods clap their hands be- fore 

dem Herrn, denn er kömmt, das Erd- reich 
the Lord; for on earth he com- eth 

zu rich- ten. Er wird den Erd- bo- 

to judge us. Right- -eous are his judg- 

- den rich-tet mit Ge- rech- tig- keit, 
-ments, he shall judge with e- -qui- ty, 

und die Vol-ker mit Recht, 
and the peo-ple with truth. 

Eh- re sei den Va-ter und dem Sohn, und 
Glo-ry to the Fa- the r, and the Son, and 

auch dem heil- gen Gei-ste, wie es 
i to the Ho- -ly Spi-rit; as it 

war im An- fang, jetzt und ira-mer-dar, 
ev- er has been, now and ev-er-more, 

und von E-wig-keit zu E- wig- keit. A- men. 
from E- ter-ni- ty for ev-er-more .A- men. 

; No. 2 

Psalm 100 

1. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all 
ye lands. 

3. Serve the Lord with gladness; come 
before his presence with singing. 


Vol. Ill, No. 2 (cont) 

3. Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he 
that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are 
his people, and the sheep of his pasture. 

4. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and 
into his courts with praise: be thankful unto 
him, and bless his name. 

5. For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlast- 
ing; and his truth endureth to all generations. 

Jauch-zet dem Her- ren, al- le Welt, 
Sing to the Lord God, all ye lands, 

die-net dem Her- ren mit Freu-den, kommt 
serve ye the Lord God with glad-ness; come 

für sein An- ge- sieht mit Froh- lo-cken. 
ye be- fore his pre-sence with sing-ing. 
the Lord) 

Er- ken- net dass der Her- re Gott ist, 
For know ye that the Lord he is God, 

er hat uns ge- macht, und nicht wir selbst, 
he hath made us all, not we our-selves; 

zu sei-nem Volk und zu Scha-fen sei-ner 
we are his folk, and the sheep of his own 

Wei- de. Ge-het zu sei- nen Tho-ren ein, 
pas-tures. En-ter and come with- in his gates 

mit Dan- ken, zu sei- nen Vor- -ho- -fen 
with sing-ing, and in-to his courts with 

mit Lo- ben, dan- ket ihm, lo- bet, 
thanks-giv-ing, thank ye him, let his 

lo-bet sei- nen Na- men. Denn der Herr ist 
Ho-ly Name be hon-ored. For the Lord is 

freund- lieh, und sei- ne Gna-de wah-ret 
kind- ly, his grace and mer-cy ev- er- 

e- -wig und sei- ne Wahr-heit für und 
-last-ing, his truth en-dur- eth ev- er- 

fur. Ell- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn, 
-more. Glo-ry to the Fa- t her, and the Son, 

und auch dem heil-gen Gei-ste, wie es war im 
and to the Ho- ly Spi-rit; as it ev- er 

An- fang, jetzt und im-mer-dar, und von 
has been, now and ev- er- more, from E- 

E- wig-keit zu E- wig-keit. A- men. 
ter-ni- -ty for ev-er- more. A- men. 

No. 3 
Psalm 137 

1. By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, 
yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. 

2. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the 
midst thereof. 

3. For there they that carried us away captive 

No. 3 (cont) 

required of us a song; and they that wasted us 
us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one 
of the songs of Zion. 

4. How shall we sing the Lords song in a 
strange land? 

5. If I forget thee, Jerusalem, let my 
right hand forget her cunning. 

6. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue 
cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer 
not Jerusalem above my chief joy. 

7. Remember, Lord, the children of Edom 
in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, 
rase it, even to the foundation thereof. 

8. daughter of Babylon, who art to be 
destroyed; happy shall he be, that reward- 
-eth thee as thou hast served us. 

9. Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth 
thy little ones against the stones. 

An den Was-sern zu Ba-bel sas-sen wir und 
By the riv-ers of Ba-by- Ion we sat down, 

wei-ne-ten, wann wir an Zi- - on ge- 
yea,we wept, when we re-mem-bered our 

dachten. Un-sre Har- fen hin- gen wir 
Zi- on. We did hang our harps on the 

an die Wei-den, die drin- -nen sind, 
wil- lows, yea, in the midst there- of; 

denn da- selbst hei-ssen uns sin- gen, 
for a song did they re-quire us 

die uns ge- fan- gen hiel-ten» und in 
who bore us there as cap-tive, ask-ing 5 

un-serm Heu-len froh- lieh sein: " Lie- ber, 
in our sor-row^oy and mirth: "Sing you 

sin- get uns ein Lied von Zi-on." 
un- to us the songs of Zi-on". 

Wie soll- ten wir des Her- ren Lied sin- gen 
How can we sing a song of the Lord God 

in f rem- den Lan- -den? Ver-gess ich dein, 
here in a strange land? Should I for- get 

Je-ru-sa-lem, so wer- -de mei- ner Rech- 
Je-ru-sa-lem, let my right hand for-get 

-ten ver-ges-sen. Mei-ne Zun- - ge 
all her cun-ning. Let my tongue cleave 

muss an mei-nem Gau- men kle- ben, wo ich 
fast un-to the roof of my mouth, if I 

dein nicht ge-den-ke, wo ich nicht lass 
do not re- mem- ber, if I choose not 

Je-ru-sa-lem mein hoch-ste Freu-de sein. 
Je-ru-sa-lem a- -bove my high-est joyl 


Vol. Ill, No. 3 (cont) 

Herr, ge-den- ke der Kin- der E-dora am 
Lord re- mem- be r the child- ren of E-dom in the 

Ta- ge Je-ru-sa-lem, die da sa- gen: 
Day of Je-ru-sa-lem, - - who said: 

Rein ab, rein ab, bis auf ih- ren ßo- den. 
Let it be rased, down to its foun- da-tion! 

Du ver-sto- re-te Toch-ter Ba- -bei, wohl 
Hap-py will he be to de-strov ,thee, thou 

dem, der dir ver-gel- - te, 
daugh- - -ter of Ba-by-lon, 

Wohl dem, 
How hap- 

|e-s,troy .thee, 

wie du uns 

ge- than hast 
hast served us. 

as - thou 
der dei-ne 





jun-ge Kin- der nim- met und zu-schmet-tert 
tak-eth then thy child-ren and who dash- eth 

sie — 

Eh- re sei dem 
Glo-ry to the 

_ an dem Stein, 
them a-gainst the stones. 

Va-ter und dem Sohn und auch dem heil- gen 
Fa-ther and the Son, and to the Ho- ly 

Gei-ste, wie es war im An- fang jetzt und 
Spi-rit; as it ev-erhas been, now and 

im-mer-dar, und von E- wig-keit zu E-wig- 
ev- er- mo re, from E-ter-ni- -ty for ev-er- 

-keit. A-men. 
-more. A-men. 

[ No. 4 

Psalm 150 

1. Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanct- 
uary: praise him in the firmament of his power. 

2. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him 
according to his excellent greatness. 

3. Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: 
praise him with the psaltery and harp. 

4. Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise 
him with stringed instruments and organs. 

5. Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise 
him upon the high sounding cymbals. 

6. Let every thing that hath breath praise the 
Lord. Praise ye the Lord. J 

Al-le-lu-ja. Lo- -bet den Her- ren, 

Al-le-lu-ja. Praise ye the Lord -, 

lo- -bet den Her- ren, 
praise ye the Lord God, 

in sei-nem Hei-lig-thum lo- bet inn 
in his most Ho- ly Place, praise ye him 
yea in his Ho- ly Place) 

in der Ve-ste sei-ner Macht, 
in his migh-ty Fir- ma- ment. 

No. 4 (cont) 

lo- bet ihn, in sei-nen Tha-ten, 
praise ye him for all his won-ders, 

lo- bet ihn in sei-ner gro-ssen Herr-lich- 
praise ye him ac-cor-ding to his Ma- jes- 

-keit, lo- bet ihn mit Po-sau-nen, 
-ty, praise ye him) 

praise him with sound of trum-pets, 

lo- bet ihn mit Psal-tern und Har-fen, 
praise ye him with harp and with vi- ols, 

lo- bet ihn mit Pau-ken und Rei- gen, 
praise ye him with tim-brel and danc-ing, 

lo- bet ihn mit Sai- ten und Pf ei- fen, 
praise ye him with strings & witb or-gans, 

lo- bet ihn, mit hei- len Cym-ba-len, 
with your loud and sound- ing cym- - bals, 

mit wohl-klin-gen- den, mit wohl-klin-gen- 
with the cym- bals loud, with the cym- bals 

-den, mit wohl-klin-gen- den Cym-ba-len. 
high, with the sound of your cym- -bals. 

Al- -les was A- -them hat, lo- be 
All that have life and breath, praise ye 

den Herrn. Al-le-lu-ja. 
the Lord. Al-le-lu-ja. 

No. 5 
Psalm 103 

1. Bless the Lord, my soul.... 

2. ...and forget not all his benefits. 

3. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; 
who healeth all thy diseases. 

4. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; 
who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and 
tender mercies; 

5. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good 
things; so that thy youth is renewed like 
the eagle's. 

6. The Lord executeth righteousness and 
judgement for all that are oppressed. 

Lo- -be den Her- ren, mei-ne See-le 
Bless thou the Lord God, my spi-rit, 

und ver-giss nicht was er dir Guts (Gutes 
lest thou for- get what he has done (done 

ge-than hat. Der dir al- le 
to bless thee. Who for-giv-eth 

dei- ne Sun- - de ver- - gie- -bet, 
thee thy sins and trans-gress-ions. 
(thy trans-gress- ions) 

und hei- let al- le dei-ne Ge-bre-chen. 
§5 and heal-eth all thy ma- ny di-sea-ses. 

Vol .III, No. 5, (cont) 

Der dein Le- ben vom Ver-der-ben er- -lb- set 
Who re-deem-eth thy — life from de-struction, 

der dich krö- net mit Gnad und Barm-her- 
and who crown- eth, with grace and with ten- 


No. 6 

XXXI, 20: Is Ephraim my dear son? is he a plea- 
sant child? for since I spake against him I do 
remember him still: therefore my bowels are 
troubled for him; I will surely have mercy upon 
him, saith the Lord. 

Ist nicht Eph-ra-im mein theu-rer Sohn und mein 
Is not Eph-ra-im my dear- est son and my 

trau-tes Kind? Denn ich ge-denk noch wohl da- 
plea-sant child? For I do still re- mem-ber 
-ran was ich ihm ge- - re- det ha- - be, 
him since in wrath I spake a- gainst him. 

Da- rum bricht mir mein Herz, 
And so my heart re-pents 

ich mich sein er-bar-men muss, spricht der Herr. 
I be mer- ci-ful to him, saith the Lord. 

ge-gen ihm, dass 
un-to him, that 

No. 7 (cont) 

der Kö'rfg schafft Recht be- -hü- tet 
the Lord is just and righteous, 

die lei-den in sei-nem Reich, 
to all them that are op- pressed. 

die lai-den in sei- nem, in sei-nem Reich, 
to all them, to all them that are op- press ec 

No. 8 
Psalm 126 

5. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. 

6. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing 
precious seed, shall doubtless come again 
with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with 

Die mit Thra'-nen sä- en wer-den 
They that sow with weep-ing, all will 

mit Freu-den, mit Freu-den ern- ten. 
in joy be, in joy be reap- ing. 

Sie ge-hen hin, und wei- nen, 
Who go-eth forth and weep-eth, 

und tra- gen e- dien Sa- - men, 
and bear-eth pre-cious seed hence, 

und kom- men mit Freu-den, 
shall come with re- joic-ing, 

No. 7 
(See Psalm 103) 

Nun lob mein Seel den Her- ren, 
Now bless the Lord, bless him, 

was in mir ist den Na- men sein, 
bless my soul his Ho-ly Name; 

Sein Wohl- that thut er men- ren, 
the Lord thy God con-fesshim, 

ver-giss es nicht, o Her- ze mein, 
his be- ne-fits to thee ac-claim. 

Hat dir dein Siind ver-ge- ben, 
Who all thy sins for-giv-eth, 

und heilt dein Schwach-heit gross, 
and all di- - sea- -ses cures; 

er- rett dein ar- mes Le- ben 
thru whom thy spi-rit liv-eth, 

nimmt dich in sei- nen Schooss, 
who grace to thee as- sures; 

mit rei-chem Trost be-schüt-tet 
thy hun-gry mouth he fill- eth, 

ver-juhgt,dem A- dler gleich, 
with cour-age fires thy breast; 

und brin- gen 
and bring with 

ih- -re 

him his 

bring his 



har- vest. 

No. 9 
Psalm 115 

1. Not unto us, Lord, not unto us, but unto thy 
name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's 

2. Wherefore should the heathen say, Where is now 
their God? 

3. But our God is in the heavens: he hath done 
whatsoever he hath pleased. 

4. Their idols are silver and gold, the work of 
men's hands. 

5. lhey have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have 
they, but they see not: 

6. They have ears, but they hear not: noses have 
they, but they smell not: 

7. They have hands, but they handle not: feet have 
they, but they walk not: neither speak they through 
their throat. 

8. They that make them are like unto them; so is every 
one that trusteth in them. 

9. Israel, trust thou in the Lord: he is their 
help and their shield. 

10. house of Aaron, trust in the Lord: he is their 
66 help and their shield. 

Vol. Ill, No.9,Ps-115 (cont) 

11. Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord: 
he is their help and shield. 

12. The Lord hath been mindful of us: he will 
bless us; he will bless the house of Israel; 
he will bless the house of Aaron. 

13. He will bless them that fear the Lord, 
both small and great. 

14. The Lord shall increase you more and more, 
you and your children. 

15. Ye are the blessed of the Lord which made 
heaven and earth. 

16. The heaven, even the heavens, are the 
Lords: but the earth hath he given to the 
children of men. 

17. The dead praise not the Lord, neither 
any that go down into silence. 

18. But we will bless the Lord from this 
time fprtty and for evermore. Praise the Lord. 


Not un- 

-ver and gold, 

ge- macht, 
their hands. 

re- den nicht, 
can- not speak; 

se- hen nicht, 
can- not see , 

ho- ren nicht, 
can- not hear, 

rie- chen nicht, 
can-not smell, 

grei-fen nicht, 
han-dle not; 

ge- hen nicht, 
can- not walk, 

in- -ren Hals, 
out their throat. 






sie hof- fen. 


that trust them. 


-fe auf den Her- 


Herr, son-dern dei-nem Na- men 
to us, but un- to thy Name give 

gieb Eh- re um dei-ne Gnad und Wahr-heit. 
thou glo-ry, thus for thy truth and mer- -cy. 

Wa- -rum sol- len die Hei- den sa- gen: 
Where- fore then are the hea-then say-ing: 

Wo ist nun ihr Gott? A- ber un-ser Gott 
Where is now thy God? But our God is high 

ist im Him-melj er kann schaf-fen was er 
in the hea-vens.What he plea-seth he can 

will. Je-ner Got- ter a- -ber sind Sil- 
do. Know ye then that their gods are sil- 

-ber und Gold, von Men-schen rfin- den 

that men have made with 

Sie ha- ben Mau- 1er und 
For they have mouths but they 

sie ha- ben Au- gen und 
they have eyes, but they 

ha- ben Oh- ren und 
they have ears, but they 

ha- ben Na- sen und 
no-ses have they but 

ha- ben Han- de und 
and they have hands but they 

Fii- sse ha- ben sie und 
they have feet but yet they 

und re- - den nicht durch 
nei-ther speak they from 

Die sol- che ma- chen, 
And they that make them 

und al- -le die auf 

and like-wise are all 67 

bei- des 
both the 

No. 9 (cont) 

ber I-sra-el hof- 
Is- ra- el, trust 

der ist ih- -re 
thou in the Lord God, He shall be their 

Hülf und Schild. Das Haus A- -a- ron hof- 
help and shield. thou House of Aa- ron, 

- fe auf den Her- ren, der ist ih- re 
trust in the Lord God, he shall be their 

Hulf und Schild. Die den Her- ren fürch-ten, 
help and shield. All ye who do fear him 

hof-fen auf den Her- ren. Der Herr 
trust ye in the Lord God. He is 

den- ket an uns und seg-net uns, er 
mind-ful of us, and bless-es us; will 

seg- net das Haus A-ar-on, er seg- net 
bless the House of Aa- ron; the Lord will 

die den Her- ren furch- ten, 
bless all them that fear him, 

klein und gross. Der Herr seg- - net 
small and great. Yea the Lord shall 

euch je mehr und mehr, euch und eu- -re 
bless you more and more, you and all your 

Kin- der. Ihr seid die Ge- seg- ne-ten 
child- ren. For ye are the bles- sed of 

des Her- ren, der Him- mel und Er- 
the Lord God, which made both the earth 

-den ge- macht hat. Der Him- mel all-ent- 
and the hea- ven. The hea-ven is the 

-hal- ben ist des Her- ren, a- ber die 
Lords, the ve- ry hea-vens, but he hath 

Er- de hat er den Men-schen- kin-dern 
giv-en earth un-to man and to his 

ge- ben. Die To- dten wer- den dich 
child- ren. The dead ones know not the 

Herr nicht lo- -ben, noch die hin-un- 
Lord to praise him, nor yet do they 

-ter fan- ren in die Stil- le. Son-dern 
that go down in- to si-lence. But we 

wir lo- - ben den Her- ren, 
will yet praise the Lord, 

an bis in E-wig-keit. 
-forth and for-ev-er-more. 

von nun- 
from hence- 


No. 10 
Psalm 128 

sind gleich al-so, 
are ev- -en so, 

1. Blessed is every one that feareth the 
Lord; that walke th in his ways. 

Vol. Ill, No.lO,Ps.l28 (cont) 

2. For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: 
happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with 

3. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the 
sides of thine house: thy children like olive 
plants round about thy table. 

4. Behold, that thus shall the man be blessed 
that feareth the Lord. 

5. The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion: and 
thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem all the 
days of thy life. 

6. Yea, thou shalt see thy children's children, 
and peace upon Israel. 

Wohl dem der den Her- ren furch- tet und 
Blest he, bles-sed they that fear God, and 

auf sei-nen We- gen ge- het. Du wirst dich 
that in his path-way walk-eth. Thou shalt be 

nah- -ren dei-ner Hän- de Ar- beit. wohl dir, 
nour-ished by the work of thy hands, in joy 

du hast es gut. Dein Weib wird sein 
thou then shalt be. Thy wife shall be 

wie ein frucht-bar Wein-stock um dein Haus 
as a fruit- ful vine- yard round a- -bout 

her- -um, dei-ne Kin- der wie die 01- 
thine house, and thy child- ren like o-live 

-zwei- ge um dei- nen Tisch her 
bran-ches round thee at ta*- -ble. 

Sie- he, al- so wird ge- -seg- net der Mann 

No. 11 (cont) 

Bar 56, p. 195: Der das Schilf- meer thei- 

He who split the Red 

-let, in zwei Theil, und liess I-sra-el 
Sea in two parts, and brought Isra -el 

durch hin- ge- hen, 
safe-ly thru it, 

Bar 75, p. 201: und er- -wur- -get 

and who smote and 

niach-ti-ge Ko- ni- -ge, 
slew ma-ny fa-mous Kings. 

Bar 85, p. 204, et seq: denn er ge- dach- 

he who was mind- 

-te an uns, 
-ful of us 

da wir un- - ter- ge- dru- 
and re-mem- bered our low- 

und er- -lb- set uns von 
and who from our e- ne- 

-chet wa-ren, 
- ly es-tate, 

un-sern Fein- den, 
-mies re-deemed us. 

No. 12 

XL, 14. But Zion said, The Lord hath forsaken 
me, and my Lord hath forgotten me. 
15. Can a woman forget her suckling child, 
that she should not have compassion on the 
son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet 
will I not forget thee. 

Look ye, for in that wise shall they be blest, 16 ^^ 1 haye grayen thee Qn ^ palmg 

Der Herr wird 
God the Lord 

dass du se- 
that thou se- 

der den Her- ren furch- tet. 
they who fear the Lord God. 

dich seg- nen aus Zi-on, 
shall bless thee from Zi-on, 

•hest das Glück Je-ru-sa-lem, dein Le- -ben 
•est the Lords Je-ru-sa-lem, thy whole life 

lang, und se- hest dei-ner Kin- der 
long, yea, thou shalt see thy child-rerfs 

Kin- der; Frie- de u-ber I-sra-el. 
child- ren. Peace be un-to Is-ra-el. 

No. 11 
Psalm 136 
(The English text for this Psalm as 

of my hands ; 

Zi-on spricht: Der Herr hat mich ver-la-ssen, 
Zi-on said: By God am I for- sa- ken, 

der Herr hat mein ver-ge-ssen. Kann auch, 
by him am I for- got- ten. And yet, 

kann auch ein lieb- lieh Mut- ter ih-res 
and yet how can a mo-ther not re- 
Kind- leins ver- ges- sen, dass sie sich 
-mem- ber her child- ren, or how could 

nicht er- bar- me u-ber den Sohn ih-res Lei- 
she not pi- ty ev-en her son that she suck- 

-bes, Und ob sie schon des-sel-ben 
-led. Yea,tho per- chance the mo-ther 

in No. 10 in Vol.11 fits here except as follows) i n - res Kind-leins ver-ges- se, will 
Bar 27, p. 188: die Sonn, dem Ta- ge fiir-zu-ste-hen may for-get him she suck-led, yet 

the sun by day to be the ru- ler, i Cn d 0C h dem nicht ver-ges-sen, 

Bar 31, p. 189: den Mon- den und Ster-ne, der Nacht 

the moon and the pla-nets,at night 

will I not so for-get thee; 
Sie- he, in mei- ne Han-de hab ich 

fur-zu-ste- hen, 
to be with us, 

Look ye, for thou art gra-ven on the 

dich ge-zeich-net. 
68 palms of my hands. 

Vol. Ill, 

No. 13 
Psalm 98 

4. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the 
earth: make a loud noise and rejoice, and 
sing praise. 

5. Sing unto the Lord with the harp; with the 
harp, and the voice of a psalm. 

6. With trumpets and sound of cornet make a 
joyful noise before the Lord, the King. 

7. Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof, 
the world, and they that dwell therein. 

Jauch-zet dem Her- ren, al- le Welt, 
Praise ye the Lord God, all the earth, 

sin- get, run- met und lo- -bet. 
sing with glo-ry to praise him. 

Lo- bet den Herrn mit Har- fen, und mit 
Praise ye the Lord with sing-ing yea with 

Psal-men. Lobt ihn mit Pau- -ken und 
sing-ing. Praise him with drums and with 

with danc- ing) 

Rei- gen, Lo- bet ihn mit Sai-ten und 
danc- ing. Praise ye him with vi-ols and 

Pfei-fen. mit Drom- me- ten, 
pi-ping; with your trum-pets, 

mit Po- sau-nen, jauch-zet für den Herrn 
and your cor- nets, make a joy-ful noise 

dem fto- ni- ge. Lo- bet ihr Him-mel den 
to God our King. Praise ye hea-vens,the 

Her- ren, und die Er- - de sei froh- lieh, 
Lord God, and thou earth be thou joy- ful ; 

das Meer brau-se und was drin- nen ist» 
in the migh-ty deep the sea shall roar. 

Lo- bet den Herrn, al- le Hei-den, 
Praise ye the Lord, all ye hea-then, 

prei- set ihn al- le Vol-ker. Denn 
praise ye him all ye peo-ple. His 
praise him ye peo-ple) 

sei- ne Gnad und Wahr-heit wal-tet 
grace and truth and mer- -cy sure-ly 

u- ber uns in E-wig-keit. Al-le-lu-ja. 
will en-dure for ev-er-more. Al-le-lu-ja. 


Heinrich Schutz 
Cantiones Sacrae 

Vol. IV 


bo-ne, o dul-cis, o be- -ni- -gne 
no-ble, love-ly, kind-heart- ed 

Je-sus, te de-pre-cor, 
Je-sus, I ask of Thee, 

per il- lum tu- um san- gui- -nem 
I ask Thee thru Thy pre-cious blood, 

pre- ti - -o- -sum, 
pre-cious trea- -sure, 

quem pro no-bis mi-se-ris ef- -fun- de- 
which up-on the Alt-ar of the Cross Thou 

-re dig- na- tus es in a- ra cru-cis, 
shed to save us all, us low-ly sin-ners, 

Alto bar 23-24: 

ef-fun-de- -re dig-na- tus es 
up-on the Cross to save us all, 

ut ab- -ji- -ci-as 
that Thou take a-way 

om-nes in-i- qui- ta-tes me- -as. 
all my ma-ni-fold in- i- qui- ties. 

No. 2 

Et ne de- spi- ci- as 
And do not Thou de-spise 

hu- mi- li- ter te pe- -ten- -tern 
one who hum-bly now en- treats Thee, 

et hoc no- men tu- um san-ctis-si-mum, 
and in this Thy bles-sed most Ho- ly Name, 

'Je-sus", in- -vo- can- tern. 
'Je-sus", asks for-give-ness. 



No. 3 

De- us, mi- se- re- a- tur no-stri, 
Lord God, may Thou have mer-cy on us, 

et be- -ne- di- cat no-bis, 
Thy bles-sing be up- -on us, 

il- -lu- mi- -net vul- turn su- - um 
Thy coun-ten-ance shed its bright- ness 

su-per nos, 
ov-er us , 

et mi- -se- -re- -a- tur no-stri. 
and may Thou have mer-cy on us. 

No. 4 

Quid, quid com- -mi- -si- -sti, 
What, for what trans- gress- -ion, 

o dul- -eis- -si- me pu- -er, 
Thou sweet-est of all youths, 

ut sic ju- -di- -ca- -re- -ris, 
hast Thou been judged in this wise? 

quid, quid com- -mi- -si- -sti, 
what for what trans- gress- -ion, 

o a- -man--tis-si-me ju- -ve- nis 

most a- -do- ra-ble flowt of youth, 

ut a- -de- -o tra- eta- re-ris? 
that Thou shouldst be treat-ed so ill? 

Quod see- -lus tu- um 
What wrong didst Thou do? 

quae no- xa tu- -a, 
What was Thy great guilt? 

qua cau- -sa mor- tis, quae oc- ca- 
for what didst Thou die? and what rea- 

-si- -o tu- -ae da-mna- ti- o- nis? 
-son was there forlhycon-dem-na-tion? 

No. 5 

E-go sum tu- -i pla- -ga do-lo- ris, 

1 am he who has caused Thee Thy sor-row, 

tu-ae cul-pa oc- ci- si- o- -nis, 
I the rea-son, Lord, of Thy death; 

e-go tu- -ae mor-tis me- -ri-tum, 
I in-stead of Thee de-served to die, 

e-go tu- -ae mor- tis, 
I in-stead of Thee, Lord, 

tu- ae vin-di- ctae fla- gi- ti- -urn, 
suf-fer Thy sen-tence, and bear its shame, 

e- -go, e- -go tu-ae pas- si- -o-nis 
my life should have fa-ded in Thine Hour of 

li- -vor, cm- -ci- a- tus tu- -i 
Pas-sion, passed a-way when Thou wert 

la- -bor, cru- -ci- -a- tus tu- -i, 
tor-tured, passed when Thou wert tor-tured. 

No. 6 

E- go e-nim in- -i- -que e- gi, 
For I on-ly have been the sin-ner, 

tu poe- -na mul- eta- -ris, 
yet Thou hast been pun- -ished, 
yet Thou Lord, 

e-go fa- ci- nus ad- mi-si, 
I did what I knew was ev-il, 

Cantiones Sacrae, No. 6 (cont) 

tu ul-ti- o- -ne 
the re-tri- bu-tion 

pie- cte- ris, 
fell on Thee; 

e- go su- per- -bi- -vi, 
I was vain and haugh- ty, 

tu hu- -mi- 
Thou art meek 

No. 8 (cont) 

et mi- -se- -ri- cor- di- as tu- as, 
and I there will sing of Thy mer- cies, 

in ae-ter- num can-ta-bo, can-ta-bo, 

e-go prae-sump-si ve- ti- 
I did what was for-bid-den 

-li- -a- ris, 
and low-ly; 

-tum, tu mor- tis sub-i- -i- -sti 
me, Thou suf-fered for my tres-pass 

a- -cu- -le- -urn; e- go po- -mi 
the sting of death; I have sipped of 

dul-ce-di- nem, tu fe- lis gus- ta-sti 
the hon-ey-comb, while Thou, Lord, have tasted 

a- ma- ri--tu- di-nem. 
the bit-terness of gall. 

ev-er-last-ing, for-ev-er, 

End, Alto: in ae- ter-num 
yea for ev- er 

and ev-er, 

and ev-er. 

No. 7 

Quo, na- -te De- i, quo tu- -a de-scen- 
How meek and low-ly art Thou, Son of God, 

-a fla- 
how it 


hu-mi-li-tas, quo tu- 
hu-mi-li-ty, Thy love 

-gra- vit cha- ri-tus, 
glows and burns for us, 

quo tu- -us at- -ti- git a- mor, 
and reach- es far- ther and far-ther, 

quo tu- us at- ti- get, 
how far it reach-es out, 

quo tu- -us 
it reach- es 

at- -ti- git a- -mor, 
far-ther and far-ther; 

quo per- ve- nit 
Thy corn-pass- ion, 

Quid ti-bi re-tri- bu- am 
What can I re- turn to Thee 

com- pas- si- -o? 
who knows its end? 

pro o- mni- bus quae re-tri- bu- -i-sti 
for eve-ry- thing that Thy love has giv-en 

mi-hi, Rex me- -us et De- us me- us. 
to me, My King Thou, my Lord and my God"? 

No. 8 

Ca- -li-cem Sa- lu- ta-ris ac-ci- pi- am, 
Cha-lice of Thy sa--va-tion I glad-ly take, 

et no- men Do- mi-ni in- vo-ca- bo, 
and joy-ful call on the name of my Lord, 

et no- men Do-mi- -ni, 
and call up- on His Name; 

vo- ta me- a red-dam ti- bi Do- mi- ne 

I shall make my vows to Thee a- lone, my Lord, et cin _ ci _ _ ni 

No. 9 

Ver- ba me- -a au-ri-bus per- ci - pe, 
Hear my words, Lord, op- en to me Thine ears, 

Do- mi-ne, in- tel- li- -ge 
Lord my God, and un- der- -stand 

cla- -mo- -rem me- -urn, in-ten-de 
the prayr I send Thee, har-ken 
my sigh- ing, 

vo- ci o- -ra- ti- o- -nis me- ae, 
har-ken to this my sup- pli- -ca-tion, 
hear Thou my sup-pli-ca-tion, 

Rex me- -us et De- us me- us. 
my King Thou, my Lord and my God. 

No. 10 

Quo-ni-am, ad te cla- ma- bo Do- mi- no, 

Eve-ry day I cry to Thee, Lord, my God, 

I cry to Thee, Lord, 

ma- ne ex- -au- di- -es vo- cem me- am 
for I shall hear Thy voice all the morn- ing, 

ma- ne a- - -sta- bo ti- -bi, 
when I shall stand be- fore Thee, 

et vi- de- -bo. 
and be-side Thee. 

No. 11 

E-go dor- mi- -o et cor me- -um 
Tho I seem a-sleep tj yet my heart is 

vi- -gi- lat, 
still a- wake, 

A- pe- ri mi-hi, 
Op- en Thou to me, 
(op- en,) 

co-lum-ba me- -a, 

(is not sleep- ing ] 


me- -a, 

im- ma- -cu- -la- -ta 
my lit-tle ring- dove, my sweet and spot-less 

me- -a, qui-a ca-put me- urn 
pure one, for my head is hea-vy 

pie- -num est ro- -re, 
filled with the dew-drops, 

me- -ei gu- -tis 

no- cti- urn 

co - ram o- mni 
where Thy peo-ple 

po- pu- lo tu- -o, and my locks are drip-ping with the mist of night, 
all are as-sem- bled, wet and drip -ping,) ("drip-ping with the mist. 


Ten. bar 

Cantiones Sacrae, 
No. 12 

Vul- -ne- -ra- sti cor me- urn, 
Thou hast wound -ed me sore-ly, 

fi-li-a cha- ris- si- ma, 

my be-lov- ed dear-est one; 

my dear-est one, 

in u- -no o- -cu- lo- rum tu- o- rum, 
it is thine eye that glan-ces, en-tranc-ing; 

vul- -ne- -ra- sti cor me- urn, 
thou hast wound-ed me deep-ly; 

in u- no cri- -ne col-li tu- -i. 
it is the love- lock on thy shoul- der. 

No. 13 

Heu mi-hi, Do- mi- ne, 
Have pi-ty, Lord my God, 

qui-a pec- -ca- vi ni- mis 
for I have been a sin-ner 

in vi- ta me- -a, quid fa-ci-am mi- ser, 
by far too oft -en; how can I re-dress it? 

u- -bi fu- gi-am ni-si ad te, 
Whi-ther fly a-way, if not to Thee, 

De-us me- -us, dum ve- - ne- ris in 

my Sav- iour. When Thou shalt re- turn 

no- vis- si- mo di- -e, mi- -se- re- re 
to judge us poor s in- ners, Lord, have mer-cy 

on me! 

No. 14 

In te Do- mi- ne, spe-ra- vi, 
All my hope, Lord, is in Thee, 

non con- fun- dar, in ae- -ter- num, 
I shall nev- er be con-found-ed; 

in ju- sti- ti- a tu- a li- be- ra me, 
in Thy jus-tice Lord,de-liv-er Thou me, 

(my Re-deem-er, 

in- cli- - na au- rem tu- am, 
in-cline Thine ear un- -to me, 

ac- ce- -le- -ra ut e- ru- -as me, 
Lord, make haste and set me now free, 

ut e- ru- as, e- ru-as me. 
to set me free, set me now free. 

No. 15 

Dul-cis- si- -me et ( be- -ni-gnis-si 
sweet-est Christ, who more than all art 

-me) Chri-ste, in-fun- de T ob- se- cro, 
the kind-est, I pray Thee, do Thou pour 
11 kind, 

mul-ti-tu- di-nem dul-ce- di-nis tu- -ae, 
the im-men-si-ty un-told of Thy sweet- ness, 

et cha-ri- -ta-tis tu- ae, pe-cto- ri 
and of Thy love un-end-ing, that it fill 

me- -o, ut ni-hil ter-re-num, ni- hil 
my heart, that I may not co-vet what mor- 

car- -na- le, de- -si- -de-rem, vel 
-tals long for, and strive to gain; but 

co-gi-tem, sed te so- lum a- -men, 
think a-lone how I may a-dore Thee, 

te so- lum ha- be-am in o- re 
have but Thy Name on my lips and a- 

et in cor- de me- -o. 
-bi-ding here in my heart. 

No. 16 1 

St. John, III, 14-15; And as Moses lifted up 
the serpent in the wilderness (XXI Numbers, 9) 
even so must the Son of man be lifted up: 

That whosoever believeth in him should not 
perish, but have everlasting life. 

Si-cut Mo-ses ser-pen-tem in de- ser- to 
Like as Mo-ses when in the de-sert lift-ed 

ex-al- ta- vit, ser-pen-tem in < 

up the ser-pent, ßass 9_11 when in the de- 
Bass 14 (in the de- sertj 

de- -ser- -to ex- al-ta-vit,ex- al- ta- 
-sert raised and lift-ed up the bra-zen ser- 

-vit, i- -ta fi-li-um ho- mi-nis 
-pent, so must al-so the Son of Man 

o- -por- -tet ex- al- -ta- -ri, 
be raised and lift-ed like-wise, 

ut om-nis qui ere- dit in e- urn 
that who-so be-liev- eth up-on Him 

non pe- re- at, sed ha- -be- -at 
may not be lost, but he shall have 

vi- tarn ae-ter- nam. 
life ev- -er-last-ing. 

Ps. XXXI, 1/2: In Thee,0 Lord, do I put my 
trust; let me never be ashamed; deliver me 
in thy righteousness. 

Bow down thine ear to me; deliver me 

No. 17 

Spes me- -a, Chri- ste De- -us, 
My hope Thou, Christ my Sav- iour, 


ho-- mi- ■ 
Thou whose 

lux, vi- 

te de-pre- 
I pray to 

ut per te 
that I may 

-am , in 
Thee, and 

No. 17, (cont) 

■num tu- dul- eis a- ma- -tor, 

love for man is so pre-cious, 

17 (so sweet and so pre-cious) 
(so pre-cious) 

-a, vi- ta et sa- lus, 
•way, life and sal-va-tion, 

cor, sup-pli-co, et ro- -go, 
Thee, sup-pli-ant, and ask Thee 

am- -bu- lem, ad te per- ve- ni- 
walk with Thee, that I may come to 

te re- qui- -e- -scam, 
may find in Thee rest. 


No. 18 

Tur-ba- bor, sed non per-tur- ba- -bor, 
I trem-ble, but am not de-spair- ing, 

qui-a vul- ne-rum Sal-va-ti- -ris me- -i 
for I bear in mind how my Sav-iour suf- fered 

re -cor- da- bor. 
to re- deem me. 

No. 19 

Ps. 120, 1-2: In my distress I cried unto the 
Lord, and he heard me. Deliver my soul, 
Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful 
tongue . 

Ad Do- mi- num cum tri-bu- la- rer, 
To God the Lord, when I was trou-bled, 

cla- ma- -vi, et ex- au- di- vit me. 
I cried out, and He gave ear to me. 

li- be- ra a- ni- mam me- am, Do- mi- ne, 
do Thou de-li-ver my spi-rit, Lord my God, 
(do Thou de-li-ver me) 

a la-bi- -is in- - i- -quis, -» 

from ly-ing lips of false- hood, ~\ 

Sop: et a lin- -gua, a lin- gua 

and from tongues that are speak-ing 

do-lo- -so, et a lin- gua, 
de-cep-tion,with de- cept-ion, 

Alto: et a lin- gua, et a lin- -gua, 
and de -cept-ion, and from tongues that 

a lin- gua do- lo- sa, 
are speak-ing de-cept-ion, 

Ten: et a lin- -gua do- lo- sa, et a 
and from tongues of de-cept-ion, and from 

lin- -gua, a lin- gua do- lo- sa, 
tongues that are speak-ing de-cept-ion, 

Bass:et a lin- gua do- lo- sa, 

and from tongues of de-cept-ion, 73 

No. 20 

Quid de- -tur ti-bi aut quid ap - po- 
What shall be gi-ven or (what shall be 

na-tur ti- bi ad lin- guam do- lo- sam, 
done un-to thee) thou tongue of de-cept-ion? 

sa- git-tae po- -ten- tis a- -cu- tae 
sharp ar-rows to pierce thee and slay thee, 

cum car- -bo- -ni- bus, 
darts to pierce thee thru, 

de- -so- -la- -to- -ri-is. 

and flam- ing coals of fire, 

with fire to lay thee waste. 

No. 21 


A- -spi-ce pa-ter pi-is- si- mum 
Look, our Fa-ther,0 see Thy de- 

fi- li- um pro me tarn im- -pi- a 

-vo-ted Son, who suf-fered torment to 

(see Thy Son) (who suffered to) 

pas-sum (alto) pas-sum pro- me 
sav e me tor-ment for me 

re- spi-ce cle-men-tis-si-me Rex 
Look and see, most mer-ci-ful King, 

quis pa- -ti- tur, et re- mi- ni-sce- 
Who suf- fers here, re-mem-ber al-so, 
be- ni-gnus, pro quo pa-ti- tur. 
Thy nter-cy, for whom He has died. 

No. 22 

Non-ne hie est, mi Do- mi-ne, in-no-cens 
Is it not He, Lord my God, He who is 

il- -le, quern, ut ser-vum re- di-me- res, 
sin-less, this the Son Thou hast gi-ven us, 

fi- li- urn tra- di- di- sti? 

gi-ven as our Re-deem-er? 
that He re-deem Thy ser-vant? 

No. 23 

Re-duc, Do- mi- ne De- us me- us, 

Shew me, Fa-ther and God Al- migh-ty] 

(Fa-ther Al- migh-ty) 

o- -cu- los ma- -je- sta-tis tu- ae, 
turn Thine eyes, ra-diant-ly ma-jes-tic' 

su- per o- pus in- ef- fa- bi-lis 
shew Thy ser-vant what Thy Son in His 
pi- -e- -ta- tis in- tu- -e- -re 
lov-ing kind-ness has en-dured with 

dul- cem na- turn, to- to, to-to 
sweet sub-mis-sion, see His bo-dy 

No. 23 (cont) 

cor-po- -re ex- ten-sum, cer- ne ma- nus 
on the cross ex-ten-ded; blood is pour-ing 

in- no- -xi- -as pi- -o ma- nan- tes 
from sin- less hands ;hands that are whol- ly 

san-gui-ne, et re-mit-te pla- ca-tus 
in- no- cent, and in Thy gra-cious mer-cy 

sce-le- ra quae pat-ra-runt ma- nus me- ae. 
par-don me for the ev- il my hands have done . 

No. 24 

Su-per- -e- mi- net om- -nem sci-en-ti- -am, 
Far a- bove all the know-ledge of all man-kind, 

o bo- ne Je-su, tu-a mag- na cha-ri- tas, 
gen-tle Je-sus,Thy de-vo-tion is su-preme, 

quam o- -sten- - di- -sti no-bis in-dig-nis, 

which Thou hast shown to us tho un-wor-thy, 
(which Thou hast shown un- -to us) 

(al-tho un-wor-thy) 

pro so-la bo- ni- -ta- -te et pi- -e- -ta- te 
for in Thy lov-ing-kind-ness and in Thy self- a- 

Ten) et pi- -e- ta- -te, 

No. 25 (cont) 

be-ne-di-co et glo-ri- fi-co no-men 
and I »ag-ni-fy ThyNameun-to glo-ry 

san-ctum tu- um, Rex Chri-ste, fi- li 
ev- -er-last-ing, Lord Je- sus, Son of 

Ma-ri- ae, fi- li- De- -i vi-ven-tis. 
Ma-ry born, ancj the Fa-ther,Al-migh-ty. 

Ti- bi sit ho-nor et glo- ri- -a 
Glo-ry with Thee to the Fa- ther.God, 

cum pa-tre et san- cto spi-ri-tu, 
and un-to theBles-sed Tri-ni-ty, 

in sem-pi-ter-na se-cu- la, . 
for ev-er and for ev-er-more, . 

No. 26 I 

Do- mi-ne, non est ex-al-ta-tum cor 
Lord, my God, I am not ex-al-ted or 

me- urn, ne-que e- la--ti sunt 
haugh-ty, nor do I cast mine eyes 

o- cu-li me- - i, ne-que am-bu- 4a- vi 
high in the hea-vens,nor do I en-gage in 

tu- -a 

and self- a-base-ment, 

in ma- gnis ne- que in mi- -ra- bi- li- 
ad-ven-tures, for oth-ers doubt-less won-der- 

hu- -ma- nam et- e-nim non an- ge- li- cam 
Thou hast be- come a man, com-ing not to earth 

sus-ci- pi-ens na-tu-ram, et e- am sto- la 
a-mong us as an An-gel, giv-ing to mor-tals 

un- mor- ta- li- -ta- tis glo-ri-fi-cans, 
thus the garb of Thine Im- -mor-ta-li- ty; 

ve- -xi- sti su-per om- nes coe- los, 
they bore Thee high a-bove the hea-vens, 

su-per Che-ru-bim, su-per Se-ra-phim, 
ov-er Che-ru-bim, ov-er Se-ra-phim, 

ad de- xte- ram pa-tris. Te lau-dant 
to reign with the Fa-ther. All An-gels 

an- ge- li, a- -do- rant do- mi-na- ti- -o- 
hon-or Thee, on high they hon-or and a-dore 

-nes, et om- nes vir-tu- tes coe-lo- rum 
Thee, and all migh-ty pow-ers in Hea-ven 

tre-munt su-per se, et su- per ho- mi- nem 
trem-ble at Thy Name, Thou who art Man and art 

De- um. 
yet God. 

-bus su- per me. 

-ful, not for me! 

Psalm 131 

No. 27 (II) 

Si non hu- mi- -li- ter sen-ti- - e- bam, 
If I have not been hum-ble and qui-et, 

sed ex- al-ta-vi a- ni-mam me- am, 
but too ex-al-ted in my be- hav-ior, 

si-cut ab-la-cta-tus est, 
not as is an in-fant weaned 

su- per ma-trem su-am, i- ta 
from its mo-ther*s bo-som, so may 
(from its mo-ther) 

re-tri- bu- ti- o in a- -ni-ma me- a. , 
I re-ceive my due; my soul be cor-rect-ed. 

No. 28 (III) 

Spe-ret I-sra-el in Do- mi- no, 
Hope Is-ra-el in God the Lord, 

et hoc nunc et us-que in se-cu-lum, 
from hence- forth and un-to e- ter-ni-ty, 

No. 25 

Pro hoc mag-no my-ste-ri- o pi-e-ta- tis 
For this mar-ve-lous my-ste-ry I a-dore Thee, 

Can-ta- te 

No. 29 
Do- mi- -ne 


74 Let us sing to the Lord, sing a new 

No. 29 (cont) 

no- vum, laus e- -jus in ec- -cle- si- 
cho-rus , His praise be where the saints are 

-a san-cto- rum f Lae-ta-tur I-sra-el in 
all as-semb- led, Joy-ful be Is-ra-el re- 

e- o, qui fe- cit e-um, et fi- li- 
-joi-cing, in her Cre-a-tor, the daugh-ters 

-ae Sy-on ex-ul-tant in re- ge su- -o» 
of Zi-on ex-ult in their King and Mas-ter. 

Lau- -dent no- men e- jus in tym- 
Praise His Name with sing-ing, with sound 

-pa- -no, et cho-ro, in psal- -te- 
of drums, and cho-rus, sing-ing psalms 

-ri- o psal-lant,psal-lant e- -i. 
to His glo- -ry, 

(sing-ing psalms to praise Him) 

I No. 30 

In-ter bra- chi- a Sal-va- -to- ris 
With- in the arms of Je-sus Christ my 

me- -i et vi- ve- re vo- lo et mo- -ri 
Sav-iour,I wish to live hap-py, and hope that 

(and hope too) 

cu-pi- o, . I- bi se- -cu-rus de-can- 
I may die, Safe I will sing to do Thee 

-ta-bo ex- al-ta- -bo te, Do- mi- ne. 
hon-or, and ex-alt Thee, my Lord and God 
(34 & 37: yea, ex-alt etc 

quo-ni- -am su-sce- -pi- sti me, 
for that Thou hast up- lift-ed me, 

nee de- le- eta- -sti in-i-mi-cos me- -os 
nor hast al- lowed mine e-ne-my to tri-umph 

su-per me, 
ov-er me , 

i No. 31 

Ve- ni, ro- -go, (alto 14: ve-ni, ve- ni 
Come I pray Thee, Come,0 come, I 

ro- -go ) in cor me- -um, et ab u- 
prayThee, in- to my heart, come Thou, Lord, 

-ber- ta- te vo- lup- ta- tis tu- -ae 
and fill it with the rich-ness of Thine T 

in-e-bri- a il- -lud, ut o- bli-vi-scar 
in-ef-fa-ble glad-ness, make me for-get-ful 

i- sta tem- po-ra-li-a. Ad- -ju- va 
of all earth- ly va-ni-ty. Help Thou me, 

me, Do- -mi- ne De- us me- -us, et da 
help Thou me > God my Sav- iour, bring Thou 

No. 31 (cont) 

lae- ti- ti- -am in cor-de me- -o, 
and fill my heart with joy and glad-ness; 

ve-ni ad me, ut vi-de-am te, . 
come to me, that I may see Thee, . 

No. 32 

Ec- ce ad- vo-ca-tus me- us a- -pud te 
Hear ye now > my in- ter-ces-sor^lead with Thee, 

De- um pa-trem, ec- ce Pon- ti-fex 
God the Fa-ther; see the Chief of the 

sura- -mus, qui non a- li- e- -no 
High Priests, He who, be- ing sin- less , 

e- get ex- pi- - a- ri san-gui- - ne 
need-ed not the gift of oth-ers blood, 

qui pro- pri- o re- ful-get cm- o- -re, 
but shone in glo-ry bright in His own blood; 

ec- ce ho- -sti- -a san- eta et per- fee- 
see the Eu- -cha-rist, ho- -ly and per-fect- 

-ta in o- do- rem sua- vi- -ta- tis 
-ed, pre-ciousjsweet and fra-grant of- fer- 

ob- -la- -te et ac- -ce- -pta, 
-ing, giv- en and ac- cept- ed; 

ec- ce ag-nus si- ne ma- cu- la, 
see ye, see the Lamb without a spot, 

qui co- -ram se ton- den- -ti- bus 
who stands be- fore His shear-ers dumb, 

ob- -mu- -tu- it qui a- la- -pis 
and speak-eth not, who tho slapped & 

cae-sus, spu-tis il- li-tus op- - pro- 
beat-en, and tho spat up-on, and cursed 

-bri-is af-fe-ctus os su- um non a- 
with ma-ny cur-ses, yet did He op-en 

-pe-ru- -it. En qui pec- -ca- -turn 
not His mouth. See Him whose pure heart 

non fe- cit, pec- ca- ta no-stra 
was sin- less, who bore the sins of 

per-tu-lit, et Ian- guo -res no- -stros 
all of us, thru the pre-cious blood He 

su- -o li- - vo- -re sa- na- vit. 
shed for us healed our dis-eas- es. 
31-3) He who has etc. 

Per hunc sum- raum Me- di-a- to-rem, 
Thru this High-est Chief Me-di-a- tor, 

Pon- ti- fi-cem et Sal-va- to-rem, ex-au- 
the Lord of All, and our Re-deera-er, hear 

-di nos, cle- men- tis-si-me pa-ter. 
Thou us, Thou most mer-ci-ful Fa-ther! 

No. 33 
Psalm VI: Lord, rebuke me not in Thine anger, 
neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure. 

Have mercy upon me,0 Lord; for I am weak: 
Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed. 

My soul is also sore vexed: but thou, 
Lord, how long? 

Return, Lord, deliver my soul: oh save me 
for thy mercies' sake. 

Do- mi-ne, 
Lord my God, 

-gu- as me 
Thou me not; 

cor- ri- pi- 

ne in fu- ro- re tu- -o ar- 
in an-ger and in wrath re- büke 

ne-que in i- - ra tu- -a 
in Thy dis-plea-sure spare me, 

-as me, mi-se-re-re me- -i, 
nor chas-ten Thou me; pi-ty me Thy ser-vant, 

in-fir-mus sum, sa- na 
as I am weak; heal me 

-mi-ne, quo-ni- am con- tur- -ba- -ta sunt 
my God; see how my bones are trou- bled and 

os- - sa me-a, et a- -ni- ma me- -a 
vexed with- in me, my soul too is trou-bled 

tur- ba- ta est val- de, et tu, Do- mi- ne, 
yea, sore- ly is trou-bled, & Thou l^ord my God, 

No. 34 (cont) 

stra-tum me- -urn la-chry-mis me- is, 
thus my couch with tears un- til morn-ing; 

tur-ba-tus est a fu- - ro- -re o- cu-lis 
my ve-ry eye is con-sumed be-cause of my 

me- us in- ve- te-ra- vi 
griev-ing, and wax-eth a-ged, 

in - ter om- -nes i- ni- -mi- cos me- os. 
a- -mong the foes who hate me, 

sur- round-ed by the foes that hate me, 

Ten. 29-30:) ma- ny foes that hate me. 

No. 35 
Part III 


quo-ni- am 
for as much 

us -que- quo, 

S.& T.20&22:Fa-ther, 

Con-ver-te- re, Do-mi- ne, 
Re- turn and de- liv-er me, 

how long, ? 

et e- ri- pe a- ni-mam me- am, sal-vum me 
de-li-ver my soul in Thy mer-cy; save me 

fac, pro-pter mi- -se- ri-cor- di-am tu- am! 
Lord, de- liv- er Thou my soul in Thy mer-cy! 

No. 34 
Part II. 

5. For in death there is no remembrance of thee": 
in the grave who shall give thee thanks? 
6.1 am weary with my groaning; all the night 
make I my bed to swim; I water my couch with my 
tears . 

7. Mine eye is consumed because of grief; it 
waxeth old because of all mine enemies. 

Quo-ni-am non est in mor- te qui me-mor sit 
Ve- ri-ly a- mong the dead is no me- mo- ry 

tu- - i, in in-fer-no ti- bi quis con- 
of Thee, and with-in the grave who is there 

-fi- te- -bi- -tur? La- bo- ra- vi in ge- 
to give Thee thanks? Wea-ry,wea- ry am I 

-mi- tu me- -o, la-va- bo per sin- gu-las 
with my groan- ing; my bed in the night do I 

no-ctes le- ctum me- um, et ri-ga-bo 
make to swim with weep- ing, and I wa-ter 

ft aim VI, 7: Depart from me, all ye workers of 
me, Do- iniquity; for the Lord hath heard the voice 
Lord of my weeping. 

8. The Lord hath heard my supplication; the 

Lord will receive my prayer. 

9. Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore 

vexed: let them return & be ashamed suddenly. 

Dis-ce-di- te a me, om-nes qui 
Go and de- part from me, ye work-ers 

o-pe-ra-mi- ni in- -i- qui- ta- tem, 
of i-ni-qui-ty, de-part ye from me; 

quo-ni- am ex- au- - di- vit Do- mi-nus, 
for God the Lord has heard my cry to Him, 

vo- cem fle-tus me- -i, 
heard my sup-pli-ca-tion, 

Sop. 15 , Alt. 14, 15, T. 14, B. 15 vo- -cem 

heard me, 
ex- au- -di- vit Do- mi- 
yea the Lord my God has 

-ca- ti- o- nem me- am 
bur-den of my weep- ing. 

Do- mi-nus, o- -ra- ti- - o- nem me- am, 
heed-ed me, and will re- ceive my pray-er; 

e- ru- be-scmt et con-tur-ben-tur ve- 
in con-fu-sion let all mine e- ne- mies 
-he- men- -ter om- 
be now a- shamed 
T.33) sore vexed and 

-nus de- -pre- 
heard, heard the 

sus- ce- pit 
The Lord has 

nes i- -ni- 
and sore- -ly 
be now a- 

-mi- -ci me- 

vexed be- fore 

T.34 -shamed be- fore 

• l 


con- ver- tan- tur ve- lo- ci- ter 
that they turn back and sud-den-ly 

et e- - ru- -bes- cant val-de. 
re- turn in shame be- fore me. 


No. 36 

Psalm 145,15: The eyes of all wait upon thee; 
and thou givest them their meat indue season. 
16: Thou openest thine hand, and satisfieth 
the desire of every living thing. 

0- -cu- li om-ni-um in te spe-rant, 
On Thee the eyes of all men are wait-ing, 

Do- mi- -ne, et tu das e- scam 
Lord, on Thee, and Thou dost give to 

il- lo- rum in tem- po-re op- por- 
them all, of their meat in due time and 

-tu-no. A- - pe- ris tu ma-num tu- -am 
sea-son. Thou dost op- en to them Thy hands, 

et im- pies om-ne- a- - ni- -mal 
and Thou dost sa-tis-fy their needs, 

be-ne-di-cti- -o- -ne. 
every liv-ing crea-ture. 

No. 38 

Do- mi- ne De- us, pa- ter coe-le-stis, 
Lord God Al- migh-ty, hea- ven-ly Fa-ther, 

be- -ne- die no- bis et his do-nis 
bless these the to- kens of Thine endless 
A. 5) this Thy boun-ty S.6) of Thy 

tu- is, quae de tu- a lar- -gi- -ta- te 
boun-ty, which we now re-ceive from Thine un- 

su- mi- mus per Je- -sum 
-spar-ing hand; thru Christ our 

Do- mi- num no-strum A-men. 
Lord and Re- deem-er, A-men. 

Sav- iour, 

Do- mi- -ne, 
God the Lord, 

No. 37 
The Lords Prayer. 
See Choral Series No. 192 

Pa- ter no-ster, qui es in coe-lis 
God our Fa-ther, who art in Hea-ven, 

san-cti- fi-ce- tur no-men tu-am, 
Thy Name be hal-low-ed for- ev-er; 

Ad- ve- ni- at reg- num tu- um, 
We hope and a-wait Thy King-dom, 

fi-at vo- -lun-tas tu- -a, si- cut in 
o- be-dient to Thy bid-ding, while on the 

coe- -lo et in ter-ra. Pa-nem no-strum 
earth here, and in Hea-yen. Give us dai-ly 

quo-ti- di- a- num da no- bis ho- di- e, 
our dai-ly por-tion,give us our dai-ly bread, 

(0 give us) 

et re-mit- te no-bis, de- -bi- ta no-stra, 
and do Thou for-give us that which we owe Thee, 

sic-ut et nos re- mit- ti- mus de- -bi- 
as we our-selves for-give our deb-tors what 

-to- ri-bus no-stris, et ne nos in- -du-cas 
they may be ow- ing; and do Thou not lead us 

in ten- ta- - ti- o- -nem, sed li-be- ra, 
where there is terap-ta-tion; de- li-ver us, 

li-be- ra nos a ma-le, quo-a tu- um est 
li-be-rate us from ev-il, for in Thee is the 

reg- num, et po-ten-ti- -a et glo- ri- a, 
King-dom, the om-ni- po-tence, and ma-jes-ty, 

in se-cu- la se- cu-lo-rum, A-men. 
for ev-er thru all the a-ges, A-men. 
See Matthew, VI, 9- 11 

quo-ni- -am i-pse bo- nus, 
for the Lord is a good God, 

qui dat ju- 
to eve-ry 

No. 39 

Con-fi- - te- -mi-ni 
give thanks un-to 

quo-ni- am in 
for His lov-ing 

se- -cu- lum mi- - se- ri-cor-di- -a e-jus, 
-kind-ness;and His truth en-dur-eth for-ev-er. 

qui dat es- cam om- ni car- -ni, 
food He giv- eth eve-ry crea-ture; 

-men-tis es- cam ip- so- rum, et pul-lis 
one his food that he need-eth, the young of 

cor-vo-rum in- vo- can- -ti- bus e- -um, 
the ra-vens He doth feed when they cry out. 

Non in for- -ti- tu- di-ne e- -qui vo-lun- 
He de-ligji-teth not in the horse, nor in his 

-ta- -tem ha- -be- bit, ne- -que in 
strength ta- keth plea-sure, nor doth He 

ti- - bi- is vi- -ri be- ne- pla- -ci- tum 
de- light in man, that he hath legs that are 

e- - rit e- - i. Be- ne-pla- ci-tura est 
strong for run-ning. Yea the Lord of Hea-ven 

Do- mi- -no su- per ti-men- tes e- um, 
tak-eth pleasure but in them that fear Him, 

et in e- - is qui spe-rant su-per 
He de-light-eth but in them, on-ly 

mi- se- -ri- cor- di- -a e-jus. 

in them that hope in His Mer-cy. 
Psalm 136: give thanks unto the Lord; 
for he is good : for his mercy endureth for- 

Psalm 147,9-11.: He giveth to the beast 
his food, and to the young ravens that cry. 
He delighteth not in the strength of the 
horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs 
of a man. 

The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear 
him, and in those that hope in his mercy. 


Not 40 

Gra- -ti- as a- -gi- mus ti-bi, 
Thanks to Thee , thanks for Thy fa- vor , 

Do- mi- ne De- us Pa-ter per Je- -sum 
Lord God Al-migh-ty, Fa-ther,thru Christ our 

Chri-stum Do- mi- num no-strum, 
Sav- iour, Lord and Re-deem-er, 

pro u- ni- ver-sis be- ne- -fi- ci-is 
for all Thy be- ne-fits and boun-ty we 

tu- -is, qui vi- vis et reg- nas, 
thank thee, who liv-eth and reign- eth 

in se-cu- la se- cu- lo-rum A-men. 
for-ev-er thru all the a- ges, A-raen. 


Schütz, Vol.V 

Psalm 108 

1. God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and 
give praise, even with my glory. 

2. Awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will 
awake early. 

3. I will praise thee, Lord, among the 
people: and I will sing praises unto thee 
among the nations. 

Pa- ra- -tum cor me- - um, De- us. 
My heart is de-ter- mined, God. 

Can - ta- -bo et psal- lam in glo- ri- a 
With song I give praise to the Lord in my 
(with sing-ing) 

me- a, can- -ta- bo et psal- lam 

glo-ry, with sing-ing and psalms I 

in glo- -ri- a, glo- -ri- a, glo- ri-a 
give praise to him, praise to the Lord in my 

me- a, Ex-sur- -ge, ex-sur- ge 

glo-ry, A- wake thou, a- wake with 

glo- ri- - a, glo- -ri- a me- a, glo- ri- 
song and with praise in my glo-ry, praise to 

-a, glo- ri- a me- a, ex-sur- ge psal- 

the Lord in my glo-ry, a-wake my 

-te- ri-um, ex-sur- ge cy-tha- ra, 
psal-te-ry, thou my harp, a- wake, 

ex- sur-gam di-lu-cu- lo con- fi- te-bor 
yea ear-ly will I a- wake, thy prai-ses I 

ti- bi in po- -pu- -lis Do- mi- ne. 
sing to all na- tions Lord my God. 
(thy prai-ses) 

Psal- lam, ti- bi in na- - ti- -o- 
sing-ing, thy praise a-broad thru all 

-ni- -bus. 
the earth. 

No. 2 (cont) 

in De- o, in De- -o me- o; 
ex-al-ted in God Ai-migh-ty; 

di- la- -ta- turn est os me- -urn 
and my mouth is made to tri- umph 

su-per in- i- mi- cos me- os. 
ov-er all my foes to- -geth-er. 

Qui-a lae-ta- ta sum, in sa- lu- ta- ri 
Let my re-joic-ing be in thy di-vine sal- 

tu- -o. Non est san-ctus, ut est Do- mi- 
-va- tion. None is ho- -ly, as is God the 

-nus ne- -que e- nim est a- -li- us 
Lord, there is no one be- side thee to 

e-xtra te, et non est for- tis 
eq-ual thee, nor a- ny fort-ress 

si- cut De- us no- ster. 
like un- -to the Lord God. 
(like un- -to him) 

No. 3 
Psalm 31 

1. In thee o Lord do I put my trust; let me 
never be ashamed: deliver me in thy right- 

2. Bow down thine ear to me; deliver me 

In te Do- mi-ne spe- -ra- vi, 

In thee, Lord I ev- er trust-ed. 

(I trust-ed) 
non con- fun- dar in ae- - ter- num. 

let me nev-er 

be con- found- ed. 

In ju- -sti- -ti- - a tu- a li- be-ra me. 
In thy right-eous-ness set me speed-i- ly free; 

In- -cli- -na au- rem tu- am, 

Bow down thine ear un- -to me, 

bow down thou) 

ac- - ce- -le- ra ut e- ru- -as me. 

and speed- i- -ly de-liv-er thou me. 

No. 2 
I Sam. II, 1-2 

1. My heart rejoiceth in the Lord, mine horn is 
exalted in the Lord. My mouth is enlarged over 
mine enemies ; because I rejoice in thy salvation. 

2. There is none holy as is the Lord: for there 
is none beside thee: neither is there any rock 
like our Lord 

Ex-ul- ta- vit cor me- um in Do- mi- -no, 
Now re-joic-eth my spi-rit in God the Lord, 

et ex- ul- -ta- tum est cor- nu me- um 
yea is my horn ex- -al- ted, with hon-or 

No. 4 
Psalm 104 

33. I will sing unto the Lord as long as 
I live: I will sing praise to my God while 
I have being. 

Can- -ta- bo, can- ta-bo Do- mi- -nQ 
Come sing ye, sing ye to God the Lord, 

in vi- - ta me- a, 
while you have be-ing, 

In vi- ta me- a can- ta-bo Do- mi- no 
While I have be-ing I sing to God the Lord, 

Vol.V, No. 4 (cont) 

(bars 9-11) can- -ta- bo, can- -ta- bo Do- mi- 

-no, (come sing ye,) come sing to God the 


psal-lam De- -o me- - o quam di-u fu- e-ro 

I will sing his prai- ses'Jwhile lam yet a-live, 

I will sing to praise him 

Do- -mi- -no can- -ta- -bo, can- ta- -bo, 
I will sing(his prai-ses, his prai-ses, 

in vi- -ta me- a, psal-lam De- -o, 
while I have be-ing.) sing his prai-ses, 

De- -o psal-lam me- -o, me-o De- -o 
I will sing his prai-ses, ev-er sing to 

psal- lam, quam di- u fu- e- ro^ 
praise him, while I am yet a-live, 

psal-lam me- -o De- -o, De-o me- -o 
I will sing his prai-ses, ev-er sing his 

psal-lam, quam di- u fu- -e- -ro. 
prai-ses, while I am yet a- live. 

No. 5 

28. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are 
heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 

29. lake my yoke upon you, and learn of me; 
for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye 
shall find rest unto your souls. 

30. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. 

Ve- ni- -te ad me om-nes qui la- bo- ra-tis 

come un- to me, all ye to me that la-bour, 
(0 come ye) 

om-nes qui o- -ne- -ra- ti e-stis, 
all ye that la-bour hea- vy- la-den, 

et e- -go re- - fi- -ci- -am vos. 
and I will re- fresh and rest you. 

Tol- li- te, ju- gum me- urn su-per vos, 

Take you my yoke up- -on you, 

take to you, (take my yoke now) up- on you, 

et di- sei- - te a me, qui-a, qui- a 
that ye may learn from me, know ye, know that 

mu-tis sum et hu- mi- lis cor- de, 

1 am meek, am hum-ble and low-ly, 

et in- -ve- - ni- - e- tis re-qui- - em 
and ye shall find rest un- -to your souls, 

a- -ni — ma- - bus ve-stris, ju-gum 
for your souls shall find rest; for my 

e-nim me-um su- -a- .ve est et o- nus me- 
yoke is ea-sy and light to bear, my burden light 

-um le- ver. Ve-ni- te er- go ve-ni- te ad me. 
and(gen-tlej. come ye therefore ,0 come ye to me. 

No. 6 
Psalm 100 
(See also Vol. 3, No. 2) 

1. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all 
ye lands. 

2. Serve the Lord with gladness: come 
before his presence with singing. 

3. Know ye that the Lord, he is God: it is 
he that hath made us and not we ourselves; 
we are his people and the sheep of his 

4. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, 
and into his courts with praise: be thank- 
-ful unto him and bless his name. 

5. For the Lord is good; his mercy is ever- 
- las ting; and his truth endure th to all 
generations . 

Ju- bi-la-te De- o om-nis, om- nis (om-ni^ 
(Hal-le-lu-ja)sing ye eve-ry land and eve-ry 

ter-ra. Ser- -vi- -te Do- -mi- -no in 
na-tion. With glad-ness serve the Lord and 

(lae-ti- ti- - a.) In- tro- - i- -te 
a joy-ful noise. Come be- -fore his 

(Come be- -fore him) 

in con- - spe- - ctu e — jus in 
pre-sence with thanks- giv- ing and 

ex- -ul- -ta- -ti- - o- -ne. 
wor-ship him with sing- ing. 

Sei- to- te quo- - ni- am Do- mi- nus 
For know ye well that the Lord he is 

i- pse est De- us, i- pse fe-cit nos, 
God and no oth-er; he cre-a- ted us, 

et non, et non i- psi nos, 
and not, and not we our- selves, 

po-pu- lus e- jus et o- ves pa- scu-ae 
we are his peo-ple, and are the sheep of his 

e- -jus. A- tri-a e- - jus 
pas-ture. (En- ter ye} his courts 

in hym- -nis con- fi- - te- -mi- -ni 
with praise and fill his gates with thanks- 
(0 en- - ter ye his gates with thanks 

il- li. Lau- -da- te no- -men e- jus 
-giv- ing; to him be thank- ful 

and bless his name for ev-er, 

quo-ni- -am su- - a- - vis est Do- mi- nus, 
for the Lord is right- eous, the Lord is good 

In ae-ter- num mi- - se- -ri- cor-di- -a 
Ev-er- last- ing his truth and mer-cy will 


Vol.V, No. 6 (cont) 

e- jus et us-que in- ge- ne-ra-ti-o- nem, 
en-dure, for- ev-er from eve-ry ge-ne-ra-tion 

et ge- ne-ra-ti-o- nem ve-ri-tas e-jus. 
to eve-ry ge-ne-ra-tion^ ev-er and ev-er. 

No. 7 
Song of Solomon 
V,6: my soul failed when he (my beloved) spake: 
11,14: for sweet is thy voice, and thy coun- 
-tenance is comely. 

V,13: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet 
smelling myrrh;, his cheeks as sweet flowers. 

A- ni-ma me- -a li- que-fa- eta est 
My ve-ry spi-rit melt-ed in my breast 

melt-ed in me) 

ut di- le-ctus lo-cu-tus est, 
when my dear-ly be-lov-ed spake, 

vox e- nim e- -jus dul- -eis, 

for lo his voice is plea- sant, 

for when he speak-eth) 

et fa- -ci- - as e-jus de- co- ra. 

his coun-ten- -ance come-ly to gaze onj 

La- . bi- - -a e- -jus li- - li- -a 
cheeks like sweet flow-ers , lips that like 

stil- Ian- ti- -a myrr-ham pri- - mam. 
the li-lies are^ drip-ping with myrrh. 

No. 8 

V,8: I charge you, daughters of Jerusalem, 
if ye find my beloved, that ye tell him, that 
I am sick of love. 

Ad- -ju- - ro vos, fi- - li- ae Hie-ru-sa- 
I charge you all, daugh- ters of Je- ru-sa- 

-lem si in- - ve- -ne- ri- tis di-le-ctum 
-lem, if ye shall find him who is my be- 

me- -um, ut nun- ci- - e- -tis e- i, 
-lov- ed, that ye shall tell him) tru-ly 

qui- - a a- -mo- re, a- -mo- re Ian- gue- 
how much (l lovehim^how I am sick for 

- o, qui- -a, qui- -a a- -mo- -re 
love, tell him, tell him that I am 

Ian- gue- -o, a- - mo- -re Ian- gue — o. 
sick for love, from love am lan-guish-ing. 

No. 9 
IV, 1; V,2; IV, 2-5; Behold, thou art fair, 
my love; thou hast doves' eyes within thy 
locks: thy hair is as a flock of goats. Thy 
teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even 
shorn, thy lips are like a thread of scarlet« 

No. 9 (cont) 

Thy neck is like the tower of David. Thy 
two breasts are like two young roes that 
are twins. 

quam tu pul-chra, tu pul- chra es, 
my be- lov- ed, how fair thou art, 

quam tu pul- chra es, 
how fair, how fair thou art, 

quam tu pul-chra, tu pul-chra, tu 
my be- lov- ed, how fair,0 how 

pul- chra es, quam tu pul-chra, o quam 
fair thou art, my be- lov- ed, love-ly 

tu pul- chra es, a- -mi- ca me- a, 

and fair thou art, thou my be-lov-ed, 

co-lum- ba me- a, for- mo- sa me- -a, 
my dove my sis-ter, beau-ti-ful fair one, 

im-ma-cu- - la- - ta me- -a, 
my un-de- filed and pure one # 

0- - cu- li tu- - i o- - cu- -li 
Eyes like to doves' eyes, look- ing out 

co-lum-ba- -rum ca- -pil- li tu- -i 
un-der thy locks; thy hair is come-ly, 

si- cut gre- ges ca- pra- rum. 
like the goats on .the moun-tain. 

Den-tes tu- -i si- cut gre- ges ton- -sa- 
Like a flock new-ly - shorn are thy white 

-rum. Si-cut vit-ta coc-cf-ne-a 
teeth. Like a fil-let of scar- let 

la-bi- -a tu- - a. Si- -cut tur- -ris 
so are thy red lips. Like the towY of 

Da-vid col-lum tu- -um. Du- -o u- 
Da-vid ri- ses) thy neck. Thy two breasts 

-be-ra tu- -a si- cut du- - o hin- nu- 
so al-lur-ing are like two young as- -ses' 

-li, ca- -pre- -ae ge- -mel- -li. 
colts, two young roes that are twins. 

No. 10 

Ve- -ni di Li-ba-no, ve- -ni 
Come thou from Le-ba -non, come thou, 

a- -ni- ca me- a, co-lum- ba me- -a, 
my best be-lov-ed, my dove, my fair one, 

for-mo-sa me- -a, quam tu pul-chra es, 
be-lov-ed fair one, my be- lov- ed (one] 

quam tu pul-chra, tu pul- chra es, 
my be- lov- ed, how fair thou art, 


Vol.V, No. 10 (cont) 

quam tu pul- chra es, quam tu pul- 

How fair, how fair thou(art) my be-lov- 

-chra es, Ve- ni, ve- ni co- - ro- 

-ed one, Come come and crown me 

-na- be- ris. Sur- ge, - sur- ge, pro- pe- 

with thy love; rise and haste a- -way with 

-ra, a-mi-ca me- -a, so-ror me- -a, 
me, my be-lov-ed, my sis-ter, 

spon-sa me- - a, im- -ma-cu- la- -ta me- 
my be- troth- ed, there is no spot with- in 

- a, et ve- -ni. 
thee. come thou! 

quam tu pul- chra, tu pul- chra es. 
my be-lov- ed, how fair thou art! 

quam tu pul- chra es. 

thou how fair thou art! 

No. 11 
Psalm 34 

1. I will bless the Lord at all times: his 
praise shall continually be in my mouth. 

2. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: 
the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. 

3. magnify the Lord with me, and let us 
exalt his name together. 

Be- ne-di- cam Do- mi- num in om- ni 
Eve-ry day and eve-ry hour I sing to 

tem- - po- re, sem-per laus e- jus 
praise the Lord; al-ways his hon- or 

in o- -re me- o. Lau- da- bi-tur a- ni-ma 

1 hold be-fore me. My soul is glad ev-er to 

me- - a. Au-di- ant man-su- -e- ti 
praise him. It is heard by the hum-ble 

et lae- ten- tur. Mag-ni-fi-ca-te 
with re- joic- ing. mag-ni-fy the 

Do- mi- num me-cum et ex- al- te- mus 
Lord our God with me, and let his peo-ple 

no- men e- jus in id- i- psum, 
all ex-alt his name to-geth-er, 

(all to-geth-er.) 

No. 12 
Psalm 34 

4. I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and 
delivered me from all my fears. 

5. They looked unto him and were lightened: 
and their faces were not ashamed. 

Ex-qui- si-vi Do- - mi- num 
In my need I sought the Lord, 

No. 12 (cont) 

et ex - -au- di-vit me, et ex o- 
who har-kened un-to me; lo the Lord 

-mni-bus tri-bu-la- ti- - o- ni- - bus 
did de- li-ver me from all tri- -bu- 

(from all my fears) 

me- -is e- ri- -pu- it me. 
-la-tions, de-li- veredmysoul. 
( de- li-ver ed me) 

Ac- -ce- -di-te ad e- -um et 
They looked to him to guide them and 

il- -lu- mi na- -mi- -ni, et 

their way was bright with light, their 

fa-ci- -es ve-strae non con-fun- den-tur. 
fa-ces were no- ble and not con-found-ed. 

No. 13 

II Sam. 
XVIII, 33: my son Absalom, my son, my son 
Absalom! Would to God I had died for thee, 
Absalom, my son, my son. 

Fi-li mi, Ab-sa-lon, fi-li, fi-li mi. 

my son, Ab-sa-lom, my son,0 my son! 

Quis mi-hi tri- bu- -at, ut e-go 
Would I had died for thee, that I had 

mo- ri- -ar, mo- ri-ar, mo-ri- ar 
died for thee, would to God I had died 

pro te, Ab-sa-lon, fi-li mi. 
for thee, Ab-sa-lom, my son! 

No. 14 
Psalm 78 

1. Give ear, my people, to my law: incline 
your ears to the words of my mouth. 

2. I will open my mouth in a parable: I will 
utter dark sayings of old: 

3. Which we have heard and known and our 
fathers have told us. 

At- ten- di-te po-pu-le me- us, le-gem 
Give ear to me, ye my peo-ple, thus I 

me- -am, in- cli- -na- -te au- rem 
charge you, now in- cline your ears and 

ve-stram in ver-ba o- ris me- - i, 
har-ken un-to the words of my mouth, 
(un-to my say-ings) 

a - pe- ri-am in pa- -ra-bo-lis os 

1 speak to you a dark pa-ra-ble with 

me- um lo-quar pro-po-si- ti- -o- -nes 
my mouth I will ut-ter mys-tic say-ings f 


Vol.V, No. 14 (cont) 

ab i- - ni- -ti- -o. Quan-ta au- - di- 
say-ings from of old, which we have heard 
(from ol- den times) 

-vi-mus et cog- no- -vi-mus e — a, 
and al- -so we have un-der-stood them, 

et pa- tres no-stri, nar- ra-ve--runt 
and which our fa-thers have of- ten- times) 

no- bis. 
told us. 

No. 15 
Psalm LI 

15. Lord open thou my lips, and my mouth 
shall shew forth thy praise. 

Do- mi-ne, la-bi- - a me- -a 
Lord my God, if it shall please thee 

a-pe- ri- es, et os me- -um 
o-pen my lips, that thy prai-ses 

an-nun-ti- -a- bit lau- dem tu- um. 
be in my mouth to (shew thy glo-ry.) 

No. 16 
Song of Solomon 

111,1: By night on my bed I sought him whom 
my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found 
him not. 

2. I will rise now, and go about the city in 
the streets, and in the broad ways I will 
seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him 
but I found him not. 

3. The watchmen that go about the city found 
me: to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul 

4. It was but a little that I passed from 
them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I 
held him and would not let him go 

In lee- tu-lo per noc- tes quem di- -li- 
At nigjit un-til the morn ing I sought him 

-git a- -ni- ma 
I love in my 

me- -a 

quae- si- vi 
I sought him , 

nee re-spon-dit mi- hi. Sur- gam 
but I did not) find him. Rise from 

et cir- cu- -i- -bo ci- -vi- ta-tem 
thy bed and go a- bout the ci-ty, 
( a- rise and has- ten) 

per vi- cos et pla- -te- -as quae- rem 
and seek him in the broad ways, seek him 

quem di- -li- git a- -ni- -ma me- -a, 

1) the one whom my soul dear- ly lov- eth, 

2) him who to my soul is de-light- ful. 

No. 17 

Inr - ve- -ne-runt me cu--sto-des ci- 
Watch- men found me there that go a-bout 

-vi-ta-tis. Pau-lu-lum cum per trans- i- 
the ci-ty. When I but a lit- tie way 

-rem e- - os, in- ve- - ni quem 
had passed them, I found him, the 

di- -li- git a- -ni- ma me- a 
one whom my soul dear-ly lov- eth. 

lov- eth) 

Te- nu- -i nee di- mit- tam il- -lum, 
Hold- ing him fast I would not loose him, 

te- nu- -i nee di- mit- tam, nee di-mit- 
hold-ing him fast I would not let him go 

-tam il- lum. E- gre- -di- - mi- ni, 

nor free him. Come ye forth, ye 

fi- - li- ae Hie-ru-sa-lem, 
daugh-ters of Je- ru-sa-lem, 

et con- gra- tu- la- -mi- ni mi- hi, 
and with sing- ing wel-come and greet me. 

can- -te- te di-lec-to me- o cum lae- ti- 
Come sing ye) to my be-lov-ed and make joy- 

-ti- - a, cum ju- -bi- -lo, 
-ful noise, with harp and lyre, 

cum cy- -tha- ra. 
and shout for joy! 

No. 18 
V,l. I am come into my garden, my sister, my 
spouse: I have gathered my myrrh with my spice; 
I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I 
have drunk my wine with my milk: eat, 
friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, 

Ve- ni, ve- ni di-le-cte mi, in hor-tum 
Let,0 let my be-lov-ed come in- to my 

me- um, ut co- -me-das pre-ti- o- -sum 
gar-den, and eat with me of the plea-sant 

fru- -ctum tu- - um. Ve-ni- - o, so-ror 
fruits that grow there. I am come,0 my 

me- -a spon-sa, in hor-tum me- um et 
spouse, my sis-ter, in- to my gar-den and 

mes- -su- -i myrr- ham me- am, cum 
ga-thered my myrrh and spi-ces, my 

a- -ro- ma-ti-bus me- is, co- me- di 
myrrh and sa-vo-ry spi-ces, and ate my 

fa-vum me- um cum mel- le me- o, 
hon- ey- comb ev- en with my hon-ey, 
gg (yea with my hon-ey) 

Vol.V, No. 18 (cont) 

cum la-cte me- -o vi- num me- um bi- bi. 
and I have drunk my milk and wine to-geth-er. 

Com-e- di- te di-le-cti et bi- -bi- te 
I bid you eat, be-lov-ed, and drink with me) 

a- - mi- - ci, et in- - e- -bri-a- mi- ni, 
in friend-ship, yea, and drink a-bun-dantly, 

ca-ris- si- mi. 
dear- est ones! 

No. 19 
Psalm 81 

3. Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the 
time appointed, on our solemn feast day. 
Ps^98,6: With trumpets and sound of cornet 
make a joyful noise before the Lord our King. 

Buc- ci- -na- te in ne- - o- -me- ni- -a 
Blow the trum-pet at new moon, blow ye the 

tu- ba in in- sig- ni di- -e 
trum-pet at the time ap-point-ed, 

so-len-ni- ta- tis ve- strae. Ai-le-lu-ja. 
up- on our so-lemn feast day. Al-le-lu-ja. 

In vo- ce ex- ul- ta- ti- -o- nis, in 
With sound of cor- net and of trumpet, with 

vo- -ce tu- bae cor- ne- -ae 
trum-pets make a joy-ful noise, 

ex- ul- -ta- te De- -o ad- ju- to- ri 
(with the sound of trum-pets ) 
make a joy-ful noise to God Al-migh-ty 

no- stro. 
our King. 

No. 20 
Psalm 150 

4. Praise him with the timbrel and dance: 
praise him with stringed instruments and 

Ju- bi- - la- te, ju- bi- la- te De- o, 
Joy-ful hearts & joy-ful voi-ces sing ye, 

Ten. bars 11-12, Bass bars 9 & 12: 

ju- bi- -la- te, ju- -bi- -la- te De- o, 

joy-ful sing to praise the Lord Al-migh-ty, 

in chor-dis et or- ga- - no, in tym-pa-no, 
with or- gan and in-stru-ments,with tim-pa-ni, 

et cho-ro, Can- ta- te et ex- - ul- ta- -te 
and chorus, Come sing ye with sound of trum-pets 

et psal-li-te psal-li- te sa- pi- -en- ter. 
and psal-te-ry sing ye with un-der-stand-ine. 

^salm 47, v. 7: sing ye praises with understanding. 


Schütz, Vol. VI 
I Psalm 49 

13. Be pleased, Lord, to deliver nie: Lord, 
make haste to help me. 

14. Let them be ashamed and confounded togeth- 
er that seek after my soul to destroy it; let 
them be driven backward and put to shame that 
wish me evil. 

15. Let them be desolate for a reward of their 

t shame that say unto me, Aha, aha. 
16. Let all those that seek thee rejoice and 
be glad in thee: let such as love thy salva- 
tion say continually, The Lord be magnified. 
17. But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord 
thinketh upon me: thou art my help and my 
deliverer; make no tarrying, my God. 

Ei-le mich, Gott, zu er-ret-ten, Herr, mir 
If it please thee to re-deem me, haste .Lord, 

»zu he 1- fen. Es mus- sen sich scha-men und zu 
to help me. Lord, let them be a-shamed & 

Schan-den wer- den, die nach mei-ner See-len 
be con-found-ed, they who seek my soul to 

ste- hen, sie müs-sen zu-rü- cke-keh- ren 
waste it; let them be dri-ven back-ward, 

und ge- höh- net wer-den, die mir ü- -bels 
and be put to shame , they that wish me 

wün-schen, dass sie müs- sen wie- -de- rum 
ev- -il, for their shame let their re-ward 

zu Schan-den wer-den die da ü- ber mich 
be de- -so- la-tion, thfcy that scoff at me 

schrei-en: Da, da, da, da, da, da; freu-en 
say- ing: A- ha, a- ha, a- ha! Let them 

und froh- lieh müs-sen sein in dir, die nach 
that seek thee all re-joiee in thee, all they 

dir fra-gen und dein Heil lie-ben, im-mer 
that tru-ly love thy sal- va-tion, ev-er 

sa- gen: Hoch ge-lobt,ge- lobt, hoch ge- lobt, 
say- ing: To the Lord be praise, to the Lord 

ge- lobt, sei Gott. Ich a- ber, bin e-lend 
be praise, our God. But I, Lord, am need-y 

und arm; Gott, ei- le, ei- le* zu mir, denn 

and poor; God, has- ten, has- ten to me 

du bist mein Hel-fer und Er-ret-ter, 
thou art my he 1- per and Re-deem- er, 

Gott, ver-zeuch nicht. 
God; and stay not. 




No. 2 
Psalm 29 

1. Give unto the Lord, ye mighty, give 
unto the Lord glory and strength. 

2. Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his 
name; worship the Lord in the beauty of 

Bringt her dem Her- ren, ihr Ge-wal- ti-gen, 
Give to the Lord God, ye migh- ty ones, 

Eh- re und Stä'r-ke, bringt her den Her- 
glo-ry and pow- er, give to the Lord 

-ren Eh- re sei-nes Na-mens, be- tet an 
God glo ry that is due him, wor-ship ye 

den Her- ren im hei-li-gen Schmuck.Alleluja. 
the Lord God in his Ho-ly Place. Alleluja. 

AI- le Lan- de be- ten dich an und lob- 
All the na-tions worship thy name^ev- er 

-sin- gen dir, lob- -sin- -gen, 
wor-ship thee, and praise thee, 

lob-sin- gen dei-nem Na- men. Alleluja. 
and join in song to praise thee .Alleluja. 

No. 3 
Psalm 111 
For the text of the Psalm see Vol. II, No 13 

Ich dan- ke dem Herrn von gan-zen Her-zen 
I thank the Lord with all my be- ing, 

im Rath der From- men und in der Ge-mei- 
here with the up- right in the con-gre-ga- 

- ne. Gross sind die Wer- ke des Her- ren, 
-tion. Great are the works of the Lord and 

wer ihr ach- - tet der hat ei- -tel 
all have sought them that have plea-sure 

Lust dran, was er ord- net, das ist 
there- -in; all he fash- ions is with 

lob- lieh und herr-lich, und sei-ne Ge- 
hon- or and glo- -ry, and his ho- ly 

-rech-tig- keit wan- ret e-wig-lich. 
right-eous-ness bid-eth ev-er-more. 

Er hat ein Ge-dächt-niss ge-stif-tet 
Won-drous works by him are re-mem- bered, 

sei-ner Wun-der, der gna- di- ge und 
all his won-ders-, the Lord is full of 

barm- her-zi- -ge Herr. Er giebt Spei-se 
grace and com- pass- ion. He hath giv- en 

de-nen so ihn furch- ten, er ge- den-ket 
meat to them that fear him; he will keep the 

e-wig-lich an sei- nen Bund, 
cov-en-ant that he hath made. 


Vol. VI, No. 3 (cont) 

Er lasst ver- -kirn- di- gen sei- ne ge-wal- 
The Lord hath showed & made known to his peo- 

-ti- ge Tha-ten sei-nem Volk, dass er ih- 
-ple the pow-er of his works, that they may 

-nen ge- be das Er- be der Hei-den; die 
be known as the heirs of the hea-then; the 

Werk sei-ner Han- de sind Wahr-heit und 
works of his hands are firm-found- ed and 

Recht, al- -le sei-ne Ge- bot sind recht 
true, all that he has com-mand-ed is 

schaf-fen, sie wer-den er- -hal-ten im-mer 
cer- tain, for all his com-mands en-dure to 

und e-wig-lich und ge- sche-hen treu- lieh 
e-ter-ni- ty, and are true and up- right 

und red- lieh. Er sen- det ein Er- lö- 
and right-eous. The Lord hath sent re-demp- 

-sung sei-nem Volk, er ver-heisst, dass 
-tion to his folk, that his cov- - en- 

sein Bund e- wig- lieh blei-ben soil, 
-ant en-dure to e- -ter- ni- -ty, 
yea to e- -ter- ni- -ty; 

hei-lig und hehr ist sein Na- -me. 
ho- ly and re- -ver-end his name. 

Die Furcht des Her-ren ist der Weis- he it 
The fear of God the Lord be- gin- neth 

An-fang, das ist ei-ne fei- ne Klug- 
wis-dom, and good un-der-stand-ing have 

-heit, wer dar-nach thut, des Lob blei- 
they that keep his word; his praise is 

-bet e-wig-lich, wer dar-nach thut, 
for ev-er-more, for ev- -er- more, 

No. 4 

sii- sser, o freund- li- eher, o gü- 
sweet-est, Lord Je- sus Christ, our best- 

-ti-ger Herr Je- su Chri-ste, wie hoch hast 
-be-lov- ed Lord and Sav-iour, how great is 

du uns e- -len- de Men-schen ge- lie-bet, 
the love thou hast be-stowed on us mortals, 

wie theur hast du uns er- -lb- set, wie 
how dear- -ly hast thou re- deemed us, how 

lieb-lich hast du uns ge-tro-stet, wie 
gent- ly hast thou giv-en com- fort, how 

herr-lich hast du uns ge-macht, wie ge- 
glo-rious to have made us thus, and how 

-wal-tig hast du uns er- ha-ben,mein 

migh-ti- -ly hast thou up- he Id us, my 


No. 4 (cont) 

Hei-land, wie er- freu- et sich mein 
Sav-iour, how my heart is filled with 

Herz, mein Hei-land, wenn ich da- ran 
joy, my Sav-iour, when I but pause 

ge-den-ke, denn je mehr Je- mehr ich da- 
to pon-der, how my heart is glad when I 

- ran ge-den-ke, je freund- li- eher du 
pause to pon-der how staunch & true thou 

bist, je lie-ber ich dich ha- be. Mein 
art, ray most de-sired pos-sess-ion». My 

Er- lo-ser, wie herr-lich sind dei-ne Wohl- 
Re- deem- er, how glo-rious -are the ma--ny 

- tha- ten, die du uns er- - zei- get 
bless- ings that thou hast con- f erred on 

hast, wie gross ist die Herr-lich-keit, 
us, how bright is the ma- jes- -ty 

die du uns be- rei- tet hast, 
that thou hast pre-pared for us. 

wie ver- lan-get mei- -ner See- len 
how ray soul is filled with long-ing 

nach dir, wie seh- ne ich mich mit al- 
for thee, how migh-ti- ly' it is yearn- 

-ler Macht aus die- sem E- -len- - de 
-ing now to leave this sad Vale of Tears 

nach dem himm-li-schen Va-ter- land. Mein 
for the hea- ven-ly Fa-ther-land. My 

Hel-fer, du hast mir mein Herz ge- -nom- 
Hel-per, my heart has been won com- plete- 

-men mit dei-ner Lie- be, dass ich mich 
-ly by thine af- feet-ion, so that with- 

ohn Un- ter- lass nach dir seh- -ne, 
-out ceas-ing I yearn to have thee; 

ach, dass ich bald zu dir kom- men, und 
ah, that I soon may be with thee, and 

dei-ne Herr-lich-keit schau-en soll-te. 
in thy ma- jes- -ty see thy glo-ry. 

No. 5 
Psalm 145 

3. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be 
praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. 

4. One generation shall praise thy works to 
another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. 

Der Herr ist gross und sehr lob- lieh, 
Great is the Lord and ex- al- ted, 
(The Lord is great) 

und sei- ne Grö- sse ist un-aus-sprech- 
his might and great- ness is ev-er- -last- 

Vol. VI, No. 5 (cont) 

-lieh. (Kin-des-kind), Kin-des-kind wer- -den 
-ing. ev-er- more, Ge- ne- -ra-t ions shall 

dei- ne Wer-ke pre i- sen und von dei- ner 
tell to one an-oth- er of thy works and 

Ge- wait sa- gen, Al-le-lu-ja. 
thy might, sing- ing: Al-le-lu-ja. 

No. 6 


lie- ber Her- re Gott we-cke uns auf, 
dear- est Lord our God, let us a- wake, 

wir be-reit sein, wenn dein Sohn kommt, 
we pre-pare us, when thy Son come, 

ihn mit Freu-den zu em- -pfa- hen, und dir 
that re-joic-ing we may greet him, that we 

mit rei- nem Her-zen zu die- nen ; durch 
with hearts un-sul-lied may serve thee thru 

den- sei- bi- gen dei-nen lie- ben Sohn, Je- 
him thy be-lov-ed and bless-ed Son, Christ, 

-sum Chri-stum, A- men. 
our Sav-iour, A- men. 

No. 7 
Psalm 30 

4. Sing unto the Lord, ye saints of his, 
and give thanks at the remembrance of his 

5. For his anger endure th but a moment; in 
his favour is life: weeping may endure for a 
night, but joy cometh in the morning. 

Ihr Hei-li-gen, lob- sin-gen dem Her- ren, 
Ye saints of his, come sing to the Lord God, 

dan- ket und prei-set sei-ne Herr- lieh- keit, 
thank and re- mem- ber now his ho- -li- ness; 

denn sein Zorn wan- ret ei-nen Au- gen- blick, 
but a mo-ment his an-ger will en-dure; 

und er hat Lust zum Le-ben, den A-bend 
with him is life in fa-vor. For all the 

lang wäh-ret das Wei- nen, a- ber des 
night en-dur-eth weep- ing, but com- eth 

Mor-gens die Freu-de, des Mor-gens, des 
joy in the mor-ning, but joy in the 

Mor- gens, a- ber des Mor-gens, des Mor-gens, 
morn- ing, but com- eth joy in the mor-ning, 

die Freu-de, die Freu-de, 
but joy in the mor-ning, 

No. 8 
Psalm 4,l;Psalm 5,2 
1. Hear me when I call, God of my 

No. 8, Psalm 4 

righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when 

I was in distress; have mercy upon me and 

hear my prayer. 

Psalm 5,2: Harken unto the voice of my cry, 

my King, and my God: for unto thee will I 


Er- ho- -re mich, wenn ich ru- fe, Gott 
hear thou me when I call thee, 

mei-ner Ge-rech- tig- keit, der du 
God of my right-eous-ness; thou wert 

mich tro-stest in Angst, sei mir gna- dig, 
my com- fort in grief; be thou gra-cious, 

und er- ho- -re mein Ge- -bet, ver-nimm 
now I pray thee, hear ray pray*r, hear 

mein Schrei- en, mein Ko- nig und mein Gott. 
my pray- er, my King who art my God. 

No. 9 
Psalm 1 

1. Blessed is the man that walketh not in 
the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in 
the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat 
of the scornful. 

2. But his delight is in the law of the 
Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day 
and night. 

3. And he shall be like a tree planted by 
the rivers of water, that bringeth forth 
his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall 
not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall 

Wohl dem, wohl dem der nicht wan-delt im Rath 
Bles-sed is he that dis-dain-eth to heed 

der Gott-lo-sen, noch tritt auf dem Weg 
the un-god-ly, nor ta-keth the way 

der Siin-der, noch si- tzet da die Spöt-ter 
of sin-ners, nor sit-teth in the seats of 

si- tzen, son-dern hat Lust zum Ge- se- 
scorn-ers, he whose de- light is the law 

-tze des Herrn, und re-det von sei- nem 
of the Lord, who me-di-tates on his 

Ge- -se- -tze Tag und Nacht, 
com- raand- raents day and night, 

Ge- -se- -tze, Ge- setz 

von sei-nem 
up- on his 

com- mand- merits. 



Der ist wie ein Baum ge-pflan-zet an den 
He is like a tree that grow-eth by the 

Was-ser-bä'-chen, der sei- ne Frucht 
riv-er- wa-ters, that bring-eth its 

Vol. VI, No. 9 (cont) 

brin-get zu sei-ner Zeit, und sei-ne Blat-ter 
fruit at his pro-per time; his bud & flow- er 

leaf & f low-er 

ver-wel-ken nicht, und was er ma- che t, 
shall wi-ther not; what-e*er he do-eth 

das ge- rath wohl. Al-le-lu-ja. 
shall bring forth fruit. Al-le-lu-ja. 

No. 10 
Psalm 51 

10. Create in me a clean heart, God; and 
renew a right spirit within me. 

11. Cast me not away from thy presence; and 
take not thy holy spirit from me. 

12. Restore unto me the joy of thy salva- 
tion; and uphold me with thy free spirit. 

Schaf- fe in mir, Gott, ein rei-nes Herz, 
Keep thou clean my heart, and un- de-filed, 
(keep thou it clean, God,) 

und gieb mir ei- nen neu-en ; ge-wis-sen Geist, 
cre-ate an up-right spi-rit a- new in me. 

Ver-wirf mich nicht, von dei-nem An-ge-sicht, 
cast me not, cast me not a- way, 

und nimm dei-nen heil-gen Geist nicht von 
and take not thy ho- ly spi- -rit from 

mir. Trö-ste mich wie-der mit dei-ner Hül- 
me. To thy sal- va-tion re-store me, 

-fe, und der freu-di-ge Geist ent-hal- te 
Lord; with thy spi-rit so free, up- ho Id thou 


No. 11 
Psalm 14 

2. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the 
children of men, to see if there were any 
that did understand, and seek God. 

3. They are all gone aside, they are all 
together become filthy: there is none that 
doeth good, no, not one. 

Der Herr schau- -et vom Him-mel auf der 
God the Lord looked from hea-ven on the 

Men-schen Kin-der, dass er se- -he, 
child-ren of men, if there were some 

ob je-mand klug sei, und nach Gott fra- 
who un- der-stood him, and sought for their 

-ge, a- ber sie sind al- le ab- ge- wi- 
God; but they all are gone a-side from him, 

-chen und al- le-sammt un-tüch-tig, da 
they are all to-geth- er fil- thy, there 88 

No. 11 (cont) 

ist kei-ner, der Gu-tes thu, auch, nicht 
is not one that do-eth good, no, no, 

not one. 

No. 12 
Psalm 9 

11. Sing praises to the Lord, which dwelleth 
in Zion: declare among the people his doings. 

12. When he maketh inquisition for blood, he 
remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry 
of the humble. 

Lo- bet den Her- ren, der zu Zi-on woh- 
Praise ye the Lord God, who in Zi-on dwell- 

-net, ver- -kün- di-get un- -ter den 
-eth; make known and de- clare to his 

( un- -to his 

Leu- ten sein Thun, denn er ge-den- ket 
peo-ple his deeds; when he re-quir-eth 

und fra- get nach ih- -rem Blut, 
a sac- ri- fice of their blood, 
(en-quir-eth of them for blood ^ 

er ver-gis-set nicht des Schrei-ens der 
he for-get-teth not the cry of the 

Ar- men, des Schrei-ens, des Schrei-ens, 
hum-ble, the wail- ing, the wail- ing, 

No. 13 
Psalm 27 

4. One thing have I desired of the Lord, 
that I will seek after; that I may dwell in 
the house of the Lord all the days of my 
life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and 
to enquire in his temple. 

Eins bit-te ich vom Her-ren, das hat-te 
One thing I ask of my Lord, that I will 

ich gern, dass ich im Hau- se des Herrn 
that I } that I may dwell in the house 

mö-ge blei-ben, mein Le-be-lang, zu schau- 
of the Lord God, for all my life, to see 

-en die schö-nen Got-tes-dienst des 
there the beau-ty of the Lord who 

Her- - ren, und sei-nen Tern- - pel zu 
dwells there, and to en-quire with- in 


be- su-chen, . 
his tem-ple, . 

Vol. VI, No. 14 
(Also has Latin text) 

hilf Chri- ste Grot- tes Sohn, 
help Christ that thru the pain 

durch dein bit- ter Lei-den 
thou hast suf-fered for us, 

dass wir dir stets un- ter- than, 
sin and vice we nay dis-dain, 

all un- tu-gend me i- den, 
ev- il ways ab- hor us, 

Ten. II bars 18-20: 
durch dein bit- ter Lei-den, 
ev- -il ways ab- hor us; 

dei-nen Tod und sein ür- sach 
on thy death and why thou died, 

frucht-bar-lich be-den-ken, 
we must pon-der du- ly, 

da- fur wie-wohl arm und schwach 
tho weak we have right- ly tried, 

dir Dank- - o- pfer sehen- ken. 
Lord, to thank thee tru- ly. 

No. 16 (cont) 

Ge- -lo- bet sei, der da kommt (der da kommt) 
And bless him that com-eth who com-eth in 

im Na- men des Her- ren. Ho-si-an-na in der 
the name of the Lord God. Ho-si-an-na in the 

Ho- he. 
High- est. 

No. 17 
I John I 

7... and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleans- 
eth us from all sin. 

Das Blut Je- -su Chri-sti, des Soh-nes Got- tes 
The blood of Christ Je- sus, he who was Gods Son, 

ma-chet uns rein(von al- len.) von al-len Sun-dea 
mak-eth us clean of all sin, from all of our sin 

No. 18 
I Tim. IV 

8... but godliness is profitable unto all things, 
having promise of the life that now is, and of that 
which is to come. 

No. 15 

kiinf-ti gen, 
life to come, 

Die Gott-se-lig-keit, ist zu al- -len Din-gen 
Know that god-li-ness will to all things pro-fit 

41,10. Fear thou not; for I am with thee: nu ' tz ' und hat die Ver-heiss-ung die-ses und 
be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will us > for " giv-eth pro-mise now and in 
strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; des kiinf- ti-gen Le- ben, 
yea, I will uphold thee with the right the life that is com-ing, 
hand of my righteousness. 

Furch-te dich nicht, ich bin mit dir, 
Be not a- fraid, I am with thee, 

denn ich bin dein Gott, ich star- ke 
for I am thy God, I make thee 

dich, wei- che nicht, ich hel-fe 
strong, fear thou not, yea, I will 

No. 19 
Luke 21 

23. Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words 
shall not pass away. 

Him-mel und Er- - de ver- ge- hen, 
Hea-ven and earth may be pass-ing, 

a- ber 

but my 

dir auch, ich er-hal-te dich durch die 
give help, I will ev-er up- hold thee 

rech-te Hand mei-ner Ge-rech- tig-keit. 
by the right hand of my righteous-ness. 
(by my hand) 

I No. 16 

Psalm 118 

25 Lord, I beseech thee, send now 


26. Blessed be he that cometh in the 
name of the Lord: we have blessed you 
out of the house of the Lord. 

Herr hilf, lass wohl ge-lin- gen. 
Lord, help, and let me pros-per. 

mei- -ne Wort 
words shall not, 

ver- ge-hen nicht, 
not pass a- -way. 

Nun komm, 
Come thou 

No. 20 

der Hei-den Hei-land 
of Man the Sav-iour, 
(the Sav-iour) 

der Jung- - - frau- en Kind er- kann t, 
thou who wert child of Vir-gin born, 

dass sich wun-dert al- le Welt, 
man- kind ov- -er all the earth, 

Gott solch Ge-burt ihm be-stellt. 
give thanks to God for thy birth. 



Vol. VI, No. 21 
Isaiah 9 

6. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son 
is given: and the government shall be upon his 
shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonder- 
-ful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlast- 
ing Father, The Prince of Rsace. 

7. Of the increase of his government and peace 
there shall be no end, upon the throne of David 
and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to est- 
ablish it with judgement and with justice from 
henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord 
of hosts will perform this. 

Ein Kind ist uns ge-bo-ren, ein Sohn ist uns 
A Child is born un-to us, a Son to us 

ge-ge-ben, wel-ches Herr-schaft ist (auf sei- 
is giv-en; all do- min- -ion rest- eth up- 

( up- - on 

-ner Schul- ter, und er heisst: Wun-der-bar, Rath, 
his shoul-der;he is called Won-der-ful, Mi$i- 

Kraft, Held, E-wig- va- ter, Held, Frie- de- 
- ty God, Ev-ev-last-ing God, Prince of 

-fürst, auf dass sei-ne Herr-schaft gross 
Peace; and peace in his king- dorn and 

wer-de und des Frie-dens kein En-de, auf 
glo-ry shall be end- less, un-end-ing; on 

dem Stuh- le Da-vid, und sei-nem Ko-nig- 
the throne of Da-vid will he set up his 

-rei-che dass ers zu- rich- te und stär-ke 
king-dom,with un-der-stand-ing and just- ice 

mit Ge- -rieht und Ge-rech-tig-keit sol- 
from hence-forth will he ord-er it; thus 

-ches wird thun der Ei- fer des Her- ren 
to per- form did pro- mis e the (Lord God) 

Lord of 

No. 21 (cont) 

Leib und Seel auch wohl, auch wohl be- wah- 
from all dan- ger he will well pro-tect 

-ren, al-lem Un-fall will er weh- ren, 
us; in our pe-ril he will heed us, 

kein Leid soll uns 
nor let 

mis- for- tune af-fect us, 

er sor-get für uns, htitt und wacht, 
he watch- es efer us day and night, 

es steht al- -44§ r in sei-ner Macht, 
our hope and faitÜPts in his might. 

No. 23 
Sie- he, mein Für- spre-cher ist im Him- 
Mark ye, that my Spokes- man is in Hea- 

-mel, zur Rech- -ten des Va-ters, 
-ven, en- throned with the Fa-ther; 

sie-he, mein Ho- her-prie-ster, wel-cher 
and see, my Bles-sed Sav- iour, thru his 

durch sein ei- gen Blut in das Hei-li- 
pre-cious ho-ly blood took us in- to 

-ge ein-gan-gen ist, 
Hea-ven with the saints; 

und hat ei- ne 
he who our Re- 


e- - wi- ge Er- lb- sung er- - wor-ben, 
-demp-tion ev-er-last-ing hath gained us; 

sie- he, 
look ye, 

0- pfer, 


Wir glau-ben 
We be-lieve 

No. 22 

all an ei- nen Gott, 
all in but one God; 

Scho-pfer Him-mels und der Er-den, 
earth and Hea-ven he cre-a- ted; 

der sich zum Va-ter ge-ben hat 
he who is Fa-ther to us all, 

dass wir sei- ne Kin- der wer- den, 
as his child- ren con-se- era- ted. 

er will uns all-zeit er- nah- ren, 
He will nev-er fail to feed us, 

Leib und Seel auch wohl be- wan- ren, 
from all dan- ger will pro-tect us, 

das hei-li- ge, voll-kom- me-ne 
the sac-ri-fice ce- les-tial & 

zu ei-nem sü-ssen Ge-ruch 
up- on the al-tar for our 

dar- ge- ge- ben, und an- ge-nom-men, 
sake was of-fered, and was ac-cept-ed; 

sie- he, dies ist das un- be-fleck-te 
look ye, this is the pure un- spot- ted 

Lamm, wel-ches für sei- nem Schee-ren ver- 
Lamb, he who be- fore his shear- ers was 

-stum- met, auf den Ba- cken ge-schla-gen, 
speech- less, on his cheeks he was smit- ten, 

mit Spei-chel be- spri- tzet, ver- -non- net 
with spit- tie was sprink-led, was mocked and 

und ver-spot-tet, hat sei-nen Mund nicht auf- 
was de- rid- ed, yet did he op- -en not 

-ge-than, *Sie- he, der von kei-ner Sün-de 
his mouth. Mark ye, he who knew no sin or 

ge- wusst hat, ist für uns zur Sun- de 
trans- gress- ion, yet - for our sins he 

ge- -ma- che t wor-den, und hat un-sre Schmer- 
was made to suf-fer, all of our af-flict- 

-zen auf sich ge- la-den, und hat uns 
-tions he took up-on him, and by his 

Vol. VI, No. 23 (cont) 

mit sei- nen Wim- den ge- - hei- -let, 
af- flict-ion cured them and healed them, 

und hat uns mit sei- nen Wun- den, mit sei- 
and by his af- flict-ion cured them, by his 

-nen Wun- den ge- -hei- let. Durch die-sen 
af- flict-ion he healed them. Thru our Re- 

un-sern ei-ni- -gen, ei-ni- gen Mitt-ler, 
-deem-er Je-sus Christ ,Je-sus, our Sav-iour, 

und Ho- hen-prie-ster er-ho- -re uns 
our Bles-sed Sav- iour, hear thou us, 

gna-dig-lich, o barm-her-zi-ger Va-ter. 
gracious- ly, our mer-ci-ful Fa- the r. 

No. 24 
The English text of No. 3 in Vol.12 fit 
here except as follows: 

Verse 7: Bass: wohl aus den Au-gen 

once out of sight, 

V. 7: auch un- ser Eh-ren, 
thp earth- ly glo-ry, 

V.4: na-cket und bloss 
at — his birth, 

V.6: lie-gen im Sarg 
un- - der ground 

V.8: ge- lehrt, reich, jung, alt o- -der schon, 
tho old and rich, or young and gay, 

V.9: wie er sie findt 

there we all go i 

V. 10: Ster-ben ist mein Gwinn und scha-det 
Death is yet my gain and my re- 

mir nicht. 
- ward . 

V.15: Mein lie-ber,from-mer, ge-treu-er Gott, 

My God, be-lov- ed and gen- tie too, 

be- loved and gen- tie too, 

V.16: da- ran zwei- fie ich nicht, in 
all my doubt and my fear, from 

e- -wi- ger Freud, 
trou-ble all free, 

V.17: Je-su Chri- ste, Je-su Chri- ste, 
Je-sus Christ, Je-sus Christ our 

Got- tes Sohn, ein se- - li- gen Tod, 
Gocfs own Son, thy bles- sing in death 


Part II 

Psalm 34 

1. I will bless the Lord at all times: his 
praise shall continuously be in my mouth. 

2. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: 
the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad* 

3. magnify the Lord with me, and let us 
exalt his name together. 

4. I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and 
delivered me from all my fears. 

Ich will den Her-ren lo-ben al- -le-zeit, 
Ev- -er and a 1- ways I will bless the Lord, 

sein Lob soil im-mer-dar in mei- - nem 
his praise shall ev-er be, con- tin-ual-ly 

Mun-de sein, Al-le-lu-ja. Mei-ne See- le 
in my mouth. Al-le-lu-ja. Yea my soul shall 

soll sich riih-men des Her- ren, dass es 
make her boast in the Lord God, and the 

die E- len- den ho- ren und sich freu-en. 
hum-ble all shall hear it, with re- joicing. 

Prei- set mit mir den Her- ren, und lasst 
Praise ye with me the Lord God, and let 

uns mit ein-an-der sei- nen Na- men 
us all ex-alt his Name with sing-ing 

er- hö- hen. Da ich den Her- ren 
to-geth-er. I sought the Lord and 

su- chte, ant-wor- tet er mir und, 
called him; he har-kened to me, and 

er-ret-tet mich aus al-ler mei-ner Furcht, 
de-liv-ered me from all my ma- ny fears, 

und half mir aus al-len mei-nen No- then, 
and helped me in all my tri-bu- la-tion. 

No. 2 

Was hast du ver- -wir-ket o du al- ler- 
What hast thou done wrong- ly, thou who wert the • 

-hold-se-lig-ster Knab, Je- -su Chri-ste, 
far-lov-li- est child, Bles-sed Je- sus, 

dass du al- -so ver-ur-theilt wa-rest? 
that thou didst me-rit con-dem- -na-tion? 

Was hast du be-gan-gen o du al- ler- 
What didst thou of ev- il, thou who wert so 

- freund- lich-ster Jung-ling, dass man so 
kind and so gen- tie, that thou so 

u- bei und klag- lieh mit dir ge- han-delt? 
wick-ed and woe- ful a-buse did suf-fer? 

Was ist doch dein Ver-bre-chen und 
Whom hast thou so of- fend-ed or 

Vol. VI .Part II, No. 2 (cont) 

Miss- hand- lung? Was ist dei-ne Schuld, was 
ill-treat- ed? Where-in was thy guilt; what 

ist die Ur-sach dei-nes To-des? Was ist 
was the rea-son for thy death? Why was 

doch die Ver-wir-kung dei-ner Ver-damm-niss? 
thine ac-cu- sa- tion.thy con-dera- na- tion? 

ich bin die Ur-sach und Pla-ge dei-nes 
I am the rea-son and cause of thy 

Lei-dens, ich bin die Ver-schul-dung, dei- 
tor-ture, I it was of- fend- -ed, for 

-nes Hin- rich-tens, ich bin das Ver-dienst 
which thou suf-fered, I it was de- served 

dei-nes To-des, das tod-wiir- di- - ge La- 
thus to die - to bear thus the whole bur- 

-ster, so an dir ge- -ro-chen wor-den. 
-den, which thou wert made to car-ry. 

Ich bin die Öff-nung der Wun- -den dei- 
I it was op- ened the wounds that thou 

-nes Lei-dens, die Angst dei-ner Pei-ni- 

didst suf-fer, thy tor-ment and a- go- 

-gung. Ach, wo- hin, du Sohn Got- tes, hat 

-ny. Ah, ah, why Son of God — has 

sich dei-ne De- muth ge- nie- dri-get? 
thy gen- tie meek-ness thus laid thee low? 

No. 3 

Je-sus no- men dul- ce, no-men ad- mi- 
Je-sus, name the sweet-est,name re-vered by 

-ra- bi-le, no- men con- for- tans, quid 
eve- ry-one, name of com- fort, what 

e- nim ca-ni-tur su- -a- -vi- us quid 
name can ev-er be so sweet to sing, so 

au- -di- -tur ju-cun-di- us quid co- -gi- 
de- light- ful un-to the ear? Who knows a 

- ta- tur dul- -ci- -us, quam Je-sus De- i 
sweet-er name than this, than Je-sus, Son of 

fi- li- -us. no- men Je-su, ve-rus a- 
God our Lord. Oname of Je-sus ,ve-ry food 

-ni-mae ci-bus, in o- re mel, in au- -re 
of my spi-rit, so hon-ey-sweet, so sweet-ly 

me- -los, in- - cor — de la- ti- ti-a 
that brings me such joy to my 

. Tu- um i- - ta- que no- men, 
ea- ger heart. So thy name, thru the a- ges, 

dul-cis-si-me Je-su, in ae-ter-num 
a- do- ra-ble Je-sus, thru the a- ges, 

in o- re me- -o por- ta- bo. 

up-on my lips I will car-ry. q 

sound- inj 
me- -a 

No. 4 
August in 
mi- se- ri- cor-dis- -si- -me Je-su, 
most ten-der and kind- heart- ed Je-sus, 

o dul-cis-si-me Je-su, o gra- ti- o- sis- 
a- do- ra-ble Je-sus, dear-est be-lov- 

-si- me Je-sus, o Je-su sa-lus in te 
-ed, my Je-sus, Je-sus, re-fuge for all 

spe-ran- ti- um, o Je-sus, sa-lus ad te 
who hope for thee, Je-sus, re-fuge for all 

ere- den- ti- um, o Je-su, sa-lus ad te 
who trust in thee, Je-sus, re-fuge for all 

con- -fu- -gi- en- ti- um, o Je-su dul-cis 
who trust- ing flee to thee, Je-sus, sweet-ly 

re- mis- si- o o- mni-um pec- -ca- -to- rum, 
for-giv-ing us for all of our trans-gressions, 

o Je-su, pro-pter no-men san-ctum tu- - um, 
Je-sus, for thy ho-ly bles-sed name's sake, 

(sal- -va,) sal- -va me, ne per- e- am, o 
save me, save thou me, de-sert me not, 

Je-su, mi- se- re-re, dum tem- pus est 
Je-sus, show me pi-ty, while yet there is 

mi- se- ren-di, ne-que me dam- nes, in 
time for mer-cy; do not con-demn me, in 

tem-po-re ju- di-can- -di. Si e-nim ad- 
the aw- ful Day of Judg-ment. For if I am 

-mi- si, un-de me dam- - na- -re po-tes, 
guil-ty of the sins that would con- demn me; 

tu non a- mi- -si- sti, un- -de me 
thou wert nev-er guil-ty, so that thou 

sal- va- re, sal- va- re po-tes, me sal- 
may save me, Lord may save me, thou may 

-va- re, sal -va- re po-tes. Sis er- go 
save me, Lord , may save me . If thou but 

mi- hi, Je-sus, pro-pter hoc no-men tu- 
will Je-sus, for thy be- lov-ed name's 

-urn, re- spi- -ce me mi-se-rum in- vo- can- 
sake; look thou down and pi-ty me as I call 

-tem hoc no- men a- -ma- -bi-le tu- -um: 
in my woe on the name that I love so: 

Je-sus . 

No. 5 
Psalm 3 

5.1 laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the 
Lord sustained me. 

6.1 will not be afraid of ten thousands of 
people, that have set themselves against me 
round about. 

Vol. VI, Part II, No. 5 (cont) 

7. Arise, Lord; save me, my God: for thou 
hast smitten all mine enemies upon the cheek 
bone; thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly. 

8. Salvation belongeth unto the Lord: thy 
blessing is upon thy people. Selah. 

Ich lie- ge und schla-fe, und er-wa- che, denn 
I lay down in slum-ber; I a- wa-kened; the 

der Herr hält mich. Ich furch- te mich nicht 
Lord sus-tained me. I am not a -f raid 

für viel Hun-dert-tau- sen- den, die sich um- 
of a hun-dred thou-sand men, that have set 

-her wi- - der mich le- gen. Auf, Herr .und 
them-selves round a- -feout me. Rise, Lord, & 
(a- round) 

hilf mir, hilf mir mein Gott, denn du schl'ä- 
help me, help me my God, thou hast smit- 

-gest al- -le mei- ne Fein- de auf den Ba- 
-ten all mine e- -ne-mies up- on the cheek- 

-cken, und zef-schmet-terst der Gott-lo-sen 
- bone \ thou didst break the teeth of the un- 

Zäh-ne. Bei dem, Her- ren, bei dem Her- ren 
-god-ly. To the Lord God, to the Lord be- 

fin- det man Hul-fe, fin-det man Hul-fe, 
-long-eth sal-va-tion, his is sal-va-tion; 

und dei- nen Se-gen ü-ber dem Volk. Se-lah. 
thy blessing will be on thy peo-ple. Se-lah. 

und hof- 
and trust 

ma- chen. 
aid thee. 

No. 6 (cont) 

- fe auf ihn, 
thou in him 


er wiras wohl 
and he will 

Er- zur- ne dich nicht ü- be r 
Fret not thou thy- self be-cause 

die Bo-sen, sei nicht nei-disch ü- ber die 

of ev-il, nor 

ev-il-do- ers, 

be en- -vi- ous of the 

denn wie das Gras wer- 
for like the grass they 

-den sie bald ab- ge- hau- en und wie 
shall soon be mown and cut down, and like 

das grü- ne Kraut wer- den sie ver-wel- 
the sprouting herb they shall fade and with- 

-ken. Hof-fe auf den Her- ren und thu- 
-er. Put thy trust in thy God, and do 

bleib im Lan- -de 
he will keep thee, 

re dich, red- lieh. Alleluja. 

- e Guts, 
thou good; 

und näh- - 

and thou shalt be well fed. Alleluja. 

No. 7 
Psalm 13 

5. But I have trusted in thy mercy; my 
heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. 

6. I will sing unto the Lord, because he 
hath dealt bountifully with me. 

dass du so 
that thou art 

No. 6 
Psalm 37 

4. Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he 
shall give thee the desires of thine heart. 

5. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also 
in him; and he shall bring it to pass. 

1. Fret not thyself because of evil-doers, 
neither be thou envious against the workers 
of iniquity. 

2. For they shall soon be cut down like the 
grass, and wither as the green herb. 

3. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt 
thou dwell in the land, and verily thou 
shalt be fed. 

Ha- -be dei-ne Lust an dem Her- ren, der 
Have thou thy de- light in the Lord God, and 

wird dir ge- ben, was dem Herz 
he shall give thee what thine heart 

wüh-schet, be-fiehl dem Her- ren dei-ne 
de- sires, com- mit thy way un- to the 
longs for (at end) We- ^ 

Lord God, 


Herr, ich hof- fe dar-auf , 
Lord, I trust-ed in thee, 

gna-dig bist, mein Herz freu-et sich, 
mer-ci- ful, with re- joix-ang heart, 

dass du so ger- ne hilfst. Ich will 
that tiiou hast saved my soul. I praise 

dem Her-ren,dem Her-ren,dem Her-ren sin- gen 
the Lord, I praise the Lord with singing, 

dass er so wohl an mir thut. Alleluja. 
for all his boun-ty to me. Alleluja. 

No. 8 

Bo- ne Je-su, ver- bum Pa-tris, splen-dor 
Gen- tie Je-sus,with the Fa-ther, light of 

pa-ter- nae glo-ri- ae, (splen-dor,) 
the Fa-thefs ma-jes-ty, shin- ing, 

in quem de- si- de- rant an-ge- -li pro-spi- 
on whom the an- gels high in the hea-ven love 
(on whom the an gels gaze) 

-ce- re, do- -ce me fa-ce-re vo-lun- ta- 
to gaze, teach me to do as thy ho-ly will 

-tem tu- am, ut a Spi-n-tu tu- o bo- no 
di-rect-eth,that I may be - led to fol-low 

Vol. VI, No. 8 (cont) 

de- du-ctus, ad be- a- tam il-lara per- ve- 
thy spi-rit, that I yet may come to that hap- 

-ni- am ci-vi- -ta- tern, u- -bi est di-es 
-py land of con- t en t - men t, where the day is ev- 

ae-ter- nus et u- nus o-mni-um spi-ri-tus, 
-er-last-ing, a sin-gle spi-rit is ov- er all, 

u- - bi est cer- ta se-cu-ri-tas et se- cu- 
and where is cer- tain se-cu-ri-ty, ev- er- last- 

-ra ae-ter- ni-tas et ae- ter-na tran-qui- 
-ing se-cu- -ri-ty, and e- -ter-nal tran-qui- 

-li-tas, et fe-lix su-a- vi-tas, et su- 
-li-ty, and hap-py se-re-ni-ty, with un- 

- -a- vis ju-cun-di-tas, und se- -cu- -ra 
-cloud-ed fe-li- ci-ty, with un-cloud- ed 

ju-cun- di-tas, u- -bi tu De- -us cum 
fe-li- -ci-ty; There is our Sav-iour,the 

Pa-tre et Spi- -ri- tu san-cto vi- vis 
Fa-ther,and with them the Spi-rit liv-ing 

et reg- nas, per in- -fi- -ni- ta 
and reign- ing, thru time- less time and 

se- cu--lo-rum se-cu- la. A-men. 
thru the a- ges ev- er- more. A-men. 

No. 9 
John I 

14. And the world was made flesh, and dwelt 
among us, ( and we beheld his glory, the 
glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) 
full of grace and truth. 

Ver-bum ca- - ro, fa-ctum est, Al-lfe-lu-ja. 
He was made flesh, He the Word. Al-le-lu-ja. 

et ha- bi- ta-vit in no- bis, et vi- de- 
he dwelt a-mong us and with us; we saw him 

-mus glo-ri-am e- -jus, glo-ri-am qua-si 
here glo-ri-ous reign-ing, glo-ri-ous of the 

u- -ni-ge- ni- ti a pa- tre, ple-num 
heaVh-ly Fa-ther God be-got-ten, full of 

gra- ti- a et ve- ri- - ta- - te. 
grace and of truth and up- right- ness. 

No. 10 

Ho-di- -e Chri-stus na- tus est,Alleluja. 
On this day Christ our Lord was born AHeluja. 

ho- di- -e Sal-va- tor ap- -pa- -ru-it, 
on this day our Sav-iour ap-peared to us. 

Ho- di- -e in ter- ra (ca- nunt)an- ge-li, 
On this day the an- gels sang to God our Lord, 

(sing- ing) 94 

No. 10 (cont) 

lae-tan-tur arch- an- ge- -li; 
the arch- an- gels loud re-joiced; 

Ho- di- -e ex- -ul- tant ju- sti di-cen- 
On this day the right-eous triumph ex-ult- 

-tes: Glo-ri-a in ex-cel-sis de- -o. 
-ing: Glo-ry to God on high in Hea- ven, 

(God in Hea^ven) 

et in ter- ra pax ho- -mi — ni- bus 
and on earth be peace, on earth, peace on 

bo- nae vo-lun-ta- tis. Al-le-lu-la. 
earth good will to all men. Al-le-lu-ja. 


Wann un- sre Au- gen schla-fen ein 
When we shall close our eyes in sleep, 

so lass das Herz doch wa-cker sein, 
our hearts in cour-age do thou keep, 

halt u- -ber uns dein rech-te Hand, 
let thy right hand pro-tect us all,, 

dass wir nicht falln in Sund und Schand. 
lest in- -to sin and shame we fall. 

No. 12 
Luke, V 

5. And Simon answering said unto him. Master, 
we have toiled all the night, and have taken 
nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let 
down the net. 

Mei-ster, wir ha- ben die gan- ze Nacht 
Mas-ter, thru all of the night we toiled 

ge- ar- bei- tet, und nichts ge- fan-gen, 
to-geth-er here, and naught have ta-ken, 

a- ber auf dein Wort will ich das Netz aus- 
yet at thy word I let the net a- 

-wer- fen. 
-gain down. 

No. 13 
Psalm 111 
10. The fear of the Lord is the beginning 
of wisdom: a good understanding have all 
they that do his commandments: his praise 
endure th for ever. 

Die Furcht des Her-ren ist der Weis-heit 
The fear of our Lord is where wis-dom 

An- fang, das ist ei- ne fei-ne Klug-heit, 
be-gins, and they who are wise o-bey him, 

wer dar-nach thut, des Lob blei- bet ewiglich, 
as. he com-mands; his praise is for evermore. 

Vol. VI 

( No. 14 


14. For this cause I bow my knees unto the 
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

15. Of whom the whole family in heaven and 
earth is named. 

16. That he would grant you, according to 
the riches of his glory, to be strengthened 
with might by his spirit in the inner man; 

17. That Christ may dwell in your hearts by 

Ich beu-ge mei- ne Knie ge-gen dem Va-ter 
I bow my knees to God, bow to the Fa- the r 

un-sers Her- ren Je- -su Chri-sti, 
of my Lord and Sav-iour Je- sus, 

Ich beu-ge mei-ne, mei-ne Knie, 
(I bow my knees, I bow my knees) 

Va-ter un-sers, un- sers Her- ren Je- su 
Fa-ther of my Lord, my Lord and Sav-iour 

der der rech-te Va- -ter ist u- ber 
he for whom is named the whole of the 

al-les was da Kin- der hei-sset im Him- 
fa-mi- ly in earth and hea-ven, in earth 

-mel und auf Er- den, das er euch Kraft 
and in the hea-ven, that he would grant 

ge-be durch den Reich-thum sei-ner Herr- 
to you thru the rich- es of his ma- 

-lich-keit, stark zu wer- - den durch 
- jes- ty, to be strength- ened and 

sei — nen Geist an dem in- wen-di- gen 
filled with might, by the Lords spi-rit with- 

Men- sehen, und Chri-stum zu woh- nen 
-in you, that if ye be faith- ful, 

durch den Glau-ben in eu- rem Her- zen. 
Christ with -in you may make his dwell-ing. 

No. 15 
Psalm 37 

25. I have been young, and now am old; yet 
have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor 
his seed begging bread. 

Ich bin jung ge- -we- -sen und bin alt 
I in -deed have been young, and now am 

wor-den und ha- be noch nie ge- »se- hen 
a- ged, yet have I not seen the right-eous^ 

den Ge- rech- ten ver- las-sen, o- der sei- 
seen the rigtit-eous for-sa- ken, nor have seen 

-nen Sa- men nach Brod ge- hen. Aiieluja. sie wird Q ._ neR gohn 
his seed for their bread beg-ging. Aiieluja. tnere shaU coffle a gon 


No. 16 
Psalm 73 

25. Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is 
none upon earth that I desire beside thee. 

26. My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the 
strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. 

Herr, wann ich nur dich ha- -be, so fra-ge 
Lord, if I can but have thee, I ask no- 

ich nichts nach Him-mel und Er-den wann 
thing more on earth or in hea-ven; and 

mir gleich Leib und See-le ver-schmaent, 
when my heart and bo-dy shall fail, 

so bist du doch, Gott, all-zeit mei-nes 
yet thou,0 my God, ev- -er art my 

Her- -zens Trost und mein Theil. 


heart's de- sire and my strength. 

No. 17 
Is. 45 

8. Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let 
the skies pour down righteousness; and let the 
earth open, and let them bring forth salvation.. 

Ro- -ra- te coe- li de su-per et nu- bes 
Drop down ye hea-vens,froma-bove,and let the 

plu- ant ju- stum, plu- ant ju- stum, 
skies pour jus-tice, pour down jus-tice, 

nu- bes plu- ant ju- stum a- pe- ri- -a- 
let them pour down jus-tice, and let the earth 

-tur ter- ra et ger-mi-net sal- va- to- 
break o- pen, and mul-ti-ply their sal-va- 


No. 18 
Matth. I 

20. ...Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to 
take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which 
is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. 

21. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou 
shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save 
his people from their sins. 

Jo-seph, du Sohn Da-vid, furch- te dich 
Jo-seph, thou Son of Da-vid, fear not at 

nicht, Ma- ri-am dein Ge- mahl zu dir 
all, take un-to thee thy wife, yea thy 

zu nen- men, denn das in ihr ge- - bo- ren 
wife fcfa-ry, for that which is con-ceived in. 

ist, das ist von dem heil-gen Geist, und 
her j he is of the Ho- ly Ghost, for 

ge- ba-ren, 
of Ma-ry, 

Vol. VI, No. 18 (cont) 

des Na- men sollst du Je- sus hei-ssen, 
whose name I will that thou call Je-sus, 

denn er wird sein Volk se- lig ma-chen 
for he shall come to save his peo-ple 

von ih- -ren Sün- den. 
from their trans -gress- ions. 

No. 19 
John XI 

25. Jesus said unto her (Martha), I am the 
resurrection, and the life: he that believ- 
-eth in me, though he were dead, yet shall 
he live: 

26. And whosoever liveth and believeth in 
me shall never die 

Ich bin die Auf-er-ste-hung und das Le-ben, 
I am the Re-sur-rect-ion and there-af-ter;. 

wer an mich gla'u-bet, der wird le-ben, ob er 
he that be- liev-eth in me liv-eth,tho he 

gleich stur- be, und wer da le- bet und 
be dy-ing, and he who liv-eth be- 

glau-bet an mich der wird nim-mer-mehr 
-liev-ing in me, he shall nev-er die, 

nev- er. 

No. 20 
Die See- le Chri-sti hei- -li- ge mich, 
The soul of Je- sus brings me to life, 

der Leich-nam Chri-sti spei-se mich, 
his bo- dy feeds my hun-gry soul, 

das Blut Chri- - sti trän-ke mich, 
and his blood quench — es my thirst; 

das Was-ser, das aus sei-ner Sei- ten floss, 
the wa- ter that - came out from his side 

wa-sche mich, sein bit-ter Lei-den und 

me; his bit-ter tor- men t and 

o lie- ber 


wash- es 

Ster-ben star- -ke mich, 
dy- ing strength-ens me. My dear-est 

Herr Je-su, er- ho- re mich. In dei-ne 
Lord Je-sus, hear thou me'. A-mong the 

hei- -li- -ge Wun- den ver-birg mich, 
wounds that thou suf-fered, hide me| 

Lass mich nim-mer-mehr von dir ge-schie- 
Let me nev-er- more from thee be ev- 

-den wer-den. Vor dem bo-sen Feind be- wah- 
-er part-ed. From the ev-il foe pro-tec t 

-re mich. In mei- ner letz-ten Stun-de 
thou me. When comes my fin- al ho- ur 

No. 20 (cont) 

ru- fe mich, dass ich mö- -ge kom-men zu 
call to me, that I may then come un-to 

dir, und mit al-len Aus- er-wahl-ten 
thee, and with all of thine E- lect-ed 

dich lo-ben und prei- sen e-wig-lich. 
may hon-or and praise thee ev-er-more. 

No. 21 
Paul Speratus 

Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Je-su Christ 
I cry to thee, Lord Je-sus Christ, 

ich bitt,er-hor mein Kla-gen, 
thy pi- ty I would wa- ken; 

ver-leih mir Gnad zu die- -ser Frist, 
be- stow thy grace for life's brief span, 

lass mich doch nicht ver-za-gen. 
nor let me be for- sa- ken. 

Den rech- ten Weg, o Herr, ich mein. 
For I en- dea- vor, Lord, in- deed, 

(0 Lord) 

den wol-lest du mir ge- ben, 
to live as thou wouldst have me, 

dir zu le-ben, 
faith- ful ev-er, 

mein Nach-sten nutz zu sein, 
to serve my neigh- bors need, 

dein Wort zu hal- ten e — ben, 
to thy com- mand o- be- dient, 
(to thee o- -be- dient) 

dein Wort zu hal- ten, hal- ten e- ben. 
to thy di-vine com- mands o- be-dient. 

No. 22 

Nichalaus Decius 


Al-lein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr 
Now let us hon-or God on high, 

und Dank für sei- ne Ge- na- -de, 
thank him that he doth so bless us; 

da- -rum dass nun und nim-mer-mehr 
thank him that now and by and by, 

uns rtki- ren kann kein, uns ruh- ren 
dis-grace will nev- er, dis-grace will 

kann kein Scha- de, uns ruh- ren 
ne'er op-press us, dis-grace will 

kann kein, kann kein Scha- de. 
nev- err -more op-press us. 


Vol .VI, No. 22 (cont) 

Ein wohl-ge- fal-len Gott an uns hat, 
be- -ne-fits God has con- f erred on us? 

nun ist gross Fried ohn Un-ter-lass, 
wel-come the peace vouched-safe to us, 

all Fehd hat nun ein En- de, 

all wars and feuds are end-ed, 

(all wars are end-ed. 

Wir lo- -ben, prei- sen an- be- ten 
We thank and praise thee and wor-ship 

dich, fur dei- ne Ehr, für dei- - ne Eh- re» 
thee, for thy re-nown, for thy great glory, 

Wir dir dan- ken, dass du, Gott, Va-ter, 
We all thank thee that thou, God, Fa-ttier, 

e- -wig-lich re- gie- rest, ohn al-les 
feign- est in thy king-dom; nor can it 

Wan- ken, ganz un- ge- mes-sen, ist dei- ne 
wa- ver; far be-yond mea-sure thy might is 

Macht, fort ge- schicht, was dem will 
shown, what shall hap- - pen rests with 

(all rests with 

hat be-dacht, wohl uns des fei- nen Her-ren, 
thee a-lone, our bless-ed Lord and Sav-iour, 
our bless-ed Sav-iour) 

Je- -su Chri-ste Sohn ei-nig ge-born 
Christ our Sav-iour, Son ve-ri- ly born 

dei-nes him-li-schen Va-ters, Ver-söh-ner der, 
of thy Hea-ven-ly Fa-ther, Com-for-ter thou 

die warn ver- lorn, du Stil- ler un-sers 
of sick and sad, thou stil-ler of our 

Ha- ders, Lamm Got-tes,hei-li-ger Herr und 
quar-rels, Lamb of God, ho- -li- est Lord and 

Gott, nimm an die Bitt, von un- ser Noth, 
God, ac-cept our prayer, in this our need, 

er- barm dich un- ser al-ler. hei-li-ger 
and show us all thy mer-cy. Ho- - ly 

Geist, du höch-stes Gut, du al- ler heil- 
Ghost, thou boon su-preme,0 thou who giv- 

-samst Tro-ster, heil-sam-ster Tro-ster, 
-est com- fort, giv- est us com- fort, 

für Teu-fels Ge-walt fort- an be- -hü't, die 
pro-tect us from all the De-vil's guile, for 

Je-sus Chri-stus er- -lö- set, durch gro-sser 
Je-sus Christ has re-deemed us; that he was 

Mar- ter und bit-te-ren Tod, ab- -wend all 
tor-tured and cru-ci-fied so has turned a- 

un- ser Jam-mer und Noth dar- zu wir uns 
-way our tor-ment and woe; therefore we come 

ver- las- sen. q 

to thank him. 

No. 23 

Ve- ni, san-cte Spi-ri- tus, re- -pie 
Come Ho- ly Spi-rit thou, make strong 

tu- -o- rum cor- -da fi- - de- -li- um, 
the fet-ters that bind the faith- ful ones, 
bind- ing the faith- ful ones, 

et tu- -i a- -mo- ris in e — is 
and kin-die thy love til it spar-kles 

ig- nem ac- cen- di, qui per di- -ver- 
glow-ing and flam- ing; tho di- verse tongues 

-si- ta- tem lin- gua- rum cun- -eta- rum 
and cus-toms would make of them doubt-ers, 

gen-tes in u — ni- ta-te fi-de- -i 
yet in their faith they be u- ni- ted, one 

con-gre-ga-sti (end) con-gre-ga-sti. 
con-gre-ga-tion, all u- ni-ted. 

No. 24 

31... If God be for us, who can be against us? 

32. He that spared not his own Son, but deliv- 
-ered him up for us all, how shall he not 
with him also freely give us all things? 

33. Who shall lay anything to the charge of 
Gotfs elect? It is God that justifieth. 

34. Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ 
that died, yea rather, that is risen again, 
who is even at the right hand of God, who 
also maketh intercession for us. 

Ist Gott für uns, wer mag wi-der uns sein? 
With God for us, who can be a-gainst us? 

Wel-cher auch sei-nes ei- -ge-nen Sohns, 
He who spared not the Son that he bore, 

nicht hat ver-scho- net, son-dern hat inn 
who did not spare him, but de-liv-ered 

für uns al-le da-hin ge-ge- -ben, wie 
him up for us that we be all saved, shall 

sollt er uns mit ihm denn nicht al- les 
he not al- so with his Son give us 

schen-ken? Wer will die Aus-er- wähl- ten 
all things? Who shall lay a- ny thing of 

Got-tes be-schul-di-gen? Gott ist hie, 
ev- il to G<xfs E-lect? God it is 

der ge- recht macht. Wer will ver- dam- men? 
who de-fends us ; who will con-demn us? 

Chri-stus ist hie der ge-stor-ben ist, 
For it is Christ who was cru-ci-fied. 

Wer will ver-dam-men? ja viel mehr, der 
Who will con-demn tis? ra-ther yet that 

Vol.VI, No. 24 (cont) 

auch auf-er-we-chet ist, sitzt zu der Rech-ten 
is ris- en up a- gain, and ma-keth in- ter- 

Got- tes, und ver- tritt uns. Al-le-lu-ja. 
-cess-ion at Gods right hand. Al-le-lu-ja. 

No. 25 
Rom. VIII 

35. Who shall separate us from the love of 
Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or 
persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or 
peril, or the sword? 

38. For I am persuaded that neither death, 
nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, 
nor powers, nor things present, nor things 
to come, 

39. Nor height, nor depth, nor any other 
creature, shall be able to separate us from 
the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus 
our Lord. 

Wer will uns schei-den von der Lie- be Got- 
Who then will part us from the love of Je- 

-tes? Triib-sal o-der Angst, o- der Ver-fol- 
-sus? Trou-ble or dis- tress, or per-se- cu- 

-gung? o- der Hun-ger, o- der Bl(>-sse,o- der 

-tion, or will fa-mine, or will pe-ril,or yet His voice wil1 break and la Y low 

No. 26 (cont) 

of the Lord is full of majesty. 

5. The voice of the Lord breaketh the 
cedars; yea, the Lord breaketh the cedars 
of Lebanon. 

6. He maketh them also to skip like a calf; 
Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn. 

7. The voice of the Lord divide th the 
flames of fire. 

8. The voice of the Lord shake th the wil- 
derness; the Lord shaketh the wilderness 
of Kadesh. 

9. The voice of the Lord maketh the hinds 
to calve, and discovereth the forests: and 
in his temple doth every one speak of his 

Die Stimm des Her-ren ge-het auf den Was-sern, 
The voice of God is ov-er all the wa- ters, 

der Gott der Eh-ren don- nert, der Herr auf 
the God of glo-ry thun-ders, the Lord on 

gro-ssen Was-sern. Die Stimm des Her- ren 
ma- -ny wa- ters. His voice is migh-ty 

ge- -het mit Macht, ge-het herr-lich. 
sound- ing with powt, full of glo- -ry. 

Die Stimm des Her- ren zu- bricht die Ce- 



Ge- fahr- 1 ich- keit, o- der Schwert? 
will na- ked- ness, or the sword? 

Denn ich bin ge- wiss, ich bin ge- wiss, 
for I know full well, for I well know, 

dass we- der Tod, noch Le- ben, we- der 
that nei-ther death, nor liv-ing, nor yet 

En-gel, noch Fur-sten-thum, noch Ge- -wait, 
an-gels, nor gov-ern-ments, nor great kings, 

we- der Ge- gen- war-ti-ges, noch zu- 



-dem, der Herr zu-bricht die Ce-dern 
-dars, the Lord will break the ce-dars 

Li-ba-non. Und macht sie lo-cken wie 
Le-ba-non. He ma- keth them to skip like 

Kalb, Li-ba-non und Si-ri-on, wie ein jun- 
calves, Le-ba-non and Si-ri-on like a u- 

-ges Ein-horn. Die Stimm des Her-ren heu-et 
- ni-corncalf. The voice of God di- vi-deth 

wie Feu-er- flam- men. Die Stimm des Her-ren 
the fie-ry fun-nace; the voice of God yea, 

nor the things that are at hand, nor the 

-kiinf- ti-ges, we- der Ho- -hes, noch Tie-fes, er " re " S et di e Wu-sten Ka- des. Die Stimm 
things to come, nor yet moun-tain nor val-ley^thsha-ken tne de-sert pla-ces. When his 

noch kein an-dre Cre-a- tur mag uns schei-den, des Her " ren er- -re- get die Hin-den 
nay nor a« ny oth-er crea-ture can part us 

von der Lie- be Got- tes die in Chri-sto 

from the love of God which is in Je- sus 

Je- -su ist, un-serm Her-ren. 
Christ the Lord, our Re- deem- er. 

No. 26 
Psalm 29 

3. Tne voice of the Lord is upon the waters; 
the God of glory thundereth: the Lord is upon 
many waters. 
The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice 

voice sound-eth the hei- fers are calv-ing, 

und ent-blo-sset die Wal- de. Und in sei- 
and the for-ests are cov-ered. Ve- ri- ly 

-nem Tem-pel wird dem Her-ren Je- der-mann 
do all men in his tem-ple speak of his 

Eh- re sa-gen. 
glo-ry, glo-ry. 

No. 27 
English text of No.6,Vol.V fit except as 


Vol. VI, No. 27 (cont) 

Page 178, bars 27 to 31: 

In-tro-i- - te por-tas e- jus in 
En-ter ye with- in his gates with praise 

con-fes- - si- - o- -ne, 
and with thanks- giv-ing, 

No. 28 

Luke I 

(See also Vol.VI,p.219) 

28. And the angel came in unto her, and said, 
Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord 
is with thee: blessed art thou among women. 

30 Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found 

favour with God. 

31. And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy 
womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call 
his name Jesus. 

32. He shall be. great, and shall be called 
the Son of the Highest: . . . 

34 How can this be, seeing I know not a man? 

35 The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and 

the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: 
therefore also that holy thing which shall be 
born of thee shall be called the Son of God. 

36. And behold, thy 'cousin Elizabeth, she hath 
also conceived a son in her old age: and this 
is the sixth month with her, who was called 
barren . 

37. For with God nothing shall be impossible. 

38. ... Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it 
unto me according to thy word.... 

Sei ge-grii-sset, Ma- -ri- a, du hold-se- li- 
Hail,0 Ma- -ry, thou high-ly fav-ored one of 

-ge. Welch ein Gruss ist das? der Herr ist 
God. What a greet- ing this! The Lord is 

mit dir, du ge- - be- - ne- dei- -te un- 
with thee; bles-sed shalt thou be hence- forth 

-ter die Wei-bern. Furch- te dich nicht, Ma- 
a-mong wo- men. Be not a- fraid, 

-ri-a, du hast Gna- de bei Gott fun-den; 
Ma-ry, for with God hast thou found fa- vor; 

sie- -he, du wirst schwan-ger wer- den im 
Know now, thou wilt tru- -ly con-ceive with- 

Lei- be und ei- nen Sohn ge- ba- ren, 
-in thee, con-ceive a Son with- in thee, 
2) & 3) con-ceive a Son and bear him, 

des Na- men sollt du Je-sus hei-ssen, der 
and for his name shalt call him Je- sus, and 

wird gross und ein Sohn des Hoch- s ten ge- 
the great Son of God the High-est shall 

-nen- net wer- den. 
all men call him. 


No. 28 (cont) 

Wie, wie kann das zu- ge- hen, sin-te- 
How, how can this have hap-pened,see-ing 

-mal ich von kei»nem Mann, von kei-ne Man- 
that I know not a man, for I know not 

-ne weiss? Fiirch-te dich nicht, Ma-ri-a, 
a man? Be not a- fraid, Ma-ry, 

der hei-li-ge Geist wird u-ber dich kom-men, 
the Ho- - -ly Ghost shall come up- on thee, 

und die Kraft des Hoch-sten wird dich 
and the poVr .of the High-est — shall 

u-ber- schat- - ten, da- -rum auch das 
ov-er- sha-dow thee; there- fore shall that 

Hei-li- - ge, das von dir ge- bo- ren 
Ho- ly Thing that then shall be born of 

wird, wird Got- -tes Sohn ge- -nen- net 
thee ev- -er hence- forth be called the 

wer- - den, und sie- -he, E-li-za-beth, 
Son of God; be-hold thou, E-li-za-beth, 

dei-ne öe-freun-din, ist auch schwan-ger 
who is thy cou- sin, she hath al- -so 

mit ei- - nem Soh-ne in in- rem Al- ter 
— con-ceived - a son in her old age, 

und ge-het itzt im sech- sten Mo- nat, 
and this is now her sixth month with him, 

die im Ge-schrei ist, dass sie un-frucht- 
she of whom men said, that she was bar- 

-bar ist, denn bei Gott ist kein Ding 
( : renVren, for with God there is naught 

un-miig- - -lieh, 
im-pos- si-ble. 

Sie- he, ich bin des Iter- ren Magd, mir 
I am the hand- maid of the Lord, be 

ge-sche-he, wie du ge- sagt hast, 
it with me as thou hast told me. 

No. 29 
Psalm 42 

5. Why art thou cast down, my soul? and 
why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in 
God: for I shall yet praise him for the help 
of his countenance. 

Was be- trübst du dich, mei-ne See-le, 
What doth trou-ble thee, my spi-rit, 

und bist so un- ru- hig in mir? Har- re 
that art so dis-qui-et in me? Hope in 

auf Gott, denn ich wer- de ihm noch 
thy God, for I shall yet praise and 

dan- ken dass er mei-nes An-ge- 
thank him, he who in my trou-ble 

Vol. VI, No. 29 (cont) 

-sich-tes Hül-fe, und mein Gott ist. 
doth up- hold me, and is my God. 

No. 30 
(See Psalm 42) 

No. 30 (cont) 

-am et ap- pa- ra- -bo, Do- mi-ne, an- te 
I ap- pear be- fore thee , Lord , my God , when may 

fa-ci- am, an-te fa- - ci- am tu- -am. 
I ap-pear, in thy pres- ence be-hold thee? 

di- es prae-cla-ra et pul-chra, ne- sci- 

1. As the hart panteth after the water brooks, day of mag- ni- fi-cent beau-ty, day with- 

so panteth my soul after thee, God. nnn w 

-ens ve-spe-rum, non ha- bens oc- ca- sum, 

-out ev-en- ing,with-out time or sea- son, 

non ha- bens oc- ca- sum, in qua au-di- 
with-out dawn or dark-ness, in which I hear 

-am vo-cem lau-dis, vo- cem ex- - ul- ta- 
the an-gel voi-ces, voi-ces raised in ex- 

-ti-o- nis et con-fes- si- -o- -nis, in 
-ul-ta-tion and con-fess-ing their God, in 

2. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living 
God: when shall I come and appear before God? 

Quem-ad-mo-dum de- - si- de- -rat cer- vus 
Ev- en as when the thir-sty hart pant-eth 

ad fon-tes a-qua-rum , i- -ta de- -si- 
to drink of the wa-ter, my soul doth pant 

-de- rat, de- si- -de- rat ad te, a- 

for thee, my soul doth pant for thee, thirst 

qua au- di- -am: In-tra, in-tra in gau- 
-ni- ma me- a, De- -us cle-men-tis- si- me, which I may hear: En-ter in-to the hao- 
for thy mer-cy, thou most gen-tle Lord & God, 

et mi- se- ri- cor-dis-si-me. Si-ti- vit 
and most ten-der and mer-ci-ful. My spi-rit 

a- -ni- ma me- a ad te De- -um fon- 
thirsteth for thee as for a spring of liv- 

-tem vi-vum, quan-do ve- - ni- am et ap- 
-ing wa-ter. When,0 when shall I ap-pear 

-pa- re- -bo an- te fa- ci- em tu- am. 
be- fore thee, be- fore God and be-hold him 1 . 

fons vi-tae, ve- na a-qua-rum vi-ven- 
Liv-ing wa-ter, come liv-ing wa-ter ,0 come 

-ti-um, quan-do ve-ni- -am ad a- quas 

to me, so that I may come and drink of 

non est gau-di-um, non est 
dul- - ce- -di- nes tu- -ae! Quan-do ve-ni- eve . ry otn . er joV) all else 

the sweet-ness I find there! So that I may 

-di- um Do- mi-ni tu- -i, in gau-di- um 
-pi-ness here in thy dwell-ing,in hap-piness 
sem-pi-ter- num, in do- mum Do- - mi- ni 
ev- er-last-ing, here in the house where the 

De- i tu- -i, in-tra, in do- mum 
Lord is dwell-ing, en-ter with-in the 

Do- - mi- ni De- i tu- -i. gau-di- 
house where the Lord is dwelling. joy far 

-um su- per gau-di- um, gau- di- -um vin- 
a-bove all oth-er joys, joy that will con- 

-cens om- ne gau-di-um, ex-tra quod 
-quer eve-ry oth-er joy, and be-yond 

-am de ter- ra in- vi-a et in- a- quo- 
come from these im-pass-ab-le and de-sert pla- 

-sa, ut vi- de-am vir- tu- tem tu- -am 
-ces, that I may see thy gen-tle good-ness, 

et glo- ri-am tu- am, et sa- ti- em ex 
be-hold- ing thy glo-ry, and that I then may 

a-quas mi-se- ri-cor-di- ae tu- ae si- 
drink of the wa-ters of thy com-pass-ion,quench- 

-tum me- - am! Si- ti- o, Do — mi- -ne, 
-ing my thirst! Lord, how I thirst for thee, 

fons vi-tae, sa- - ti- a, sa- -ti- a 
wa-ters, quench thou,0 quench thou my 

me, Si- ti- o. Do- - mi- -ne, si- -ti- 
thirst! Lord, how I thirst for thee, thirst for 

- o te De- um vi-vum. quan-do ve- ni- 
thee, God, liv-ing wa-ter! Ah, when, when shall 


No. 31 

Au-fer im- -men-sam, au-fer, De-us, au-fer, 
Take a-way from us, take a- way ? Godjfrom 

De-us, au- fer i- rail, et cru-en-ta- turn 
us thy migh-ty an- ger, and put a-way thy 

co- hi- -be fla- gel- lum, co-hi- be fla- 
cru-el, blood- y scour- ges , put a-way thy 

-gel- lum, nee sce-lus no-strum pro- 
scour- ges;when Jus-tice sets the scales 

-pe-res ad ae-quam pen- -de- re Ian- cem. 
let not our vi-ces weigh with our vir-tues. 

Si lu-ant ju-stam ma- -la no-stra 
If our of-fen-ses should be just-ly 

Vol.VI, No. 31 (cont) 

poe- nam, quis po-test sae-vas to- -le- 
pun-ished, who is there of us who could 

-ra- -re pla- gas, cum nee ul-tri-cera 
then en-dure it? The whole cre-a-tion 

spa- ti- - o- sa fer- - ret ma- chi- 
could not hold the scour- ging, dire and 

-na vir-gam. Par- ce sed no-stris 
a- -ven-ging. Spare us, and show us 

mi-se-ran-do cul- pis, jus pa- ri 
pi-ty for our fail-ings, and min-gle 

cle-mens pi- - e- -ta- te mi- scens, 
mer- cy with thine eq-ual jus-tice, 

cu- i ma-net sem- per pro-pri-um ma- 
for it is thy plea-sure ev- er to have 

-li-gno par-ce-re mun-do. Cur su-per 
mer-cy tho we be ev- il. why a- 

ver- -mes lu- te- - os fu- ro- res 

- gainst us pal- lid worms ex-pend thy 

su-mis, o ma-gni fa- bri-ca-tor or- bis, 
fu-ry, migh-ty fra-mer of cre-a-tion? 

quid su- mus quam fex pu-tris, um- bra, 
for what are we but ev- il, dust and 

pul-vis, gle-ba-que ter- - rae? Nos 
ash-es, sha-dow-y earth-lings? Guilt 

pa-ren-ta- -les ma- -cu-lant re- - a- 
of our pa-rents smirch-es and cor-rupts 

-tus et ca- -ro men- tern tra-hit, 
us; our flesh, in- firm and ail-ing, 

tra- hit im-be-cil- lern, er- go 
draws with it a weak mind. So look 

tarn sor-tem fra- gi- lern be- nig- no 
up- on our fra-gile lot with pi- ty; 

re-spi-ce vul- tu. Da cru-cem, 
kind-ly re-gard us. Let Je-sus' 

cla- - vos, scu- ti- -cam, 
scourg- ing, crown of thorns, 

co- ro- nam, Ian- -ce- am, fu- nes 
the in-sults suf-fered in si-lence, 

in- ter i- 
be in- ter- 

- ra- -tam mo- de- ra- -re de-xtram 
cess- -ors to re-strain thine an-ger 


et ma- - la no- stra. Non o- pus 
at our trans -gress ions. The bit- ter 

sum- mi pe-re- -at ma- gi- stri, nee 
tor-ment of our bles-sed Sav-iour must 

ri- gi- dam- que mor- tern 
and his cru-ci-fict- ion 

No. 31 (cont) 

si-nas cas- sam, fo- re pas- si- o- nem, 
not be fruit-less, nor his cross and passion; 

cor- -de sed ma- - nans la-vet o- mne 
blood from his heart will wash a- way all 

cri-men, san- guis et un- -da. 
ev- il, spot- less will wash us. 

Hoc ra- tum quod sit, fa-ci- -as, pre- 
That this be as- sured, we be-seech thee 

- ca- -mur, o- mni-bus no-bis, re- si-dens 
grant us, mer-ci- ful Fa-ther,thou who art 

O lym-po qui De- us sem- per do-mi-na-ris, 
in Hea-ven,our God who reign-est ov-er us and 

do-mi-na- ris or- bi, tri-nus et u- nus, 
ov-er all cre-a- tion, tri-une yet one God. 

A- men . 
A- men. 


Schutz, Vol. VII 

Psalm 57 

7. My heart is fixed, God, my heart is 
fixed; I will sing and give praise. 

8. Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and 
harp: I myself will awake early. 

9. I will praise thee, Lord, among the peo- 
-ple: I will sing unto thee among the nations. 

10. For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, 
and thy truth unto the clouds. 

Soprano or Tenor 
with two violins and Continuo 

Mein Herz ist be-reit, Gott, mein Herz ist 
My heart is as-sured, God, my heart is 

be-reit, dass ich sin- ge, und lo- -be. 
as-sured, that with sing-ing, I praise thee. 

Wach auf, mei-ne Eh- re, wach auf , wach auf, 
Wake thoü, my glo-ry, do thou a -wake, 

wach auf,Psal-ter und Har- fe. 
harp and psal-te- ry a- wake. 

Frü-he will ich auf-ste-hen, Herr, 
I my-self ,wak-ing ear-ly, Lord, 

1) ich will dir dan- ken, un-ter den Vol- ken. 
l)will sing thy prai-ses in the as- sem-bly, 

2) my tongue will praise thee a-mong the peo-ple. 

Ich will dir lob- sin- gen, ich will dir 
To thee I sing prai- ses, to thee will 

lob-sin-gen un- ter den Leu-ten. Denn dei- 
mong all the na-tions. Lo, for 

ist so weit der Him-mel ist, und 
thy mer-cy is as great as Heavh is wide, thy 

dei- ne Wahr-heit so weit die Wol-ken ge-hen. 
truth ex-ten- deth un- to the clouds of Hea-ven. 

No. 2 
Psalm 96 (Sop. or Ten.) 

1. sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto 
the Lord, all the earth. 

2. Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; shew 
forth his salvation from day to day. 

3. Declare his glory among the heathen, his 
wonders among all people. 

4. For the Lord is great, and greatly to be 
praised: he is to be feared above all gods. 

Sin-get, sin-get dem Her- ren ein neu- es 
Sing ye, sing to the Lord with a new-made 

Lied, sin- get dem Her- ren al- le Welt, 
song; sing to the Lord God all the earth. 

I sing a"- 
-ne Gii-te 


No. 2 (cont) 

Sin- get dem Herrn und lo- bet sei- nen 
Sing to the Lord and bless his name for- 

Na-men. Pre- di- get ei-nen Tag am an-dern, 
-ev-er. Ma- ni-fest day by day his glo-ry, 

am an- dem sein Heil. Er- zäh-len 
his migh- ty glo- -ry. De-clare ye 

un-ter den Hei- den sei-ne Eh- re, un- ter 
un-to the hea-then his sal-va-tion, teil ye 

al- len Vö'1-kern sei-ne Wun- der. Denn 
all the peo-ple of his won-ders. For 

der Herr ist gross, und hoch zu lo- -ben, 
the Lord is great, and all must praise him, 

2) must fear him 

wun-der bar- lieh ü- ber al- le Got- ter. 
he is migh- ty, there is none be-side him. 

No. 3 
Psalm 8 
x For Psalm text see Vol. II, 6, & Vol .XIII ,2. 
Soprano or Tenor 
Two Vns and Continuo 

Herr un- ser Herr-scher, wie herr-lich ist 
Lord who art our Lord, how ex- cell-ent 

dein Nam in al- len Lan-den, da- man dir 
thy name in all ere- a-tion; glo-rious a- 

dan— ket im Him-mel, Aus der Mun- de 
-bove all the hea-vens. From the mouth of 

der jun- gen Kin- der und Sau- glin- - ge 
the suck-ling babe is thy might pro-claimed, 

hast du ei- - ne Macht zu-ge-rich-tet 
and thy strength or~dained to en-com-pass 

um dei- ner Fein-de wil- len, dass du 
thy foes and to de- s troy them, that thine 

ver-til-gest den Feind und den Räch- gie- 
a- ven-ger and foe be stilled and brought 

-ri- -gen. Denn ich wer-de se-hen die 
to naught. When I but con-si-der the 

Him-mel, dei- ner Fin-ger Werk, 
hea-vens, work thy fin-gers wrought, 

den Mon- den und die Ster-nen, die du 
the moon and stars of hea- ven, that thou 


be- rei- -test. Was ist der Mensch, das 
hast or- -dained; what then is man, of 

du sein ge- den-kest? Was ist des Men- 
whom thou art mind-ful? What is the son 

-sehen Kind, dass du dich sein an-nimmst? 
of man, that he should con-cern thee? 

Vol. VII, No. 3 (cont) 

Du wirst ihn las- sen ei-ne klei-ne Zeit von 
For thou hast made him but a lit- tie low- er 

Gott ver-las-san sein, a- ber mit Eh- ren 
than the an-gels are, and hast with glo-ry 

und Schmuck wirst du ihn krb- - nen, 
and fame, with hon-or crowned him. 

Du wirst ihn zum Her- ren ma-chen u-ber 
Thou ma- dest him have do- min-ion ov-er 

dei-ner Hain- de- Werk. AI- les hast du 
all thy han- di- -work. Thou hast put all 
hand hast wrought. 

un- ter sei- -ne Fii-sse ge- than, Schaf 
liv-ing crea-tures un-der his feet, sheep 

und Och- sen all-zu-mal, da- zu auch die 
and goats and ox- en all, and the wild beast 

wil-den Thier, die Vö- gel un- ter dem 
of the field, the fowl that flies in the 

Him-mel und die Fisch im Meer, und was im 
hea-ven, the fish of the sea, that in the 

Meer ge- -het. Herr, un- ser Herr-scher, wie 
sea swim- me th. Lord, who art our Lord, how 

herr-lich ist dein Nam in al- len Lan- den. 
ex- cell-ent thy name in all ere- a- tion! 

No. 4 
Luke I (Soprano) 

46. And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the 

47. And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my 

48. For he hath regarded the low estate of his 
handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all 
generations shall call me blessed. 

49. For he that is mighty hath done to me 
great things; and holy is his name. 

50. And his mercy is on them that fear him 
from generation to generation. 

51. He hath shewed strength with his arm; he 
hath scattered the proud in the imagination 
of their hearts. 

52. He hath put down the mighty from their 
seats, and exalted them of low degree. 

53. He hath filled the hungry with good things, 
and the rich he hath sent empty away. 

54. He hath holpen his servant Israel, in 
remembrance of his mercy; 

55. As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham 
and to his seed for ever. 

Mei-ne See-le er- -he-bet den Her-ren, 
Mag-ni-fy thou the Lord,0 my spi-rit, 


No. 4 (cont) 

und mein Geist freu-et sich, Got-tes 
my soul re- -joic-eth me in my 

mei- nes Hei-lan- des. Denn, er hat 
God and my Sav-iour. For the low 

die Nie drig-keit sei-ner Magd an- 

es- täte of his hand-mai-den he hath 

-ge- - -se- hen, sie- he, von nun an 
re- -gard- ed; lo, and from hence-forth 

wer-den mich se- lig prei-sen, al- le 
all men will call me bles-sed, bles-sed 
all call me bles-sed, 

Kin-des-kind. Und sei-ne Barra-her-zig-keit 
eve-ry one. And his lov-ing ten-der-ness 

wan- ret im- mer für und fur bei de-nen 
will a- bide for ev- er-more with all of 
(be for ev-er- more) 

die ihn fürch-ten. Er ü- -bet Ge- wait 

them that fear him. He shew- eth the streng 

mit sei- nem Arm, er zer-streu-et die 

of his right arm, with it scat-ter- eth 

hof- far- tig sind in ih- -res Her- zens 
the proud of heart in their i- ma- -gin- 
Sinn. Er sto-sset die Ge- - wal- ti-gen 
-ings. He put-teth down the haugh-ty from 

vom Stuhl und er-hb-het ** die E- len- 
their seats , and ex-al-teth them of low de- 

-den. Die Hun-gri-gen fül-let er 
-gree. The hun-gry ones he hath filled 

mit Gu- - tern, und lasst die Rei-chen 
with good things, the rich sent em-pty 

leer, leer, leer. Er den-ket der Barm- 
out, out, out. The Lord is ev- -er 

-her-zig-keit, und hilft sei-nem Die-ner 
mer-ci- ful, that he give his ser-vant 

I-sra-el auf. Wie er ge-redt hat un-sern 
Is-ra-el help. As he did pro-mise to our 

Va-tern, A-bra-ham und sei-nem Sa- -men 
fa-thers, A-bra-ham and to his seed for 

ev-er- more. 

No. 5 (Sop. or Ten.) 
Exodus XV, 2. The Lord is my strength and 
song, and he is become my salvation: he is 
my God, and I will prepare him an habitation 
my fathers God, and I will exalt him. 
11. Who is like unto thee, Lord, among the 
gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness 
fearful in praises, doing wonders? 

Vol .VII, No. 5 (cont) 

Psalm 104,33: I will sing unto the Lord as 
long as I live; I will sing praise to my God 
while I have my being. 

Psalm 145,2: Every day I will bless thee; and 
I will praise thy name for ever and ever. 

Der Herr ist mei-ne Sta*r- ke und mein Lob- 
The Lord is my sal- va- tion and my Song 

-ge- sang, mein Lob- ge- sang und mein 
of Praise, my Song of Praise and my 

Heil. Er ist mein Gott, ich will ihn 
strength. He is my God, and I will 

prei- sen. Er ist mei-nes Va-ters Gott, ich 
praise him; yea he is my fa-ther*s God, and 

will ihn er-he- ben. Herr, wer ist dir gleich, 
I will ex-alt him. Where a-mong the gods 

un- ter den Got- tern, wer ist der gleich, 
is there one like thee, a-mong the gods, 

is one like thee, 

der so mach-tig, so hei-lig, so schreck- lieh, 
one so migh-ty, so ho- ly, so fear- -ful, 

so lob- lieh, so wun-der-tha- tig ist! 
so glo-rious, who do-eth won-drous things? 

Ich will den Her- ren sin- gen, sin-gen 
I praise the Lord with sing-ing, I sing 

will ich den Herrn, mein Le- - ben lang, 
to praise the Lord my whole life long, 

und mei- nen Gott lo- ben so lang ich 
and will sing his prai-ses while I have 

hie bin. 
be- ing. 

No. VI (Sop. or Ten.) 

Psalm 118, 17: I shall not die, but live, 

and declare the works of the Lord. 

Psalm 116, 3. The sorrows of death compassed 

me, and the pains of hell gat hold upon me: 

I found trouble and sorrow. 

4. Then I called upon the name of the Lord; 

Lord, I beseech thee, deliver my soul. 

Ich wer-de nicht ster-ben, son-dern le-ben, 
I nev-er shall per- ish, but for- ev-er 

und des Her- ren Lob, und des Her- ren Lob, 
I shall clar- ing the works of God, 

und des Her- ren Lob, ver-k'un- -di- -gen. 
shall de-clare his works, ma-king them known. 

Stri-cke des To- des, Stri- eke des To- des 
Sor- row and trou-ble, death with its sor-rows 

No. 6 (cont) 

hat- ten mich um- fan-gen, und Angst der 
com-passed and be-set me, and pains like 

Hol- len hat- ten mich trof-fen, ich kam 
Hell-fire gat hold up- -on me; I met 

in Jam- mer und Noth. A- ber ich rief 
with trou-ble and woe. Then I called on 

an den Na-men des Her- ren: Herr, 
him, the name of the Lord God: Lord, 

er-ret-te mei- ne See-le. Und der Herr 
de-liv-er thou my spi-rit. And the Lord 

ant- -wor- tet mir, und half mit, aus 
an-swered my call, and helped me, with 

al-len mei- nen, al-len mei- nen No- then, 
all I need-ed, all my spi-rit need-ed. 

No. 7 (Sop. or Ten.) 

Psalm 111,1: ...I will praise the Lord with 

my whole heart, 

Ps.116,8: For thou hast delivered my soul 

from death, mine eyes from tears, and my 

feet from falling. 

9. I will walk before the Lord in the land 

of the living. 

PS. 10 3, 2. Bless the Lord, my soul, and 

forget not all his benefits. 

3. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who 
healeth all thy diseases; 

4. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; 
who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and 
tender mercies; 

5. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; 
so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. 
Ps.118, 17: I shall not die, but live, and 
declare the works of the Lord. 

Ich dan- - ke dir Herr, von gan-zen 
I praise thee Lord, with all my 

Her- -zen, denn du hast mei- - ne See- 
whole heart, for from death thou didst save 

-le von dem To- -de er- - ret- tet, 
me and my soul from de- struct- ion, 

mei-ne Fü- sse vom Glei-ten, dass ich 
and my feet that they fall not, that I 

wan- de- len mag für Gott, im Licht der 
walk be-fore God the Lord, with them that 

Le-ben-di-gen. Lo- -be den Herrn, 
live ev-er- more. Bless thou the Lord, 

mei-ne See-le, und ver-giss nicht, 
my spi-rit, and for-get not 

was er dir Guts ge-than hat. 
04 what he has done to bless thee . 

Vol .VII, No. 7 (cont) 

Der dir al- le, al- -le dei-ne Sun- de 
Who for-giv-eth thee from all thy sins and 

ver- -gie- bet, und hei- let al- le dei-ne 
trans-gress-ions, and heal-eth all thy ma-ny 

Ge-bre-chen, der dein Le- ben vom Ver-der- 
di-sea-ses; who re-deem-eth thy -~ life 

-ben er- -Iöh -set, der dich kro- net mit 
from de-struct-ion, and who crown-eth with 

Gnad und Barm-her-zig-keit. Der dei-nen 
grace and with ten-der-nessj 

Mund froh- lieh ma- -chet, 
mouth glad with good things, 

ich will den 
for it is 

ma-keth thy 

froh- lieh, 
joy- ful, 

dass du wie-der jung wirst wie ein A-dler. 

No. 8 (cont) 

mei-nes Heils und mein Schutz, 
of my hope and de- fense. 

Ich will den Her-ren sin- gen, 
So I will call up- on him, 

Her-ren sin- -gen, und an- ru- fen, so 
right to praise him, and to call him, that 

werd ich von mei- nen Fein-den er- -lb- set 
I may be saved from them who would harm ma 

Denn es um- fin- - gen mich des To- des 
Death had en- com- passed me with all its 

Ban- de, und die Ba- -che Be-li-al 
sor-rows, bane-ful boars of Be-li-al 

er-schre- eke- ten mich, der Hol- - len 

that thy youth be re-newed like the eagle's, af-fright-ed my soul, 

Ich wer-de nicht ster-ben, nicht ster-ben, 
I nev-er shall per- ish, not per- ish, 

son-dern le-ben, und des Her-ren Lob, und 
but for- ev-er I shall live de-clar-ing 

des Her- reu Lob, und des Her- ren Lob 
the works , de- c la r- ing the works of God, 

ver-ktfn- -di- gen. 
mak-ing them known. 

j No. 8 

Psalm 18 (Alto) 

1. I will love thee, Lord, my strength. 

2. The Lord is my rock and my fortress, and 
my deliverer; my God, ray strength, in whom I 
will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my 
salvation, and my high tower. 

3. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy 
to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine 
enemies . 

4. The sorrows of death compassed me, and 
the floods of ungodly men made me afraid. 

5. Ihe sorrows of Hell compassed me about: 
the snares of death prevented me. 

6. In my distress I called upon the Lord, 
and cried unto my God: he heard my voice 
out of his temple, and my cry came before 
him, even into his ears. 

Herz- lieh lieb hab ich dich, Herr, mei- ne 
Tru- -ly I will love thee, Lord, thou my 
(Tru- -ly, Lord) 

Star- ke, mein Fels, mei-ne Burg, mein 
fort-ress, my rock, my high totfr, my 

Er-ret-ter, mein Gott, mein Hort, auf 
de-iiv*-rer, my God, my strength, in 

den ich trau-e, mein Schild, und Horn 
whom I trust, my shield, and horn 

the flames of 

mich, und des To- 
me, and the snares 

Ban- den um-fin- -gen 
Hell-fire en-com-passed 

-des Strick ü — ber- -wal- ti- get mich, 
of death laid their hold on my soul. 

Wenn mir angst 



ru- -fe ich den 

Then in 

Her-ren an, 
Lord my God, 

so ho- -ret 

my dis- tress I 


called up-on the 

und schrei, zu mei-nem Gott, 
and cried to him for help; 

er mei-ne Stimm von sei-nem 
he heard the call of my voice from in his 

Tem-pel, und mein Ge-schrei kömmt fur ihn 
tem-ple, yea, and my cry came un- to 

zu sei- nen Oh- ren. 
his ears to hear it. 

No. 9 
Psalm 47 (Tenor) 

1. clap your hands, all ye people; shout 
unto God with the voice of triumph. 

2. For the Lord most high is terrible; he is 
a great king over all the earth. 

3. He shall subdue the people under us, and 
the nations under our feet. 

4. He shall choose our inheritance for us, the 
excellency of Jacob whom he loved. Selah. 

5. God is gone up with a shout, the Lord with 
the sound of a trumpet. 

6. Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing 
praises unto our king, sing praises. 

Froh-lo-cket mit Hän- den und jauch-zet 
clap ye your hands to your God and 

dem Her- ren mit froh-li-chem Schal- le, 
with shout-ing re-joice ye tri- -um- phant, 

al- le Vol-ker. 
all ye peo-ple. 

Vol. VII, No. 9 (cont) 

Denn der Herr, der Ai-ler-höch-ste, ist er- 
For the Lord is God AI- migh-ty, ter-ri- 

- schreck- lieh, ein gro-sser Ko-nig auf dem 
- ble king, and glo-rious ru-ler ov- er 

gan-zen Erd-bo-den. Er wird die Vol-ker 
all his cre-a-tion. He shall sub-due the 

un- ter uns zw in- gen und die Leu-te un-ter 
peo-ple be-neath us, and the na-tions un-der 

un- -se- -re Fu- sse. Er er- - wan- let 
our feet shall tram-pie. He shall choose for 

uns zum Erb-theil die Herr-lich-keit Ja-cob, 
us our por-tion, the por- tion of Ja-cob, 

die er lie- bet, Se-la. Gott fan- ret auf mit 
his be-lov-ed, Se-la. God go- eth up with 

Jauch- zen, und der Herr mit hei- ler Po- 
shout- ing, and the Lord with sound of a 

-sau-nen, lob- sin-get Gott, lob- sin- get, 
trum-pet; prai- ses to God, sing prai- ses 

lob- sin-get un-serm Kb'- ni- ge, lob- sin- 
prai-ses to God our migh-ty king, sing prai- 

-get, lob- sin- get Gott, lob- sin- get, lob- 
-ses, to migh-ty God, sing prai-ses, sing 

-sin- get un-serm Kb- ni- ge. 
prai-ses to our migh-ty king. 

No. 10 
Psalm 150 (Tenor) 
For text of Psalm see 
Vol. Ill, No. 4 

Lo- bet den Herrn, in sei-nem Hei-lig-thum, 

in his most Ho-ly Place; 

in der Fe-ste sei-ner 
in his migh-ty Fir-ma- 

sei nen Tha- ten, 
-ment; for all his deeds andwon-ders; 

lobt ihn in sei- -ner gro-ssen Herr-lich- 
praise him and bless him) 
praise him ac- cor- ding to his Ma- jes- 

-keit, Lo- bet den Herrn mit Po- sau- nen, 
- ty; Praise ye the Lord with the trum-pet; 

lo- bet den Her- ren mit Pau-ken, mit Pau- 
praise ye the Lord with the tim-brel, with tim- 

-ken und Rei- gen, lo- bet ihn mit Psal-ter 
-brel and danc-ing; praise ye him with harp and 

und Har- fe, lobt ihn mit Sai- -ten und 
with sing- ing, praise him with strings and with 


Praise ye the Lord, 

lo- bet den Herrn, 
praise ye the Lord, 

Macht, lobt ihn in 

No. 9 (cont) 

lobt ihn mit wohl- kl in- gen- den Cym- ba- 
with loud-sound-ing cym-bals that ring out 

-len, lobt ihn mit wohl-klin-gen-den Cym- 
high, with high- sound- ing cym-bals that ring 

-ba- len, Cym- ba- len, mit wohl- 
out loud, ring- ing high, with your 

-kl in- gen- den Cym- ba- len, AI- les 
cym- bals that ring out loud. All crea- 

was 0- -dem hat, lo- -be den Herrn, 
-tures that have breath, praise ye the Lord. 

No. 10 
Luke, XXI (Bass) 
(For Psalm text see Vol .XI, No. 6 

Hü- -tet euch, dass eu- -re Her- zen nicht 
Take ye heed, nor let your hearts he ov- 

be-schwe- -ret wer- den, mit Fres-sen und 
-er-chargedwithsur-feit of eat- ing and 

Sau- fen, und mit Sor-gen der Nan-rung, 
drink- ing, nor the cares of your bo- dy, 

und kom- - me die- ser Tag schnell 
lest there shall come up- on you 
the Day shall come up- on you 

u-ber euch. Denn wie ein Fall-strick wird 
un-a- wares; yea as a snare shall come 

er kom- men, ü- ber al- -le die auf 
up-on them, all who dwell up-on the 

Er- den woh- nen. So seid nun wa- eher 
earth a- round us. So there- fore watch ye 

al-le-zeit, und be-tet 3 be-tet, dass 
ev- er- more, watch ye and pray ye that 

ihr wür-dig wer-den mo- get zu ent-flie- 
ye be ac- count-ed wor- thy to es- cape 

-hen die- sem al- len das ge- sche-hen 
from all these dan-gers that shall come to 

soll, und zu ste- - hen fur des 
pass, and be stab-lished with the 

Men- sehen Sohn. 
Son of Man. 

No. 12 
Luke II 


29. Ix)rd, now lettest thou thy servant 
depart in peace, according to thy word: 

30. For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, 
31Which thou hast prepared before the face 

lobt ihn mit hei- ler Cym- ba- len, of all people; 
praise him with cym-bals high and loud, 32. A light to lighten the Gentiles, and 

2) loud and high, the glory of thy people Israel. 

Vol .VII, No. 12 (cont) 

Herr, nun las-sest du dei- nen Die-ner in 
Lord, now let- test thou this thy ser-vant in 

Frie- de fah- -ren, wie du ge-sagt hast, 
peace de-part hence, as thou hast pro-mised. 

Denn mei-ne Au- gen ha- ben dei- nen 
For I have seen him, with mine eyes have 

Hei-land ge- se-hen wel- chen du be- 
seen thy sal- va-tion, which thou hast pre- 

- rei- tet hast, für al- len Vol-kern, 
-pared for us, for all thy peo-ple, 

ein Licht zu er-leuch-ten die Hei- den, 
a light to en- light-en the gen- tiles, 

und zum Preis dei-nes Volks I-sra-el. 
to ex- -alt us thy folk Is-ra-el. 

No. 13 
Psalm 42 (Two Sop. or Ten.) 

5,(11), Why art thou cast down, my soul? 
and why art thou disquieted within me? hope 
thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who 
Is the health of my countenance, and my God. 

Was be-triibst du dich, mei-ne See-le, und 
What doth trou-ble thee, my spi-rit,that 

bist so un- ru- nig, in mir? Har- re auf 
art so dis-qui-et , in me? Hope in thy 

Gott, denn ich wer- de ihm noch dan- 
God, for I shall yet praise and thank 

-ken, dass er mei-nes An- ge- sich-tes Hul- 
him, him who in my trou-ble doth up-hold 

-fe und mein Gott ist, und mein Gott, 
me, and is my God, is my God, 

I No. 14 

I Luther (TV o Sop. or Ten.) 

Ver- leih uns Frie-den ge- -na- dig- lieh, 
Lord God in mer- cy vouch-safe us peace, 

Herr Gott zu un-sern Zei-ten, es ist doch 
pre-serve and safe de- fend us; we have no 

ja kein an- der, kein an- - der nicht, kein 
oth-er if thou, if thou should cease, no 

an-der, kein an-der, kein an- - der nicht 
oth-er, no oth-er if thou should cease 

der für uns konn-te strei-ten, es ist doch 
to aid us and be- friend us, we have none 

ja, denn du, un- sre Gott, al- lei-ne. 74 ^ 
else, for thou art our God, thou on- ly. 

No. 15 
(Same, cont) 


No. 15 

Gieb un-sern Fur-sten und al-ler O-brig- 
Grant to our prin-ces and to our ov-er- 

-keit Fried und gut Re- gi- ment dass 
-lords peace and good gov-ern-ment, that 

wir un-ter ih- -nem ein ge- - ru- hig 
we may un-der them live our lives in 

(our lives here) 

und stil-les Le- - ben, ein ge- ru- 
love and in friend-ship, live our lives 
(in love and friend- ship,) 

-hig, ge- - ru- hig und stil-les Le- ben 
here, our lives in love and in friendship 

fiih- ren mo- gen, in al- ler Gott- 
sted-fast ev-er, serv-ing God with 

-se-lig-keit und Ehr-bar-keit, A- men. 
de-vo- tion and hon- es- -iy. A- men. 

No. 16 
Psalm 68 (Two Sop. or Ten.) 

1. Let God arise, let his enemies be scat- 
tered: let them also that hate him flee 
before him. 

2. As smoke is driven away, so drive them 
away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let 
the wicked perish at the presence of God. 

3. But let the righteous be glad; let them 
rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly 

Es steh Gott auf dass sei-ne Feind zer- 
Let God a- rise, and let his foes be 

-streu- et wer- den, und die ihn has- sen 
swept be- fore him, and they that hate him 

für ihm flie- - hen. Ver- trieb sie, wie 
from him flee a -way. They van- ish, like 

der Rauch ver- trie- ben wird, wie das Wachs 
a cloud, are driv*n a- way, and as wax 

zer-schmelzt vom Feu- er, so mus-sen 
by fire is melt-ed, so let them 

um-kom- - men die Gott-lo- sen für Gott. 
be scat- tered in the pre-sence of God. 

A- ber die Ge- rech- ten müs-sen sich 
Yea, but let the right- eous ex- ult with 

freu- en, freu- en und froh- lieh sein, 
glad-ness, re-joiee ex- ceed-ing- -ly, 

•v und »• 
und froh- lieh , froh- lieh sein fur Gott, 

let them re- -joiee be- fore the Lord, 

für Gott, fur Gott sich freu-en, von Her-zen 

to God, re-joice be- fore himyithglad re 


Vol. VII 

No. 17 

(Sop. and Alto) 

No. 19 
Psalm 27 (Two Tenors) 

1. The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom 
32,6: As a signet of an emerald set in a work shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my 
of gold, so is the melody of musick with plea- life; of whom shall I be afraid? 

2. When the wicked, even mine enemies and my 
foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they 
stumbled and fell. 

-ant wine. 

Wie ein Ru- bin in fei-nem Gol-de leu- 
A mer-ry song will grace a mer- ry ban- 

-chtet, al-so zie-ret ein Ge-sang das Mahl, 
-quet, like a ru- by set in fin- est gold. 

Wie ein Sma-ragd in schö-nem Gol-de ste-het, 
A love-ly tune, when wine is free-ly flowing, 

al- so zie-ren die Lie-der,beim gu-ten Wei-ne. 
is fair as when an emerald in gold is glowing. 

No. 18 
Prov.IX (Sop. and Bass) 

5. Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the 
wine which I have mingled. 

Eccl.11,24. There is nothing better for a man, 
than that he should eat and drink, and that he 
should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. 
111,13. And also that every man should eat and 
drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, 
it is the gift of God. 

VIII, 15. Then I commended mirth, because a man 
hath no better thing under the sun, than to 
eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that 
shall abide with him of his labour the days of 
his life, which God giveth him under the sun. 
See also V,18. 

Iss dein Brod mit Freu-den und trin- -ke dei- 
Eat thy bread in glad-ness,and drink thou of 

-nen Wein mit gu- ten Muth. Es ist nichts 

thy wine with mer-ry heart. I know naught 

bes-sers denn froh- lieh sein, und ihm gut- 
bet-ter than hap- -py hearts, and to know 

-lieh thun in sei-nem Le- ben. Ich lo- be 
in- deed the joy of liv-ing. My song is 

die Freu- de, dass der Mensch nichts bes-sers 
of glad-ness, for there is no bet-ter 

hat, un- ter der Son-nen, Denn ein jeg- 
thing un-der the sun here. Yea, when one 
this side of Hea-ven. 

-li-cher Mensch, der da is- set und 
can en- -joy plea-sant wine with his 

trin-ket, und hat gu- -ten Muth in al- ler 
din- ner, and de- light to do the work that 

sei-ner Ar- be it, dass ist ei-ne Ga- -be, 
he has cho-sen, tis in- deed a bless- ing 

ei-ne Ga- be Got-tes. 

giv-enhim from Hea-ven. 108 

3. Though an host should encamp against me, 
my heart shall not fear: though war should 
rise against me, in this will I be confident. 

5. For in the time of trouble he shall hide 
me in his pavilion: in the secret of his ta- 
-bernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me 
up upon a rock. 

6. And now shall mine head be lifted up above 
mine enemies round about me: therefore will I 
offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I 
will sing, yea ,1 will sing praises unto the 

Der Herr ist mein Licht und mein Heil, für 
The Lord is my light and my hope, of 

wem sollt ich mich fürch-ten? Der Herr 
whom am I af-fright-ed? Ihe Lord 

ist mei-nes Le- -bens Kraft, für wem 
hath made me strong to live; and who 

sollt mir grau- en? Da- rum wann die 
shall af- fright me? And so, when the 

Bb-sen mei-ne Wi- der- sa- eher und Fein-de 
wick-ed, ev- en e- ne-mies who would slay me, 

an mich wol-len, mein Fleisch zu f res-sen, 
come to eat up my ve- - ry bo- dy, 

mus-sen sie an- lau- fen und fal-len. 
yet they fall and stum-ble, con-found-ed. 

Wenn sich schon ein Heer wi- der mich le- 
Ev- -en tho an host come out a- gainst 

-get, so furch- tet sich den- noch mein 
me, my heart will be sted- fast and 

Her-ze nicht. Wenn sich Krieg wi- der mich 
nev-er fear; and tho war shall a- rise 

er- -he- bet, so ver-las-se ich mich auf 
a- gainst me, yet in this am I con- fi- 

ihn. Denn er be- -de-cket mich in sei- nen 
-dent. For in the time of trou-ble he shall 

Hut- ten zur bo-sen- Zeit, er ver- bir- get 
hide me in his a- bode; he shall hide me 

mich heim- lieh in sei-nem Ge- zeit, und 
in sec- ret in his ho- ly shrine, and 

T 2) sac- red 

er- -hÖ-het mich, auf ei-nen Fei- sen, 
shall set me up, up- on a fort-ress, 

Vol. VII, No. 18 (cont) 

Und er wird mir mein Haupt er-hö-hen, 
And now shall mine head be ex-alt-ed, 

ü-ber mei- -ne Fein-de, die um mich seind 
ov-er them that hate me, 

ov- -er all my foes a- round me. 

So will ich in sei-ner Hut- ten lob- o- 
So in his tem-ple with joy will I praise 

-pfern ich will sin- -gen, ich will sin- 
him, I will praise him, I will sing 

-gen und lob-sa- gen dem Her-ren. 
and will ex-alt him for ev- er. 

No. 20 
Prov.30 (Two Tenors) 

7. Two things have I required of thee; deny 
me them not before I die: 

8. Remove far from me vanity and lies: give 
me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with 
food convenient for me. 

9. Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, 
Who is the Lord? or lest I be poor, and 
steal, and take the name of my God in vain. 

Zwei-er -lei bit-te ich, Herr, von dir, 
I have asked thee,0 Lord, but two things; 

die wol-lest du mir nicht we-gern, e- he 
to me do thou not de- ny them, yea,be- 

denn ich ster- -be. Ab-got- -te- rei 
-fore I pass hence: Re-move thou lies 

und Lii-gen lass fer-ne von mir sein, 

and va-ni — ty far a- -way from me, 

(a- -far off) 

ab-got- -te- -rei und Lu-gen, 
re-move thou pride and ly-ing, 

Ar- - muth und Reich- thum gieb mir nicht, 
Po-ver-ty and rich- -es give me not, 

lass mich a- ber mein be- schei-den Theil, 
with the sim- pie food that fills my need, 

Spei-se da-hin neh-men, ich mb-chte sonst, 
do thou Lord feed me, lest I be full, 

wo ich zu satt wu'r- - de ver-leug-nen, 
and be-ing full, should dare de- ny thee 

und sa- gen: Wer ist der Herr, wer, wer ist? 
in this wise: Who is the Lord? who is he? 

0- der wo ich zu arm wür- de, moch-te ich 
Or else, that I be-come need-y, and turn to 

steh- len und mich an dem Na- -men 
steal- ing, and mock the com-mand-ments 

mei- nes Got- tes ver- - grei- -fen. 
that the Lord God hath taught me. 


No. 21 
Psalm 144 (Two Tenors) 

5. Bow down thy heavens, Lord, and come down: 
touch the mountains, and they shall smoke. 


6. Cast forth lightning and scatter them: shoot 
out thine arrows, and destroy them. 

7. Send thine hand from above; rid me, and 
deliver me out of great waters, from the hand 
of strange children. 

8. Whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right 
hand is a right hand of falsehood. 

9. I will sing a new song unto thee, God: 
upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten 
strings will I sing praises to thee. 

Herr,nei- ge dei- ne Him- mei und fahr 
Lord', bow thou down thy hea-ven, and come 

her- -ab, Ta- - ste die Ber- -ge an, so 
thou down. Touch thou the moun- tain- tops and 

rau- chen sie, lass blit-zen, lass blit- zen 
make them smoke; and hurl out the light- ning, 

und zer-streu- e sie. Wirf dei- -ne Strah- 
fire to scat- ter them. Shoot out thine ar- 

-len und schre-cke sie. Sen- -de dei- -ne 
-rows and strike them down. Send thou down thine 

Hand aus der Hö-» he, und er-lo-se mich, von 
hand from a-bove me, and de-li-ver me from 

gro-ssen Wa-ssern und er-ret-te mich, von 
migh-ty wa-ters de-liv-er me, from 

der Hand der frem-den Kin-der. Gott, ich will 
the hand of for-eign peo-ple. God, I sing 

dir ein neu- es Lied sin-gen, ich will dir 
a new song to thy glo-ry; yea, on an 

spie-len auf dem Psal- -ter, auf dem Psal- 
in-stru-ment of ten strings, on the psal- 

-ter von ze- hen Sai-ten, 
-te- -ry sing thy glo-ry, 

ich will dir spie-len auf den Psal- -ter, 
up- -on the psal-te- ry will praise thee, 

end) von ze- hen Sai-ten. 
will sing thy glo-ry. 

No. 22 
Psalm 113 (Two Basses) 

3. From the rising of the sun unto the going 
down of the same the Lortfs name is to be 

4. The Lord is high above all nations, and 
his glory above the heavens. 

5. Who is like unto the Lord our God, who 
dwelleth on high, 

6. Who humbleth himself to behold the things 
that are in heaven, and in the earth! 

Vol .VII, No. 22, (cont) 

7. He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and 
lifteth the needy out of the dunghill. 

8. That he may set him with princes, even with 
the princes of his people. 

9. He maketh the barren woman to keep house, 
and to be a joyful mother of children 

Von Auf-gang der Son-nen bis zu in- rem 
From the ris-ing sun un- to the go-ing 

Nie- der- gang, sei ge- -lo- -bet der Na- 
down of it, to be praised is the name 

(we will praise him) 

-me des Her- ren. Ge- lo-bet sei des Her- 
of the Lord God. Hold ye the name of God 

-ren Na- me, von nun an bis in E-wig-keit. 
in hon- or, from now un-to E-ter-ni- ty. 

Der Herr ist hoch ü- ber al- le Hei-den, 
The Lord is high a-bove all the na-tions, 

sei-ne Eh- re ge- het so weit der Him- 
and his glo-ry reach- eth as far as heavh 

-mel ist. Wer ist wie der Herr un- ser 
is wide. Who is there like Al- migh-ty 

Gott, der sich so hoch ge- se-tzet hat und 
God, he who on high hath his a- bode and 

sie-het auf das Nie-dri-ge im Him- mel 
who is hum-ble to be- ho Id the hea-vens 

und auf Er- den, auf Er- den; der 
and be- neath them, be- neath them; the 

den Ge-rin- gen auf- rieh- tet aus dem Staub 
poor he rais-eth, he rais-eth from the dust, 

und er- ho- het den Ar- men aus dem Koth, 
and he lift-eth the need-y from their filth, 

dass er ihn se- tze ne- ben die Fur-sten 
that he may set them near to the prin-ces 

sei-nes Volks; der die Un-f nicht- ba- re 
of his folk; her who was bar- -ren he 

im Hau- -se woh-nen ma- -chet, dass sie 
ma-keth that she be fruit- ful, be joy- 

ei-ne froh-li-che Kin- der-mut-ter wird, 
-ful to mul- ti-ply child- ren in her house. 

No. 23 
Psalm 117 (Alto.Ten.Bass) 

1. praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise 
him, all ye people, 

2. For his merciful kindness is great toward 
us: and the truth of the Lord endure th for 
ever. Praise ye the Lord. 

Lo- bet den Herrn, Lo- bet den Herrn, 
praise the Lord, Praise ye the Lord, 

No. 23, (cont) 

al- le Hei-den, prei- set ihn al- le Vbl- 
all ye na-tions, praise ye him, all ye peo- 

-ker. Denn, denn sei-ne .Gnad und Wahr-heit 
-pie for his ten-der mer- cy and truth 

wal-tet ü-ber uns in E-wig-keit. Alleluja. 
bid-eth un-to us for ev-er-more. Alleluja. 

No. 24 

Sirach (Alto.Ten.Bass) 

II, 8. Ye that fear the Lord, believe him; 
and your reward shall not fail. 

9. Ye that fear the Lord, hope for good, 
and for everlasting joy and mercy. 

7. Ye that fear the Lord, wait for his 
mercy; and go not aside, lest ye fall. 

10. Look at the generations of old, and see; 
did ever any trust in the Lord, and was 
confounded? or did any abide in his fear, 
and was forsaken? or whom did he ever de- 
spise, that called upon him? 
11. For the Lord is full of compassion and 

mercy, longsuffering, and very pitiful, 
and forgiveth sins, and saveth in time of 

Die so ihr den Her- ren furch- tet ver- 
Ye that know the Lord and fear him, be- 

-trau- et ihm, denn es wird euch nicht 
-lieve in him, and your re- ward shall 

feh-len; die so ihr den Her- ren furch - 
not fail; ye who know the Lord and fear 

-tet, hof- fet das Be-ste von ihm, so 
him trust him and hope ye for good, for 

wird euch Gna-de und Trost al- -le- 
ten- der mer-cy and joy, right-eous- 

-zeit wi-der-fah- ren,har-ret sei-ner 
-ness ev-er-last- ing.wait ye for his 

Gna-de und wei-chet nicht, auf dass 
mer-cy nor go a- -side, lest you 
(go not a- -side,) 

ihr nicht zu Grün- de ge- -het. 
shall fall and be con- found- ed. 

Se-het an die Ex- em-pel der AI- ten 
Do you look at the old ge-ne- ra-tions 

und mer-ket sie, wer ist je-mals 
and mark ye them: was there a- ny 

zu Schan-den wor-den, der auf Gott 
con- found- ed of them who had put 

ge- - hof- fet hat, wer ist jemals 
--Q their trust in him; was there a- ny 

Vol. VII, No. 24 (cont) 

ver-las-sen, der in der Furcht Got-tes 
for-sa- ken, they who did fear God and 

blie-ben ist? wer ist je-mals von ihm 
fal-tered not? and of them who have called 

ver-schmä-het der ihn an-ge-ru-fen hat? 
up- -on him, whom did ev-er he de- spise? 

Denn der Herr ist gna- dig, und barm- her- zig, 

For the Lord is gra-cious,and long-suf-fring,-scend-ing on the Mount of Zi-on. Mark ye, 

und ver-gie-bet Sun- de, und hilft in der Noth. so fein und lieb- lieh ist, dass Bru-der 
and for-giv-eth sin-ners,with help in our need, how good and glad it is, when brothers 

ein-tfach-tig bei ein- -an- der woh- nen. 

No- 25 (cont) 

vom Haupt Aa- ron her- ab-fleusst, in sei-nen 
Aa- rorfs head and flow-ing down, & flow-ing 

gan- zen Bart der her-ab fleu- sst in sein 
down his beard, ov- -er his gar-ments to his 

Kleid, wie der Thau, der vom Her-mon her- 
skirt; as the dew from Mount Her-mon de- 

- ab- fallt auf die Ber- ge Zi-on, sie- he 

No. 25 (Two Ten, and Bass) 
Sirach,XXV,l. In three things I was beautified, 
and stood up beautiful before God and men: the 
unity of brethren, the love of neighbors, a 
man and a wife that agree together. 
Psalm 133,1. Behold, how good and how pleasant 
it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! 

2. It is like the precious ointment upon the 
head, 'that ran down upon the beard, even Aa- 
- roris beard: that went down to the skirts of 
his garments. 

3. As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that 
descended upon the mountains of Zion;... 

Prov.27,10. in the day of thy calamity: for 

better is a neighbour that is near than a 

brother far off. 
Matth. 19,19. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as 

Gal. 5, 15. But if ye bite and devour one anoth- 

-er, take heed that ye be not consumed one of 

Eph.5,28. So ought men to love their wives as 

their own bodies. He that loveth his wife 

loveth himself. 
Col. 3, 18. Wives, submit yourselves unto your 

own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. 
Heb. 13, 4. Marriage is honourable in all, and 

the bed undefiled: .. . 

Efch.5,32. This is a great mystery: but I 
speak concerning Christ and the church. 

Drei schcA -ne Din- - ge seind, die 
Three love- -ly things there are, which 
(Three things are love- -ly) 

bei- de Gott und Men-schen wohl-ge- fal- len: 
both to God and mor-tals are de- light- ful: 

die bei- de Gott und Men-schen, und Men-schen^ 
which both to God and men are de- light- ful, 

Gott und Men-schen, Wenn Bru-der eins seind. 
are de- light- ful, Breth-ren u- -ni- -ted. 

Wie der kost- li-che Bai- sam ist, der vom 
It is like cost-ly oint-ment poured on Aa- 

u- - ni - ted dwell in peace to- geth-er, 

Wenn Nach- ba- ren sich lieb ha- ben. 
when neigh-bors love one- an- othrer. 

Wenn diris ü- bei ge- het, so ist dir ein 
In the day of trou-ble a neigh-bor is 

Nach-bar bes-ser in der Na- he, als ein 
bet- ter who a— bid-eth near us, than a 

Bru-der in der Fer-ne. Lie- -be dei- nen 
bro-ther who is far off. Love thou then thy 

Nach- s ten als dich selbst. Denn so ihr euch 
neigh-bor as thy self. But if ye bite 

un-ter ein-an- der bei-sset, so se-het zu, 
and de-vour one an- oth-er, so take ye heed, 

dass ihr nicht un-ter ein- - an- der ver- 
and be not, be not con-sumed each one 

-zen- ret wer-det. Wenn Mann und Weib 
by the oth-er. When man and wife 

sich mit ein-an-der wohl be- ge-hen, wohl, 
a-gree to-geth-er, both to-geth-er, both, 

Die Man-ner sol- len ih-re Wei- -ber 
Tlie hus- band, faith- ful to his wife »shall 

lei- ben, als in- -re ei- ge-ne Lei-ber. 
love her, as she were his ve-ry bo- dy. 

Wann je- mand sein Weib lie-bet, der lie- bet 
When one loves his wife tru-ly, he thus loves 

sich selbst. Die Wei- ber sei- en un- ter- 
him- -self. The wife, too, shall sub-mit her- 

-than in- ren Man-nern, in al-len Din- gen, 
-self to her hus- band, for this is fit- ting, 

als dem Her-ren. Die E- -he soil ehr-lich 
as to the Lord. For wed- lock we count hon- 

ge-hal-ten wer-den bei al-len und das Eh- 
-or-ab- le ev- er to all men when the mar- 

-bet- te un-be-fle-cket. Es ist ein gross 
-iage bed is un-spot-ted. A- mys-te- -ry 

Ge-heim-niss vor Chri-sto und der Ge-mei-ne 
this ev- -er-more will be con-cerning Je- sua 

Vol. VII, No. 25 (cont) 

Denn da-selbst ver-heisst der Herr, Se- gen 
For the Lord did pro-mise us bless- ing 

und Le- -ben im- mer und e-wig-lich, 
and life e- ter-nal,for ev-er-more, 

last 7 bars) Le-ben im-mer und e-wig-lich. 
1 i f e e v- e r- las t ing for ev- er- more . 

No. 26 
Humbold (Ttyo Sop. and Bass) 

Von Gott will ich nicht las-sen 
From God I'll not be part-ed t 

denn er lasst nicht von mir, 
nor will he part from me; 

führt mich auf rech- ten Stras-sen, 
my course by him is chart-ed, 

da ich sonst ir- ret sehr, 
a-cross life's storm- y sea; 

er reicht mir sei-ne Hand, 
he reach- -es out his hand; 

den A- bend als den Mor-gen, 
at morn and eve pro- tec ts me, 

thut er mich wohl ver- sor-gen, 
and safe and sound di- rects me, 

sei wo ich woll im Land, 
un-til I come to land. 

Wenn sich der Men-schen ftil-de, 
When mor- tal help and fa- vor 

und Wohl- that all ver- kehrt, 
I seek a- -las in vain, 

so find ich Gott gar bal-de 
my God will nev- er wa-ver, 

sein Macht und Gnad be- wahrt; 
his might and grace re- ma in; 

er hilft aus al- ler Noth, 
he gave us life and breath; 

er-rett von Sund und Schan-den 
he saves from shame and sin-ning, 

von Ket- ten und von Ban-den, 
our free-dom for us win-ning, 

und wenns gleich war den Tod. 
and leaves us not in death. 

Auf ihn will ich ver- trau- en 
For griev-ous ills that ail me 

in mei-ner schwe-ren Zeit, 
to him for help I go; 

es kann mich nicht ge-reu- en, 
I know he will not fail me, 


No. 26 (cont) 

er wen-det al-les Leid, 
but ban-ish eve-ry woe; 

im sei es heim, im sei es heim-ge- 
my life and soul, mylife& soul and 


mein Leib, mein Seel,mein Le-ben 
to God the Lord con- fid- ing, 

sei Gott dem Herrn er-ge-ben, 
in him a- lone a- bid- ing, 

er machs,wie*s ihm ge- fallt. 
I leave it all to him. 

Es thut ihm nichts ge-fal-len, 
He fur-thers our well-be- ing, 

denn was mir nütz- lieh ist, 
is pleased to have it thus, 

er meint gut mit uns al- len, 
our eve- ry want for- see- ing; 

schenkt uns den Her-ren Christ, 
he gave his Son for us; 

sein al- -ler-lieb-sten Sohn, 
his loved and ve- -ry own; 

durch ihn er uns be-schee-ret, 
our life and soul sus-tain-ing; 

was Leib und Seel er- nah- ret, 
so praise him who is reign- ing 

lobt ihn ins Him-mel Thron, 
a-bove on Hea-verfs throne. 

Lobt ihn mit Herz und Mun- de 
Praise him with hands and voic-es, 

welchs er uns bei- des schenkt, 
with heart and life and limb; 

das ist ein se-lig Stun-de, 
ere- a-tion all re-joic-es 

da- rin man sein ge-denkt, 
each hour we think of him; 

sonst ver-dirbt al- le Zeit 
while on earth here we live, 

die wir zu-bringn auf Er- den, 
our days and hours are wast-ed, 

wir sol- len se- lig wer- den, 
'til bles-sed-ness weVe tast-ed, 

und le- bn in E- -wig-keit. 
that Hea-ven at last will give. 

Auch wenn die Welt ver- ge- het, 
And when the world shall tum-ble, 

Vol. VII, No. 26 (cont) 

mit ih- rer stol-zen Pracht, 
with all its proud es- täte, 

wedr Ehr noch Gut be-ste- het, 
and goods and glo-ry crum-ble, 

welchs vor war gross ge-acht, 
which once we thought so great, 

wir wer- -den nach dem Tod, 
when death shall sound its call, 

tief in der Erd be- gra- ben 
'twill find us safe-ly sleep- ing, 

wenn wir ge-schla-fen ha- ben 
in our Cre- a- tor's keep- ing, 

will uns er- - we- chen Gott, 
'til he a- -wake us all. 

Die Seel bleibt un-ver-lo- ren, 
The soul shall nev-er per-ish, 

ge- führt in A-brams Schooss, 
with A- bram it will be; 

der Leib wird neu ge- bo- ren 
a new- born bo- dy cher-ish 

von al- len Sün-den los, 
from sin and ev- il free; 

ganz hei-lig, rein und zart, 
un-world-ly, true and pure, 

ein Kind und Erb des Her- ren, 
a child of HeaVh pre-emp-ted, 

da- ran muss uns nicht ir- ren, 
so let us not be temp- ted; 

des Teu-fels li- stig Art. 
from Sa-tarfs guile se-cure. 

Da- rum ob ich schon dul-de 
Tho pain and grief I mer-it, 

hier Wi- der-war-tig-keit, 
and sin- ner tho I be, 

wie ich auch wohl ver-schul-de, 
yet Heavn will I in- -her- it, 

kommt doch die E-wig-keit, 
for all E-ter-ni- ty; 

ist al-ler Freud, ist al-ler 
where all is joy, where all is 

Freu- den voll, 
ut- ter joy; 

die-selb ohn ei-nigs En-de, 
de- light that has no end- ing, 

die-weil ich Chri-stum ken-ne, 
to Chris-tians all ex-tend- ing, 

mir wi- der- fah-ren soil, 
which no- thing can de-stroy. 

No. 26 (cont) 

Das ist des Va-ters Wil- -le, der uns ge-schaf- 
It was our Fa-thers plea-sure, that he cre-ate 

-fen hat, sein Sohn hat Guts die Fiil-le, 
our race; his Son in full-est mea-sure, 

er- wor-ben durch sein Gnad, auch Gott der hei- 
has shed on us his grace; the Ho- ly Ghost 

-lig Geist, im Glau-ben uns re- gie- ret, zum 
a- bove, in Hea- ven High is reign- ing, our 

Reich der Him-mel fun- ret, ihn sei Lob, EhrundPreis, 
laws and lives or-dain-ing,to them bepraiseand love. 

No. 27 
Psalm 33, 1-3 (Alto, Ten. Bass) 

Freu- et euch des Her- ren, ihr Ge-rech- ten, die 
Bless the Lord,re-joic- ing, ye right-eous, ye 

From- men sol- len ihn schon prei- sen. Dan- -ket 
up- right, it is good to praise him. Praise ye 

dem Herrn, mit Har- -fen. Sin-get sin-get dem 
the Lord with harp-strings. Sing ye, sing to the 

Herrn ein neu- es Lied, macht es gut auf Sai-ten- 
Lord a new-made song; play up- on your psal-te- 

-spiel mit Schal-le, Sin-get, sin-get dem Herrn, 
-ries and trum-pets. Sing ye, sing to the Lord. 


Ps-33,1. Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous: for 
praise is comely for the upright. 

2. Praise the Lord with harp: sing unto him with the 
psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. 

3. Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a 
loud noise. 

The accompaniment in all the foregoing songs 
is Two Violins and Continuo. 





No.l and 2 

Genesis, Chap. 49; 10. The sceptre shall 
not depart from Judah, nor a law giver from 
between his feet until Shiloh come; and 
unto him shall the gathering of the people 

11. Binding his foal into the vine and 
his ass's colt into the choice vine. 

12. He washed his garments in wine and 
his clothes in the blood of grapes. 

Es wird das Sce-pter von Ju- da 

Then will the rod and the sce-ptre 

(Then will the sce-ptre and the rod) 

nicht ent-wen-det wer-den, 
not de-part from Ju- dan, 

noch ein Mei-ster von sei-nen Fft- ssen, 
nor a mas-ter to sit in judg-ment, 

bis der Held kom- me, , 
not til Shi- -loh come, , 
T.I (shall come), 

und dem-sel-ben wer-den die Vol-ker 
and a- round a j- bout him the peo-ple 

an- han-gen. 
shall ga-ther. 

Er wird sein Fill- len an den Wein-stock 
He bound his foal and to the vine he 

bin- den 
bound it, 

und sei- ner E- se-lin Sohn 
and bound tne colt of his ass 

an den ed- len Re- ben. 
in the choicest vin-yard. 

Er wird sein Kleid in Wein wa-schen, 
He washed his clothes in pur-ple wine, 

und sei - nen Man- tel in Wein-beer- 
and cleansed his gar-ments in blood of 


Sei-ne Au- gen sind roth- li-cher denn 
For his eyes shall be bright and red with 

Wein und sei- ne Zah- ne wei-ssen denn 
wine, his teeth be whi-ter,whi-ter than 

Milch, . 


No. 3 

Titus, Chap. 2, 11: For the grace of God 
that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all 

12. Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and 
worldly lusts, we should live soberly, right- 
-eously, and godly, in this present world; 
13. Looking for that blessed hope, and the 
glorious appearance of the great God and our 
Saviour Jesus Christ; 

14.Who gave himself for us, that he might re- 
-deem us from iniquity, and purify unto him- 
-self a peculiar people, zealous of good works. 

Es ist er-schie-nen 
For there ap-pear- eth 

die heil- sa- me Gna- de Got-tes 
the grace that will bring sal- va-tion 
S.II&A(grace and the mer- cy) 

al-len,al-len,al-len,al-len Men-schen, 
un-to all men,un-to all men, all men, 
Alto, 3-4 (un-to all men), 

und zuch- ti-get uns, 
and teach- ing us all, 

dass wir sol-len ver-leug-nen 
that hence-forth we a- ban- don 

das un-go'tt-li-che We-sen 
all un-god- ly be-hav-iour, 

und die welt- li- chen Iil- ste, 
de- ny lusts and temp- ta-tions, 

und züch- tig, ge-recht und gott-se-lig 
and right-eous,de-vout, fear-ing God we 

le-ben in die-ser Welt 
live in this pre -sent world, 

und war- ten auf die se- li- ge Hoff-nung 
while look- ing for that blest ex-pec- ta- tion, 

und Er-schei-nung der Herr-lich-keit 
the ap-pear- ance in ma- jes- -ty 

des gro-ssen Got-tes und un-ser Hei- lands 
of God Al-migh-ty, and of our Sav-iour, 

Je- -su Chri- sti; 
Christ our Sav-iour; 

der sich selbst für uns ge- ge-ben hat, 
He who gave Him-self to save us all, 

auf dass er uns er-lö- - se - te 
that our Re-deem-er He might be, 

Schlitz, Geistliche Chormusik, No. 3 (cont) 

von al-ler Uh-ge-rech-tig-keit, 
to save us from i- ni- qui- ty, 

und rei-ni-get ihm selbst ein Volk zum 
and pu- ri-fy to Him a peo- pie 

set a- part, 

(und rei-ni-get ihm selbst ein Volk,) 

S I 

and pu- ri-fy to Him a folk, 

zu gu- ten Wer- ken. 
in lov-ing kind-ness. 

No. 4 

No. 5 (cont) 

Tenor (2nd time); 
al-ler Gott-se-lig-keit, 
de-vo- tion un-to God, 

und Er- bar-keit, 
and hon-est- y, 
(2d), A & B hon-est- ly, 

No. 6 

A- men. 

das flei-ssig wa-re 
and zeal-ous ev-er 

Paraphrase of Hymn by Martin Luther 

Ver-leih uns Frie-den ge- nä- dig- lieh, 
Lord God in mer- cy vouch-safe us peace, 

Herr Gott zu un- sern Zei-ten, 
pre-serve and safe de- fend us; 

es ist doch ja kein an- dem nicht, 
we have none else if Thou should cease 

der für uns konn-te strei- ten, 
to aid us and be-friend us; 

denn du, un-ser Gott, al- lei-ne, 
for Thou art our God, Thou on- ly, 

der für uns kb'nn-te strei -ten 
pro-tect-ion sure can send us, 

(at end): 
denn du, un- ser Gott, al-lei- ne. 
Thy grace, Migh-ty God, ex- tend us! 

No. 5 

Continuation of Luther's Hymn 

Gieb, gieb un-sern Fur-sten, 
Grant, grant to our Prin-ces, 

und al-ler O-brig-keit, 
and to our Ov-er- lords, 

Fried und gut Re- gi- ment, 
peace and good go-vern-ment, 

dass wir un-ter ih- nen 
that we may un- der them 

ein ge- ru- hig und stil-les Le- ben 
live our lives in love and in friend-ship 

fuh-ren mo 4 - gen, 
here up- on earth, 

Sop. I & Sop. II & Tenor (first time): 
in al- ler Gott-se-lig-keit 
ser-ving God with de-vo- tion 
Sop. I (2nd time), Alto & Bass: 

Romans, Chap. 14, 7: For none of us liveth to 
himself, and no man dieth to himself. 
8: For whether we live, we live unto the 
Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the 
Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we 
are the Lord's. 

Un-ser kei- ner le-bet ihm sel-ber, 

To him- self no one of us liv-eth, 

(Ten)To him-self here, none of us liv-eth, 

und kei-ner stir-bet ihm sel-ber, 
and no one di- eth to him-self; 

Sop. II ihm, ihm 
thus to 

le- ben wir, so le-ben wir dem Her- ren, 
while we live, we live un-to the Lord God, 

ster-ben wir so ster-ben wir 


when we die -we die un- 
bars 21,22,25-32and when we 

dem Her- ren, 
the Lord God; 

wir le- ben o-der ster-ben 
in liv- ing, or in dy- ing, 

so sind wir des Her- ren, 

we but serve the Lord God, 

(at end) we serve but the Lord God. 

No. 7 

and so 

ser-ving God de- vo-ted- ly, 

Matthew, Chap. 8, 11: And I say unto you, That many 
shall come from the east and west, and shall sit 
down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the 
kingdom of heaven. 

12. But the children of the kingdom shall be cast 
out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping 
and gnashing of teeth. 

Viel wer-den kora-men von Mor- gen und 
Ma- ny are com- ing from east and from 

von A- bend , 
the west- ward, 

und mit A-bra-ham, und I-saac, mit I-saac 
and with A-bra-ham, and I-saac, with I-saac 

und Ja-cob im Him-mel-reich si-tzen, 

115 and Ja-cob in Hea-ven are sit-ting; 

Geistliche Chormusik, No. 7, (cont) 

a- ber die Kin- der des Reichs 
how-beit their child-ren and kin 

wer-den aus- ge- sto-ssen, 
shall be cast from Hea-ven, 

in das Fin-ster-niss hin- aus, 
in-to out- er dark-ness cast, 

da wird sein Heu-len 
where there is wail-ing, 

und Zahn- klap- -pern, . 

and is gnash- ing of teeth, . 

The "-ing of" must come, in each case, on 
the two notes (two slurred 16ths counting 
as one note) before the end of the phrase. 

No. 8 

Matthew, Chap. 13, 30: Gather ye together 
first the tares, and bind them in bundles 
to burn them: but gather the wheat into 
my barn. 

Samm-let zu- vor das Un-kraut 
Ga-ther the tares to-ge-ther, 

und bin- det es in Bund- lein, 
and bind them up in bun- dies, 

dass man es ver-bren- ne, 
bind them up and bum them; 

a-ber(den Wei-zen samm- let mir,) 
but se-pa- rate the wheat from them, 

S&B, 16)the wheat a- -part from them, 

samm-let mir in mei- ne Scheu- ne, . 
ga-ther it to fill my store-house, . 

No. 9 
Psalm 31,1: In thee, Lord, do I put my 
trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver 
me in thy righteousness. 

2. Bow down thine ear to me; deliver me 
speedily: be thou my strong rock, for an 
house of defence to save me. 

Herr, auf dich trau-e ich, 
Lord, in Thee do I trust, 

nim-mer-mehr zu Schan- den wer- den. 
nev-er be a- shamed be- fore Thee; 

er-ret-te mich, nach dei-ner Barm-her- 
de-liv-er me, thru grace in Thy Right- 

und hilf mir aus. 
and help Thou me. 

-ne Oh-ren zu mir, 

lass mich 
let me 

-zig- keit, 
-eous-ness , 

Nei- ge 

Bow Thou down Thine ear un- to me, 

No. 9 (cont) 

Sop. II dei- ne, dei- ne Oh-ren zu mir, 
down Thy gra-cious ear un-to me, 

und hilf mir. 
and help me. 

Sei mir ein star-ker Hort, ein Hort, 
Be Thou my strong re-treat, my rock, 

da- hin ich im-mer f lie-hen mo- ge, 
in which Thou ev-er wilt pro-tect me, 

SI) im- mer f lie -hen, im-mer f lie-hen mo- ge, 
wilt pro-tect me, ev-er wilt pro-tect me, 

der du hast zu- -ge- -sa-get mir 
for Thou hast pro-mised me that Thou 

zu hei- fen. 
wouldst help me. 

No. 10 

Psalm 126,5. They that sow in tears shall 
reap in joy. 

6. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing 
precious seed, shall doubtless come again with 
rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. 

Die mit Thrä- nen sä- en, 
They that sow with weep- ing, 

Die mit Thra-nen, mit Thrä- nen sa- en, 
sow with weep- ing, with tears and weep- ing, 

wer- den mit Freu-den, mit Freu-den em-ten. 
they will be reap- ing, be reap- ing in joy. 

Sie ge-hen hin, und wei- nen, 
Who go-eth forth, and weep-eth, 

und tra- gen ed- len Sa- men, 
and bear-eth pre-cious seed hence, 

und kom- men mit Freu-den 
will come with re- joic-ing, 

und brin- gen ih- re Gar-ben, 
and bring with him his har-vest, 

und brin- gen ih- re, ih- re Gar-ben. 
and bring his harvest, bring his har-vest. 

No. 11 

Hymn by Nicholas Herman, 1562. 

So fahr ich hin zu Je-su Christ, 
So fare I forth to Je-sus Christ, 

mein Arm tu ich aus-strek-ken, 
with op- en arms be- take me; 

so schlaf ich ein und ru- he fein 
I fall a-sleep, in slum-ber deep, 

kein Mensch kann mich auf-wek-ken, 
116 no man can then a-wake me; 

Geistliche Chormusik, No. 11 (cont) 

denn Je-sus Chri-stus, Got-tes Sohn, 
for Je-sus Christ ßotfs Son is He,— 

der wird die Him-mels-tür auf -tun, 
will op- en Hea-verfs door to me, 

mich füh-ren zum e- wi- gen Le-ben, 
for- ev- er im- mor- tal will make me, 

mich füh-ren zum e- wi- gen, 
will give ev-er-last- ing life, 

Alto: mich fifh-ren zum e- wi- gen 
for- ev- er im- mor-tal, im- 

Le- ben, Le- ben. 
-mor-tal make me. 

No. 12 

St. John, Chap. 3, 16. For God so loved the 
world that he gave his only begotten Son, 
that whosoever believeth on him should 
not perish, but have everlasting life. 

Al- so, al- so hat Gott die Welt ge-liebt 
For God, for God so loved, so loved the world 

dass er sei- neu ein- ge-bor-nen Sohn, 
that He gave the Son that He be- gat, 

sei- nen ein-ge-bor-nen, 
Son by Him be-got-ten, 

sei- nen ein-ge-bor-nen Sohn gab, 
gave the Son by Him be- got- ten, 

ein-ge-bor-nen Sohn gab, 
Son by Him be- got- ten, 

auf dass al- le, al-le,al-le,al- le, 
so that all men,ev-er,ev-er all men, 

die an ihn glau-ben, 
(who on Him) be-lieve, 

nicht ver-lo-ren wer-den, 
should not ev-er per-ish, 

nicht ver-lo- ren, ver-lo-ren wer-den, 
should not per-ish, not ev-er per-ish, 

son- dem das e- wi-ge- Le- ben 
but should(have life ev-er-last- ing,) 

ha- ben. 
thru Him. 


son- dem das e- wi-ge, e- wi-ge 

but should have life ev-er 7 life ev-er- 

Le- ben ha- ben. 
last- ing thru Him. 


No. 13 

lie- ber Her- re (Her- re ) Gott, 
dear-est(Lord God) Lord our God, 

we- eke uns auf, dass wir be-reit sein, 
rouse us from sleep, that we be pre-pared, 

lie- ber Herr, lie- ber Her- re Gott, 
dear-est Lord, dear-est Lord our God, 

wenn dein Sohn kommt, 
when Thy Son comes, 

ihn mit Freu-den, mit Freu-den zu em- pfa- hen, 
with re-joic-ing, re-joic-ing to re-ceive Hii 

und dir mit rei-nem Her-zen zu die- nen 
and clean and pure of heart we may serve Thee; 
(pure of heart may serve Thee) 

durch den-sel- bi- gen dei-nen lie-ben Sohn 
this we ask Thee thru Thy be- lov-ed Son, 

Je-sum Chri- stum, un- sern Her- ren, 
Je-sus Christ our Lord and Sav-iour, 

Je- sum Chri- stum, 
Christ our Sav- -iour, 

Je- sum Chri-stum un-sern Herrn, A-men. 
Christ our Sav- iour and our Lord, A-men. 

No. 14 

Isaiah, Chap. 40,1. Comfort ye, comfort ye my 
people, saith your God. 

2. Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry 
unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, 
that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath re- 
-ceived of the Lords hand double for all her 

3. The voice of him that crieth in the wilder- 
-ness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make 
straight in the desert a highway for our God. 

4. Every valley shall be exalted, and every 
mountain and hill shall be made low: and the 
crooked shall be made straight and the rough 
places plain: 

5. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, 
and all flesh shall see it together: for the 
mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. 

Tro-stet, tro-stet mein Volk, 
Com-fort, com- fort my folk, 

re- det mit Je-ru-sa-lem freund- lieh, 
speak ye to Je-ru-sa-lem kind- -ly, 

pre-di-get ihr, dass ih- re Rit-ter- 
cry ye to her, say that her war-fare 

-schaft ein En- de hat, 
now will be no more, 

denn ih- re Mis-se-that ist ver-ge-ben, 
that her i- ni-qui- ty is for-giv-en, 

Geistliche Chor-musik No. 14 (cont) 

denn sie hat zwie- ral- ti-ges em-pfan-gen 
for she hath re-ceived al-rea- dy dou- ble 

von der Hand des Her-ren 
from the Lord Ai-migh-ty, 

um al- le in- re Sün-de. 
for all her ev-il do-ings. 

Es ist ei-ne Stim-me ei-nes Pre-di- gers 
The voice of one cri-eth in the wil-der-ness, 

in der Wii- ste: Be- rei-tet 
one who cri-eth: Pre-pare ye 

dem Her-ren dem Weg, ma-chet auf dem 
the way of the Lord, make ye straight in 

Ge-fil- de e- be-ne Bahn un-serm Gott, 
the de-sert,make ye a way for our God. 

Al- le Thai sol- len er- ho- het wer-den, 
Eve-ry val- ley shall be raised up on high, 

Ten. I high-er, 

und al- le Ber- ge und Hu- gel 
and eve-ry moun-tain and hill-top 

sol-len er- nie-dri-get, er-nie-dri-get 
all be made low a-gain, be made to be 

wer-den, sol-len er- nie-dri-get, 
low-er, all be made low a-gain, 

sol- len er-nie-dri-get wer-den, 
all shall be made to be low-er, 

und was un-gleich ist 
S I&II&A ) and what was crook-ed. 
TI&II&B) and the rough pla- ces 

soil e- ben wer- den 
SI&H&A) all shall be straigh-tened, 
TI&II&B) all be made ev- -en, 

und was ho- eke- rich ist 
and the rough pla- ces all 

soll schlecht wer-den, 
S I&II&A) be made ev- en, 
TI&II&B) all made ev- en, 

denn die Herr-lich-keit des Her-ren 
and the ma- jes- -ty and glo-ry 

soil of- fen-bar wer- den, 
of God shall be re- vealed, 

und al- les Fleisch mit ein- an-der 
and all Man- kind shall be-hold it 

wird se- hen, 
to- geth-er, 

dass des Her- ren Mund re- det. 
for the Lord Him-self spoke it. 


No. 15 

St. John, 1,23. He said, I am the voice of 
one crying in the wilderness, Make straight 
the way of the Lord, as said the prophet 
Esaias . 

Ich bin ei-ne ru- fen-de St im- me, 
I am one who cries in the de- sert, 

in der Wii-ste, Stim-me, 

in the de-sert who cries, (T II) 

Rich- tet den Weg, den Weg des Her-ren, 
Make straight the way, the way of the Lord, 

St. John, 1,26. John answered them saying, 
I baptize with water: but there stände th 
one among you, whom ye know not; 

Ich tau- fe mit Was-ser, a- ber er 
I bap-tize with wa-ter, but there is 

ist mit-ten un- ter euch ge-tre-ten, 
one one who stand- eth now a-mong you, 

den ihr nicht ken-net, der ist's, 
one whom ye know not; 'tis He, 

id, 27. He it is, who coming after me is 
preferred before me, whose shoe's latchet 
I am not worthy to unloose, 

Der ist's, der nach mir kom-men wird, 
Tis He, who com- ing af- ter me,, 

wel-cher vor mir, ge- we- sen ist, 
is ov- er me pre-ferred so far, 

des ich nicht werth bin, 
that I who stand here 

dass ich sei-ne Schuh-rie-men(auf-lb'- se,). 
am not wor-thy to loos-en His san-dals,. 

No. 16 

Isaiah, DC, 6. For unto us a child is born, 
unto us a son is given: and the government 
shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall 
shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The 
mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince 
Prince of Peace. 

7. Of the increase of his government there 
shall be no end, upon the throne of David, 
and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to 
establish with judgment and with justice 
from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of 
the Lord of hosts will perform this. 

(See Choral Series No. 170) 

Ein Kind ist uns ge-bo- ren, 
A child to us is giv-en, 

ein Sohn ist uns ge-ge-ben, 
to us a son is giv-en, 

Geistliche Chor-musik, No. 16 (cont) 
ein Sohn ist uns, ist uns ge-ge-ben. 

to us a son, to us is giv-en* 

Wel-ches Herr-schaft ist auf sei-ner Schul-ter, 
Gov-ern- ment rest- eth up- on 

Ten. II wel-ches Herr-schaft, wel-ches Herr- 
on his shoul-der, gov-ern-ment, 

und er heisst Wun-der-bar, Rath, Kraft, He Id, 
call ye him Won-der-ful, Migh- ty God, 

e-wig Va- ter, Frie- de-furst, 
Ev-er-last-ing Prince of Peace, 

auf dass sei-ne Herr-schaft gross wer-de, 
and peace in his king- dorn and glo-ry 

und des Frie-des kein En- de, 
shall be end- less, be end-less; 

auf dem Stun- le Da-vid, auf seinem 
on the Throne of Da-vid will he set 

Ko-nig-rei- che, dass ers zu- rich- te 
up his king-dom, with un-der-stand-ing 

und star-ke mit Ge- rieht und 
and jus-tice from hence-forth will 

Ge-rech-tig-keit von nun und bis in 

No. 18 

Psalm XIX, 1. The heavens declare the glory 
of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy- 
-work . 

his shoul-der Dav unt0 dav utteretn speech, and night 

unto night sheweth knowledge. 

3. There is no speech nor language, where 
their voice is not heard. 

he or- der it, 

from hence-forth now and 

E-wig-keit, sol-ches wird thun der 
ev-er-more; this to per- form did 

Ei- fer des Her-ren Za-ba-oth. 
pro-mise the Lord of Sa-ba-oth. 

No. 17 

St. John, I, 14. And the Word was made flesh, 
and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, 
the glory as of the only begotten of the 
Father, full of grace and truth. 

Das Wort ward Fleisch und woh-net 
The Word was flesh and dwelt a- 

und wir sa-hen, 
and we saw Him, 

un-ter uns, 

-mong us all, 

(with us all,) 
wir sa-hen sei-ne Herr- 1 ich -ke it 
we saw Him in His glo- -ry there, 

4. Their line is gone out through all the 
earth, and their words to the end of the 
world. In them hath he set a tabernacle 
for the sun, 

5. Which is as a bridegroom coming out of 
his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man 
to run a race. 

6. His going forth is from the end of the 
heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: 
and there is nothing hid from the heat 

Die Him-mel er- zah- len die Eh- re 
The hea-vens de-clare God's e- ter-nal 

Got-tes, und die Fe-ste ver- kun- di- 
glo-ry, and the fir-ma-ment shew-eth 

-get sei- ner Han- de Werk, 
us what His hands have wrought. 

Ein Tag sa- gts dem an- dern, 
Day by day shew- eth know- ledge, 

(Ten II on D, and Bass on D for"gts") 

und ei-ne Nacht thuts kund der an- dern. 
night un-to night pro-claim-eth their speech, 

Es ist kei- ne Spra- che noch Re- de, 
is no-where speech and no lan-guage, 

man nicht ih- re St im- me ho- re. 
the earth does not hear their voi-ces. 

Schnur ge- het aus in al- le 





For their line has gone out thru eve-ry 

Lan-de, und ih- re Re- de 
peo-ple, their words have rest-ed 

an der Welt En- de, 
where the world end- eth, . 

Er hat der Son-nen ei-ne Hut -ten 

ei- ne Herr-lich-keit als des Ein-ge-bor-nen High in the heavh a ta-ber-na-cle 
saw His Ma- jes- -ty as the Son be-got-ten in der . sel , ben ge - ffl acht, 

Sohns vom Va-ter, vol-ler Gna- de und 
of the Fa-ther, full of Truth and of 

Wahr-hei't, vol-ler Gna-de, 
Mer- -cy, full of Mer-cy, 

Gha- de und Wahr-heit. 
Truth and of Mer- -cy. 

He hath set for the sun, 

und die-sel-bi-ge ge-het her- aus, 
whence in glo-ry he is-su- eth forth, 

wie ein Brau- ti- gam aus sei- ner Kam- mer, 
as a bride-groom com-ing from his cham-ber, 

Brau- ti- gam aus sei-ner, aus sei-ner Kam- mer, 
bride-groom com-ing, com-ing from out his cham-ber, 

Geistliche Chor-musik, No. 18 (cont) 

Ten.I) aus sei-ner Kam- mer, 
from out his cham-ber, 

und freu-et sich wie ein Held zu lau-fen 
with joy as a strong man hath in run-ning 

den Weg. 
a race. 

Sie ge-het auf an ei- nem En- de des 
His go-ing forth is from the end of the 

Him-mels und lauft um bis 
hea-ven and his cir-cuit 
(and his course) 

wie- der an das-sel-bi-ge En- de, 
reach-eth al-so un- to its end-ing, 

und bleibt nichts für ih-rer Hitz 
and the heat there-of from naught 

ver-bor-gen. Die Him-mel etc. 
is hid-den. The hea-vens etc. 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter, und dem Sohn, und 
Glo-ry to the Fa-ther,and the Son, and 

auch dem Heil-gen, dem Heil-gen Gei-ste, 
to the Ho- ly, the Ho- ly Spi-rit; 

wie es war im An- fang, itzt und im- 
as it ev- -er has been, now and ev- 

-mer-dar, und von E-wig-keit zu-E-wig-keit, 
-er-more, from E-ter-ni- ty,for ev-er-more, 

A-men, . (see also Vol.XIV, 
A-men, . p. 180) 

No. 19 

Hymn by Martin Schalling, 1571. 

Herz-lich lieb, hab ich dich, o Herr, 
Ea- ger love I bear Thee, Lord, 

ich bitt, wollst sein von mir nicht fern, 
to grace I pray to be re- stored, 

mit dei-ner Hulf und Gna- de; 

help Thou me and bless me; 

die ganz Welt nicht er- freu-et mich 

1 ask for no- thing here on earth, 

nach Himil und Er- den frag ich nicht, 
the whole world seems of lit- tie worth, 

wenn ich dich nur kann ha- ben. 
if, Lord, I but pos- sess Thee. 

Und wenn mir gleich mein Herz zu-bricht, 
When grief is like to break my heart, 

so bist du doch mein Zu-ver-sicht, 
then Thou my firm re- li-ance art, 

mein Teil und mei-ner Her- zens Trost 
my hope and com-fort Thou wilt be, 12O 

No. 19 (cont) 

der mich durch sein Blut hat er- lost. 
Thou who wast cm- -ci-fied for me. 

Herr Je-su Christ, mein Gott und Herr, 
Lord Je-sus Christ, in Thy dear Name, 

in Schan-den lass mich nim- mer- mehr, 
may nev- er I be brought to shame , 

Es ist ja, Herr dein Gschenk und Gab 
All I have, Lord Thou gav- -est me, 

mein Leib,Seel und alls, was ich hab, 
my life, my soul, I have from Thee, 

in die-sem ar- men Le -ben, 
while here on earth I la-bor; 

da-mit ichs brauch zum Lo- be dein 
and so my span of mor-tal days, 

zu Nutz und Dienst des Nach- s ten mein 
I will de- -vote to sing Thy praise, 

wollst mir dein Gna- de ge- ben. 
and help and serve my neigh-bor. 

Be-hü't mich, Herr, fur fal-scher Lehr, 
Up-hold me, Lord, and close my eyes, 

des Sa- tans Mord und Lu- gen wehr, 
to Sa-tarfs he- re-sies and lies, 

in al-lem Kreuz er-hal- te mich 
in time of trial up-hold Thou me, 

auf dass ich trag ge-dul- dig- lieh, 
and let me bear it pa- tient-ly. 

Herr Je-su Christ, mein Herr und Gott, 
Lord Je-sus Christ, to Thee I cry, 

trost mich in mei-ner To-des-noth, . 
give me com-fort when I die, ! 

Ach Herr lass, dein lie- be Eng- lein 
Ah dear Lord, when comes my last day, 

am letz-ten End die See-le mein, 
may an-gels bear my soul a- way, 

in A- bra- hams Schoss tra-gen, 
to A-branfs bo- -som take it. 

den Leib in seiriin Schlaf-käm-mer- lein, 
let then my bo- -dys an- guish cease, 

gar sanft ohn ei-nig Qual und Bein, 
that it may rest in pain- less peace, 

rutin bis am jüng-sten la- ge. 
'til Thou a-gain a- wafce it. 

Als denn vom Tod er- we- cke mich 
Ah what a joy it then will be, 

dass mei-ne Au-gen se-hen dich, 
the Ve- ry Son of God to see I 

Geistliche Chor-musik, No. XIX, (cont) 

in al- 1er Freud, o Got-tes-sohn 
and there to meet Him face to face, 

mein Hei-land und Ge- -na- den-thron. 
my Sav-iour on the Throne of Grace! 

Herr Je-su Christ, er- hb'- re mich, 
Lord Je-sus Christ, give heed to me, 

ich will dich prei-sen e- wig-lich, 
I praise Thy Name e-ter-nal- ly, 

prei-sen e- wig-lich. 
praise e-ter-nal- ly! 

No. 20 

Timothy, I, 15. This is a faithful saying, 
and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ 
Jesus came into the world to save sinners; 
of whom I am chief. 

16. Howbeit for this cause I obtained 
mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might 
shew forth all longs uf f er ing, for a pattern 
to them which should hereafter believe on 
him to life everlasting. 

17. Now unto the King eternal, immortal, 
invisible, the only wise God, be honour 
and glory for ever and ever. Amen. 

Das ist je ge- wiss- lieh wahr 
This is yea a faith- ful Word, 

und ein theu-er wer-thes Wort, 
and one de-serv-ing all^ 

dass Chri-stus Je-sus 
that Christ our Sa-viour 

kom-men ist in die Welt, 
came to live in the world, 

die Sun-der se- lig zu ma- chen, 
to save and ran-som us sin-ners, 

un-ter wel-chen ich der für-nehm-ste bin; 
and a-mong them I my-self am the chief. 

A-ber da-rum ist mir Barm- her-zig-keit 
Nev-er-the-less, I for this cause a- lone, 

wi- der-fah-ren, auf dass an mir fur-nehm- 
was for-giv-en, so that in me, chief sin- 

-lich Je-sus Chri-stus er- zei- ge- te 
-ner tho I be, Je-sus Christ may shew 

Alt) Je-sus Chri-stus er-zei-ge- te 

I tho I may be, Je-sus may shew 
al- le Ge-duld zum Ex-em-pel de-nen 
forth first of all for a pat-tern to them 

die an ihm glau-ben sol-len zum e- wi-gen 
who should be-lieve here-af-ter to Life Ev-er- 


No. XX, (cont) 

Le- ben, . 
-last-ing, . 

Gott, dem e- wi-gen Kb*- ni- ge, 
God, to Thee.Ev-er- last-ing King, 

dem un-ver-gang-li-chen und un-sicht-ba-ren, 
to Thee,im-mor- tal One, and in- vis- ib-le, 

und al-lein Wei- sen sei Eh- re 

the Ol- ly Wise God, be glo- ry 

und Preis in E-wig-keit, A-men. 
and praise, for er-er-more, A-men. 

No. 21 

St. John. XV, 1. I am the true vine and my 
Father is the husbandman. 
2. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit 
he taketh away: and every branch that beareth 
fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth 
more fruit. 

3... 4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the 
branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it 
abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye 
abide in me. 

5.1 am the vine, ye are the branches: He that 
abideth in me, and I in him, the same bring- 
-Eth forth much fruit: for without me ye can 
do nothing. 

Ich bin ein rech- ter Wein-stock, 
I am the vine, the true vine, 

mein Va-ter ein Wein-gart-ner, . 
my Fa-ther the hus- band-man, . 

Ei-nen je- gli- chen Re-ben an mir, 
Eve- ry branch that shall grow up- on me 

der nicht Frucht brin-get, 
that bear- eth not fruit, 

wird er weg-neh-men, 
he tak-eth a- -way, 

und ei-nen je- gli-chen, der da Frucht 
and eve-ry branch in me that bring-eth 

brin- get, wird er rei- ni- gen, 
forth fruit, he will care for it, 

dass er mehr Frucht brin- ge, 
that it bring forth more fruit. 

Ich bin der Wein-stock, ihr seid die Re- ben; 
I am the true vine, ye are the branches; 

blei-bet in mir und ich in euch, 
bide ye in me, and I in you. 

Gleich wie der Re- ben kann kei-nen 
For as the branch a- lone can-not 
Frucht brin-gen von ihm sel-ber, 
be fruit-ful, of its own self, 

Geistliche Chor-musik, No. 21 (cont) 

er blei-be denn am Wein-stock 
not in the vine a- bid- -ing; 

al- so auch ihr nicht, auch ihr nicht, 
no more then can ye, nor can ye , 

ihr blei-bet denn in mir. 
ex- cept ye bide in me. 

No. 22 

Philippians, 111,20. For our conversation is 
in heaven; from whence also we look for the 
Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: 
21. Who shall change our vile body, that it 
may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, 
according to the working whereby he is able 
even to subdue all things unto himself. 

Un-ser Wan- del ist im Him-mel, von 
Our be-ha- viour is to Hea-ven, from 

dan- nen wir auch war-ten des Hei-lands, 
whence we al- -so look for the Sav-iour, 

S.I & II A.& B. bars 18-19; S.II & T II 
bars 25-26: 

Je- su Chri- sti, des Her-ren, 
Je-sus Christ, Lord and Sav-iour, 

T I, bars 17-18; S II,A,TII,& B bars 23-24: 
Je- su Chri-sti, 
Christ the Saviour, 

T II, bars 18-21 S I,A & B, bars 25-26: 
Je-su Chri- sti, des Her-ren, 
Je-sus Christ and our Sav-iour, 

wel-cher un- sern nich-ti-gen Leib, 
who shall change our bo- dy so vile, 

ver- klä- ren wird, dass er 'ahn- lieh 
trans-form- ing it, that it may be 

wer- de sei-nem ver-klar-ten Lei-be, 
fas-hioned as is His glo-rious bo-dy, 

nach der Wir-kung, da- mit er kann 
by the work- ing, where- by He can 

auch al- le Ding, ihm un-ter-thä'-nig 
rule eve-ry thing, un- to Him-self sub- 
ma- chen, 
-due all, 

un-ter-thä'-nig ma-chen,ma- chen. 
un-to Him-self can sub-due all. 

No. 23 

Revelation, XIV, 13. .. Blessed are the dead 
which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, 
saith the Spirit, that they may rest from 
their labours; and their works do follow 

No. 23 (cont) 

Se- lig sind die To- dten, 
Bles-sed are the Faith- ful, 

die in dem Her- ren ster-ben, 
which in the Lord are dy- ing, 

von nun an. 
from hence -forth. 

Ja, der Geist spricht: 
Yea, the Lord saith: 

Sie ru- hen, 
They rest now, 

und ih- 


von ih- rer Ar -be it, 
from all their la-bors, 

Wer- ke fol-gen ih-nen nach, 
and their good works do fol-low af-ter them, 

S I (end) fol-gen ih-nen, ih-nen nach, 
fol-low ev-er af-ter them. 

No. 24 
Hymn by Albrecht d. J. Markgraf zu Bntn 
Brandenburg-Culmbach, 1656 

Was mein Gott will, das gfscheh all-zeit, 
What God re-solves will He a-chieve, 

sein Will der ist der be-ste, 
His will is per- feet ev-er; 

zu hel-fen den er ist be- reit, 
He suc-cors all who firm be-lieve, 

die an inn glau-ben fe- ste. 
and for the best en- dea-vor. 

Er hilft aus Noth, der from-me Gott, 
(Xir strength in need, our God in-deed, 

er trost die Welt ohn Ma-ssen, 
with gen- tie mo- de- ra-tion 

wer Gott ver-traut, fest auf ihn baut, 
He chas-tens us, if Him we trust 

den will er nicht ver-las-sen. 
we need not fear dam-na-tion. 

No. 25 

Job, XIX, 25. For I know that my redeemer liv- 
-eth, and that he shall stand at the latter day 
upon the earth: 

26. And though after my skin worms destroy 
this body, yet in ray flesh shall I see God: 

27. Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes 
shall behold, and not another; 

Ich weiss dass mein Er- lo-ser lebt, 
I know that my Re-deem-er lives, 

und er wird mich her-nach aus der Er- den 
and He will stand with me at the Last Day, 




when I wa-ken; 

Geistliche Chor-musik, No. 25 (cont) 

und wer-de mit die-ser mei- ner Haut 
and tho one day thru my skin the worms 

um- ge- ben wer-den, 
this bo- dy, 

mei-nem Fleisch 

de -s troy 

und wer-de 
yet in 



se- hen und 

my flesh shall I 

Gott se- hen, 
the Lord God> 

den- sel-ben werd ich mir 

when for my- self I shall see Him and 

mei- ne Au- gen wer-den ihn schau-en, 
with mine own eyes I shall be-hold Him, 

ich und kein Frem-der, . 
I and no oth-er, 

I No. 26 

Luke, XXI, 29. ... Behold the fig tree, 

and all the trees; 

30. When they now shoot forth, ye see and 

know of your own selves that the summer 

is now nigh at hand. 

31. So likewise ye, when ye see these things 

come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of 

God is nigh at hand. 

Se- het an den Fei- gen-baum 
See the tree that bears the figs, 

und al- le Bau- me, 
and oth-er fruit trees: 

wenn sie itzt aus- schla- gen 
when their bran-ches shoot forth, 

so se- het ihrs an ih-nen und mer- ket 
ye see and sure-ly know of your own selves, 

dass itzt der Som-mer, na- he ist. 
see then the sum-mer, nigh at hand. 

AI- so auch ihr, wenn ihr dies 
And so with you, when ye see 

al-les se- - het, 
all ac- com-plished, 

se- -het an-ge- -hen, 
all things ac-com-plished, 

wenn ihr dies al- les se- het an-ge- hen 

No 26 (cont) 

Luke XXI, 33. Heaven and earth shall pass 
away: but my words shall not pass away. 

Him-mel und Er- de ver- ge- hen, 
Hea-ven and earth shalKpass a- -way,) 

a- ber mei-ne Wort ver- ge- hen nicht, . 
but the words I say not pass a- -way, . 

(shall not pass) 

No. 27 

Luke II, 10. And the angel said unto them, 
Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings 
of great joy, which shall be to all people. 
11. For unto you is born this day in the city 
of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 

Der En -gel sprach, sprach zu den Hir- ten: 
The an-gel spoke, said to the shep-herds: 

Sop: Ich ver-kun- di- ge euch gro-sse, 
Ti -dings I bring to you, ti-dings 

gro-sse Freu-de, ich ver- küh- di- ge 
of re- joic-ing, good ti- dings of great 

euch gro-sse, gro- sse Freu-de, 
joy and of great re- joic-ing, 

Ten: Ich ver- k'ün- -di- ge euch 
Good ti-dings bring I you, 

ich ver- k'ün- ai- ge euch 
good ti-dings of great joy, 

gro-sse, gro-sse Freu-de, 
and of great re -joic-ing, 

ich ver- kün- di- ge euch 
good ti-dings of great joy, 

gro-sse, gro-sse Freu-de, 
and of great re -joic-ing; 

denn euch ist heu- te der Hei-land ge-born 
for to you this day a Sav-iour is born, 

wel- eher ist Chri-stus, der Herr 
which shall be Christ our Sav-iour ; 

in der Stadt Da-vid, 
in Da- vid's ci-ty; 

Isaiah, IX, 6... And his name shall be called 
Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The 
everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. 

und er heisst Wun-der-bar, Rath, Kraft, Held, 

when ye shall thus see all things accomplished, ^ is called Wo n-der-ful, Migh- ty God, 

Sop: e-wig Va-ter, Frie- de-Furst, e-wig 
ev-er Fa-ther prince of Peace, ev-er, 

e-wig Va- ter, Va-ter, Frie- de-Fürst, 
ev-er-last-ing Fa-ther, Prince of Peace, 

Ten: e-wig Va-ter, e-wig Va- ter, Va-ter, 
123 ev-er Fa-ther, ev-er-last-ing Fa-ther, 

so wi-sset, dass das Reich Got-tes 

then know ye, Gods King-dom then is 

Sop. at end) that His King-dom is 

na- he ist. 
nigh at hand. 

Geistliche Chor-rausik, No. 27 (cont) 

Va-ter, Frie- de-Fiirst, Va-ter, Frie- de- 
Fa-ther, Prince of Peace, Fa-ther, Prince of 

-Fürst, Ai-ie-lu-ja. 
Peace, Al-le-lu-ja! 

No. 28 

Matthew, II, 18. In Rama was there a voice 
heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great 
mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, 
and would not be comforted, because they 
are not. 

Auf dem Ge- bir- ge, hat man ein 
High in the moun-tain, one hear-eth 


Ge-schrei ge- ho- ret, 
a voice that cri-eth, 

Alt. bar 18: ein Ge-schrei ge- ho- ret, 
hear-eth one that cri-eth, 

viel Kla-gens, Wei-nens und Heu- lens, 
la- men-ting, weep-ing and mourn- ing, 

Ra-chel be-wei- ne- te ih- re Kin- der, 
Ra-chel is weep- ing, to mourn her child- ren, 

und wollt sich nicht, nicht trö'-sten 
and naught will serve to give her 

las-sen, denn es war aus mit ih- nen, . 
com-fort, be- cause she knows they are not, . 

No. 29 

Matthew, XVIII ,32. .. thou wicked servant, 
I forgave thee all that debt, because thou 
desiredst me: 

33.Shouldest not thou also have had compass- 
-ion on thy fellowservant, even as I had 
pity on thee? 

Du Schalks-knecht, du Schalks- knecht, 
Vile one thou, thou vile one! 

du Schalks-knecht, du Schalks-knecht, 
thou wi- -eked ser- -vant, 

al- le die- se Schuld hab ich du 
all that debt that thou owed me I 
(all the debt thou owed) 

er- las- sen, weil du mich ba-test, 
for -gave thee, when thou didst ask me; 

Soil- test du denn dich 
shouldst thou not have al- 

nicht auch er- bar-men, ü- ber dei-nen 
so had corn-pas -s ion on thy f el- low 
(have had com-pas-sion) 

Mit -knecht, wie ich mich ü-ber dich er-bar-met ga- be,? 
ser- vant, ev- en as I be-fore had pi-rty on thee,? 124 

Schutz, Vol. IX 

Opri- ma- ve- -ra, gio- ven-tü de 
love-ly spring-time, youth a-mong the 

Ian- no, bei- la mad- re di fio- ri, 
sea-sons, ra-diant mo- ther of flow-ers, 

finer- be no- vel- le, di no- ve 1-1 Pa- mo- 
new bud-ding blossoms, love a-new a- wa- 

-ri, tu tor- -ni, tu tor- ni ben, 
-kened, you come back, you come in-deed, 

ma te- co non tor-na- no i se- re- -ni 
but with you does not re- turn my springtime, 

e for- tu- na- -ti di, del-le mie 
my days of sweet de- light, se-rene and 

gio-ie, ma te- coal- tro non tor- na, 
joy-ous, but with you they re- turn not, 

che del per-du- -to mio ca- ro te-so- - ro 
a- -las, my trea-sure,so dear-ly re-mem-bered, 

la ri- mem-bran-za mi- - se- -rae do- 
yet lost for- ev- er, bring- ing pain and 

•len-te, tu quel- la se, tu quel- la, 
sor-row; you still are fair as ev- er, 

ctfe- ri pur dian-zi si vez-zo-sae 
you still are love-ly, beau-ti-ful and 

bei- -la, ma non son io gia quel chun 
charm- ing, but I no lon-ger am as 

tern- po fu- - i, si ca- ro^ag- li oc- 
in my spring-time, be-lov- ed by 

-chi al- tru- i. 
an- -oth-er. 

No. 2 

No. 3 

Sel-ve be- - a- -te, se so- -spi- ran- 
Bles-sed ye for-ests who share our sighs 

-dcTin fle-bi- - li su- sur- ri, al no-stro 
with gen-tle plain-tive mur-murs,and join with 

la-men-tar vi la-men- ta- ste, gio- i- -te , 
us in grief at our la-ment-ing; re-joice ye 

gio-i-te^n- co al-gio- i- re, e tan- te 
al-so in owr re-joic-ing, loose ye your 

lin- -gue scio-glie-te, quan- te fron-di 
tongues with- out num-ber; leaves and branches 

scher-za-n(fal suon di ques- te, 
dance at the sound of laugh- ter, 

pie-ne del gio- ir, del gio- ir no-stro, 
as the breez-es blow, filled with re-joic-ing, 

pie- ne del gio-ir no- stro, au- re, 
join us in our re-joic-ing, join us, 

au- re ri- den- - ti. 
join in our glad- ness. 

No. 4 

Al- ma af-flit-ta che fa- - i. che ti 
Ah my sad one, how live you, where can 

da- ra piü vi- -ta, se co-lei, per cui vi- 
you go for com- fort, if to-day, she you lived 

-vi hog-gi e par-ti- ta. Ah, ah son ben 
for has part-ed from you! Ah, I am both 

fol-le e cie- co, con lal- ma^a ra- gio- 
mad and blind-ed, to rea- son with a 

-nar, che non e me- co. 
heart that is not with me. 

No. 5 

dol-cez- -ze"a- ma- ris- si- me tfa- mo- re, 
ye rap-tures and joys of love, how bit-ter, 
ye rap-tures,0 ye joys of love, 

quan-to"e piu du-ro per-der-vi, che ma- i 
much hard- er to be lost to me, than nev-er 


Co-si mo- rir debtf i- -o, ne sa- ra 
So I must die for- sa- ken, nor will a- 

chi m'a-scol-ti-o mi di-fen- da, co-si da 
-ny one hear me or de-fend me; so too, by 

tut-ti a-ban-do-na- -ta e pri- va 
non vha- -ver o pro-vate b pos-se- du- te, eve-uy- one a- ban-doned/iesert -ed, 
to have known what a joy it was to have you; tfo- 4 ran _ -za 

co- me sa-ria la- mar fe- - li- ce sta-to, 
hap-py in-deed were love, sup- reme- ly hap-py, 

seljgia go- du- -to ben non si per-des-se, 
if once en- joyed it could be ours for-ev- er, 

o quan-d<Te- gli si per- de, o- - gni me- 
or if when we must lose it, all thought & 

•no- -riaTan- co- -ra del di-le- gua- to 
sweet re- -mem-brance left by the van-ished 

ben^ si di- - le- -guas- se. 

one al-so would van- ish. 125 

help- less and hope- less, with as my sad com- 

so- lo, da urf e-stre-ma, e- stre-ma in- 
-pan-ion deep de-ject-ion,de-ject-ion 

-fe- -li- -ce e fu- ne-sta pie-ta, 
and griev-ing, and self-pi- ty, a- las, 

che non nfa - i- -ta. 
which does not help me. 

Schutz, Vol. IX 
No. 6 

Hor-ri-da sei- ce al- pi- na cretf-io 
Hor-ri-ble al- -pine boul-der was, 

(Don-na,)Don-na na- sce-sti, e da le 
sto-ny wo- man, your mo-ther, and from the 

ti-gre ir- ca- ne, il lat-te ha- ve- sti, 
sa- vage he-goat you must have suck-led^ 
(the he- goat) 

sln-es- o-ra-bil se- -i, si du-raTä prie- 
you are soun-re-lent-ing, so sto-ny to 

-ghi mie- - i, o stf pur ti- gre an- zi 
my plead- ing,youare in-deed wild and 

wild, wild & 

pur sei- -ce, ai las-so, 
un- yield- ing; what pi- ty! 

pet- to di^ fe-ra, hai 

breast^of a beast your 

of a ti-ger, 


ctfen-tro un 
in the 


sas- so. 

heart is gra-nite. 

No. 7 

Ri- de la pri- - ma- - ve- -ra > tor-na 
Smil-ing the spring comes once more, al-so 

la bei- la Clo- ri, o- -di la ron- 
the love-ly Clo-ris, hears all the swal- 

- di- -nel- la, mi- ra ltier-bette e i 
-lows chirp- ing, sees the young grass and 

fio- ri, Ma, ma tu Clo-ri piü bei- la 
flow-ers. But, but you, Clo-ris, more love-ly 

nel- la sta- gion no-vel-la, ser- bi lan- 
in the most love-ly sea-son, still are as 

-ti- co ver-no, deh, sfoai pur ein- to il 
cold as win-ter; yet, tho you gird your 

cor di ghiac-cicfe- ter-na, per-che 
heart with ice e- - ter-nal, cru-el 

e- ter-nal, 

nin- -fa cru-del, quan-to gen-ti- le, 
nymph that you are, yet you are gen- tie, 

por- -ti negl' oc-chi il sol, 
eyes have you like the sun, 

nel voltf a- pri- le. il sol, 
and cheeks like A- -pril. the sun, 

No. 8 

Fug- gi, o mio co- r«, non ve- di 
Fly now, from the charnwer, nor gaze you 

la man bei- - la, che con-giu- ra- -ta 
at the fair hands, or at the eyes that 

co* be- gli oc-chi aneh el — la per 
hold you fast and make you their 1 

No. 8 (cont) 

far- ti pri- gio- -nier vien ti a fe- -ri- re, 
cap-tive and their slave, and come to wound you; 

ma las-so, ec- co un so-spir nun-zioTin- 
a- las, tho, here comes a sigh, un- -hap- 

-fe- li- ce, ctfe- -see del pet-toTe di-ce 
-py cour-ier .straight from out the heart to say: 

che piu gio-va"il fug-gi- re, e- glfe gia 
"It is use- less to flee now, for you al- 

pre-scTe gli con-vien mo- -ri- re. 
rea- dy are her own and must die." 

No. 9 

Fe- - ri- -te- - vi, fe- - ri- -te, 
Shoot out your fangs, and wound me, 

vi- pe- ret- te mor-da- ci, dol- ci guer- 
lit-tle vi- pers so dead-ly, war-riors so 

- rie-reOx- di- -te, del di-lett' e 
sweet and val-iant, of di- light and 

so val-iant, 

(fa-mor boc- che sa- ga- ci, sa- -et- -ta- 
of love speak- ing, and wis-dom, with their darts 

-te-vi pur vi- — brat* ar-den- ti, 

so ex-ci- -ted and so ea- ger, 

their darts so ea- ger, 

Tar- mi vo- -stre pun-gen-ti, ma, ma le 
wea-pons sharp-ened and rea-dy; but may the 

mor-ti sien vi- te, ma le guer-re sien 
poi-son be heal- ing, may the bat- tie be 

pa- -ci, sien sa- - et- -te le lin- gue 
friend-ly, may the darts be ca-ress-es, 

e piagtf i ba * -ce. 
the wounds be kiss- - es. 

No. 10 

Fiam- -ma ctf al- -lac- -cia~e lac- cio 
Flame that en- snares me (&)casts me 

sei tu ctf in- fiam- ma, o ca- ro dol- ce 
a-side in cin-ders, dear-est,sweet-est 

vez-zo tfa-mor pre- gia- to e ra- -ro, 
sport of love, made much of, and peer- less; 

ctfav- vam-pan- -do* mill cor cir- concf 
when your arm round me sets my heart 

il brac-cio, fo- sti an- cor re- te al- 
a- flam-ing, would you were still a 

- me- - no che nfac- -co-glies-se al la 
sweet snare which would en-fold me in 

mia don-na*ln se-no, clial nor ile-dreb-be il 
my la- dy's bo-som; then would I see the 


Schlitz, Vol.K.No.lO (cont) 

ciel, in og- ni par- te, Ve-ner piü 
sky in glo-ry round me; Ve-nus more 

bei- la, e piü ga- gliar- do Mar- te. 
love-ly, and Mars more brave and val-iant. 

I No. 11 

Quel-la dam-ma son i- - o, cru-de- lis- 
What a doe I must look like, most mas- 

-si- mo Sil-vio, che sen-za"es-ser at- 
-ter-ful Sil-vio, who tho I did not 

-te- sa, son da te vin- ta e pre- 
know it, have been sub-dued and cap- 
have yet been cap-tured 

- sa, vi- va se tu mac- co- gli, 
-turedjliv-ing if you are near me, 

nor- -ta se mi ti to- - gli. 
dead if you ev- er leave me. 
dead with-out you to cheer me. 

I No. 12 

Mi sa- lu- ta co- -ste- i, ma nel so- 
Tho po-lite-ly she greets me, yet as she 

- a- ve^n-chi- no na- scon-de~a-glioc- 
bows be - fore me her love- ly eyes 

-chi mie- i gli-oc-chi leg-gia-dri 
are hid-den un- -der her lash-es, 

el bei vol- -to (vol-to)di-vi- no, 
and her face is a-ver- ted, 

and her fair face shy-ly a-ver- ted, 

pie-to-sa"in a- spet-to e cm- de- 
You so mer- ci-ful look- ing, yet so harsh 

le in ef-fet-to, a- va-raTior che fa- 
in be-hav-ior,you who are but a 

-re- te,s'u-san- do cor- te-sia, 
mi- ser', pre- tend to give me much, 

scar-sa mi sie-te. 
give me so lit- tie. 

ec-co, ec-co ctfio mo-ro, 
be- hold, I am dy-ing, 

No. 13 (cont) 

pa-ce un seg- no, pa-ce un seg-no. 
boon to cheer me, to- ken, a to-ken. 

In quest e-stre-ma mia du-ra par- ti- ta 
In this my fin-al hour,pi-te-ous part- ing, 

non vb sen-za il tuo ba- -cio^iis-cir di vi-ta. 
a- las I can- not die un- -til you kiss me, 

bear it un-less you kiss me 

No. 14 

So- spir che del bei pet- - to 
That sigh which she is breath- ing, 

di ma- don- na e-sci fo- re, dim- mi, 
from my la- -dy so love-ly, tell me, 
from her bo- som so love-ly, 

dim- mi che fa quel co- re, ser-ba Tan- 
what mes-sage does it bring me? To say her 

- ti-co"af- fet- to, b pur mes- so se* tu 
heart yet loves me, or to bring to me news 


Den no, piu to- -sto 
Ah no, I far would 

No. 13 

Io mo- ro, 
Be-hold me, 

bei- la ne-mi- ca mia, ne-mi-ca mi- -a, 
fair-est of all my foes, of my op-pon-ents, 

tfof-fes* as- sa- -i, le- var troppf al-to"i 
tho I of-fend you to raise my eyes, my 

miei pen-sie-rfb- -sa- -i, per-don ti 
thoughts too high to please you, I ask your 

chieg-gio, in peg- no bra- mo di 
par- don, I beg you grant me a 127 

di no-vo a- mo- -re? 
a- bout a new love? 

si- - a so -spi- ra- ta da lei, 
ra- ther that the whis-per she sighs 

la mor- te mi- - a. 
would her- aid my death. 

No. 15 

Dun- que ad- - di- -o, ad- di- -o ca- re 
I must leave you, I leave youdear-est 

sei- ve, ca- -re mie sel-ve ad- di- -o, 
for-ests, fare- well be-lov- ed for-ests, 

re-ce-ve- te que-sti ul- ti- mi so- spi- -ri 
as I send you my sighs, my last, re-ceive them 

fin-che 1 sciol-ta da fer-ro in-giu- stoe cru-do; 
til one day when a cru- el sword will free me; 

tor ni la mia fredo! om- bra a le vostr* 

then shall my cold gray sha-dow re- turn to 

om- -bre a- ma- te, che nel pe- no- so in 
those I love so; for in the Place of 

-fer- no, non puo gir in- no- cen- -te 
Tor-ment, it could nev- ergo blame-less, 
it could not 

ne pub star tra be- - a- ti, 
nor re- main with the Bles-sed, 

di- spe- -ra- -ta"*e do- len- te. 
com- fort- less and de-spair-ing. 


Schutz, Vol. IX, No. 16 

Tor- -na- te, tor- na- -te, tor- -na-te o 
Come back,0 come back ye, come back be- 

ca- ri ba- ci, a ri-tor- nar - miln v(- ta, 
-lov-ed kiss-es,to save my heart from starving; 

ba-cfal mio cor di- giu- no, es-ca gra- 
feed you my heart with kiss-es, wel-come 

-di- ta, voi di quel dol-cept- ma- ro, 
vi-ands, filled with the bit-ter sweetness 

per cui lan-guir, nfe* ca- - ro, di quel 
for which I love to Ian- guish, with your 

vo-stro non me-no net-ta-re che ve- 
nec- tar, which al-so of- ten is mixed with 

-ne-no pa- sce-te"i miei fa- me-li- ci 
poi-son; feed you my soul^whichsolonghas 

de- -si- ri, ba- ci in cui dol- ci 
been fast-ing, your kiss- es in which 

pro-'Vo^an- co|i so- spi- ri. 

No. 18 (cont) 

poi- che la-scian-do te la-scio la vi-ta. 
for when I part from you, life is thenov-er. 

_ I can taste such sad-ness. 

No. 17 

Di mar- mo sie-te vo- -i, don-na,ali 
Your heart must be of mar-ble, la- - dy , 

col- pi da- -mo- re al pian-to mi- -o, 
whotho you wound, heed not my weep-ing, 
wound me. heed not my weep-ing, 

e di mar- mo son i- o a le vostr* 
and like mar-ble am I too a- gainst the 

No. 19 

Va-sto mar, nel cui se-no, fan so- 
Migh-ty sea, in whose bo-som love-ly 

— a- ve ar- mo- -ni- -a dal- tez- za, 
har- mo- -nies re- sound, ye breez-es, 

tfal-tez- za, e di- vir- -tu, 
so wel-come ye gen- tie winds 

con- cor-di ven- - ti, que- sti 
from off the moun- tain, these will 
(breez- es) 

de- -vo- tiUc-cen- ti fof-fre la mu- 
in-spire the po- ems, all that my muse 

-sa mi- a. Tu gran Mau-ri-tio, lor gra- 
can of-fer. You, great Mau-ri-tius, you must 

- di- -sei, gra- - di-scfeln tan- - to, 
please them, must please and mean- while, 

fa- -rai di roz- zo ar- mo-ni- -o- so, 
will make my po- ems 

ar- -mo-ni- -o- -so il 
songs of de- light and 

beau-ti-ful mu-sic, 

can- -to. 
glad-ness , 

of glad-ness . 

No. 20 

pri- ma- - ve- - ra, gio-ven-tu de fan- no, 

i- re e a- gli stra-li suo-i , per a- mor. 

- & ,.. v - i .ii ° love-ly spring- time, youth a-mong the seasons, 

ar-rows of your fie-ry an-ger; for in love, j k & »j & i 

.-^ . . _ bei- la ma-dre di fio- ri, dher-be no- vel- 
per na-tu- ra io co-stan-te e voi du- ra, .. .. _ • . . ... 

* . . . T „ . . . .«. „ „ '. ra-diant mo-ther of flow-ers, new bud-ding bios* 

and by na-ture I am con-stant, but you hard, ' & 

-le e di no-vel-lf"a-mo- -ri, tu ben las-so 
-soms,love a- new a- wa-kened, you a- las are 

e voi, e voi du- -ra. Am- bo siam 
but you, but you are hard. We both are 

sas-si, e T un e 1' al-tro(e) sco-glio, 
sto-ny yesjx)thare firm as gra-nite, 

io di fe, voi (for- - go- glio. 
I with faith, you to scorn it! 

No. 18 

Giun-to e pur, Li-dia, il mi- -o, non so 
I leave you, Ly-dia, I know not how I 

se deg-gia di- re, o par- -ti- re (o) 
can dare to say it, that I leave you (or) 

mo-ri- re, (Bass) las- so, las-so, 

I per-ish, 

di- r6 ben i- o, 

ri-tor- ni, ma sen- za i ca- ri gior-ni de 
re-turn- ing, but bring not back to me by-gone 

la spe- ran- ze mie, tu ben sei quel-la, 
days when hope was high. You still are love-ly 

ctfe-ri pur dian-zi si Vez-zo-sa^e bei- la, 
as once you were, so beau-ti-ful and charm- ing, 

ma non son io quel che gia un tem-po fu- - i, 
yet no lon-ger am I as in my springtime, 

si car agl' oc-chi'^ s al- tru- i. 
so dear to my be- - lov-ed, 

si car* agl' oc-chi, agl' oc-chi al- tru- i. 
leave you, per-ish, so dear no lon-ger, to mg be- - -lov-ed. 

che la mor-te e par- ti- ta, si car' agl' oc-chi al- tru- i, 

how can I say it? for I die when I leave you, 


so dear am 

no lon-ger, 

Symphoniae Sacrae 
I Psalm 23 (Text, p. 61 hereof) 

Der Herr ist mein Hirt, mir wird nichts 
My Shep-herd the Lord, I want for 


Er wei-det mich auf ei-ner grü-nen Au- en, 
He ma-keth me to lie in plea-sant pastures, 

er füh- ret mich zum fri-schen Was-ser, 
he lead-eth me by qui- et wa-ters, 

und füh- ret mich zum fri-schen, 
by cool and qui- et wa- ters, 

und füh- ret mich zum fri-schen, zum 
he lead-eth me by cool and by 

fri-schen Was-ser. 
qui- et wa-ters, 

Er er-qui-cket mei-ne See- le, 
and my spi-rit he re-sto-rethj 

er füh-ret mich auf rech- ter Stra-sse 
he lead-eth me in right- eous path-ways, 

um sei-nes Na- mens wil- len. 
in vir- tue for his name's sake. 

Und ob ich schon wan- dert im fin-ste-ren 
Yea.tho I shall walk thru the val-ley of 

Thal, fiircht ich kein Un- glück, 
death, I fear no ev- il, 

denn du bist bei mir, dein Ste-cken 
for thou art with me, thy rod and 

und Stab tro-sten mich, 
thy staff com- fort me. 

Du be- rei-test für mich ei-nen Tisch 
Thou pre-par-est a ta-ble for me, 

ge- gen mei- ne Fein-de, 
where my foes be-hold me, 

du sal-best mein Haupt mit d- -le, 
with oil hast my head an-oint-ed; 

und sehen- kest mir voll ein, . 
my cup run-neth ov- er, 

Gu- tes und Barm- her- zig-keit 
Good-ness and kind- heart- ed- ness 

wer-den mir fol-gen, 
shall be my por-tion, 

wer-den mir fol-gen mein Le- -be- lang, 
and fol-low me all my whole life long, 

und wer- de b lei- ben im Hau- se des 
and I will dwell in the house of the 


J) JJ> No.l (cont) i j 

Heisren (where/* f ) Her- ren (where J J) 
Lord,— Lord God 

im-mer- dar t 
ev-er- more, 

No. 2 
PSalm 121 (Text, p. 60 hereof) 

Ich he- -be mei- ne Au- --gen auf 
I lift mine eyes and raise them up 

zu den Ber- -gen, 
to the high hills. 

von wel- -chen mir Hül- fe kom-met, 
From whence shall my help be com-ing? 

mei- ne Hül- fe kommt von Her- ren, 
From the Lord my God it com-eth, * 

der Him- mei und Er- -de ge-macht hat, 
of Hea-ven and earth the Cre- a- -tor, 

Er wird dei- nen Fuss nicht glei-ten 
Thy foot will he not, not suf- fer! 

nicht glei-ten las-sen, 
not suf- fer to slip, 

und der dich be- -hü- tet schla-f et nicht, 
he who is thy keep-er sleep-eth not. 

Sie- he, sie- he der Hir- te I-sra-els 
Mark ye, for he that keep-eth Is-ra-el 

schläft noch senium- mert nicht, 
doth not ev- -er sleep, 

schlaft noch schlum-mert nicht, . 
slum- -ber not nor sleep, 

schlum-mert nicht, 
doth not sleep. 

Der Herr be- -hü- tet dich, 
The Lord will keep thee safe; 

der Herr ist dein Schat-ten ü- ber 
the Lord is thy shade that on thy 

dei- ner rech- ten Hand, 
right hand sha-deth thee; 

dass dich des Ta- -ges die Son-ne nicht 
there- fore by day shall the sun nev- er 

ste- -che, noch der Mon-de des techts. 
smite thee, nor the moon by night. 

Der Herr be- hü- - tet dich für al-len 
The Lord shall pre- serve thee from eve-ry 
U-bel, er be- -hu- - tet dei- -ne 
ev-il, yea the Lord shall pre-serve 
See- -le, der Herr be- -hü- tet dei-nen 
thy soul; the Lord pre-serv-eth thee in 

Vol.10, No-2 (cont) 

Aus -gang und Ein- gang von nun an 
com-ing and go- ing 

bis in E-wig-keit, 
forth for ev-er-more, 

from this time 

A- men. 

(Wo der Herr) 
If the house 

No. 4 
Luke 11,48-49 
Psalm 84,1,2 & 4 

Maria: Mein Sohn, wa- -rum hast du uns 
Joseph: My son, where- fore thus hast thou 

das ge-than? Sie- he, dein (dei-ne) 
dealt with us? For lo, thy (how thy) 

(Text, p. 162 hereof) Va- ter (Mut-ter) und ich ha- ben dich 
wo der Herr nicht das Haus fa-ther (mo-ther) and I have this day 
by the Lord God is not mit schmer-zen 
so ar- bei- ten um-sonst in sor- -row 

No. 3 
Psalm 127 

in vain, 
in vain. 

bau- et, 

build-ed, they will la- bor 
(at end) will but la- bor 

die da- -ran bau- en. 
they who shall build it. 

Wo der Herr nicht die Stadt be-hu-tet, 
If the Lord shall not keep the ci-ty, 

so wa- chet der Wach- ter um-sonst. 
the watch- men shall wake but in vain. 

Es ist um-sonst dass ihr früh auf-ste-het, 
It is in vain that you rise up ear-ly, 

und her- nach Ian- -ge sit- zet, 
and that with watch- ing sleep not, 

und es- set eu- er Brod mit Sor- gen. 
and that you eat the bread of sor- row. 

Denn sei-nem Freun-den gie-bet ers 

Sleep he thus giv- eth (Ch I) to his be- 

(Ch II) un- to you, 

Ch I schla-fend. 
Ch I -lov- -ed. 

Puer Jesus: 
The Boy Jesus: 

ge- su-chet, 
ye seek me, 

ha- bet? 
seek me? 

ge- -sucht, 
sought thee . 

Was ists, dass ihr mich 
How now is it that 

dass ihr mich ge- su-chet 
how now is it that ye 

Wis-set ihr nicht, dass ich sein 
Do ye not know, that I must 

muss in dem was mei-nes Va- ters ist? 
be a- bout my Fa-thers bus^ ness here? 

Wie lieb- lieh 
How love- ly 

sind dei- ne Woh- nun- ge, 
is thine own dwel-lingplace^ 

Her- re Za-ba-oth, 
Lord of Sa-ba-oth; 

und seh--net sich 
doth faint a- way 

Sie- he Kin- der 
Mark ye, child- ren 

des Her- ren, 
the Lord God, 

Ge- schenk, 
re- ward. 

sind ei- ne Ga-be, 
he giv- eth to us, 

und Lei-bes-f nicht, ist ein 
an he- ri- -tage and his 

Wie ein Pfei-le in der Hand 
As the ar-rows in the hand 

ei-nes Star-ken, al-so ge- -ra- -then 
of a strongman, so to the young man 

die jun-gen Kna- ben,, die jun- gen, 
child- ren, . the young man, 

der sei-nen Ko-cher der-sel-ben 
is he whose qui-ver is la- den 

voll hat, sie wer-den nicht zu Schan-den, 
with them; humbled they nev- er will be, 

wenn sie mit ih- ren Fein- den 
but at the gate -way stand- ing, 

nan- dein im Thor, han- dein, 

speak with the foe, stand- ing, 

will be his 

Wohl dem, 
How blest 

mein Seel ver- Ian- get 
my soul with long- ing 

nach den Vor- -ho- fen 
to find the courts of 

des Her- ren, nach den Vor- -ho- fen, 
the Lord God, doth seek with long- ing, 

Mein Leib und See-le freu-et sich in dem 
My heart and bo- dy cri-eth out, cri-eth 

le- ben-di- gen Gott. Wohl de- nen, 

for the Liv-ing God. Bless-ed they, 

die in dei-nem Hau- se woh- nen, 
they with- in thy house a- -bi-ding! 

die dich lo- ben im- mer- dar, 
they will still be prai-sing thee, 

(end) die dich lo- -ben im- me r- dar, Se- la. 
the? will praise thee ev-er-more,Se-lah. 

No. 5 
Psalm 118,25-26 (Text, p. 89) 

Herr hilf, o Herr, lass wo*l 

Save me Lord, my God, I now 

o o 
ge- lin- gen, Ge- -lo- bet sei der da 

be- seech thee. How bless-ed is he that doth 

im Na-men des Her- ren, der da kommt, 
come in the name of the Lord God; that doth come, 

Ho-si-an-na in der Ho- he. 

kommt - 


Ho-si-an-na in the High- est. 

Sie- he, es 
Mark ye, there 

Her-ren Jo-seph 
God to Jo-seph 

Matth. II, 13-15 

er-schien der En-gel des 
ap-peared the an -gel of 

im Traum und sprach: 
in a dream and said: 

Fe- get den 
See that ye purge 

No. 7 
I Cor. V, 7-8 

al- ten, den al- ten Sau- 
the old lea -ven, purge 

-er-teig aus, 
ye it out , 

Steh auf und nimm das Kind- lein und sei- ne Fe- get den al- 
A- rise, and take the young child and take his See that ye purge 

Mut-ter zu sich und fleuch, in E-gy-pten- 
mo-ther with thee and flee in- to E- - 

-land. Und blei-be all- -da bis ich dir 
-gypt; and tar- ry thou there un-til I 

sa- - - ge, denn es ist vor-han-den, 
bring thee word; for be-hold I tell thee 

dass He- ro- -des das Kind- lein su-che, 
that the child is pur-sued by He-rod, 

das sei- -be um- zu-brin- gen, 
for he would fain de-stroy him. 

Und er stund auf und nahm das Kind- lein 
And he a- rose and took the young child, 

und sei- ne Mut-ter zu sich bei der Nacht 
and took his mo- the r with him in the night, 

und ent-weich in E- gy-pten-land und bleib 
and de- -par- ted to E- - -gypt, and bi- 

all- -da bis nach dem Tod He-ro-des, 
-ded there un- til the death of He- rod, 

auf dass er- fül- let wür- -de dass der 
that it might be ac- com-plished .which was 

Herr durch den Pro-phe-ten ge- re- det: 
spo- -ken of the Lord by the Pro-phet: 

Aus E- - gyp- -ten hab ich, ha- be ich 

E-gypt, have 

I have called my son from 

mei- nem Sohn ge-ru-fen, 
called him out of E-gypt, 

Aus E- gyp- ten hab ich ha- be ich 

Out of E-gypt have I ve-ri-ly called 

Sohn, mei- nen Sohn ge-ru-fen, 
son, called him out of E-gypt, 

Aus E- gyp- ten hab- ich ha- - be ich, 
Out of E-gypt have I called my son, 

ha-be, ha-be ich mei- nen Sohn, 
I have ve-ri-ly called my son, 

mei- nen Sohn ge-ru-fen, 
called him out of E-gypt, 

ge- ru-fen, 
from E-gypt, 

ten, den al- ten, 
the old lea- ven, 

fe- -get den al- ten Sau- er-teig aus, 
purge the old lea- ven, purge ye it out, 

fe- get den al- ten Sau- er-teig, 
purge the old lea- ven, purge it out, 

den al-ten Sau- er-teig aus, 
yea purge it, purge ye it out, 

fe- get den al- ten Sau- er-teig aus, 
purge the old lea-ven, purge ye it out, 

auf dass ihr ein neu-er Teig seid, 
that ye may be -come a new lump, 

wie ihr un- - ge- -sau- ert seid, 
as un- lea-vened ye shall be. 

Denn wir ha- ben auch, ein 0- -ster-lamm: 
For we ev-en have 

Chri-stus für uns 
Je- sus, who died 

Da- -rum las-set uns nun O-stern 
There- fore let us keep the feast at 

hal-ten nicht in al- ten Sau- er-teig, 
Eas-ter, not with lea-ven that is old, 

auch nicht im Sau- er-teig der Bos-heit 
nor yet with lea-ven of cor-rup-tion 

und Schalk-heit, son-dern im Süss- teig 

but with the new bread 

our Pass- ov- -er 

ge- o- pfert, . 
to save us, 

and ma- -lice, 

der Lau-ter-keit 
of hon-es- -ty 

und Wahr-heit. Al-le-lu-ja. 
and vir- tue. Al-le-lu-ja. 

mei- -nen 


No. 8 
Jubilus Bernardi 

su-sser Je-su Christ, wer an dich 
gen-tle Je-sus Christ, if one knows 

recht ge- -den- ket, 
thee but right- ly, 

dem wird sein Her- -ze bald mit Freud 
his heart will leap with joy, his sun 

und Lust, ge- -trän- ket. 
will shine out bright-ly. 

Wer dich schon hat in sich, 
He who is one with thee, 

bei dem weicht al- les Leid, 
sur-iounts all pain and grief, 

Vol.10, No. 8 (cont) 

da ii- ber- trifft dein Trost all an-dre 
for in thy love he finds his ev-er 

sure re- lief. 

nichts kann des Men- sehen Zung und Mund 
Naught can the tongue or lips of man 

so lieb- lieh sin- gen, 
so sweet- ly sing us, 

nichts kann so an- -ge-nehm in un-sern 
no more de-light-ful ti-dings can a 

Oh- rem klin- gen, 
her-ald bring us, 

nichts ist das un- ser Sinn kann den- ken 
no thought more pre-cious could oc- cur to 

ob es schon 
a- ny one, 

sehr kost- lieh ist, als dich,o Je-su, 
than when we hear thy name,0 Je-sus, 

Got- tes Sohn. 
Gods own Son. 

Du bist die Hoff-nung des, der sich zu 
Thou art the hope of all, who un- to 

dir be- keh- ret, 
thee are turn-ing, 

du bist frei-ge-big dem, der was von 
thou free- ly giv-est them who for thy 

dir be- - geh- ret, 
love are yearn- ing; 

du bist barm-her-zig dem, der dich sucht 
thy mer- cy falls on them who seek thee 

mit Be-gier, 

und wer dich findt, der findt das hefch-ste 
and he who finds thee finds his high-est 

Gut in dir. 
joy in thee. 

Je-su, su-sses Held, du su- -sser 
Je-sus, dear-est one, thou sweet-est 

Freund und Won- -ne des Her-zens, 
friend, my heart's joy and rap-ture, 

du Brunn des Le-bens, o du Son-ne 
thou Fount of Mer-cy, thou Sun to 

des, der im Fin- stern sitzt, 
shine on my dark-ened path, 

nichts ist, denn du al-lein 
tis thee and thee a- lone, 


No. 8 (cont) 

was ich mir wünsch, und was mir mag 
for whom I long, who gives me joy 

er- freu-lich sein, 
and keeps me strong. 

Was Je-sum lie- ben sei, 
What Je-sus 1 love can be, 

kann kei-ne Hand be-schrei-ben, 
no hand of man can pic- ture, 

kein Mund kanns spre-cken aus, nur der, nur 
no spo- -ken word de-scribe; he on- ly 

der kanns gläu-ben, der es er- fah-ren 
can be- lieve it who for him-self has 

hat, der Je-sum hat ge-liebt, 
learned by tru-ly lov-ing him, 

der ihn noch liebt und sich in 
who loves him still and to his 

sei-ne Lieb er-giebt, 
love sur-ren-ders all, 

und sich in sei- ne, in sei- ne, 
and to his love, to his love, to 

in sei- ne Lieb er-giebt. 
his love sur-ren- ders all. 

No. 9 
Jubilus Bernardi 

Je-su süss, wer dein ge-denkt, 
Je-sus sweet , the thought of thee 

sein Herz mit Freu- -de wird ü^ ber- schwenkt, 
fills eve-ry heart with fe- li-ci- -ty. 

Kein Sü- ssig-keit zu fin- den ist 
Thy sweet- ness has no coun-ter-part; 

als wo du Je- su sei- ber bist, 
none is so gen- tie as thou art. 

Je-su des Her-zens Freud und Won- ne, 
Je-sus, Light of All Cre- a- tion, 

du Licht der Welt und Gna-den-son- ne, 
our hearts' de- light and our Sal-va- tion, 
du glei-chet nichts auf die-ser Er- den 
on earth is naught to right- ly mea-sure 
in dir ist, was man kann be- geh- ren, 
our hearts' de-sire for thee, our Trea-sure! 
Je-su, du Quell der Gü-tig- keit, 
Je-sus, thou Fount to heal dis- tress, 
der ei-nig Weg zur Se- lig- keit, 
the on-ly Path to Bles-sed- ness, 

du sii- - sser Fluss und Gna-den-brunn, 
thou stream where Liv- ing Wa-ters run, 

Vol.10, No. 9 (cont) 

des Va-ters ein- ge-bor-ner Sohn, 
the Fa- 1 tier's well- be-lov-ed Son. 

Je-su, du en-ge- li- sehe Zier, 
Je-sus, gem so fair to see, 

all Hira-mels- heer lob- sin- get dir. 
all Hea-verfs host is prais- -ing thee. 

[ No. 10 

Sirach,Chap.50,v.24; p S alms 150,2; 136,25; 

: 147,9; 95,1; 65,12; 122,7; 147,12-14; 146,7; 

I 9,11; James, V, 7; etc. 
Las-set uns doch den Her- ren un-sern Gott 
Let us sing to the Lord our God and all 

lo- ben und er-zah- len al- -le 
praise him, let us tell the won-drous 

sei- ne Wer-ke, 
things he do-eth, 

der uns vom Mut-ter-lei- be an, 
who from our ve- ry mo- trier's womb 

le-ben-dig er- hält und thut uns al-les 
ex-al-teth our days, nor fails in a- ny 

guts, und al- les guts, 

thing, he fail-eth not. 

Las-set uns doch dem Her-ren ein gut 
Let us sing to the Lord a new-made 

neu- es Lied sin-gen, lo- ben inn 
song to his glo-ry; praise ye him 

in al-len sei-nen Tha-ten, 
for all his migh-ty won-ders; 

der al-lem Fiei-sche Spei-se giebt, 
who un-to all flesh giv-eth food, 

j der dem Vieh sein Fut-ter giebt, 
[ to the beast he giv-eth food, 

den jun-gen Ra-ben, die ihn an-ru-fen. 

and to young ra-vens .which cry un-to him. 

Las- set uns doch den Her-ren un- sern 
Let us then come un- to the Lord with 
Gott prei-sen und mit ein-an-der 
praise sing- ing, with one an-oth-er 

sei- nen Na- men er-hÖ- hen, . 
praise his name and ex-alt him, . 
Kom-met her- zu, las-set uns dem Her- 
Come un-to him, let us loud ex-alt 
-ren froh-lo-cken und jauch-zen 

in the Lord God, re- joice in 

dem Hort un-sers Heils, 
our Rock and our Fort. 


No. 10 (cont) 

Der uns früh Re- gen, und spat Ge-gen 
The rain at morn- ing and at eve-ning 

zu rech-ter Zeit gie-bet, und das 
in due time he giv-eth, and the 

Jahr krö- net mit sei-nen Qu- -tern 
year crown-eth with ma-ny good things; 

und la's- -set sei- ne Fuss-step- fen 
our foot-steps ma- keth he drip-ping 

von Fett trie- fen, . 

with fat, drip-ping, . 

Las-set, las- set uns mit Dan-ken fur sein 
Let us there- fore come to him and ren-der 

An- -ge- sieht kom- men, 
thanks to him sing- ing, 

las-set, las- set uns mit Dan- ken für 
let us there-fore come be-fore his face 

sein An-ge- -sieht kom- men und mit 
to ren-der thanks sing- ing psalms to 

Psal- men ihm jauch-zen, mit Psal-men 
praise him, ex- -ult-ing to praise him, 

ihm jauch-zen, . 
ex- ult- ing, „ 

Der den Frie-den schaf-fet in- wen-dig 
In thy walls he bi -deth,with-in them 

un- sera Mau- ern, und Glück in un-sern 
peace he bring- et h, and in thy pa- lace 

Pa- la- - stern, 
pros-per-i- -ty. 

Prei- -se, prei- - se nun, Je-ru-sa-lem, 
Praise ye, praise the Lord, Je-ru-sa-lem, 

den Her- ren, lo- - be, lo- -be, Zi-on, 
the Lord God, come and praise him, Zi-on, 

dei- nen Gott, 
praise thy God. 

Denn er ma- chet fe- -ste die 
For the Lord hath strength- ened the 

Rie- gel un- ser Thor, und sät- ti- get 
bars that bar thy gates, hath bles-sed thy 

un- se- - re Kin-der, die drin-nen, 
child-ren with- in thee, and ma-keth 

mit dein be-sten Wei-zen. 
peace with- in thy bor-ders. 

Sin-get um ein- an-der, sin- get, sin-get 
Sing ge all to- geth-er, sing ye, sing to 

dem Her- ren, al- le Welt soil jauch-zen, 
the Lord God, all the world ex- -alt him, 

Vol.10, No. 10 (cont) 

riih- men, lo- ben, . 
sing his prai-ses, . 

Der den Krie-gen steu- - ert, der Bo- gen 
To the earth he brings peace, he break-eth 

zu^bricht und Spie-sse zu-schlagt, . 
the bow, and cut-teth the spear, 

Neh- met, ge- bet her ge- bet her 
Praise the Lord your God, praise him with 

den Psal-ter und Har- fen, lo- -bet ihn 
the harp and the psal-tfry, praise him with 

mit Sai- ten und Pfei-fen, und Pf ei- fen. 
the trum-pet, with cym-bals and tim-brels. 

Denn der Her- re Za-ba-oth ist mit uns, 
For the Lord of Sa-ba-oth is with us, 

der Gott Ja-cob ist un- ser Schutz, 
and our re -fuge is Ja- cobs God. 

Dan-ket al- le Gott, dan- ket Gott 
Thank ye all our God, thank ye all 

dem Her-ren Za- ba- oth 
our God, the Lord of Hosts, 

dass er so gna-dig ist 
for he is mer-ci- ful, 

und uns im-mer-dar Guts thut, 
and will ev-er-more bless us. 

The text of No. 4 fits the second 
version of the music, in the Appendix, p. 111. 




Luke VIII, 5. A sower went out to sow his 
seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way 
side; and it was trodden down, and the 
fowls of the air devoured it. 

6. And some fell upon a rock; and as soon 
as it was sprung up, it withered away, ,be- 
-cause it lacked moisture. 

7. And some fell among thorns; and the 
thorns sprang up with it, and choked it. 

8. And other fell on good ground, and 
sprang up, and bare fruit an hundred- fold. 
And when he had said these things, he 
cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him 
hear. (See also Matth.XIII,3-9; Mark, IV, 3-9) 

Es ging ein Sä- mann aus, zu sä- en 
There went a sow-er forth, and took his 

sei-nen Sa-men, 
seed to sow it, 

und in- dem er 
as the sow-er 

sei-nen Sa-men, 
forth to sow it; 

sa- et, 
sowed it, 

fiel et- li-ches an der Weg 
some seed fell up- on the way, 

und ward ver- tre-ten, und die Vö- gel 
and was trod- den down, and the fowls came 

un- ter dem Him-mel fras-sen's auf. 
down from the air and ate it up. 

Wer Oh- ren hat zu hö-ren, der ho- re. 
He that hath ears to hear me, let him hear. 

Und et- li-ches fiel auf den Fels, 

it fell on 

a rock , 

ver-dor- re- 
it whi-thered 

te es, 

And some of 

und da es auf- ging, 
and when it sprang up, 

da-rumb dass es nicht Saft hat- te, 
for it had no (root nor mois-ture), 

da-rumb dass es nicht Saft, nicht Saft hat- te, 
for it had no depth of earth nor mois-ture. 

Wer Oh-ren etc. 
He that hath etc. 

Und et- li-ches fiel mit-ten un-ter die Dor- 
And some of it 

No.l (cont) 

Wer Oh-ren hat etc, 
He that hath ears etc. 

Und et- li-ches fiel 
And some of it (fell) 

und es ging auf und trug 
and it sprang up and bore 

hun-dert-, hun-dert- fal- ti- 
hun-dred , hun-dred - fold of 

hun-dert-fal- ti- ge 
hun-dred , hun-dred-f old , 

Oh- ren hat etc. 
that hath ears etc. 

auf ein gut Land 
on the good ground, 

him an 


Frucht . 
fruit , 


No. 2 

Luke, VI, 3 6. Be ye therefore merciful, as 
your Father also is merciful. 

37. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: 
condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: 
forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: 

38. Give, and it shall be given unto you; 
good measure, pressed down and shaken to- 
gether, and running over shall men give 
into your bosom. For with the same measure 
that ye mete withal it shall be measured 
to you again. 

39. And he spake a parable unto them, Can 
the blind lead the blfcnd? shall they not 
both fall into the ditch? 

40. The disciple is not above his master: 
but every one that is perfect shall be as 
his master. 

41. And why beholdest thou the mote that 
is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not 
the beam that is in thine own eye? 

42. Either how canst thou say to thy brother, 
Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in 
thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not 
the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hy- 
-pocrite, cast out first the beam out of 
thine own eye, and then shalt thou see 
clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy 

he let fall in a-mong bram- brother's eye. 
-nen und die Dor- nen gin- gen mit auf Seid barm-her-zig, 

wie auch eu- er 
Show ye mer-cy, ev- -en as your 

Va-ter barm-her-zig ist, 

-bles, and the bram-bles sprang up with it, 

und er- sti-ckten es, 

and they choked it off, Fa-ther is mer-ci- ful, 

and it bore no fruit. (end of this Sec.) Rich-tet nicht, so wer-det ihr auch 

135 Judge ye not, and ye who judge not 

Symphoniae sacrae, No. 2 (cont) 

nicht ge-rich- tet, Ver-dam-met nicht, 
shall not be judged. Con-demn ye not, 

so wer-det ihr auch nicht ver-dam- met, 
and oth-ers will not then con-demn you. 

ver- ge-bet, so wird euch ver-ge-ben, 
For-give ye, ye will be for-giv-en; 

ge-bet, so wird euch ge-ge-ben, 
give ye, to you will be giv-en, 

ein voll, ge-druckt. ge- rut- telt 
a full, good mea- sure, pressed down, 

und ü-ber-flu-ssig Mass, wird man in 
an ov-er-flow-ing share, shall then be 

eu- er Schoss ge-ben, 
giv-en un- -to you; 

denn e- ben mit dem Mass, da ihr mit 
the mea-sure that ye mete, with that same 

me- sset, wird man euch wie der me- ssen, 
mea-sure with-al shall you be mea-sured, 

wird man euch wie- der, 
shall you be mea-sured, 

wird man euch wie-der, wie-der me- ssen. 
with-al shall you your-self be mea-sured. 

Mag auch ein Blin- der ei-nem Blin-den 
And can a blind man look to lead an- 

den Weg wei- sen, wer-den sie nicht 
-oth-er blind man? and will they not 

al- le bei- de in die Gru- be fal-len? 

both of them fall in the ditch to-geth-er? 


Der Jun-ger ist nicht, ist nicht ü -ber 
The pu- pil is not, nor should be a- 

sei- nen Mei-ster, wenn der Jün-ger ist 
-bove his raas-ter, but dis-ci-ples,when 
wie sein Mei-ster, so ist er voll-kom-men. 
they are per-fect, shall be as their Mas-ter. 

Wie sie-hest du a- ber ei- nen Split-ter, 
A mote in thy bro-thers eye thou see- est, 

in dei- nes Bru-ders Au- ge, 
and there dost thou be-hold it, 

in dei-nes Bru-ders Au- ge, 
how-be-it but a cin-der, 

und des Bai- ken in dei-nem Au- ge, 
but the beam that is in thine own eye, 
(but the beam there) 
the beam there, 

wirst du nicht ge-wahr! 
thou dost not per-ceive! 

0- der wie kannst du sa-gen zu dei-nen Bru-der 
Ei-ther how canst thou go and say to thy brother 

No. 2 (cont) 

Halt stil- le, Bru-der, ich will den 
"Hold st ill, my bro-ther and let me 

Split-ter aus dei-nem Au- ge zie- hen, 
pull out the mote I see in thine eye", 

und du sie-hest selbst nicht den Bal- 
when thou dost not be- -hold the beam 

-ken in dei-nem Au- ge. 
that is in thine own eye. 

Du Heu- -chler, 

(1) Thou false,! one! 

(2) Thou Hy- po- crite! 

(1) where no extra note just before "chler". 

(2) where there is such a note. 

zeuch zu- vor den Bai- ken, den Bai- ken 
cast thou first the beam out , the beam from 

aus dei-nem Au- ge, und be- sie- he denn 
out of thine own eye, and thou then can see, 

dass du den Split-ter aus dei-nes 
then can see clear-ly, to pull the 

Bru-ders Au- ge zie-hest, (end) zie-hest 
mote out for thy bro-ther, clear-ly, 

No. 3 

Luke, 11,34. And Simeon blessed them, and 
said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this 
child is set for the fall and rising again 
of many in Israel; and for a sign which 
shall be spoken against. 
35. Yea, a sword shall pierce through my 
own soul also, that the thoughts of many 
hearts may be revealed. 

Sie- he, die- ser wird ge-setzt zu ei-nem 
Look ye, this your child is cho-sen to see 

Fall, die- ser wird ge-setzt zu ei-nem 
fall, (this your child is set)(hewiUsee 

( he is cho-sen to see 

Fall, und zu ei-ner Auf- er-steh-ung, 
fall) and to rise a-gain in pow- er, 

vie-ler in Is-ra-el. 
ma- ny in Is-ra-el. 

Sie- he, die-ser wird ge-setzt zu ei-nem 
Look ye, he is al- so cho-sen for a 

Zei-chen dem wi- der-spro-chen wird, 
to- ken which shall be sworn a- gainst. 

dem wi- der- spro-chen, 
which shall be spo- ken, 

dem wi - der-spro-chen wird, 
, yea shall be sworn a- gainst, 

• 136 

Symphoniae sacrae, No. 3, (cont) 

Und es wird ein Schwert durch dei-ne See- 
Yea, then .will a sword pass thru my soul 

-le drin-gen, aus dass vie- ler Her-zen, 
and pierce it, that the thoughts of ma- ny, 

vie- ler Her- zen Ge-dan- ken 
ma- ny hearts be dis-cov-ered, 

of -fen-bar wer-den, 
and be made op-en, 

No. 4 

Matthew, VI, 9. After this manner therefore 
pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, 
Hallowed be thy name. 

10. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in 
earth as it is in heaven. 

11. Give us this day our daily bread. 

12. And forgive us our debts, as we for- 
-give our debtors. 

13. And lead us not into temptation, but 
deliver us from evil: For thine is the king- 
-dom, and the power, and the glory, for 
ever. Amen. 

Va-ter, Va- ter un-ser, der du bist in 
Fa-ther, Thou our Fa-ther,Thou who art in 

Him-mel. ge-hei-li-get wer- de dein Na-me, 
Hea-ven, for -ev-er Thy Name shall be ho-ly; 

Va-ter, dein Will ge-scheh, wie im Him-mel, 
Fa-ther, Thy will be done, as in Hea-ven, 

al- so, auch auf Er- den 
on earth, as in Hea-ven, 

auch auf Er- den, 
as in Hea-ven; 

Va-ter, un- ser tag-lich Brod gieb uns 
Fa-ther, give our dai- ly bread, this day 

heu- te, Va-ter, ver-gieb uns 
give it; Fa-ther, for-give us 

un-ser Schul-de als wir ver- ge- ben 
what we owe Thee, as we for-give what 

un-sern Schul -di- gern, Va-ter, fun- re uns 
oth-ers owe to us, Fa-ther, and lead us 

nicht in Ver- su-chung; son-dern, er-lb-se 
not in temp-ta-tion; Fa- ther, de-li-ver 

uns, von dem Ü-bel, Va-ter, denn dein ist 
us from all ev-il, Fa- ther, for Thine is 

das Reich, das Reich und die Kraft, 
the Bow'r, the King- dom and Pow'r, 

die Kraft und die Herr-lich-keit, 
the Bdw't and the Ma- jes- -ty, 

die Herr-lich-keit in E-wig-keit, A-men. 
the Ma- jes- -ty for Ev-er-more, A-men. 

al- so, 
on earth, 

No. 5 

Psalm 133, 1. Behold, how good and how 
pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together 
in unity! 

2. It is like the precious ointment upon the 
head, that ran down upon the beard, even 
Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts 
of his garments; 

3. As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew 
that descended upon the mountains of Zion: 
for there the Lord commanded the blessing, 
even life for evermore. 

Sie- he, wie fein und liet>iich ist 
Mark ye, how good a thing it is 

dass BrÜ-der ein-träch-tig bei ein- an-der 
when bro-thers u- - ni - ted dwell at peace to- 

woh-nen, wie der kost- li-che Bai- sam 
-geth-er; it is like cost-ly oint-ment 

ist, wie der kb'st- li- che, 
poured, cost-ly oint-ment poured, 

kÖst- li- che Bal-sam ist, 
oint-ment poured on his head, 

der vom Haupt Aa-ron ter-ab-fleusst 
up- on the head of Aa-ron poured, 

in sei-nen gan- zen Bart 
and run-ning down his beard, 

der her- ab- fleusst in sein Kleid, . 
run-ning down- ward to his feet, 

Wie der Thau, der vom tfer-mon 
As the dew from mount Her-mon 

her- ab- fallt, auf die Ber- ge Zi-on 
de-scend- ing, on the moun-tain Zi-on, 

denn da-selbst ver-heisst der Herr, 
where the Lord Him- self pro-claimed: 

Se- gen und Le-ben, im-mer und e-wig-lich, 
Bles-sing for ev-er, ev-er and ev-er-more. 

No. 6 

Luke, XXI ,34. And take heed to yourselves, 
lest at any time your hearts be overcharged 
with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares 
of this life, and so that day come upon you 

unawares . 

35. For as a snare shall it come on all them 

that dwell on the face of the whole earth. 

36. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that 

ye may be accounted worthy to escape all 

these things that shall come to pass, and to 

stand before the Son of man. 

Hu- tet euch dass eu- re Her- zen 
Take ye heed, nor let your hearts be 

Symphoniae sacrae, No. 6 (cont) 

nicht be- schwe- ret wer- den, 
ov- -er-charged with suf-feit 

mit Fre-ssen und Sau- fen 
of eat-ing and drink-ing, 

und mit Sor-gen der Nan-rung, 
and the cares of your bo- dy, 

Sop. I & II: und kom- me die- ser Tag 
lest there shall come The Day 

Sop. II: die -ser Tag schnell Ii-ber-euch, 
come up-on you un-a-wares , 

Sop. I & A: schnell ü"-ber euch 
come un-a-wares, 

T.& B: und kom- me die ser Tag schnell 
and so That Day come on you 

li-ber euch, 
un-a-wares , 

denn wie ein Fall -strick ward er kom-men, 
yea as a snare shall come up-on them, 
(come up- on them) 

u- ber al- le, die auf Er- de!» woh-nen, 
all who dwell up- -on the earth a- round us. 

So seid nun wa- cker al-le-zeit und be-tet, 
So watch ye there-fore ev-er-more,and pray ye, 

dass ihr wür-dig wer- den mo- get, 
that ye be ac-count-ed wor- thy 

zu ent-flie-hen die- sem al- len 

ach-test nicht 
think-est not 

da - rum sa- 

No.7 (cont) 

Caesar the things which are Caesar's and 
unto God the things that are God's. 

Mei-ster, wir wi- ssen, dass du wahr- haf- tig 
Mas-ter, we well know, thou art stead-fast and 

bist, und len- rest den Weg Got-tes recht, 
true, and teach-est the true Way of God, 

und du fra-gest nach nie-mand, denn du 
and Thou car -est for no man, for Thou 

das An-se- hen der Men-schen, 
of the per-son of man-kind; 

ge uns, was dun- ket dich? 
there-fore tell Thou us, What think-est Thou? 

Ist es recht, dass man dem Kai-ser Zin-se 
Is it right that we give tri-bute un-to 

ge- be, o- der nicht? 
Cae-sar? Right or not? 

Da nun Je- sus mer- ke- -te ih- re 
Je-sus then per-ceiv-ing their craf-ty 

Schalk-keit, sprach er: Ihr Heu- chler, 
base- ness, asked them: Ye hy- po-crites, 

was ver- sucht ihr mich, 
where -fore tempt ye me? 

Wei-set mir die Zin- se- Mun-ze. 
Shew to me the tri-bute mon-ey. 

Und sie reich- ten ihm ei- nen Gro-schen 
And they brought Him a sil-ver pen- ny 

to es- cape from all these dan-gers dar, da sprach er zu ih-nen: 
das ge- sche-hen soll und zu ste- hen there; then saith He un-to them: 

and be stab-lished 

that shall come to pass 

fur des Men-schen Sohn, 
with the Son of Man. 

No. 7 

Mat th. XXII, 16. And they sent out unto him 
their disciples with the Herodians, saying, 
Master, we know that thou art true, and 
teachest the way of God in truth, neither 
carest thou for any man: for thou regardest 
not the person of men. 

17. Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? 
Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, 
or not? 

18. But Jesus perceived their wickedness, 
and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? 

19. Shew me the tribute money. And they 
brought unto him a penny. 

20. And he saith unto them, Whose is this 
image and superscription? 

21. And they said unto him, Caesar's. Then 
he saith unto them, Render therefore unto 


Wess ist das Bil-de und die U-ber-schrift? 
Whose is the im-age and the su-per-script? 

Sie sprachen zu ihm: Des Kai-sers, . 
They said un-to Him: 'Tis Cae-safs, . 

Da sprach er zu ih-nen: So ge- bet 
Then said He un-to them: So ren-der 

dem Kai-ser was des Kai-sers ist, 
to Cae-sar what is Cae-sar*s own, 

und Got- te , was Got- tes, was Got-tes ist 
and that which is God's ren- der un- to God, 

und Got- te was Got- tes, Got-tes ist, 
and that which is God's give un- to God, 

und Got- te was Got-tes ist, 
and that which is Gotfs to God, 

und Got- te was Got- tes, Got- te was 
and that which is Gods, and that which is 

Got- tes, Got- tewas Got- tes ist, 
God's, and that which is God's to God, 

end) was Got-tes ist. 
grVe un- to God, 


Symphoniae sacrae, No. 8 

Acts, IX, 4. And he fell to the earth, and 
heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, 
why persecutest thou me? 

5. And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And 
the Lord said, I am Jesus, whom thou per- 
-secutest: it is hard for thee to kick 
against the pricks. 

Saul, Saul, was ver-folgst du mich? 
Saul, Saul, why pur- sue thou me? 

Es wird dir schwer wer- den, 
To kick a- gainst the pricks, 

wi-der den Sta-chel zu lo-cken, 
*tis hard for thee to en-dure it; 

Bars 27-28: 

es wird dir schwer wer- den, 

to kick a- gainst the pricks, 

bars 25-27 and 29-31: 

es wird dir schwer wer-den, 

is hard for thee ev- er, 

es wird dir schwer, schwer wer-den. 
is hard for thee, Saul, ev- er, . 

No. 9 

Psalm XIII, 1. How long wilt thou forget 
me, Lord? for ever? how long wilt thou 
hide thy face from me? 

2. How long shall I take counsel in my 
soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? how 
long shall mine enemy be exalted over me? 

3. Consider and hear me, Lord my God: 
lighten mine eyes, lest I sleep the sleep 
of death; 

4. lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed 
against him; and those that trouble me 
rejoice when I am moved. 

5. But I have trusted in thy mercy; my 
heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. 

6. I will sing unto the Lord, because 
he hath dealt bountifully with me. 

Herr, wie lang wilt du mein so gar ver- 
Lord, how long wilt Thou, my God, for- 
ces-sen, wie lang ver-bir- gest du 
-get me? how long wilt Thou hide Thy 

Ant-litz für mir, Herr, wie lang 
face far from me? Lord, how long 

soll ich sor-gen in mei-ner See-le, 
shall my spi-rit re-main in sor-row? 

i wie lang soll ich mich äng-sten 
how long shall I take coun-sel 

in mei-nem Her- zen tag- lieh? 
with- in my heart each morn-ing? 13 

No. 9 (cont) 

Herr, wie lang soll sich mein Fiend 
Lord, how long wilt leave my foe 

ti-ber mich er-he-ben, ? 
ov-er me ex-al-ted, ? 

Schau doch, und er- ho-re mich, Herr, mein 
Hear Thou, and con-si-der me, Lord, my 

Gott, er-leuch-te mei- ne Au-gen, 
God; light Thou mine eyes in mer-cy, 

dass ich nicht im Tod ent-schla-fe. 
lest I sleep in death for- ev- -er; 

dass sich mein Feind nicht ruh- me, 
let not my foe say, boast-ing: 

er sei mein mach -tig wer- den, 
"I have pre-vailed a-gainst him;" 

und mei- ne Wi-der-sa-cher sich nicht freu-en 
nor yet mine ad-ver-sa- ry be re- joie-ing 

dass ich nie -der- lie- ge . 
be-cause I am trou-blea. 

Ich hof- fe, ich hof-fe a- ber drauf, 
I trust Thee, I put my trust in Thee, 

dass du so gna-dig bist, mein Herz freu-et 
for Thou art mer-ci- ful, I am glad of 

sich, dass du so ger- ne hilft, 
heart that Thou wilt care for me. 

Ich will dem Her- ren sin- gen, 
I praise the Lord with sing-ing, 

dass er so wohl an mir thut, 
for He hath dealt with me well, 

No. 10 
Hymn by Martin Luther 

Komm, hei-li- ger Geist, Her-re Gott, 
Come Ho- ly Oie, Spi- -rit of God, 

er-füll mit dei-ner Gna-den gut 
and let Thy ten-der mer-cy fill 

dei- ner Glau- bi- gen ,Herz, Muth und Sinn, 
in Thy faith- ful one, hearty soul and limb, 

dein brün-stig Lieb ent-zund in ihn. 
kin- die Thy love glow-ing in him. 

Herr, durch dei-nes Lich-tes Glanz 
Lord, may Thy de-scend-ing fire 

zu dem Glau- ben ver- sam-melt hast 
all the world with Thy faith in-spire, 

das Volk aus al- 1er Welt Zun- gen, 
their tongues the earth a-round ring-ing. 
das sei dir, o Herr, zu Lod ge- sun- gen, 
un- to Thee, Lord, Thy prai-ses sing-ing, 

Symphoniae sacrae, No. 10 (cont) 

Du hei-li-ges Licht, e- dler Hort, 
Thouhea-ven-ly light, pre- cious Love, 

lass uns leuch-ten des Le-bens Wort, 
Word of Life from our God a- -bove, 

und lehr uns Gott recht er-ken- nen, 
teach us that right- ly we know Him, 

von Her-zen Va- ter nen- nen. 
and love as child-ren show Him. 

Herr, be-hüt für frem-der Lehr, 
From un- -be-lief keep Thou us free, 

dass wir nicht Mei-ster su-chen mehr, 
give us no Mas -ter, on- ly Thee; 

denn Je-sum Christ mit rech- tern Giau-ben, 
in Je-sus Christ with faith a- bid- ing, 

und ihm aus gan-zen Macht ver-trau-en, . 
in Him with all our hearts con-fid-ing, . 

Du hei-li-ger Brunst, stf-sser Trost, 
Thou fer-vor di- vine, corn-fort sweet, 

nun hilf uns, froh-lich und ge- trost, 
make Thou our peace and joy com-plete, 

in dei-nem Dienst be- stän- dig blei-ben, 
that in Thy ser- vice naught can change us, 

die Trüb-sal uns nicht ab- trei-ben. 
nor ev- il for-tune es-trange us. 

Herr, durch dem Kraft uns be- reit, 
Strengthen us Lord, in time of stress, 

und stark des Fiei-sches Blo-dig-keit, 
to fight our bo- -dy*s fee-ble-ness, 

dass wir hier rit- ter-lich rin- gen, 
brave- ly to strive, we be- seech Thee, 

durch Tod und Le-ben zu dir drin- gen. 
thru death and life at last to reach Thee. 

No. 11 

Ecclesiasticus.(Sirach) , Chap.L, 22. Now 
therefore bless ye the God of all, which 
only doeth wondrous things every where, 
which exalteth our days from the womb, and 
dealeth with us according to his mercy. 

23. He grant us joy fulness of heart, and 
that peace may be in our days in Israel for 

24. That he would confirm his mercy with 
us, and deliver us at his time! 

Nun dan- ket al- le Gott, der gro-sse 
Now bless the Lord of all, who do-eth 

Din- ge thut an al- len En- den, . 
won-drous things thru all ere- a-tion, . 


No. 11 (cont) 

Der uns von Mut- ter Lei-be an 
who hath ex-alt-ed all our days 

le- ben-dig er- hält, 
from our mo-tiler's womb, 

und thut uns al- les guts, . 
whose grace is boun-ti- ful, 

Er ge - be uns ein froh-li-ches Herz, 
He makes us glad with joy in our hearts, 

und ver-lei- he im-mer-dar Frie- de, 
to as-sure us ev-er-more peace and 

Frie- de, Frie- de zu 
friend-ship, yea peace for 

un-srer Zeit in Is-ra-el, 
all our days in Is-ra-el, 

und dass sei-ne Gna-de, stets bei uns 
and con-firm His mer-cy, ev - er to 

blei- be, und er-lb"-se uns, 
bless us, and de-li-ver us, 

so lang wir le- ben, Al-le-lu-ja! 
when it comes our time, Al-le-lu-ja! 


Zw 6*1 f geistliche Gesänge 

Twelve Sacred Songs 


Kyrie from Mass 

Tons benitatis" 

Ky-ri-e, Gott Va-ter in E-wig-keit, 
Ky-ri-e, God, Fa-ther for ev- er- more, 

gross ist dein Barm-her-zig-keit, 
in- fi- nite thy ten-der-ness, 

al-ler Ding ein Schö-pfer und Re-gie-rer, 
of all things Cre- a- -tor and Pre s er- ver, 

(Ma- ker) 

e- -lei-son. Chri- ste al- -1er Welt Trost, 
have mer-cy! Christ who re-deemed the world, 

uns Sün-der al-lein du hast er- lost, 
who saved us from sin up- -on thy cross! 

Je-su, Got-tes Sohn, un-ser Mitt-ler, 
Je-sus, Son of God, Me-di- -a- -tor, 

bist in dem höch-sten Thron zu dir schrei- 
be- fore the heav*h-ly throne we cry out 

-en wir aus Her-zens Be- -gier, e- lei-son, 
to thee with sup-pli-ant hearts ; Have mer- cy! 

Ky-ri-e Gott hei-li-ger Geist, trost, stärk 
Ky-ri-e God Ho- ly Spi- rit, make and 

uns im Glau- ben al-ler-meist, 
keep us strong and firm of faith, 

dass wir am letz-ten End froh- lieh uns 
that we in thy good time, joy- ful may 

schei-den (uns schei-den) aus die- sem 
part from this wea- ri- 

has- -ten to part from ((B) drea-ry ) 

E- -lend. e- -lei-son. 
-some world. Have mer-cy! (S & T) 

(S & T) 
No- 2 lass 

Gloria in Excelsis. ( ^ in 

All Ehr und Lob soll Got-tes sein, lass 

All glo-ry be to God the Lord, ( B ) ln 

er ist und heisst der Höchst al-lein. 
by all ac- claimed, by all a-dored! 

Sein Zorn auf Er- den hab ein End, 
His wrath to man will sure-ly end, 

sein Fried und Gnad sich zu uns wend; 
his peace and grace on us de-scend; 

den Men-schen das ge-fal-le wohl, 
for we are plea-sing in his sight, 

da- fur man herz- lieh dan- ken soil. 

so in our thanks we all u- nite. 


No. 2 (cont) 

lie- ber Gott, dich lo-ben wir, 
dear-est God, be-lov-ed Lord, 

und prei-sen dich mit gan-zer Be-gier, 
thy praise we sing with ea-ger ac-cord; 

auch herz- lieh wir an- be- ten dich, 
with heart and voice we wor-ship thee, 

dein Ehr wir rüh-men ste- tig- lieh, 
thy name we hon- or stead-fast-ly. 

Wir dan-ken dir zu al- 1er Zeit 
Each day we ren-der thanks to thee, 

um dei- ne gro-sse Herr- 1 ich- keit. 
for thine ex-al- ted ma- jes- -ty. 

Herr Gott im Him-mel Ko- nig du bist 
Lord God, in Hea-ven thou art the King, 

ein Va-ter, der a 11- mach- tig ist. 
the Fa-ther, Lord of eve- ry- thing. 

Du Got-tes Sohn vom Va-ter bist 
Thou Son of God wert sa-cri-ficed 

ei-nig ge- born, Herr Je-su Christ, 
to save the world, Lord Je-sus Christ. 

Herr Gott, du zar-tes Got-tes- lamm, 
Lord God, thou Lamb of God di-vine, 

ein Sohn aus Got-tes Va-ters Stamm, 
thou Son of God the Fa-ther*s line, 


der du der Welt Sund trägst al-lein 
our sins were borne a- -lone by thee, 

wollst uns gna'-dig barm- her- zig sein 
hear us kind-ly and gra-cious-ly; 

der du der Welt Sühd trägst al-lein 
our sins were borne a- -lone by thee, 

lass dir un-ser Bitt ge-fal-lig sein, 
in thy mer-cy har-ken to our plea. 

dir un-ser Bitt, un- ser Bitt ge- fällig sein 
thy mer-cy hear, hear and har-ken to our plea 

dir un-ser Bitt ge- fal-lig, un-ser Bitt 
thy mer-cy hear thou our plea, in thy mer- 

ge-fal- lig sein, 
-cy hear our plea. 

Der du gleich si-tzest dem Va-ter dein 
Thou who with God wilt for-ev-er be, 

wollst uns gna-dig, barm-her- zig sein, 
hear us kind-ly, and gra-eious-ly. 

Du bist und bleibst hei-lig al-lein 
Thou art and ev- - er will re-main 

ü- ber al- les ein Herr al- lein, 

the Lord who ov- er all will reign 

Vol.12, 12 Sacred Songs, No. 2 (cont) 

der a 1-ler- höchst a 1- lein du bist 
thou art a- -lone by all a-dored, 

du lie- ber Hei-land Je- -su Christ, 
our bles-sed Sav-iour Christ the Lord, 

Alto (Je- sus) 

sammt dem Va- ter und hei-li-gen Geist, 
the sym-bol thou of hea-ven-ly love, 

in gött-li-cher Ma- je-stat gleich 
in ma- jes-ty reign-ing a- -bove. 
(A) (glo-ri-ous ma- jes-ty) 

A-men das ist ge-wiss-lich wahr, 
To Fa-ther,Son and Ho- -ly Ghost. 

das be- kennt al- -ler En- gel Schaar 
there sing in praise the heavYi-ly host, 

und al- le Welt so weit und breit 
and all the world will thee a- dore, 

von nu an bis in E- wig-keit. A-men. 
from this time forth for ev- er- more. A-men. 

No. 3 

Der Nicaenische Glaube 

The Nicene Creed 

Ich gläu-be an ei- nem ei-ni-gen Gott, 
I tru- ly be-lieve in on-ly one God, 

al- mach- ti- gen Va- ter, Schop-fer Him- me Is 
the Fa-ther Al-migh-ty, who ere- a- ted 

und der Er- -den, al- - les was sieht- bar 
Hea-ven and .earth, all things, both vi- -si- 

und un-sicht-bar ist un- -sicht-bar ist. 


in-vi- si- ble, 
A.& T. 

-ble and invi-si- ble, 
S.& B 

und an ei- nen ei-ni-gen Her-ren Je-sum 
and in one and on-ly in one Lord Je-sus 

Chri-stum, Got-tes ei-ni-gen Sohn, 
Christ, be- -got- ten by God a- lone, 

der vom Va-ter ge-bo- ren ist vor der 
of the Fa-ther be- got- ten ere all the 

gan- zen Welt, Gott von Gott, Licht von 
worlds be- gan, God of God, Light of 

Licht, wahr-haf-ti-ger Gott vom wahr-haf-ti- 
Ught, ve- ri- ta-ble God of ve- ri- ta- 

-gen Gott, ge-bo- ren, nicht ge-schaf-fen, 
-ble God, be-got-ten, not ere- a- -ted, 

mit dem Va-ter ei-ner-lei We- - sen, 
with the Fa-ther of but one sub-stance, 

durch we 1- chen al-les ge- schaf- fen ist, 
the Fa- ther by whom all things were nade, 

we 1- eher um uns Men- sehen und um un- ser 

No. 3 (cont) 

Se- lig-keit wil-len vom Him- mel kom-men 
for our sal- va-tion from Heav*n came down to 

ist und leib-haf-tig wor-den durch den 
earth and was made in- car-nate by the 

hei-li-gen Geist von der Jung-frau-en Ma- 
Spi-rit of God, of the Vir- gin Mo- ther 

-ri-a, und Mensch wor-den. Auch für uns 
Ma-ry, and was made man. And for us 

ge-kreu-zi-get , un-ter Pon- ti- o Pi- la-to, 
was cru-ci-fied,cru-ci-fied by Pon- tius Pilate 

ge-lit- ten und be-gra-ben und am drit-ten 
He suf-fered and was buried, and up- on the 

Ta- - ge auf er-stan-den nach der Schrift, 
third day as was pro- phe-sied he rose, 

und ist auf-ge- fah-ren gen Hirn- mel, 
and as- cen-ded up in- to Hea-ven, 

und si- tzet zu der R-ch- - ten des 
and sit-teth on the Right Hand of the 

Va-ters, und wird wie- - der- kom-men, 
Fa-ther, and from thence he com-eth 

zu rich- ten die Le- ben-di- gen und die 
to judge the liv-ing and the dead, come to 

To- dten, dess Reich kein En- de ha- ben 
judge them; nor shall his king-dom have an 

wird. Und an den Herrn den hei-li-gen Geist, 
end. And I be- lieve in the Ho-ly Ghost, 

der da le- ben-dig macht, der von dem 
the Lord who gave us life, the lovepro- 

Va- ter und dem Sohn aus- ge- het, 
-ceed-ing from the Fa- ther and Son, 

der mit dem Va-ter und dem Soh-ne zu-gleich 
who with the Fa-ther and the Son is a- dored 

an- ge- be- - tet, und zu-gleich ge-eh-ret 
and is wor- shipped, and to- geth- er glo-ri- 

wird, der durch die Pro-phe- ten ge-redt hat, 
-fied, who spake by the pro-phets a- fore- time; 

und ei-ne ei- ni-ge, hei-li-ge christ- 
and I be-lieve in one cath-o-lic church 

-li-che a- po-sto-li-sche Kir-che, 
that is ho-ly and a- -po- sto-lic, 

Ich be-ken- - ne ei- ne ei-ni-ge Tau- fe 
I ac- know- ledge one bap-ti-sm to save us, 

zur Ver- ge-bung der Sun-den, und war- te 
that our sins be re- mit-ted; I wait here 

auf die Auf-er- ste- hung der To-dten, 
for the Re- sur-rect-ion here-af-ter, 

Sop. und ein Le-ben, ein- Le- ben 

to save us mor-tals and to suf-fer 142 and life ev-er- -last-ing that 

Vol.12, Nicene Creed (cont) 

und ein Le-ben, 
and the life ev- 

zu mei- 
ne nee- forth 

der zu-künf- ti- gen Welt, 
is in the world to come, 

ein Le- - ben der zu-künf- -ti- -gen Welt, 
-er- last- -ing in the world that will come, 

Alt. und ein Le-ben, ein Le-ben der zu-kühf- 
and life ev-er-last- ing there in the world 

- ti- -gen Welt, und ein Le- ben den zu-kiinf- 
that will come, e- ter-nal life in the world 

-ti-gen Welt, ein Le-ben, ein Le- -ben der 
that will come, the life ev- er last- ing in 

zu- k'dnf- -ti- gen Welt, 
the world that will come, 

T & B und ein Le-ben, ein Le- -ben der 
and life ev-er- -last- ing there in 

zu- kiinf- -ti- gen Welt, ein Le- ben, 
the world that will come, and life ev- 

ein Le- ben der zu- zünf- -ti- gen Welt, 
-er- lasting in the world that will come. 

I No. 4 

Die Wort der Einsetzung 
des heiligen Abendmahls 
Communion Service 

Un-ser Herr Je- sus Chri-stus in der Nacht 
Je-sus,our bles-sed Sav- iour.on the night, 

da er ver-ra-then ward, nahm er das Brod, 

the night he was be-trayed, took up the bread, f tne heathen. 

No. 4 (cont) 

ist das neu- -e Te-sta-ment in mei- nen 
will be your new Tes-ta-ment in mine own 

Blut das für euch ver-gos-sen wird 
blood, which is shed for ma- ny for 

zur Ver- ge- bung der Sun-den, solchs thut, 
the for- give- ness of sin-ners; drink this 

so oft ihrs trinkt, 
and think of me, 

nem Ge-dacht-niss, 
in re- mem-brance, 
my re- nem-brance. 

No. 5 
Psalm 111 

1. Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the 
Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of 
the upright, and in the congregation. 

2. The works of the Lord are great, sought 
out of all them that have pleasure therein. 

3. His work is honourable and glorious; and 
his righteousness endure th forever. 

4. He hath made his wonderful works to be 
remembered: the Lord is gracious and full 
of compassion. 

5. He hath given meat unto them that fear 
him: he will be ever mindful of his covenant. 

6. He hath shewed his people the power of 
his works, that he may give them the heritage 

dan-ket und brachs und gab sei- nen Jun- 
brake it with thanks, gave to his dis-ci- 

-gern und sprach: Neh-met hin, und es-set, 
-pies, and said: Take ye this, and eat it; 

das ist mein Leib, der fur euch ge- ge- ben 
my bo- -dy this, that is gi-ven now for 

wird, solchs thut, zu mei-nem Ge-dacht- 
you; do this hence- forth in re- mem- 

-niss. Des-sel-bi-gen glei-chen nahm er 
-brance. AI- so on that same night Je-sus 

auch den Kelch, nach dem A- bend- mahl, 
took the cup, giv- ing thanks to God, 

dan- ket und gab ih-nen den und sprach: 
like-wise gave it un-to them and said: 

Neh-met, neh-met hin und trin-ketal- 
Take it, take ye this, and drink it, 

al- le, al- le dar-aus, und trin- ket 
all ye my dis-ci-ples, and drink it 

al- le, al- le dar-aus, 
all ye, all ye of it, 

die-ser Kelch 
for this cup 


7. The works of his hands are verity and 
judgment; all his commandments are sure. 

8. They stand fast for ever and ever, and 
are done in truth and uprightness. 

9. He sent redemption unto his people, he 
hath commanded his covenant forever; holy 
and reverend is his name. 

10. Hie fear of the Lord is the beginning of 
wisdom; and a good understanding have they 
that do his commandments; his praise endur- 
-eth forever. 

Ich dan- ke (ich dan- -ke ) 
I thank and I praise the 

von gan-zem Her-zen im Rath 
with all my be- ing here with 

A.& 5 on repeat) the up-right in heart, 

und in der Ge- mei- ne, . Gross sind 
in the con-gre-ga- tion. Great are 

die Wer- ke des Her-ren, wer ihn ach-tet, 
the won-ders he has done, sought of all them 

der hat ei- tel, ei- tel Lust dran, 
that have plea-sure, plea-sure there-in, 

dem Herrn 
Lord God 

der From- men 
the up- right, 

Vol.12, 12 Sacred Songs, No. 5 (cont) 

was er ord- net, dass ist lob- lieh und herr- 
all he f ash- ions is with ho- nor and glo- 

-lich, und sei-ne Ge- rech- tig- keit w*ah-ret, 
- ry, for-ev- er his right-eous-ness bid-eth, 

wah-ret e-wig-lich. Er hat ein Ge-dacht- 
bid-eth ev- er- more. He ma-keth his won- 

-niss ge-stif-tet sei-ner Wun- der, 
-der-ful works to be re- mem-bered, 

der grist- di- ge und barm-he r- zi-ge Herr, 
com-pass-ion and grace a- bound in the Lord. 

Er gie-bet Spei-se de- nem so ihn fifrch- 
He giv-eth meat to them that love and fear 

-ten, er ge- den- ket e-wig-lich an 
him, he will keep the co-ve-nant that 

sei-nen Bund. Er lässt ver- kiin- di- gen 
he hath made. He hath set forth and hath 

sei- -ne ge- wal-ti- gen Tha-ten sei-nem Volk, 
shewed to his peo-ple the pou*er of hiswortes, 

dass er ih-nen ge- - -be das Er- be der 
that he give to them the her- i-tage of the 

He i- den. 

- found- ed, 

Ge- -bo- te 

Die Werk sei-ner Hän- de sind 
The works of his hands are firm- 

No. 5 (cont) 

im-mer-dar, und von E-wig-keit zu 
ev-er-more, from E-ter-ni- ty for 

E-wig-keit. A- men. 
ev-er-more. A- men. 

No. 6 j 

Dank- sa- gen wir al- le Gott, un-serm 
Let us all give thanks to God, and our 

Her-ren Chri-sto, der uns mit sei- 
Lord Je-sus Christ, who by his Word 

-nem Wort hat er-leuch—tet, 
brought light out of dark-ness, 

und uns er- -lo'-set hat mit sei-nem Blu- 
and who did save us all by his pre-cious 

- te von des Teu- fels Gwalt. 
blood from the powr of Hell. 

Den sol-len wir al- -le mit sei- nen 
And so do we praise him, here with his 

En-geln lo- ben mit Schal-le,mit Schalle 
An-gels praise and ex- alt him for- ev- er 

sin- gen: Preis sei Gott in der Kö- he. 
sing-ing: Praise to God in the High-est. 

al- -le sei-ne 
all that he has 

und Recht, 
and true, 

sind recht-schaf- -fen, 
is ac- -com- plished, 

sie wer-den er-hal-ten im-mer und e-wig-lich, 
and will be en-dur-ing un-to e-ter-ni- ty, 

und ge-sche-hen treu- lieh und red- lieh, 
be-ing done in truth and up-right-ness. 

No. 7 


I Luke, 46-55 

Mei-ne See-le er-hebt den Her-ren 
Mag-ni-fy thou the Lord, my spi-rit, 

und mein Geist freu- et sich Got-tes 
for my soul doth re-joice in my 

mei-nes Hei-lan-des. Den er hat 
Er sen- det ei- ne Er- lo- sung sei-nem Volk, God and my Sav-iour. The low place 
He sent in mer- cy re-demp-tion for his folk, 


er ver-hei-sset, dass sein Bund e-wig-lich 
he com-mand-ed that his Word ev-er-more 

blei-ben soll, hei-lig und hehr ist sein 
shall en-dure; ho- ly and re- ve- rend 

Na- -me. Die Furcht des Her- ren ist der 
his name. Fear of the Lord God is where 

Weis-heit An-fang, das ist ei- ne fei- ne 
wis- dorn be- gins, and good un-der-stand-ing 

Klug- he it wer dar- nach thut, des Lob 
have they that keep his Word; his praise 

blei-bet e-wig-lich. 

sei-ne e- -len-de Magd an- ge- se-hen, 
of his hand-maid- en he hath re-gard-ed, 

sie- he, von nun an, wer-den mich 
mark ye, from hence- forth all men will 
se-lig prei- sen al- le, al- le 
call me bless- ed, call me bless-ed 

Kin-des-Kind. Den er hat gro-sse Ding 
eve-ry- one. For the Lord un- to me 

an mir ge- - than, der da mach-tig 
hath done great things; migh- ty is the 

bid- eth ev-er-more. Glo-ry be to God 

dem Va-ter und dem Sohn und dem hei* li- gen 
the Fa-ther and the Son and to the Ho-ly 

Gei-ste, wie es war im An-fang, jetzt und 
Spi-rit, as it ev-er has been, now and 144 

ist, und dess Na-me hei-lig ist. 
Lob und Preis sei Gott Lord, yea, and ho-ly is his feme. 

Und sei-ne Baum-her-zig-keit wah-ret im- 
And his lov-ing ten-der-ness is on all 

-mer fur und fur bei de-nen die ihn fürch- 
of them that fear him to all ge- ne- -ra- 


Vol.12, No. 7 (cont) 

Er ü- - bet Ge- - wait mit sei- nem Arm, 
He hath shewed the strength of his Right Arm, 

er zer- streu- -et die hof-fbr-tig sind in 
he hath scat-tered the proud in i- -ma- gi- 

ih-res Her-zens Sinn. Er stö-sset die 
-na-tion of their hearts. He put-teth down 

Ge- - wal- ti-gen vom Stuhl, und er-ho-het 
the haugh- ty from their seats, and ex-alteth 

die Nie-dri-gen. Die Hun-ge- ri-gen fül-let 
the hum-ble ones. The hun-gry ev-er he hath 

er, mit Gu- - tern, und lasst die 
filled with good things, yet sent the 

Rei- chen, die Rei-chen leer, und lasst 

a- -way, erap- ty 

Er den- ket der 
The Lord is ev- 

und hilft sei-nem 
to give to his 

und sei-nem 
and to his 
(and to his 

Eh- re sei 
Glo-ry to 

ev-er- more. 

und dem Sohn 

A- men. 
A- men. 


rich men emp-ty 

die Rei-chen leer, 
sent them a- way. 

Barm- her-zig-keit 
-er mer-ci- ful 
(is mer-ci- ful) 

Die-ner I-sra-el auf, wie er ge-redt hat 
ser-vant Is-ra-el help, as he hath promised 

un-sern Va-tern, A- bra- ham 
to our Fa- the rs, A- bra- ham 
(to us) 

Sa- -men 
seed for- 

dem Va-ter 

the Fa-ther and the Son 

auch dem heil -gen Gei- ste. Wie 
to the Ho- ly Spi-rit. As 

in An- fang, jetzt und im-mer-dar, 
-er has been, now and ev-er-more, 

von E- wig-keit zu E- wig-keit. A- men. 
E-ter-ni- -ty for ev-er- more. A-men. 

No. 8 
Des H.Bernhardt Freuden-Gesang 
Song of Joy 

sü-sser Je-su Christ, wer an dich recht 
gen- tie Je-sus Christ, if one knows thee 

ge- -den- ket, dem wird sein Her- ze bald 
but rigjit-ly, his heart will leap for joy, 

mit Freud und Lust ge- - tran- ket. 
his sun will shine out bright-ly. 

Wer dich schon hat bei sich, von dem 

He who is one with thee sur- mounts 

weicht al- les Leid, 
all pain and grief, 

es war 
it ev- 



No. 8 (cont) 

Da u- ber- trifft dem Trost auch al-le 
for in thy love he finds his ev-er 

Su-ssig-keit. Nicht kann des Men-schen 

sure re- lief. Naught can the tongue or 

Zung und Mund so lieb- lieh sin- gen, 
lips of Man so sweet-ly sing us, 

nichts kann so an - ge- nehm in un- sern 
no more de-liglit-ful ti-dings can a 

Oh- ren klin-gen, nichts ist > das 

thought more 

ob es schon, 
a- ny- one, 

o Je-su. 


her-ald bring us; no 

un- ser Sinn kann den-ken, 
pre-cious can oc- cur to 

sehr kost- lieh ist, als dich, 

than when we hear thy Name, Je-sus, 

Got- tes Sohn. Du bist die Hoff-nung dess, 

Gocfs own Son. Thou art the hope of all 

der sich zu dir be- keh- ret, 
who un- to thee are turn-ing; 

du bist frei-ge-big dem, der von dir was 
thou free- ly giv-est them who for thy love 

be- -geh- ret; du bist barm-her-zig 
are yearn- ing; thy mer- cy falls on 

dem, der sich sucht mit Be- gier, 
them who seek thee faith- ful- ly; 

und wer dich findt, der findt das ho'ch-ste 
and he who finds thee, finds his high-est 

Gut in dir. Je-su sii-sser Held, 
joy in thee. Je-sus, dear- est friend, 

du sü- -sse Freud und Won- ne. des Her-zens 
my sweet-est Light to cheer me; my sun-shine 

o du Brunn des Le-bens, o du Son- ne, 
thou Fount of Mer-cy, be thou near me! 

dess der im Fin- ster sitzt, nichts ist. 
Shine on my dark-ened path, 'tis thee, 

denn du al-lein, was ich nur wünsch 
and thee a- lone, for whom I long, 

und was mir mag er- freu- lieh sein, 
who gives me life and keeps me strong. 

Was Je-sum lie- ben sei, kann kei- ne Hand 
What Je-sus* love can be, no hand of man 

be-schrei-ben, nur der kanns spre-chen 
can pic- ture, no spo- ken word de- 

aus, nur der, nur der kanns glau-ben, 
-scribe, he on- -ly can be- lieve it 

der es er- fah- ren hat, der Je-sum 
who for him-self has learned by tru-ly 

hat ge- liebt, 
lov-ing him, 

Vol.12, No. 8 (cont) 

der ihn noch liebt und sich in sei- ne 
who loves hira still and to his love sur- 

Lieb er-giebt. Nu sei dem Va-ter Dank, 
-ren-ders all. Now to the Fa-ther thanks, 

der uns den Sohn ge- ge-ben, dem sei 
and to the Son he gave us, and to 

zu-gleich die Ehr und sei-nem Geist da-ne-ben, 
the Ho- -ly Spi-rit sent to eartl< to save us, 

wir wol-len, Va-ter, dich und Je- sum und den 
so on thee, Fa-ther, and on Je-sus Christ we 

Geist hier lo-ben im-mer-dar und e-wig 
call, and on the Ho-ly Spi-rit ev-er 

al-ler- meist. A-men. 
most of all. A-men. 

No. 9' 

Ky- ri- - e e- -lei-son 
God our Lord, have mer-cy; 

e- -lei-son, Chri- ste 
have mer-cy; Lord Christ har-ken to us; 

Herr Gott Va-ter im Him-mel, er-barm dich 
Lord God Fa-ther in Hea-ven, have pi- -ty 

ü'-ber uns, Herr Gott Sohn, der Welt Hei- land, 
on us all, Lord God Son and our Saviour, 

er-barm dich Ü-ber uns, Herr Gott hei-li- 
havepi- -ty on us all, Ho — ly Spi-rit 

-ger Geist, er-barm dich u-ber uns, 
Lord God have pi- -ty on üb all, 

Sei uns gna- dig, ver-schon uns lie-ber 
Be thou gra-cious, and spare us, dear-est 

Her- re Gott, hilf uns, lie- ber etc. 
Lord our God; help us, dear-est etc. 

Chri- -ste 
Lord Christ, 

er- hö- re uns, 

Pur al- -len Sun- den be- - hut uns, 
From all trans-gress-ion,pre-serve us, 

für al-lem Irr-sal, fur al-lem U-bel, 
from eve-ry er- ror, from every ev-il, 

Für des Teu-fels Trug und List, 
From the De- vitis fraud and guile, 

fur bo-sem schnel-len Tod, fur Pe-stilenz 
from aw-ful sud- -den death, from pes-tilence, 

und theu-rer Zeit, für Krieg und Blut, 
and ev- il times, from war and blood, 

fur Auf -rühr und Zwie-tracht. Für Ha- gel 
from up- roar and dis- -cord, From lightning 

und Un- ge- wit-ter, für dem e- wi-gen Tod, 
- and from tem-pest, from per-pe-tu-al death. 

No. 9 (cont) 

Durch dei-ne hei- -li- -ge Ge-burt, hilf uns, 
By thy won-drous ho-ly birth, help us, 

lei- ber Her- re Gott, durch dei-nen Tod- 
dear-est Lord our God, by thy cru-el 

-kämpf und blu-ti-gen Schweiss, durch dein 
pain and blood- -y sweat, by thy 

Kreuz und Tod, durch dein hei-li-ges 
cross and death, by thy ho- - ly 

Auf-er-stehn und Him-mel- fahrt, in 
re-sur-rect- ion and as- cent, when 

un- srer letz-ten Noth, am jung-sten 
we shall need thee most, on that Fin- 

Ge-richt. Wir ar-men Sun-der bit- ten 
-al Day, We wea-ry sin-ners pray thee 

du wollst uns er-ho-ren lie-ber etc. 
that thou wilt hear us, dear-est etc 

und dei- ne hei- - li- ge Christ- li-che 
and that it please thee to gov- ern thy 

Kir-che re-gie- ren und fun- ren, 
ho- ly church in the right way, 

er- nor uns, lie- ber Her- re Gott, 
hear us, dear-est Lord our God, 

al- le Bi-schof-fe, Pfarr-herrn und 
teach thy bis-hops and dea- -cons and 

Kir- chen- die-ner im heil-sa- men Wort 
cler-gy that they shall know and shew forth 

und hei- li- gen Le- ben er- hal- ten, 
thy^Vord by their preaching and liv-ing; 

al- len Rot- ten und Ar- ger-ni-ssen weh- 
eve-ry plot and con-spi-ra- cy for- bid 

-ren, al- le Ir-ri-ge und Ver-fuhr-te 
them, eve-ry he-re-sy and se- -di-tion 

wie-der-brin-gen, den Sa-tans un-ter 
ov- er- come thou, that Sa-tan by our 

un- se- re Fii- ssen tre-ten, 
feet may be tram- pled un- der, 

treu- er Ar- -bei- ter in dei-ne Ern- te 
that thou send forth thy la-bor-ers to thy 

sen-den, dei- nen Geist und Kraft 
har-vest, that thou strength-en all 

zum Wort ge-ben, al- len Be- trub-ten 
by thy Spi-rit, com- fort and help the 

und Blb'-den hei- fen und sie tro-sten r 
weak- heart- ed, raise thou up the fal-len, 

un-serm Kai- ser, al- len Ko-ni- gen 
may all prin-ces, and all ma-gis-trates 

und Fiir-sten Fried und Ein-tracht ge-ben, 

146 and jud-ges rule in peace and con- cord, 

Vol.12, Sacred Songs, No. 9 (cont) 

un-sern Fiir-sten rait al- len sei- -nen 
may our ru- lers con- duct the m-se Ives in 

Ge-wal-ti-gen lei- ten und schü-tzen, 
au-tho-ri-ty wise-ly and just- ly, 

un- sern Rath und Ge- mei-ne se- ge- nen 
bless our coun-cil and our as-sem-bly and 

und be- -hu- ten, al- len, so in Noth 
well pro-tect them, all who are in need 

und Ge-fahr sind, mit Hiilf er- sehe i- nen, 
and in dan- ger, with help pre-serve them, 

al- len Schwan-gern und Sau- gern, froh- li- 
all the mo- thers in child-birth give them 

-che Frucht und Ge-dei- hen ge-ben, 
a hap- -py es- cape from pe-ril, 

al- 1er Kin-der und Kran- ken pfle-gen und 
all sick per-sons and child- ren nour-ish and 

war- ten, al-le un-schul-di- ge Ge-fan-ge- ne 
com- fort; pi-ty all in- -no-cent pri-soners 

los und le- dig las- sen, al- le Witt-wen 
loos-en them and free them, eve-ry wi- dow 

und Wai-sen ver-thei- di- gen und ver- sor- 
and or-phan de- fend thoü them and main- tain 

-gen, Al-le Men-schen dich er- bar- men, 
them. have mer- cy, Lord, on all men, 

Un-sern Fein-den, Ver-fol-gern und Ui-ste- 
All who slan-der and per- se-cute us, we 

-rem ver- ge- ben und sie be- keh- ren, 
pray for- give thou them and con-vert them, 

die Früch-te auf dem Lan- de ge- ben und 
the earth and all its fruits do thou, Lord 

be- -wah-ren, Und uns gna- dig- lieh er- 
pre-serve us, Send thy grace to us and 

-ho- ren. Je-su Christ, Got-tes Sohn, 
hear us. Je-sus Christ, Son of God, 

du Got-tes- lamm, das der Welt Siin-de 
thou Iamb of God, who hast borne all our 

trägt, er-barm dich u-ber uns, ver-leihuns 
sins, have mer- cy on us all, grant un- to 

ste-ten Fried. Chru-ste, er- -ho-" re uns, 
us thy peace, Christ, hear thou us now, 

Ky- ri- -e, e- -lei-son, Chri- ste 
God our Lord, have mer-cy, Lord Christ, 

e- lei-son, Ky- ri- -e, e- - lei- son. 
have mer-cy, God our Lord, have mer-cy. 

A- men. 
A- men. 

No. 10 


Grace before Meals 

Psalm 145,15: The eyes of all wait upon thee, 
and thou givest them their meat in due season. 
16. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest 
the desire of every living being. 

Al-ler Au-gen war- ten auf dich, Her- re, 
Eve-ry eye is wait-ing on thee »Lord God, 

und du gie-best ih-nen ih- -re Spei-se 
and thou gi-vest un-to them their meat-— 

zu dei-ner Zeit, du thust dei-ne mil- -de- 
in thy good time; thou o- -pen-est out thine 

Hand auf und sat-ti-gest al-les was da le-bet 
hand and thou sa-tis -fi-eth the de-sire of 

-bet mit Wohl- -ge- fal-len. 
eve- ry liv- - ing be- ing. 

The Lonfs Prayer 

Va- ter un-ser, der du bist im Him-mel, 
God our Fa-ther, thou who art in ffea-ven, 

ge-heil-get wer- -de dein Nam, ge- komm 
for-ev- er hal- lowed thy name, thy king- 

dein Reich, dein Will ge-scheh, wie in 
-dom come, thy will be done as in 

Him-mel al- -so auch auf Er- -den, 
Hea-ven, like- wise on the earth here; 

un- ser tag- lieh Brot gieb uns Herr, 
give our dai- ly bread, give us Lord 

(give it us,) 

und ver-gieb uns un-ser Schul-de, 
and for -give us what we owe thee, 

ver- ge- ben un-sern Schul-di-gen, 
for- give what oth-ers owe to us, 

und führ uns nicht in Ver- su-chung, son-dern 
and lead us not to temp- ta-t ion, but yet 

er-lo-se uns vom Ü-bel, denn dein ist das 
de-li-ver us from ev-il; the king-dom is 

Reich, und die Kraft, und die Herr- 1 ich- ke it, 
thine and the pow'r, and the Ma- jes- -ty,' 

in E-wig-keit. A-men. 
for- ev- er- more , A- men . 


wie wir 
as we 

Her- re Gott, himm-li-sche Va-ter, seg- ne 
Lord our God, hea-ven- ly Fa-ther, bless 
uns und die- -se dei- -ne Ga- ben 
Lord what thou vouch- safe to give us, 

(what thou giv-est) 


Vol.12, Sacred Songs, No. 10 (cont) 
wir von dei-ner mil- den Gü- -te zu 


- more ; 

and grant what we re-ceive the bless- ings thou 

uns neh-men, durch Je- -sum Chri-stum, 
hast giv-en, thru Christ our Sav- iour, 

dei-nen lie-ben Sohn, un-sern Her-ren. A-men. 
thy be- lov-ed Son, our Re-deem-er. A-men. 

No. 11 
Gratias Nach dem Essen 
Thanksgiving After the Meal 

Dan-ket dem Her- ren, denn er ist sehr freund- 
Ihank ye the Lord God, for his lov-ing- -kind- 

-lich und sei-ne Gii- -te wäh- ret e-wig- 
and for his good-ness last-ing ev-er- 

der al-lem Flei-sche Spei-se giebt, 
to all his crea-tures giv-eth food, 

der dem Vieh sein Fut-ter giebt, 

to the beast he giv-eth food, 

den jun- gen Ra- ben die ihn an-ru-fen. 

and the young ra-vens which cry un-to him. 

Der Herr hat kein Lust an der Star- -ke des. 
The Lord hath no joy in the strength of the 

Ro-sses, noch Ge- fal- len an je-mands 
nor ta-keth plea-sure in their 

der Herr hat Ge- fal- len an 
the Lord ta- keth plea- sure in 

de-nen, die ihn furch- ten und die auf 
them that do fear him and in them 

sei- ne Gu- te war- ten. 
that a- wait his mer-cy. 
Psalm 147,9: He giveth to the beast his food, 
and to the young ravens which cry. 

10. He delighteth not in the strength of the' 
horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of 

a man. 

11. The Lord taketh pleasure in them that 
fear him; in those that hope in his mercy. 



Wir dan- ken dir, Herr Gott, 
We thank thee all, Lord God, 

Va-ter, durch Je- -sum Chri- 
Fa-ther, thru Christ our Sav- 

lie-ben Sohn, un-sern Her-ren 
-lov-ed Son, our Re-deem-er, 

dei-ne Ga- ben und Wohl- that 
ma- ny fa-vors, and kind- ness, 

le-best und re- -gie-rest von 
liv-est and who reign-est e- 

zu E- wig- keit. A-men. 
for ev-er- -more. A-men. 

himm-li- scher 
hea-ven- ly 

stum, dei-nen 
iour, thy be- 

fiir al- le 
for all thy 

der du 
thou who 

E- wig- keit 

No. 11 

Chri-ste fac ut sa-pi- - am qui- a 
Give me, Christ, to un-der-stand that thy 

tu sa-pi- en- ti- a Pa-tris So- lus 
wis-dom a- lone is the Fa-ther*s wis-dom, 

es et te-cum qui sa- pit il- le 
that thru thee I may com-pre-hend all 

sa- -pit. Heu quan-tae te- ne- brae, 
know- ledge. Ah what dark ig- no- ranee, 

quam va- na sci-en- ti- - a men- tem 
what vain in- for- ma- t ion dis-turbs him 

Ve- -xat, quis ve- -ri dul-ce do- ce- 
who seeks the Truth and ve- ri-ly strives 

-bit i- -ter! Ad te con- fu-gi- -o, 
to teach it? My re-fuge is in thee, 

qui lux mor- -ta- li-bus i- pse es, 
for thou art light un-to all of us; 

per quern sen- -se- runt cun-cta ere- a- 
thru thee our whole Cre- -a-tion doth have 

-ta di-em. Da mi- hi di-vi-num lu- 
its be-ing. Show thou un-to me thy know- 

- men te- ne-bras-que re- pel- -le, 
-ledge, and re- pel thou the dark- ness, 

Spi-ri- tus il- - lu- stret pe-cto-ra no- 
Let thy spi-ri t shine on us and en-light- 

-stra tu- -us. Non e-qui-dem, fa-te- -or, 

- en our hearts. Nay I am not, I con- fess, 

tan- to sum dig- -nus ho-no- re, sum mi-ser 
one who de-serves such an hon- or; ma- ny the 

et mul- -to cri- mi-ne, Chri-ste, 
trans-gress-ions where- of I, Lord am 

re- us. Sed ta-men, in- fu- -so, 
guil-ty. Yet I, Lord, de-spair not, 

con- -fi- do san- gui- -ne, cu- jus 
but trust the blood that thou gav-est, 

Pur- ga-bit sor- des gut- - tu- la 
one drop of which will cleanse all my 

par- va me- -as. Non mi-hi quae-ro 
base cor-rup-tion. I do not seek to 

pro- fit, 

lau-dem, et laus et lu-crum tu mi- hi 
-da-tion, my praise and pro- fit I hope for 

so- lus e- -ris. Il- lus-tra men- -tem, 
on-ly from thee. Light- en my mind, Lord, 

coe- le-sti-bus i- gni-bus im- pie, 
and fill it with fer -vor ce- les-tial; 

va- nam nee ar- ro- go 
nor look for vain com-men- 


Vol.12, Sacred Songs, No. 12 (cont) 

Ne-mo mi- hi prae-ter te tu- a do- na 
No one, Lord, but thee will eq-ual thy la-vish 

da-bit. I-pse fe- -ram dul-ces lau- dum 
boun-ty. I my- self shall of- fer my praise 

ti-bi mu- -ne- ra gra- tes, Nil ma-jus 
ds a tri- bute to thank thee. Man has no 

e- nim ho- -mo quod ti- bi red-dat 
great-er gift than that which I hum-bly 

ha- bet. A- men. 
of- fer. A- men. 

Six-Part Litany 

The English text of No. 9, ante six pages, 
fits here except as follows. 

Bar 1: Ky- ri- - e e- le- i- son, Chri- 
God our Lord, be mer-ci- ful, Lord 

-sti e- le- i- son, Ky- ri- e e- le-i-son 
Christ, be mer-ci-ful,God our Lord^be merciful, 

Bar 4: Chri- ste ho- re uns, Chri- -ste 
Lord Christ, hear thou us, Lord Christ, 

er- hö- -re uns, 
hear thou us, 

Bar 10: du hei- li- ge Drei-fal-tig-keit, 
thoubles-sed ho — ly Three-in One, 

Bar 26: für Krieg und Blut- ver- -gie- ssen, 
from war- fare and from blood-shed, 

Bar 30: Durch dei-ne hei- li- ge Ge-burt, 
,By thy mys-ter-ious ho- ly birth. 

durch dei-nen Tods-kampf und blu-ti- gen 
by thine — a- - go- ny and thy blood- y 


Bar 37: durch dein hei-li-ges Auf-er-stehn 
by thy glo-ri-ous Re-sur-rect- 

und Him- me 1- fahrt, 
-ion and As- cent, 

Bar 50: al- le Bi- scho-fe, Pfarr-herm 
teach thy bis-hops and dea- cons 

und Kir-chen- die-ner im heil-sa-men 
and cler-gy that they spread thy ho-ly 

Wort, und hei- -li- gen Le- ben er- halten, 
word by their preaching and by their living, 

Bar 59: treu- e Ar- bei-ter in dei- ne 
send thou forth thy la- bo-rers in- 

Ern- -te sen-den, dei-nen Geist und 
-to thine har-vest, give un- to us 

Kraft zum Wort ge- ben, 
strength by thy spi-rit, 149 

Six-Part Litany (cont) 

Bar 63: al- len Be- trüb- ten und Blö-den 
com- fort and help thou the poor in 

hei- fen und sie tro-sten, 
spi-rit, raise the fal-len, 

Bar 72: un- sern Rath und Ge- mei-ne 
bless our Coun-cil and our As- 

seg-nen und be- -nib ten, 
-sem-bly and pro-tect them, 

Bar 67: un-serm Kai-ser Er- kennt-niss 
grant to them un-der- stand- ing 

sei-nes Worts aus Ge- na- den ver- lie-hen, 
to ad- -min- is-ter just- ice with mer-cy, 

Bar 90: Un-sern Fein- den, Ver- fol- gern und 
them who slan-der and per- se-cute 

La- ste- rem ver- ge- ben und sie be- 
us we pray for-give them and turn their 

-keh-ren, die Früch-te aus dem Lan- -de 
spi-rits, give un- to us the earth's a- 

ge- -ben, und be- wah- ren, 
-bun- dance, and pre-serve it, 

Bars 110-113: e- lei- i- son, 

be mer-ci- ful, 

Canticle of Simeon 

Herr, nun la-ssest du dei- nen Die-ner in 
Lord, now let-test thou this thy ser-vant in 

Frie- de fah- -ren, Sop. I fah- ren, 
peace de- part hence, part hence, 

Ten. I: in Frie- de, in Frie- de fah- -ren, 
de-part hence, in peace de-part hence, 

wie du ge-sagt hast. Denn mei- ne 
as thou hast pro- mis ed. For now mine 

Au- gen ha- ben dei-nen Hei- land 
eyes have looked up- on the Sav-iour 

ge- -se- hen, wel-chen du be- -rei-tet hast, 
and seen him, thy sal- va-tion sent by thee, 

fur al- len Vol- kern ein Licht zu 
for all thy peo-ple, a light to 

er-leuch-ten die Hei- den, 
en-light-en the gen-tiles, 

dei-nes Volk I-sra-el. 
us thy folk Is-ra-el. 

See Luke, II, 29-32. 

und zum Preis 
to ex- -alt 

Schutz, Vol.12 
Collected Motets, etc. 

Psalm 116 

1.1 love the Lord, because he hath heard my 
voice and my supplications. 

2. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, 
therefore will I call upon him as long as I 


3. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the 
pains of hell gat hold upon me: I found 
trouble and sorrow. 

4. Then called I upon the name of the Lord; 
Lord, I beseech thee, deliver my soul. 

5. Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; yea, 
our God is merciful. 

6. The Lord preserveth the simple: I was 
brought low, and he helped me. 

7. Return unto thy rest, my soul; for the 
Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee. 

Psalm 116, (cont) 

Stri- eke des To- des hat- ten mich 
Death with its sor-rows com-passed and 

(com- passed me,) 
urn- fan- gen, und Angst der Hol- len 
be-set me, and pains like hell- fire 

hat- ten mich trof-fen, ich kam in Jam-mer 
gat hold up- -on me, trou-ble and sor-row 

und Noth, A- ber ich rief an den Na-men 
I found. Then I called up- on the name of 

des Her- ren; Herr er-ret-te mei- ne See-le; 
the Lord God; Lord, de-li-ver thou my spirit. 

Der Herr ist gna- dig und ge- recht, und 
The Lord is gra-cious and is just, our 

un-ser Gott ist barm-her-zig, 
God is plen-teous in mer-cy, 
(yea, in mer-cy,) 

Der Herr be- -hu- tet die Ein-fäl-ti- -gen, 

8. For thou hast delivered my soul from death,TheLord pre-serv-eth ev- en sim-ple souls; 

wenn ich un- ter- -lie- -ge i so hilft 
when my soul was brought low, he helped 

er mir. Sei nun wie-der zu-frie-den, 
me then. Come a- gain and be rest-ed, 

mine eyes from tears, and ray feet from falling. 

9. I will walk before the Lord in the land of 

the living. 

10. I believed, therefore have I spoken: I was 

greatly afflicted: 

11. I said in my haste, all men are liars. mei-ne See-le, denn der Herr thut dir Guts. 

12. What shall I render unto the Lord for all 
his benefits toward me? 

13. I will take the cup of salvation, and call 
upon the name of the Lord. 

14.1 will pay my vows unto the Lord now in 
the presence of all his people. 

15. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the 
death of his saints. 

16. Lord, truly I am thy servant, and the 
son of thine handmaid: thou hast loosed my 

bonds . 

17. I will offer to thee the sacrifice of 
thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of 

the Lord. 

18. I will pay my vows now in the presence 

of all his people. 

19. In the courts of the Lonfs house, in the 

midst of thee, Jerusalem. Praise ye the Lord. 

Dass ist mir lieb, dass der Herr mein 
I love the Lord, who hath heard my 

Stimm und Fle-hen hö- ret, dass er, 
voice and sup-pli-ca-tion, for he, 

sein Oh- - re zu mir nei- get, 
in- c lined his ear to- ward me, 
da- rum will ich ihn mein Le- ben lang. 
I will there-fore call my whole life long 


up-on him. 150 

my spi-rit, thou art blest by the Lord. 

Denn du hast mei- ne See-le aus dem 
For from death thou de-liv-er-edst my 

To- de ge-ris-sen, mein Au- -ge von den 
spi-rit to save it, yea and mine eyes from 

Thr'a-nen, mein Fuss vom Glei-ten. 
weep-ing, ray feet from fall- ing. 

Ich will wan- dein fur dem Herrn ii 
I will walk be- fore the Lord with 

Lan- de der Le- ben-di-gen. Ich gfäu- be, 
them who live for-ev- er-more. I be-lieved, 

da- -rum re-de ich, ich wer-de a- ber 
there-fore did I speak; I was af-flicted 

sehr ge-plagt. Ich sprach in mei- nem 
nigh to death. I said in haste and 

Za-gen: Al-le men- sehen sind Lug-ner. 
an-ger: All man- kind are li- ars. 

Wie. soll ich dem Herrn ver-gel-ten al- le 
What shall I ren- der to the Lord for all 

sein Wohl- that, die er mir thut? 
his be- -ne- - fits to- ward me? 

Ich will den heil-sa- men Kelch neh- men 
Ta- king the cup that will save my soul, 

und des Her- ren Na-men pre- di- gen, 
I will call up-on the Lord by name. 

Vol.12, Ps.116 (cont) 

ich will nei-ne Ge- liib- -de dem Her-ren 
I will pay in the pre-sence of all of 

be- zah-len fur al-len sei-nera Volk, 
his peo-ple my vows un-to the Lord. 

Der Tod sei-ner Hei- -li-gen ist 
The death of his saints is pre-cious 

werth ge- ha 1- ten für dem Herrn. 
in the sight of God the Lord. 

Herr, ich bin dein Knecht, dei-ner Magd 
Lord I am thy slave, son of thy 

Sohn, du hast mei- - ne Ban- -de 
maid, thou Lord hast loosed me 
hast loosed me from bon- dage, 
thou hast loosed me, 

No. 2 (cont) 

wi- der-fah-ren, auf dass an mir fur- 
grace and mer-cy, that in me as a 

-nehm- lieh Je-sus Chri- stus er- -zei- ge- 
pat- tern Je-sus Christ might shew fotth all 

-te al- -le Ge- duld zum E-xem-pel de-nen, 
long-suf-fring,& love, as a pat-tern to them 

die an ihm glau-ben sol- len zum e- 
which at last should be-lieve him, to life 

-wi-gen Le- ben. Gott, dem e- wi- gen 
ev-er- last-ing. Now to God the e- 

Kö- ni- -ge, dem un-ver- ging- li- che n 
-ter-nal king, the ev-er- last-ing one, 

und un-sicht-ba*ren und al-lein wei-sen 

the in- vi- -si-ble, the on- ly wise God, 

zu- ris- sen. Dir will ich Dank o- pfern, . ~ ^ . _ ' 

. , ^ ... . ., .. sei Eh-re und Preis in E-wig-keit. A-men. 

from bon-dage. I will thank and praise thee, 

und des Her-ren Na- men pre- di-gen. 
and will call up- on the Lord by name. 

In den Ho- fen am Haus des Her- -ren 
In the courts of the Lord I praise him, 

in dir Je-ru-sa-lem, Hal-le-lu-ja. 
in thee, Je-ru-sa-lem. Hal-le-lu-ja. 

be hon-or and praise for ev-er-more. A-men. 

No. 2 

I Tim. 13: This is a faithful saying and 
worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus 
came into the world to save sinners, of whom 
I am the chief. 

16.Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, 
that in me first Jesus Christ might shew 
forth all long- suffering, for a pattern for 
them which should hereafter believe on him 
to life everlasting. 

17. Now unto the king eternal, immortal, in- 
- visible, the only wise God be honor and 
glory for ever and ever. Amen. 

Dass ist je ge-wiss-lich wahr und ein 
This is now the gos-pel truth, and is 

theu-er wer-thes Wort, dass Chris- tus 
wor-thy of re-spect, that Christ the 

Je- sus kom-men ist in die Welt 
Lord came un- to us in the world, 

die Sün-der se- lig zu ma- chen, 
to save and ran-som the sin-ners, 

un- ter wel-chen ich der für- nehm- ste bin. 
chief a-mong them, yea a-mong them am I. 

A-ber da-rum ist mir Barm-her- -zig-keit 
How-be-it I did for this cause ob- tain 

(thus did ob- tain) 


No. 3 

De Vitae Fugacitate 

Life is Fleeting 

1. Ich hab mein Sach Gott heim-ge-s teilt, 
To God I trust my life and limb, 

er mactfs mit mir, wiefe ihm ge- fällt, 
to do with me what plea-ses Him, 

soll ich all-hier noch lan-ger leb'n 
while I am here, a mor-tal still, 

nicht wi-der-streb'n, 
to do Wis will, 

seim Wil-ien thu ich mich er- geb'n. 
and His di-vine com-mands ful- fil. 

2. Mein Zeit und Stund ist, wenn Gott will, 
My time will come when God de-cides,' 
ich schreib ihm nicht fur Kfass noch Ziel, 
I ques- tion not what He pro-vides,' 
es sind ge- zahlt all Jfcr- lein 
my hairs are count- ed, one and 

(are count- ed 
(yea one and 
be id gross und klein, 
both great and small, 

fallt kei- nes ohn den Wil-ien sein, 
a-gainst His will not one may fall. 




ist all-hier ein Jam- mer- thai, 
Earth is a Vale of Dark De- spair,' 
Angst, Noth und Trüb-sal ü- ber- all, 
care, woe and trou-ble eve-ry- where 
des Blei-bens ist ein klei-ne Zeit, 
our span of life at best is brief, 

Vol.12, No. 3 (cont) 

vol-ler Müh-se-lig-keit 
full of wor-ry and grief, 

und wer*s be- -denkt ist im- mer im Streit, 
with con-stant strife, and lit-tle re- lief. 

4. Was ist der Mensch, ein Er-den-kloss, 
What then is man? A. clod of earth, 

von Mut-ter-leib kommt er nackt und bloss, 
he comes to us na- ked at his birth; 

bringt nichts mit sich auf die-ser Welt, 
he brings no gold or sil-ver here, 

kein Gut noch Gelt, 
no goods or gear, 

nimmt nichts mit sich , 
( nor takes aught hence) 
(end) with 

wenn er hin- fallt, 
him in his bier. 

5. Es hilft kein Reich-thum, Geld noch Gut, 
No help are rich- -es, goods or gold, 

kein Kunst noch Gunst, kein stol-zer Muth, 
nor art nor pow'r, nor cou-rage bold, 

fiirm Tod kein Kraut ge-wach-sen ist 
for death asks not the rea- son why, 

mein from- mer Christ, 
and by and by, 

al- les was le- -bet, sterb-lich ist. 
all liv-ing crea-tures, all must die. 

6. Heut sind wir frisch, ge-sund und stark, 
To- day in health, ro-bust and sound, 

bald krank und todt und liegn im Sarg, 
to- -mor- row dead and un- % der ground, 

heut blühn wir, wie die Ro-sen roth, 
to- -day we bloom like ro-ses red, 

bald krank und todt, 
soon sick and dead, 

ist al- lent- hal- ben Muh und Noth. 
and all a -round us want and dread. 

7. Man tragt eirfs nach dem an-dern hin, 
Soon car- ried off, none left be- hind, 

wohl aus den Au- -gen, aus dem Sinn, 
once out of sight, soon out of mind, 

die Welt ver-giss-set un- -ser bald, 
the world for-gets us when we're cold, 

sei jung o- der alt, 
be we young or old, 

auch un- -ser Er- den man- nig- fa It. 
tho earth- ly fame be ma- ni- fold. 

No. 3 (cont) 

8. Ach Herr, lehr uns be-den-ken wohl, 
Ah Lord, teach us lest we for-get, 

dass wir sind sterb-lich all- -zu- mal, 
we live here but a short time yet, 

auch wir all- hie kein Biei-bens nan, 
and ve- ry soon we must a- -way, 

miis-sen all- da^von, 
yea per-chance to-day, 

ge- lehrt, re ich, jung, alt o- der schon, 
tho rich or poor, old .young & gay. 

9. Das macht die Sund, o treu-er Gott, 
Faith-ful God, it is our sin, 

da-durch ist komnih der bitt- - re Tod, 
where-by grim death our souls would win; 

der nimmt und frist all Men-schen-kind 
he takes us all^both friend and foe, 

wie er sie findt, 
where-eer we go, 

fragt nicht »weiss Stands odr Ehrn sie sind, 
nor asks our sta- tion, high or low, 
(nor ev- -er asks of us) 

10. Ich hai ein we- nig gu-ter Tag, 
On earth but lit-tle joy I know, 

mein tag- lieh Brot ist Mlih und Klag, 
my dai- ly bread is care and woe, 

wenn mein Gott will, so will ich mit, 
when God de-eides, my trou-bles cease, 

hin- f ahm in Fried, 
I go in peace, 

Stertfh ist mein Gwinn und schadt mir nicht, 
death is my gain and my re- lease. 

11. Und ob mich schon, mein Sund an- ficht, 
And if per-chance my sins as-sail, 

den- noch will ich ver- za- -gen nicht, 
I will not then de-spair or quail, 

ich weiss, dass mein ge-treu- -er Gott 
I know that God in death will be 

für mich in Tod, 
yet true to me, 

sein lieb-sten Sohn ge-ge- ben hat. 
who gave his Son to set me free. 

12. Der-sel-big mein Herr Je- su Christ, 
Lord Je-sus Christ in-deed is he, 

für all mein Sund ge- stor-ben ist 

152 Wh ° th ° r sinned bas died for nie, 

Vol.12, No. 3 (cont) 

und auf-er-s tan-den mir zu- -gut 
and up a- gain he rose to quell 

der Höi-len Glut 
the fires of Hell, 

ge- loscht mit sei- - nen theu-ren Blut, 
and by his blood their rage dis-pel. 

13. Dem leb und sterb ich al-le Zeit, 
To him be- longs my ve-ry heart, 

von ihm der bitt-re Tod mich nicht 
with bond that bit-ter death can- -not 


ich leb o-der sterb, 
in life or in death 

so bin ich sein, 
but one are we, 

er ist al-lein, 
but one will be, 

der ei-nig Trost und Hel-fer mein, 
my on-ly friend and he 1- per he. 

14. Das ist mein Trost zu al- 1er Zeit, 
My com-fort he in all dis-tress, 

in al - lern Kreuz und Trau-rig-keit, 
in grief and woe and bit- ter-ness, 

ich weiss dass ich, am jung-sten Tag 
I know that I, on Judg-ment Day, 

ohn al-le Klag 
will go a- way, 

wird aui-er-stehn aus mei- nem Grab, 
re- joic-ing hence, in bright ar- ray. 

15. Mein lie-ber, from-mer, gtreu-er Gott, 

My God, be- -lov- ed, gen- tie too, 

all mein Ge-bein be-wah- ren thut, 
my ve- ry bones to thee are true, 

da wird nicht eins vom Lei- be mein 
for eve- ry bone a-mong them all, 

sei gross o- der klein, 
tho great or tho small, 

um- kom-men noch ver-lo-ren sein, 
will per-ish, so it must be- fall. 

16. Mein lie-ben Gott von An- ge-sicht 
Lord, when I see thy face so dear, 

werd ich an-schaun dran zweifl ich nicht, 
it drives a- way all doubt and fear; 

in e- wigr Freud und Herr- lieh- keit, 
from trou-ble free, I then will see 

die mir be- reit, 
thy ma-jes- ty, 

No. 3 (cont) 

ihm sei Lob, Preis in E- wig-keit. 
and sing thy praise e- ter-nal- ly. 

17. Je-su Christ-(e), Got-tes Sohn, 
Je-sus Christ (our)Gocfs own Son, 

der du für uns hast gnug ge-than, 
im-mot-tal life for us hast won, 

ach schleuss mich in die Wun- den dein, 
thy wounds my on-ly hope have been, 

du bist al-lein 
to cleanse from sin, 

der ei-nig Trost und Hel-fer mein, 
and for my soul sal-va-tion win. 

18. A-men,mein lie-ber, from-mer Gott, 
A- men, my God who com- fort-eth, 

be- scheer uns alln ein se-lign Tod, 
vouch-safe to us a bless-ed death, 

hilf dass wir mo- gen all- zu- gleich 
in thy good time we ask that we 

bald in dem Reich, 
may come to thee, 

kom- men und blei- ben e- wig- lieh, 
in Heavh to dwell e-ter-nal- ly. 


Musikaliscne Exequien 
Music for a Funeral ceremony 

intonatio (Tenor): (joe 1,21) 

Na-cket bin ich vom Mut-ter-lei-be kom- men. 

Na-ked I came out of my mo- -trier's womb, 

Solo Voices: 

Na-cket wer-de ici, wie-der-um da-riin - fan-ren, 

na-ked al- so will I re-turnoreday thither. 

der Herr hats ge-ge-ben, der Herr hats ge- 
the Lord God natn given, and ta- keth a- 

-nom-men, der Na- me des Ker-ren sei 
-way-, - the name of tneLord be blest 

ge- lo-bet. 

Herr aott Va-ter im Him-mel, 

Lord God, Fa-ther in Hea-ven, 

er-barm dich ü- ber uns. 
have mer- cy on us all! 

Solo Voices: (i Philipp. I, 21) 
Criri-stus ist mein Le-ben, 
Life to me is je-sus, 

Ster-ben ist mein Ge-winn. 
death to me is but gain. 

(St. John, I, 29; and see 36) 
Sie-he,das ist Got-tes Lamm, 
See ye here the Lamb of God, 

das der welt Sun- -de trägt. 

that ta-keth a- wav our sin. 
Chorus : 
je-su,Cnri-ste, Got-tes Sonn, 

je-sus,je- sus,Son of God, 

er-barm dich ü-ber uns. 
have mer- cy on us all! 
Solo Voices: (Rom.xIV,8) 

Le-ben wir, so le- ben wir dem Her- ren, 
When we live, we live but in the Lord God, 

ster-ben wir, so ster-ben wir dem Her- ren, 
when we die, we die but in the Lord God, 

da- rum wir le- ben, o- der ster-ben, 
and so when liv-ing, or when dy- ing, 

so sind wir des Her- ren. 
we are of tne Lord God. 

Herr Gott, hei-li-ger Geist, er-barm dich, 
Lord God, ho- ly spi- rit, have mer- cy, Das 

u- ber uns! Tne 

on us all! 154 

Intonatio (.Tenor): (St. Jonn,Hl,i6) 
Al-so ' nat Gott die Welt ge- liebt, 
For God hath so loved the world 

dass er sei- nen ein-ge-bor-nen Sohn gab, 
that He gave the son He a-lone be- got, 

Solo Voices: 

auf dass al-le, die an inn gla'u- ben, 

that who-ev-er in Him be- liev- eth 

nicht ver-lo-ren wer-den, 
should not ev-er per-isri, 

son-dern das e- wi- ge Le- ben, 
but shall have life, ev- er-last-ing, 

das e- wi-ge Le- ben ha- 

e- wi-ge Le- ben 
shall have ev-er-last- — 

ing life, 

son-dern das e- wi-ge Le-ben ha- ben. 
but snail nave life ev-er, ev^ er- last-ing. 
son-dern das e- wi-ge Le- ben, 
but shall have life ev-er-last- ing, 

das e- wi-ge Le- ben, 
nave life ev-er-last- ing, 

das e- wi- ge Le- ben ha- ben. 
nave life ev- er, ev- er- last-ing. 


(Er spracn) zu sei- nem lie- ben sorin: 
He said: "My son, Thy time has come, 

die Zeit ist hie zu er- bar- men, 
to leave Thy hea-ven-ly sta-tion, 

(fahr hin,) me ins Her-zens wer- te Krön, 
go nence to res-cue Chris- ten- dom, 

und sei das Heil der Ar- men, 
and be the worlds sal- va-tion; 

und hilf ihn aus der süh- den Not, 
to save man -kind, that th<-y may be, 

er-wiirg fur sie den bit-tern Tod 
in Hea- ven ev- -er-more witn Thee, 

und (lass sie)(mit dir le- ben) 
their ho- ly ha- bi- ta-tion, 

und lass sie mit dir, mit dir le- ben. 
their ho- ly, ho- ly ha- bi- ta-tion. 

Solo Voices: (i jorin,l,7) 
Blut je- su cnn-sti, des Son- nes Got-tes, 
blood snedbv je- sus, by God be- got- ten, 

Scnutz Exequien 

ia-chet uns rein(von al- len,)von al- len 
|ma-keth us clean from sin -ning, from all our 

Sun- den, . 
sin-ning, . 


Durch inn ist uns ver- ge- ben 
'Thru Him our God for-gave us, 

die sünd, ge- schenkt das Le-ten, 
He died tnat He mignt save us, 

im Him-rael solin wir na- ben, 
(with Him in ilea- -ven dwell-ing, 

o Gott, wie gro-sse Ga- ben. 
God.wnat joy ex-cell-ing! 

Solo Voices, (III Piiilipp.20): 

Ui- ser wan- del ist im Him-mel, 

For our eves are turned to Hea-ven, 

/on dan-nen, von dan- nen wir auch war- ten des and let Tny Grace at- tend us! 

to Hea-ven from whence we al- -so look to the 9olQ Voices: (Isaian> XXVI,20) 

,Hei-lan-des, je- su cnri- sti, des Her- ren, (Ge-he hin) mein Volk, in ei- ne Kam- raer, 

Sav- - iour, our Re- deem- er, tne Lord God, En-term, my folk, in-to thy cham-bers, 

wel-cher un-sern nich-ti-gen Leib ver- klaren wird, una schleussdie Tur nach dir zu, 
who will take our bo- dy to cnangeandal-ter it, and snut the doors a- -bout thee, 

dass er ahn- lieh wer-de, ver-bir- ge dich ei-nen klei-nen au- gen- 

take and fasn- -ion a-new, and hide thy-self as it were a lit- tie 

dass er ahn- lieh wer- de sei-nem ver- klär - 
that it may be fasn-ioned like to His glo- 

-ten Lei- be. 

wenn sie gleicn ist wie ro-sin-farb, 
and tho they be red as ctim-son, 

(soll sie docn)wie wol- le wer- den, 
they snail be as wnite as lamb's wool, 

soll sie doch wie wol- le, 
they shall be as lamb's wool, 

wie wol- le wer- den. 
as white as lamb's wool. 

Oiorale: (communion Psalter) 

Sein wort, sein Tauf, sein Nacht-mahl 

His word, His blest com- -mun- ion, 

dient wi-der al-len un-fall, 
sus-tain us lest we fal-ter; 

der heil-ge Geist im Glau-oen 
Thy Ho- ly spi-rit send us, 

lenrt uns dar- auf ver-trau-en, 

-rious bo- dy. 


Es ist all-nier ein Jam-mer-tal, 

Our world is all a Vale of woe; 

Angst, Not und Triib-sal ü- ber-all, 
There is but sad-ness here be- low; 

des 3lei-bens ist ein klei-ne zeit, 
our life on earth is short & brief, 

vol-ler Muh- se- lig- keit, 
full of de-spair and grief, 

und wers be- denkt, ist im-mer im Streit, 
and hope is vain, all nope of re- lief, 

SQlo Voices: (Isaiah, 1,18) 

Wenn eu- re sün- de gleich blut-rot wa- re, 

Yea tho your sins be as red as scar- let, 

Ten. I bar 95: wenn eu- re Sun- 

al-tho vour sins 

-blick, bis der Zorn vor-ü- ber-ge- he. 
wnile/til be passed the in-dig-na-tion. 

( Wisdom of Soloraom, 111,1-3) 
Der Ge- X rech- ten See- len sind in Got- 
But tne right- eous souls are in tne hand 

-tes Hand, und kei-ne Qual run- ret 
of God, and mor-tal pain touch- eth 

sie an, für den un- ver-stan-di- 
them not; in thesightof fool-ish 

-gen wer-den sie an- ge- se- hen, 
ones, them of hit lit-tle wis-dom, 

als stur- ben sie, und ihr Ab- schied 
tney seemed to die and their de- par- 

wird für ei-ne Pein ge-rech-net, 
-ture as mi-se- ry is ta- ken, 

und ihr Hin- fan- ren für Ver- der- ben, 
and their go- ing hence for de-struet- ion, 

a- ter sie sind in Frie- den, in Frie-den. 
but they in peace are sleep- ing, are sleep- ing. 

soll sie doch, soll sie doen schnee-weiss wer- den, 

they snail be, tney shall be wnite as snowf lakes , 155 

Schutz Exequien 

Solo voices -.(Psalm LXXIII,25) 
(Herr, wenn ich nur dich,) ha- be, 
Lord, and whom but Thee have I? 

so fra- ge ich nicnts nach Him-mel und Er- den, 
I wisn none but Thee in earth or in Hea- ven, 

wenn mir gleich Leib und See- le ver-schmacht, 
and tho my flesh and bo- -dy may fall, 

in death be for- -got, 

so bist du, Gott, all- zeit mei-nes Her- 
yet the Lord is my strength and my heart's 

-zens Trost und mein Teil, (Ps.X,3) . 
de- sire and mv lot . 

Ch orale: 

Er ist das Heil und se-lig Licht 

For aii Man-kind He is the Light, 

fü'r die Hei -den, 
all Cre- a-tion, 

zu er-leuch-ten,die dich ken-nen nicht, 
all are guid-ed by His bea-con bright, 

und zu wei-den, 
to sal-va-tion; 

er ist sei-nes Volks is-ra-el 
3av-iour He of all Is-ra-ei, 

der preis, Ehr, Freud und won-ne, . 
we kneel in a- -do- ra-tion, . 

Solo Voices, (Psalm XC, 10-11) 

ün-ser Le- ben wäh-ret sie- ben-zig Jahr, 

Lo the years of life are three score and ten, 

und(wenns hoch k&mmt,) wenns hoch kommt so 
and if hap- -ly, by strength they shall 

sinds acht- zig Jahr, 
be four -sco re years, 

und wenn es kost- lieh ge- we- sen ist, 
yet they are soon, ve- ry soon cut off, 

(so ist es Müh und Ar- bei t,) ge- we- sen, . 
and are but woe and la-bor and sor-row, . 


Ach wie e- lend ist un-ser Zeit 

How full of grief, how full of care 

all- hier auf die-ser Er- den, 
this life that men so cher-ish! 

gar bald der Mensch dar- nie- der leit 
Thou child of man, thy self pre-pare, 

wir miis-sen al- le ster- ben; 
we mor-tals all must per- -ish; 

all- hier in die-sem Jam-mer-tal, 
this world is but a Vale of woe, 

ist Müh und Ar- beit (ü- ber-all) , 
with toil and sad-ness here be- low, 

auch wenn dirs wohl, ge- lin-get, 

our hope is vain and fu-tile, 

auch wenn dirs wohl ge- lin-get. 
our hopes are all but fu-tile. 

Solo Voices, (job, XIX, 25- 26): 
ich weiss, (dass mein Er- lö-ser lebt,) 
I know that my Re-deem-er lives, 

und er wird mich her-nach aus der Er-den 
and He shall stand with me in the Day of 

auf -er- we- cken, 

und wer-de dar-nach mit die- ser mei-ner 
and tho I shall lie in the earth and the 

Haut um- ge - ben wer- den 
worms de-stroy this bo-dy, 

(und wer-de in mei- nem fleisch) Gott se- hen,| 
yet in my flesh shall I see my sav-iour. 


Weil du vom Tod er-stan-den bist, 

Death and the grave can- not hold me 

werd ich im Grab nicht blei-ben; 
long in their dark sub- ject-ion; 

mein hoch- ster Trost dein Auf- fahrt ist, 
from death Thy words have set me free, 

Tods-furcht kannst du ver-trei-ben; 
they are my Re-sur-rect-ion; 

denn wo du bist, da komm ich hin, 
for where Tnou art, there shall I be, 

dass ich stets bei dir leb und bin, 
to live for- ev- er near to Thee, 

drum fahr ich hin mit Freu-den, . 
so I go forth re-joie-ing, . 

Solo Voices, (Genesis, XXXII, 26) 
Herr, ich las- se dich nicht, 
Lord, I'll not let thee go, 

du seg-nest mich denn, 
ex-eept I be blest, . 


Er sprach zu mir: 

The Lord hath said: 

halt dich an mich, 
" I yearn for thee, 

(es soll dir itzt,) ge- lin-gen; 
-L55 and would for mine pos-sess thee; 

Schutz Exequien 

(ich geb, mich sei- ber ganz für dich, 
I died tnat I mignt set thee free, 

da will ich für dich rin- gen, 
and sin no more op- press tnee; 

den Tod ver-schlingt das Le- ben mein, 
tno deatn would slay and swal-low me, 

mein un-schuld tragt die sun- den dein, 
I rose to op- en Heav'n to thee, 

da bist du se-lig wor- den, 

where God will ev-er bless thee, 

Motette, (Double Chorus) see also p. 30. 

Herr, wenn ich nur dich, ha- be, 

Lord, and wnom but Thee, have I? 

so fra-ge ich nichts nach Him-mel 
I wisnbut for Tnee in Hea-ven 

und Er-den, 
here- af-ter, 

nach Him- mel und Er- den, 
in eartn and in Hea-ven, . 

Wenn mir gleich Leib und See-le ver-scnmacht, 
and tho my flesh and bo- dy nay fall, 

so bist du doch, Gott, 
yet Thou art my God, 

al-le-zeit mei- nes Her-zens Trost, 
ev-er my heart's de-sire and hope, 

und mein Teil, mein Teil, 
and my lot, my lot. 

III. canticle of Simeon 

Intonatio (Tenor) (Luke, 11,29) 

Herr nun las -s est du dei- nen Die-ner 

Lord, now let- -test Thou Thy ser-vant 

Double Chorus: (id. ana Rev.xiV,13) 

in Frie- de, (in Frie- de fan- -ren,) 

de-part hence, in peace de-part hence, 

wie du ge- sagt hast, . 
as Thou hast pro-mised, . 

wie du ge- sagt, 
as Thou hast said, 

Denn mei- ne Au-gen(na- ben dei- nen 
For with mine eyes I see the Lord's sal- 

Hei-land ge-se- hen,) wel-chen du be- rei-tet 
-va-tion,my sav-iour, that Thou hast pre-pared for # 

hast für al- len, für al- len vol- kern, . 
us, for all men, for all Tny peo-ple, . 157 

Chorus II (Rev. XIV, 13) 

Se- lig sind die To- ten, 
Bles-sed are the Faith- ful, 

die in dem Her- ren ster-ben, 
who die in Christ the Sav-iour, 

die in dem Her- ren, 
tne faitnful spi-rits, 

sie ru- hen, 
from hence- forth, 

sie ru- hen von ih- rer Ar-beit, 
they rest now from all their la-bors, 

und ih- re wer- ke fol-gen ih-nen nach, . 
and all tneir works do fol-low af-ter them, . 

(Luke 11,32; Isaiah , XLI I , 6 ; Acts, XIV, 37) 
ein Licht, zu er-leucn-ten die Hei- den, 
a light to en- light -en tne gen -tiles, 

und zum Preis dei-nes Volks, ls-ra-el, . 
to ex- -alt Thy peo- pie ls-ra-el, . 

bar 58 S-A-TI-B und zum Preis dei- nes Volks, 

to ex- -alt Ttiine own folk 

Ten I 

Thy peo- pie to ex- alt, 

(Wisdom, 111,1) see p. 27 above. 

Sie sind in der Hand des Her- ren, 

Tne nand of tne Lord shall guard them, 

und kei-ne Qual ruh- ret sie, 
no mor-tal pain touch-eth them, 

Vol . 13 


Psalm 24 

1. The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness 
thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. 

2. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and 
established it upon the floods. 

3. Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? 
or who shall stand in his holy place? 

4. He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; 
who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, 
nor sworn deceitfully. 

5. He shall receive the blessing from the Lord, 
and righteousness from the God of his salvation. 

6. This is the generation of them that seek him, 
that seek thy face, Jacob. Selah. 

7. Lift up your heads, ye gates; and be lift 
up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory 
shall come in. 

8. Who is this King of glory? The Lord, strong 
and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle. 

9. Lift up your heads, ye gates, even lift 
them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of 
glory shall come in. 

10. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, 
he is the King of glory. Selah. 

Do- mi- -ni est ter- - ra et pie- ni- -tu- 
Ail the earth is the Lord's', the ful-ness there- 

bis ter- -ra- -rum et 
the whole world, the world 

qui ha- -bi- tant in e- o. 
, and all they that dwell therein 

Qui- a i- pse su- per ma- ri- a fun-da-vit 
For the Lord our God hath foun-ded it up- on the 

e- um, et su-per flu- mi- - na 
wa-ters, and on the migh-ty floods, 

-do e- jus, 
-of is his, 


u- ni- ver- si, 
and its ful-ness 

prae- pa-ra- - vit 
there es-tab-lished 

Quis a-scen-det 
Who as-cen-deth 

e- urn. 
he it. 

in mon-tem Do- mi- 
ttle hill of God the 

No.l (cont) 

Haec ac- -ci- pi- et be- -ne- -de- cti- 
For he shall re-ceive, shall re-ceive the 

aut quis sta- bit 
who shall stand in 


in lo-co san-cto e- jus? 
his ho-ly ha- bi- ta-tion? 

In- no-cens ma-ni-bus et mun-do cor- - de, 
He that is in- no-cent , and hath a pure heart; 

in va-no 
to va-ni- 


qui non ac- 
who hath not 

-ce-pit in va- no, 
lift-ed his soul un- 

ni-mam su- -am 

nee ju- - ra- 

-tv, un-to va-ni-ty, nor hath sworn de- 

J * i 
do- - -lo 

-ceit-ful- ly, 

pro-xi- mo 
for his own 

su- -o. 


-o- -nem a Do- mi- -no, et mi- -se- 
bles-sing from God the Lord, right- eous-ness 

-ri- cor- di- -am a De- -o sa- lu-ta- ri 
from God the Lord, and from the God of his sal- 

su- o, a De- -o, a- De- - o, a 
-va-tion, the blessing and right-eous- ness 

De- -o sa- lu-ta- ri- su- -o. 

from the God of his sal- va-tion. 
Haec est ge-ne-ra- ti- -o, quae- re n- -ti- 
This the ge-ne-ra- tion is, of them that 

-urn e- urn, quae-ren- -ti- -urn fa- ci- 
do seek him, of them that seek for the 

-em De- -i Ja-cob. 
Lord God of Ja-cob. 

At-tol- li- -te, por- tas prin-ci- 
Lift up your heads, lift up your 

-pes ve-stras, et e- le- va- mi-ni, 
heads, ye gates, and be ye lift-ed up, 

por-tae ae-ter- na- les, 
por-tals ev-er- last-ing, 

et in-tro- -i- bit rex glo-ri- ae. 
the King of Glo-ry shall en-ter in. 

Quis est i- ste rex glo- ri- - ae? 
Who is he, this so glo-rious King? 

Do- mi- nus for- t is et po-tens, 
God the Lord, migh-ty in bat- tie, 

Do- mi- nus po-tens in proe-li- -o, 
migh-ty in bat- tie, the Lord our God, 

Do- mi- nus vir-tu-tum, i-pse est rex 
Lord our God Je- ho- van, he is the King, 

rex glo-ri- ae, 
Ch II glo-ri- ous King, 
Ch I the glorious King, 

B.Ch II i-pse est rex-glo- ri- -ae. 
He is the glo-ri- ous King. 

No. 2 

Psalm 8 

1. Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy 
name in all the earth! who hast set thy 
glory above the heavens. 

2. Out of the mouths of babes and suck- 

- lings hast thou ordained strength because 
of thine enemies, that thou mightest still 
the enemy and the avenger. 

No. 2, Psalm 8, (cont) 

3. When I consider thy heavens, the work of 
thy fingers , the moon and the stars , which 
thou hast ordained; 

4. What is man, that thou art mindful of him? 
or the son of man, that thou visitest him? 

5. For thou hast made him a little lower than 
the angels, and hast crowned him with glory 
and honor. 

6. Thou madest him to have dominion over the 
works of thy hands; thou hast put all things 
under his feet: 

7. All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of 
the field; 

8. The fowl of the air, and the fish of the 
sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths 
of the seas. 

9. Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name 
in all the earth. 

Herr, un- ser Herr-scher, wie herr-lich ist 
Lord who art our Lord, how ex- cell-ent 

dein Nam in al- len Lan-den, 
thy name in all cre--a-tion, 

da man der dan-ket im Him-mel. 
glo-rious a-bove all the hea-vens. 

Aus dem Mun- - de der jun-gen Kin- der 
Babes and suck- lings hast thou or-dain-ed 

und Sau-glin- - ge hast du ei- ne 
to shew thy strength, hast or-dain-ed 

Macht zu-ge-rich-tet urn dei- ner 
strength to en- com- pass thy foes and 

Fein-de wil- len dass du ver-til-gest 
to de- s troy them, that thine a- ven-ger 

den Feind und den Rach-gie-ri-gen. 
and foe may be dis- com-fi-ted. 

Denn ich wer-de se-hen die Him-mel, 
When I but con-si-der the hea-vens^ 

dei- ner Fin-ger Werk, den Mon- den 
work thy fin-gers wrought, the moon and 

und die Ster-ne die du be-rei-test, 
sun and pla-nets,that thou or-dain-ed, 

Was ist der Mensch , dass du sein ge- 
what then is man, to be mind-ful 

-den-kest, und des Men-schen Kind, 
of him, and the son of man, 

dass du dich sein an-nimmst? 
that he should con-cern thee? 

No. 2, Psalm 8 (cont) 

Zeit von Gott ver- las-sen sein a- -ber 
low- er than the an-gels are, crowned him 
mit Eh-ren und Schmuck wirst du ihn 
with glo-ry and fame, with hon-or 

kro- -nen. Du wirst ihn zum Her-ren 
crowned him. Thou ma- dest him have do- 
ma- chen, u-ber dei-ner Hah-de Werk, 
-min- ion ov-er all thy han-dy-work. 
( havedo-min-ion) 

AI- les hast du un- ter sei- - ne Fü-sse 
Thou hast put all liv-ing crea-tures un-der 
ge- than, Schaf und Och-sen all- zu- mal 
his feet, sheep and ox- en, flocks and herds 
dar- - zu auch die wil-den TMer, 
the beasts which are of the field,' 
die Vo- - gel un- -ter der Him-mel, 
the fowl that flies in the hea-ven,' 
und der Fisch im Meer, 
and the fish that swim, 

und was im Meer ge- het, . (Repeat) 
and what-ev- er swim-meth, . 

No. 3 
Psalm 7 

Du wirst ihn las- sen ei-ne klei-ne 
For thou hast made him but a lit- tie 


1. Lord, my God, in thee do I put my trust: 
save me from them that persecute me and 
deliver me: 

2. Lest he tear my soul like a lion, rending 
it in pieces, while there is none to deliver. 

3. Lord my God, if I have done this; if 
there be iniquity in my hands; 

4. If I have rewarded evil unto him that was 
at peace with me; (yea, I have delivered him 
that without cause is mine enemy;) 

5. Let the enemy persecute my soul and take 
it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the 
earth, and lay mine honor in the dust. Selah. 

6. Arise, Lord, in thine anger, lift up thy- 
-self because of the rage of mine enemies: and 
awake for me to the judgment that thou hast 

7. So shall the congregation of the peopTa 
compass thef about: for their sakes therefore 
return thou on high. 

8. The Lord shall judge the people: judge me, 
Lord, according to my righteousness, and 
according to mine integrity that is in me. 

9. let the wickedness of the wicked come to 
an end; but establish the just: for the 
righteous God trieth the hearts and reins. 

Vol.13, Psalm 7 (cont) 

10. My defence is of God, which saveth the 
upright in heart. 

11. God judgeth the righteous, and God is 
angry with the wicked every day. 

12. If he turn not, he will whet his sword; he 
hath bent his bow, and made it ready. 

13. He hath also prepared for him the 
instruments of death; he ordaineth his 
arrows against the persecutors. 

14. Behold, he travaileth with iniquity, and 
hath conceived mischief, and brought forth 

15. He made a pit, and digged it, and is 
fallen into the ditch which he made. 

16. His mischief shall return upon his own 
head, and his violent dealing shall come 
down upon his own pate. 

17. I will praise the Lord according to his 
righteousness: and will sing praise to the 
name of the Lord most high. 

Auf dich, Herr, trau-e ich, mein Gott, 
In thee, Lord, do I trust; my God, 

hilf mir von al- len mei- nen Ver-fol-gern, 
help me from all them that per- se -cute me, 

und er-ret-te mich, dass sie nicht wie 
and de-li-ver me. lest .he like a 

ver me, lest .he 

Lo-wen mei- ne See- le er-ha-schen 
li- on —-shall rend and tear my 

und zer-rei-ssen, weil kein Er- -ret- ter 
soul in pie-ces, with none who shall de- 
da ist. Herr, mein Gott, hab ich 
-li-ver. Lord, my God, if I 

sol- ches ge- than, und ist Un- recht in 
have done this thing, and i- ni- qui- ty 

(tear it,) 

mei- nen Han- den, 
be in my hands, 

-ten de- nen, 
re- ward-ed 

leb- ten, o- 
with me, with- 

feind wa-ren, 
him ov-er, 



hab ich ßo-ses ver-gol- 
that with ev-il I have 

fried- lieh mit mir 
who was at peace 

die so mir ohn Ur-sach 

lift up ; thy-self 

Fem- -de und hilf mir wie- der 

out cause I have de-li-vered 

be-schä-di- get, 

so ver- 
let mine 

to do him harm, 

-fol-ge mein Feind mei- ne See-le, 
e- ne- my fierce- ly pur- sue me, 

und er- grei-fe sie, und tre- -te mein 
let him take my soul, yea tread down my 

Le-ben zu Bo- -den, und le- ge 
life un-der-neath him, and let him 

mei- -ne Eh- re in den Staub. Se-la. 
lay mine hon- or in the dust. Se-lah. 

Psalm 7 (cont) 

Steh auf, Herr, in dei- nen Zor-ren, 
A- rise, Lord, in thy great an-ger, 

er- heb dich ü- -ber den Grimm mei-ner 

at the rage of mine 

in das 
e-ne-mies and wake the judg-ment for my 

Amt das du mir be-foh-len hast, 
cause, that it be by thy com-mand; 

dass sich die Leu-te wie-der zu dir 
so that the con-gre-ga-tion shall sur- 

sam- mein, und um der- sei- -ben wil-len 
-round thee; re-turn for their sakes al-so, 
komm wie-der em-por. 
come a-gain on high. 

Der Herr ist Rieh- ter ü-ber die Leu-te, 
The Lord shall be Judge ov-er the peorple; 

rich- te mich, Herr, nach mei-ner 
judge me ac- -cor- -ding to mine 

Ge-rech-tig-keit und From- mig- keit. 
in--te- gri- ty and right-eous-ness. 

lass der Gott- lo- sen Bos -he it ein En- de 
Do thou let wick-ed-ness on the earth be 
wer-den, und for- -de- re die Ge- 
end-ed, and stab-lish the just and 
-rech- ten, denn du ge- rech- -ter Gott 
right-eous, yea, for the right-eous God, 
pru-fest Her-zen und Nie-ren. 
he who mor-tal hearts tri-eth. 
Mein Schild ist bei Gott, der den from 
God, my sure de-fence, shall pre-serve 
-men Her- zen hilft, 
the up- right heart. 

Gott ist ein rech-ter Rich- ter und ei 
God who judg- es the right-eous, as ou 
Gott, der täg-lich dräu-et, will man sich 
God is dai- ly an-gry, with them who 
nicht be- keh- ren, so hat er sein 
will not heed him, the Lord God will 
Schwert ge-wetzt, und sei-nen Bo- gen i 
whet his sword, and he hath bend-ed 
ge-spannt , und zie-let, und hat § 

his bow, made rea-dy, and hath I 

dar- auf ge- legt tbdt-lich Ge- sciioss. 
pre-pared for them mis-siles of death. 
Sei- ne Pfei-le hat er zu- - ge- rieht, 
With his ar-rows hath he chas-tened them 

+■ . 


zu ver-der- ben. 
who tor-ment him. 

Bo-ses im Sinn, 
wick-ed at heart, 

wil- -len, 
right- eous, 

Na- men 

Vol.13, No. 3, Psalm 7 (cont) 

Sie- he, der hat 
Mark ye, mark the 

sie- he, mit Un-glück ist 
mark ye, he tra-vail- eth 

er schwan-ger, er wird a- ber ei- nen 
with mis-chief, he con-ceiv-eth, giv-eth 

Fehl ge- ba- -ren. Er hat ei- ne Gru-be 
birth to false- hood. He hath made a pit and 

ge- - gra- ben, und aus- ge- füh-ret, 
hath digged it, to catch an- oth-er, 

und ist in die Gru- be ge-fal-len, 
and in his own ditch has he fa 1- len, 

die er ge- macht hat. 
which he hath fash-ioned. 

Un- glück wird auf sei-nen Kopf kom-men, 
Mis-chief shall re- turn on his own head, 

und sein Fre-vel auf sei- nen Schei-tel 
and his vi- -o-lent deal-ing on his 

fal-len. Ich dan- ke dem Herrn um 
own pate. I thank and I praise the 

sei- ner Ge-rech- tig-keit 
Lord who is faith-ful and 

und will lo- -ben den 
(and will praise him) 
and sing praise to the name of 

des Herrn, des AI- ler-hoch-sten. 
the Lord, the Lord Äl- migh- ty. 

No. 4 
Psalm 85 

1. Lord, thou hast been favourable un-to thy 
land: thou hast brought back the captivity 
of Jacob. 

2. Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy 
people, thou hast covered all their sin.Selah. 

3. Thou hast taken away all thy wrath: thou 
hast turned thyself from the fierceness of 
thine anger. 

4. Turn us, God of our salvation, and 
cause thine anger toward us to cease. 

5. Wilt thou be angry with us forever? wilt 
thou draw out thine anger to all generations? 

6. Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy 
that thy people may rejoice in thee? 

7. Shew us thy mercy, Lord, and grant us 
thy salvation. 

8. I will hear what God the Lord will speak: 
for he will speak peace unto his people, and 
to his saints : but let them not turn again 
to folly. 

Psalm 85 (cont) 

9. Surely his salvation is nigh them that 
fear him; that glory may dwell in our land. 

10. Kfercy and truth are met together; right- 
-eousness and peace have kissed each other. 

11. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and 
righteousness shall look down from heaven. 

13. Yea, the Lord shall give that which is 
good; and our land shall yield her increase. 

14. Righteousness shall go before him; and 
shall set us in the way of his steps. 

Herr, der du bist vor-mals ge- iiä- -dig 
Lord, who here- to-fore has been gra-cious 

ge-west dei- nem Lan-de, und hast die 
to us with thy fa-vor, and hast from 

Ge-fan-ge-nen, die Ge- fan-ge-nen Ja-cobs 
cap-ti-vi-ty brought back J a- cob, no lon-ger 

er- lb- set; Herr, der du die Mis- se- that 
a cap-tive; Lord, thou al-so hast for- giv- 

vor-mals ver-ge-ben hast, dei- nem Volk und 

-en all i- ni-qui- ty 

al- -le ih- - re Sun- 
cov-ered all their sins 

Herr, der du vor-mals 
Lord, thou hast ta-ken 

Zorn auf- ge-ho-ben, 
fierce-ness of an-ger, 

of thy folk, and 

de be- de-cket. Se-la. 
in thy mer-cy. Sei- ah. 

hast al-len dei-nen 
a -way from us the 

und dich ge- -wen- 
and thou hast turned 

-det von dem Grimm dei-nes Zo-rens, 
thy- self from wrath and from an-ger, 

von dem Grimm dei-nes Zo-rens, 
from thy wrath and thine' an-ger, 

tro-ste uns, Gott, un- ser Hei-land, 
turn to us, God, our sal-va- tion, 

und lass ab von dei- ner Un- -gna-de 
and in mer-cy cease thou thine an-ger 

u- ber uns. Wil it du denn e- wig- lieh 
to- ward us. Wilt thou for-ev-er- more 

u- ber uns zur- nen, wil It du dei-nen 
with us be an- gry? Wilt thou let thy 

Zorn ge-hen las- sen im- -mer für und 
wrath vi-sit our de- scen-dants with-out 

fur, willt du uns denn nicht wie- der 
end, wilt not give us life, a-gain 

er-qui-cken, dass sich dein Volk ü- ber 
re-vive us, that we thy peo-ple may 

dir freu-en mö- ge? Herr, er-zei-ge 
be joy-ful in thee? Lord, shew un-to 

uns dei-ne Otaa-de und hilf uns. 
2 6i us now thy mer-cy and save us. 

Vol.13, psalm 85 (cont) 

Ach, ach dass ich hö- ren soll-te, 
Ah, ah I will hear and har-ken 

dass Gott der Her- - re re- de-te, dass er 
to what the Lord shall say to me, it is 

Frie-de, zu ge- -sag- te sei- nem Volk, 
mer- cy and peace that he brings his folk, 

und sei-nen Hei-li-gen, und dass sie nicht 
and to his Ho- ly Ones, nor let them turn, 

auf ei-ne Thor-heit ge-ra-then. ^ no ^ 

not a-gain turn them to fol-ly. 

Doch est ja, ja, ja, sei-ne Hui- fe na- he 
Ve- ri- ly, yea, yea, his sal-va-tion will be 

de- -nen t die ihn furch- ten, dass in 
near them them that fear him, that his 

un-serm Ian- de Eh- re woh- ne, 
glo-ry may a- bide a- mong us. 

dass Gu- -te und Treu- -e ein- an- der 
Right-eous-ness and truth now are met here 

be- ge-ge-nen, Ge-rech-tig-keit und 
to-geth- -er, mer- cy and peace have 

Frie-de sich kus-sen, dass Treu auf 

kissed each oth-er, that truth from 

der Er- - den wach- se, dass Ge- rech- 
the earth shall spring up, yea and right - 

-tig- keit vom Him- mel schau-e, 
-eous-ness look down from Hea-ven. 

dass uns auch der Her- -re Gu- -tes thu, 
Yea, the Lord shall give that which is good, 

da- mit un- ser Land sein Ge- - wach- se 
our land shall be rich and shall yield its 

ge- -be, dass Ge- rech- tig- keit den- noch 
in- crease, so that right-eous-ness go be- 

fur ihm blei-be und im Schwang ge- he. 
-fore him ev- er in the way he shows. 

Eh- re sei dem Va-ter und dem Sohn, und auch 
Glo- ry be the Fa-ther and the Son and to 

dem heil-gen Gei-ste. Wie es war im An- fang, 
the Ho- ly Spi-rit. As in the be-gin-ning, 

jetzt und im-mer-dar, und von E- wig-keit 
now and ev-er-more, from E- ter-ni- -ty 

zu- E-wig-keit. A- men. 
for ev-er-more. A- men. 

No. 5 
Psalm 127 

1. Except the Lord build the house, they 
labor in vain that build it: except the Lord 
keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. 

Psalm 127 (cont) 

2. It is vain for you to rise up early, to 
sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: 
for so he giveth his beloved sleep. 

3. Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; 
and the fruit of the womb is his reward. 

4. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; 
so are children of the youth. 

5. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full 
of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they 
shall speak with the enemies in the gate. 

Wo der Herr, wo der Herr nicht das Haus 
If the house by the Lord God is not 

bau- et, so ar- bei-ten um-sonst, 
build-ed, they will la-bour in vain, 

die da- -ran bau- en. 
they who shall build it. 

Wo der Herr nicht die Stadt be-hü-tet, 
If the Lord shall not keep the ci-ty, 

so wa- chet der Wäch-ter um-sonst, . 
the watch-man but wa-keth in vain, 

Es ist um-sonst, dass ihr früh auf-ste-het, 
It is in vain that you rise up ear-ly, 

und her- nach Ian- ge si-tzet, und es- 
and that with watch-ing sleep not, and that 

-set eu- er Brod mit Sor-gen; denn sei-nen 
you eat the bread of sor-row; for sleep he 

Freun-den giebt ers schla-fend. Sie-he, 
giv- eth his be- -lov- -ed. Mark ye,' 

Kin- der sind ei-ne Ga- be des Her- ren, 
child- ren to us he giv- eth, the Lord God', 

und l£i-bes-f nicht, ist ein Ge-schenk. Wie 
an he- ri- -tage, and his re- ward. As 

die Pfei-le, in der Hand ei-nes Star- ken, 
the ar-rows in the hand of a strong man! 
al-so ge- - ra- then die jun-gen Kna- ben, . 
so to the young man will be his child-ren, 

Wohl dem, der sei-nen Kb-cher der-sel-ben 
How blest is he whose qui-ver is la- den 

voll hat, die wer- -den nicht zu 
with them. a- shamed they nev- er 

schan-den, wenn sie mit ih- ren Fein- den 
will be, but in the gate-way stand- ing, 

han- dein im Thor, 

speak with the foe. 

No. 6 
Psalm 15 

1. I/)rd, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? 
who shall dwell in thy holy hill? 


Vol.13, No. 6 (cont) 

2. He that walke th uprightly, and worketh 
righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his 
heart . 

3. He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor 
doeth evil to his neighbor, nor taketh up a 
reproach against his neighbor. 

4. In whose eyes a vile person is contemned; 
but he honoureth the-m that fear the Lord. 

he that sweareth to his own hurt, and chang- 
-eth not. 

5. He that putteth not out his money to usury, 
nor taketh reward against the innocent. He 
that doeth these things shall never be moved. 


No. 7 (cont) 
Him-mel hoch dort o-ben, 

-prei- -set und hoch ge-rüh-met wer-den 
Zun- -ge nicht ver-leum- det, praised and ex- -ält-ed ov- er all for 


Herr, wer wird woh-nen in dei-ner Hut- ten, 
Lord, who shall dwell in thy ta-ber-na- cle, 

wer wird blei-ben auf dei- nem heil- gen Ber-ge? 
who a- -Dide in the hill thou ma-kest ho- ly? 

Wer oh- - ne Wan- del ein- her- geht und recht 
He that shall walk in the right way, is up - 

thut, und re-det die Wahr-heit von Her- zen, 
-right, in all of his deal-ings is truth- ful, 

Wer mit sei-ner 

He. that do- eth naught a- gainst his neigft-bor, e _ W i g _ii Cn 

und sein Nach-sten kein Ar- ges thut, und 
nor — back- bi- teth with his tongue, nor 

sei-nen Nach- sten nicht schma-het. 
yet re- proach-eth his neigh- bor. 

Wer die Gott-lo-sen nicht ach-tet, son-dern 
He that de-spi-seth vile per-sons, but he 

eh- ret die Gotts- furch- ti- gen; wer sei- nen 
lov-eth them that fear the Lord, and when he 

Näch-sten, schwö-ret und halts, 
swear-eth, swear-eth the truth. 

Wer sein Geld nicht auf Wu-cher giebt und 
put- teth not gold to u- -su- - ry , nor 

nimmt nicht Ge-schenk u-ber den Un-schul-di- 
ta- -keth re- ward a- -gainst the in- -no- 

-gen. Wer das thut, der wird wohl blei- ben. 
-cent. Who is thus, is ev- -er stead- fast. 

thru all the ills that ail us, 

wo er I- sra-els Schutz nicht ist 
did he re-main a- -loof a- bove, 

und sel-ber bricht der Fein-de List, 
de- ny to us his care and love, 

so ists mit uns ver- -lo-ren. 

ah then all hope would fail us. 

No. 8 
Gesang der drei Manner 
im feurigen Ofen 
The Song of the 
Three Holy Children 
(Follows Daniel, III, 23) 

Ge- lo- bet seist du, Herr, du Gott 
Bles-sed art thou, Lord, thou God 

un-ser Va- ter, und müs-sest ge- 

of our Fa-thers, and art to be 

No. 7 

Wo Gott der Herr 

Justus Jonas, 1521 

Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält, 
Were God the Lord not on our side, 

wann un-ser Fein- de to- ben, (Fein-de, ) 
when foes so strong as-sail us, migh-ty, 

und er un-ser Sach nicht zu- fallt 
should he no lon-ger be our guide, 163 

ge-lo-bet sei dein 
ev-er- more, thy ho-ly name shall 

hei-li-ger Na- me, ge- lo- bet seist du 
al- so be bles-sed, and bles-sed art thou 

in dei-nem hei-li-gen herr-li-chem Tern-pel, 
in thy most ho-ly and glo- ri-ous tem-ple, 

ge- lo- bet seist du, der du sitzest 
and bles-sed art thou, thou that sit-test 

ü- ber Che-ru-bim und sie-hest in 
mid the che-ru-bim, and see-est all 

die Tie- -fe, ge- -lo- bet seist du 

be- neath thee, and bles-sed art thou 

auf dei-nem herr-li-chen ko- -nig-li-chen 
up- on thy glo- ri-ous throne in ma-jes- 

Es lo- ben den Herrn al- -le 
Ye works of the Lord, bless ye 

sei-ne Werk, und mus-sen ihn prei-sen und 
all the Lord, and do ye ex- alt him and 

ruh- -men e-wig-lich. ihr Him-mel 

Stuhl . 

praise him ev-er- more. 

lo- bet den Her- ren, 
praise ye the Lord God, 

-met ihn e-wig-lich, 
him for ev-er- more, 

ye hea-vens, 

prei- set und rüh- 
praise and ex- alt 

lo — bet den Her- 
and praise the Lord, 

-ren, ihr En-gel des Her-ren, 
all ye an- gels of Hea-ven, 

Vol.13, No. 8 (cont) 

al- le Was-ser dro-ben am Him-mel, 
all ye wa-ters ov- er the Hea-ven, 

lo- bet den Her- ren, 
bless ye the Lord God, 

al- le Heer- schaa- ren des Her- ren, 
and all ye powrs of the Lord, 

Sonn und Mond, al-le Ster- ne am Him-mels, 
sun and moon, ye stars of the hea-vens, 

Re- gen und Thau, al-le Win- de, 
showers and dew, ye tem-| pests, 

Feu- er und Hit- -ze, Schlo-ssen und 
thun-der and light- ning, snow-storm and 

Ha- -gel, Tag und Nacht, Licht und 
hail-stprm, Day and night, light and 

Fin-ster-niss, Eis und Frost, Rei-fen 
dark-ness - ice and cold, ye frost 

und Schnee, Blitz und Wol-ken. 
and snow, clouds and va-pors, 

Die Er-de lo- - bet den Her- ren, 
let the earth praise the Lord, 

Ber- -ge und Hu- gel, 
moun- tains and val-leys, 

al- - les, was auf der Er-den wachst, 
all things that grow up- on the earth, 

ihr Brun- nen, Meer und Was-ser-strö-me, 
ye foun- tains, seas and run-ning wa-ters , 

Wal- fi- sehe und al-les, was sich re- get 
Ye whales and ye fish- es, all that move in 

im Was-ser, al-le Vo-gel un- ter dem Him- 
the wa-ters, ye birds that fly a-bove 

-mel, al-le wil-der Tnier und Vieh, 
us, ye cat- tie and ye beasts, 

ihr Men-schen-kin-der, I-sra-el, 
ye mor- tal children, Is-ra-el, 

ihr Prie- ster des Her- ren, 
ye priests .of .the Lord, God, 

ihr Knech- - te des Her- ren, lobt der 
ye ser-vants of the Lord, God, praise the 

Her- ren, ihr Gei-ster und See-len der 
Lord God, ye souls and ye spi-rits of 

Ge- rech- ten, ihr Hei-li-gen, 
the right-eous, ye Ho- ly Ones, 

so e-lend und be- tru- bet sind, 
ye hum-ble and de-spair-ing ones, 

A-na-ni-a, A-za-ri-a, und Mi-sa-el, 
A-na-ni-as, A-za-ri-as, and Mi-sa-el, -^ 

No. 8 (cont) 

Denn er hat uns er- -lo- set aus der 
He hath de-li- vered us from out of 

Hol- len und hat uns ge-hol-fen von 
Hell- fire, and saved us — from the hand 

dem Tod, und hat uns er- ret-tet aus 
of death, andMe- li- vered us from out 

dem glu-hen-den 0- -fen, 
the fire of the fur- nace, 

und hat uns mit-ten im Feur er- hal-ten. 
from out the midst of the fire has saved us. 

(mit-ten im Feur) 
put of the fire ) 

Dan-ket dem Herrn, denn er ist freund- lieh, 
Thank we the Lord, for all his mer- -cy, 

und sei- ne Gu- te wah-ret e-wig-lich. 
his grace en-dur-eth to E-ter-ni- ty. 

Al- le, die den Her- ren furch- ten, 
All of ye that fear the Lord God, 

lo- bet den Gott al-ler Got- ter, 
praise ye the Lord God Al-migh-ty, 

prei-set ihn und ruh- met, 
praise ye him and thank him, 

denn sei- ne Gu- te wah-ret e-wig-lich. 
his grace en-dur-eth to E-ter-ni- ty. 

A- men. 
A- men. 



Schütz, Vol. XIV 

Sur-re- xit pas- tor bo-nus, sur-re-xit pas- 
Our shep-herd is a- ri-sen, he is a- ri- 

-tor, pas- tor bo- nus, Al-le-lu-ja. 
-sen, our good shep-herd. Al-le-lu-ja. 

qui a- - ni- -mam su- am po- -su- -it, 
who laid down his life to save his sheep, 

po- su- -it pro- o- -vi- bus, 
for his sheep laid down his life, 

po - su- it pro o- - vi- -bus su- -is, 
who laid down his life that he save them, 

gave his ve- ry life that he save them, 

qui pro gre- -ge su- - o mo- ri. 
who was. ev- - en count- ed (woi- thy) 
who was count- -ed wor- thy 

mo- ri dig-na- tus.est, mo- ri dig- na- tus, 
wor-thy to die for them, wor-thy was count-ed, 

No. 2 

Ve- ni san-cte Spi-ri-tus, et e- -mit-te, 
Come.O Ho- ly Spi-rit,come,come and send us, 

e- -mit- te cae- -li- tus lu-cis tu- -ae 
send out thy heavh- ly ray that it may give 

ta- -di-um. Ve- -ni pa- -ter pau-pe- rum, 
light to us. Come thou friend of all the poor; 

ve- -ni, da- tor mu-ne- rum, ve- -ni, lu- 
come, thou bear-er of gifts-, come thou light 

-men cor- -di- - um, Con- -so- -la- tor 
to light our hearts. Come, our dear- est 

o- pti-me, dul-cis hos-pes a- ni- mae, 
com-for-ter, wel-come re- fuge for the soul, 

dul- ce re- -fri- ge- ri- um, in la- bo- 
to re- fresh us in dis- tress, giv-ing rest 

-re re- qui- es, in- ae-stu tem-pe-ri-es, 
to wea-ry ones, re- lief to an- xi-e- ty, 

in fie- -tu so- -la- -ti- -um. lux 
so- lace when we mourn and grieve. light, 

be- -a- tis- -si- -ma, re- pie cor- dis 
most a- bun- dant joy, come and fill the 


in- ti- - ma tu- -o- rum fi- -de- -li- urn. 
in-most hearts of thy tru-ly faith- ful ones. 

Si- ne tu- o nu- mi-ne ni- hil est in 
But for thy di-vi- ni-ty, no- thing mor-tal 

ho- - mi- - ne, ni- - hil est in- -no- 
could there be; naught could be from ev- 

-xi- um. La- - va quod est sor- - di- um, 
-il free. Earth were ster-ile, all would die, 

No. 2 (cont) 

ri- -ga quod est a- - ri- dum, 
springs & «brooks be parched and dry, 

sa- - na quod est sau- ci- - um, 
health with ill-ness would be marred, 

fle-cte quod est ri- -gi- dum, 
sup-pie things be stiff and hard, 

fo- -re quod est fri- gi- dum, 
what was hot be cold as stone, 

re- ge quod est de- vi- -um. 
what was stand- ing, now be prone. 

Da tu- is fi- - de- -li- bus 
Give them who shall faith- ful be, 

in te con- fi- -den- ti- bus 
who be-lieve and trust in thee, 

sa-crum se- -pte- na- ri- um, 
sev-en years pros-pe- ri- ty, 

da vir- - tu- -tis prae- mi- urn 
may the souls that trou-ble bore, 

da sa- lu-tis e- -xi- tum, 
come safe to the heavh-ly shore, 

da pe- ren- ne gau-di- um. 
there in joy for ev- er-more. 

No. 3 

4. ... Tell them which are bidden, Behold 
I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my 
fatlings are killed, and all things are 
ready: come unto the marriage. 

Sa- get den Ga- sten: Sie- he mei- ne 
Say when you bid them: See ye, what a 

Mahl-zeit ha- - be ich be- rei-tet, 
mar-riage feast have I made rea-dy! 

mei-ne Och-sen und mein Mast-vieh ist ge- 
for my ox- en and my fat- lings have been 

-schla- chtet, und al- les be- -reit, 
s laugh- tered, and all is pre-pared; 

for all is pre-pared, 

kom-met zur Hoch-zeit. 
come to the mar-riage. 

No. 4 

10. Two men went up into the temple to pray; 
the one a Pharisee, and the other a publicaa 

11. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with 
himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as 
other men are, extortioners, unjust, adult- 

165" ers ' or even ^ tbis P ut) I ican ' 

one was a Fha- 

Zoll- - ner. 
pub-li- can. 

Vol .XIV, No. 4 (cont) 

I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of 
all that I possess. 

13. And the publican, standing afar off, 
would lift so much as his eyes unto heaven, 
but smote upon his breast, saying, God be 
merciful to me, a sinner. 

14. I tell you, this man went down to his 
house justified rather than the other: for 
every one that exalteth himself shall be 
abased; and he that humbleth himself shall 
be exalted. 

Es gin- gen zwee-ne Men-schen hin-auf in 
Two men there were who went up to pray, up 

den Tem-pel zu be- ten, ei- ner ein Ria- 
to pray in the tem-ple, 

-n-sa-er, der an-der em 
-ri-see,*" the oth-er a 

Der Ria-ri-sa-er stund und be- -tet bei 
The Pha-ri-see stood up and prayed un-to 

sich selbst, und der Zoll — ner stund von 
him- -self; and the pub-li-can,stand-ing 

fer-ne, woll-te auch sei- ne Au- gen 
far off by him- self, would not lift so 

nicht auf-schla-gen gen Him-mel, son-dern 
much as his eyes to Hea-ben, but he 

schlug an sei-ne Brust; 
smote up-on his breast; 

und sie spra- chen: 
and they spake thus: 

Pharisee: Ich dan- - ke 
I thank thee 

nicht bin wie an-dre Leu- te, Rau-ber, Un- 
am not as oth-er men are, rob-bers, ev- 

E- he-bre-cher, o- der auch 
for-ni-ca- tors, yea, and ev- 

Zb'll- -ner, 

dir Gott, 

dass ich 
that I 

-il- do-ers, 

wie die-ser 

-en as this pub-li- can; 

in der Wo-cnen, und 

ich fa-ste zwier 
I make my fast 

ge-ben den Ze-hen- 

twice a week, - and give to the poor a 

-ten von al-lem, das ich ha- -be. 
tithe of all of my pos-sess-ions. 

Publican: Gott sei mir Sun-der gna- dig! 
God pi- ty me a sin-ner! 

Ich sa-ge euch: Die- ser ging hin-ab ge- 
I say to you: that the pub- li-can went 

- rech- fer-ti- get in sein Haus für je-nen, 
home jus-ti-fied ra-ther than the oth-er, 

No. 4 (cont) 

denn wer sich selbst er-ho-het, der soll 
for he who self ex-al-teth, shall be 

er- nie- dri-get wer- den und wer sich 
a- based and made hum- ble, and he that 
(a- based a- gain) 

selbst er- nie- dri-get, der soll er-ho-het 
shall a-base him-self .shall be ex-al-ted 

wer- den. 
ev- er. 

No- 5 


See St .John, XX, 13-17 

Weib, was wei-nest du, wen su- ehest du? 
Say why weep- est thou? Whom seek- est thou? 

Sie ha- ben mei- nen Her-ren weg-ge-nom-men, 
Ah they have come and borne a- way my Mas-ter, 

und ich weiss nicht, wo sie ihn hin- ge- 
and I know not, I know not where they 

-le-get ha- ben. Ma- ri-al Ra-bu-ni! 
may have laid him. Ma- ry! Ra-bo-ni! 

Run- -re mich nicht an, denn ich bin noch 
Touch thou me not yet, for I am not 

nicht auf-ge-fah-ren zu mei-nem Va-ter. 
as yet as-cen-ded un-to my Fa-ther. 

Ich fah-re auf, ich fan- re auf, 
But now I go, and will as-cend 

zu mei-nem Va-ter und zu eu-rem Va-ter, 
un-to my Fa-ther, and un-to your Fa-ther f 

zu mei-nem Gott und zu eu-rem Gott, 
un-to my God, and un-to your God. 

No. 6 
See Song of Solomon, V f 8-10, I,7,IV,6,VI,1 

Ich be-schwo- re euch, ihr Toch- ter zu 
I do charge you all, ye daugh-ters of 

Je-ru-sa-lem, fin-det ihr mei-nem Freund, 
Je-ru-sa-lem, if you shall find my Love, 

so sa-get ihm, dass ich für Lie- be 
then say to him, that he must love me 

krank lie-ge, Was ist dein Freund vor an- 
or I die, What is thy Love be-yond 

-dem Freun-den, o du schon- es- -te, un-ter 
all oth- ers, thou the most fair a-mong 

Wei-bern,das du uns so be-schwo- ren hast? 
wo- men, that thou in-deed dost charge us so? 

Vol. XIV, No. 6 (cont) 

Mein Freund ist weiss und roth, aus-er-kom 
My Love is white and fair, he is chief 

un-ter vie-len Tau- sen- den, 
ev-en of ten thou- sand men. 

Wo ist dein Freund hin-ge-gan-gen, o du 

Not 7 (cont) 

-ster Herr Je-su, um dei- ner selbst wil- 
- ed Lord Je-sus, be-cause of thy name's 

-len, sei du mein Hel-fer und Hei- land, 
sake be thou my Hel-per and Sav-iour. 

du from-mer Je-su, o du sü- sser Je-su, 

Whence has thy Loved One de-part-ed, thou thou genrtle Je-sus, thou sweet-est Jesus, 

schon-es- -te un-ter den Wei-bern? Wo hat 
the most fair a-mong all wo- men? Where is 

sich dein Freund hin- ge-wandt? So wol-len 
it that thy Love has gone? that we may 

wir mit dir ihn su-chen. 
go with thee to seek him. 

Mei- ne See- le ging her- aus nach sei- - 
When my soul was hot with love and yearned 

-nem Wort, ich such- te ihn, a-ber ich 
for him, I sought for him; a- las I 

fand ihn nicht, ich rief, a- ber er ant- 
found him not; I called; and yet he did 

-wor-tet mir nicht, 
not an-swer me. 

Sa- ge uns an du, den 
Teil me,be-lov- ed,thou 

dei- ne See-le lie- bet, wo er wei- det, 
whom my spi-rit lov-eth, where thou feed-est, 

wo er ru- -het im Mit- ta- ge, 
where thy flock rest-eth at mid- day. 

Mein Freund ist hin-ab- ge- gan-gen, in sei- 
My Loved One is gone with- out me in- to 

-nen Gar- ten zu den Würz- gar-te- lein, 
his gar-den, where his sweet spi-ces grow, 

um dei-nes Na- mens wil- len thu mir nach 
as thy dear name as- sures us, be thou my 

dei- nem Na- men, auf dass ich dein Ge-scho- 
Bles-sed Sav-iour, that I whom thou ere- a- 

-pfe ja nicht ver-der-be. So sei du mein 
-ted may nev- er per-ish. So be thou my 

Hel-per und Er- hal- ter. Je-su Chri-ste, 
Hel-per and Pro-tect-or! Je-sus, hear me, 

du mein ei- ni- ges Le-ben und Se-lig-keit^ 
thou a- lone art sal-va-tion and life to me; 

ich bit- te dich til-ge al- le mei-ne Sun- 
I pray to thee, par-don all my sin-ful act- 

- de, die ich von Kind- heit ge-than ha- 
-ions that from my child- hood I — have 

-be noch tag- lieh thu, und kiinf-tig thun 
done and dai- ly do, and may do here- 

wer- de. Ach, Herr Je-su! Ge- denk ja 
-af-ter. Ah, Lord Je- s us, think thou no 

nicht al-so mei-ner Sun- de, dass du dru-ber 
more of me as a sin- ner, and for-get how 

ver-ges-sen woll-test, dei-ner Gü- tig-keit. 
I have of- fend- ed, in thy kind-li- ness! 

dass er sich wei- -de, un- ter den Gar-ten, Ach mein from-mer, herz- lieb- ster Herr Je-su, 
that he may pluck them, there in his gar-den, Ah, my gen- tie, be- lov- -ed Lord Jesus, 

und Ro-sen bre-che, Lasst uns ge- -hen und 
to ga-ther li-lies. Let us there-fore go 

ihn su-chen bis der Tag kiih- le wer-de, 

ob ich gleich das ge- than ha- be, 
tho I have doubt- less com- mit- ted 

and find him, when it is cool at ev- en, 

und der Senat- ten wei-che. 
and the sha-dows sof-ten. 

No- 7 

du al-ler-su-sse-ter und lieb-ster 
Thou our best- be- lov- ed and our sweet-est 

Herr Je-su, was heisst dein Ma- me, was 
Lord Je-sus, is there a name, a- ny 

heisst dein Na- -me an- ders denn ein 
oth- - er name, more fit- ting than Our 

Hei-land? Da — rum du, mein herz-lieb- 
Sav-iour? There- fore my be- lov- 

da- rum du mich kon-test ver-dam- men, 
the sins for which I should be pun-ished, 

so hast du doch das nicht ver- lo- ren, 
yet thou hast the grace to for- give them, 

da- mit du mit pfle-gest und kannst 
and make me a sin- ner no more, 

se- -lig ma-chen, se- lig ma-chen. 
blest for- ev- er, bles-sed ev- er. 

No, 8 

Ho- di- - e Oiri-stus na- tus est, Alleluja! 
On this day Christ our Lord was born. Alleluja! 
Ho- di- -e Sal-va- tor ap- -pa- -ru- -it. 
On this day our Sav-iour and Lord ap-peared. 


Schütz, Vol. XIV, No. 8 (cont) 

Ho- di- e in ter- ra ca-nunt an- ge- -li, 
On this day on earth the ho- ly an gels sing, 

lae-tan-tur arch- an- ge- -li. Ho- di- -e 
arch-an-gels re-joice and sing. On this day 

ex- -ul- tant ju- sti di-cen- tes: 
the righteous tri-umph ex-ul- ting: 

Glo- -ri- a in ex-cel- sis De- -o, 
Glo- -ry to God a-bove in Hea- ven, 
(Praise to God) 
Glo- -ry to God in Hea- ven) 

et in ter- -ra pax, pax, ho- mi- ni- 
and on earth good-will, peace, to all man- 

-bus bo-nae vo- -lun- ta-tis. Alieluja. 
-kind of the Lords ere- a-tion. Alieluja. 


No. 9 

Heu- te ist Chri-stus der Herr ge- -bo- 
Tliis day was Je- - - sus Christ the Lord 

-ren. Alieluja. Heu- te ist der Hei- land 
born. Alieluja. This day did the Sav-iour 

der Welt ins Fleisch kora-men. Dess freu- et 
come down to earth with us. Re-joice and 

sich die wer- -the Chri- sten-heit. 
sing all right -eous Chris-tian folk. 

Heu- te sin- gen die heil-gen Bn-gel 
This day sing all the ho- ly an-gels 

mit Schal- le: Eh- re sei Gott in der 
re-joic- ing: Glo-ry to God in the 

Ho- -he, Frie-de auf Er- den, und den 
high- est, peace be to all men, and to 

Men- sehen ein Wohl-ge fal-len. Alieluja. 
all men good-will for-ev-er. Alieluja. 

No. 10 
Madrigale spirituale 

Ach Herr, du Scho-pfer al- ler Ding, 
Lord, from whom all life did spring, 

wie bist du wor-den so ge- ring, 
art thou be- come so poor a thing, 

dass du da liegst auf dü'r- rem Gras, 
that thou must lie on with-ered grass, 

da-von ein Rind und E- sei ass. 
äs does an ox or low-ly ass? 

No. 11 

Wohl dem der ein tu- gend-sam Weib hat, 
Bles-sed is the man with a good wife, 

No. 11 (cont) 

des le-bet er noch eins so lang, 
true un-to him thru all his life. 

Ein haus- lieh Weib ist ih-rem Man-ne ei- ne 
A pru- dent wife will be a joy to him for- 

Freu-de, und macht ihm ein fein ru- hig 
-ev- er, and fill his life with sweet con- 

Le- -ben. Ein tu- gend-sam Weib ist ei-ne 
-tent- ment. A vir-tu-ous wife will be a 

ed-le Ga- -be, und wird dem ge- ge- ben, 
no- ble bles-sing, gi- ven un- to that man 

der Gott für-chtet, er sei gleich reich 
who fear-eth God; tho he be rich 

o-der arm, so ists ihm ein Trost und 
or be poor, she will bring con- tent and 

macht ihn all-zeit froh- lieh. Wie die Son- 
nev- er- end- ing glad-ness. As the sun 

-ne, wann sie auf- ge- -gan-gen ist, 
comes ri-sing glo-rious in the sky, 

an dem ho-hen Him- mel des Her- ren ei- 
shin-ing in his splen-dor a-dorns the heavto 

-ne Zier-de ist, al- -so ist ein tu-gend- 
of God the Lord, like-wise is a vir- tu- 

-sam Weib ei-ne Zierd in ih-ren Hau- - se. 
-ous wife a — glo- ry in her house- hold. 

No. 12 

XIX, 14: House and riches are the inheritance 
of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the Lord 
XVIII, 22: Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good 
thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. 

Haus und Gu-ter er- bet man von El- tern, 
House and rich-es we as heirs in-he-rit, 

a-ber ein fromm und tu- gend-sam Weib kömmt 
but a de- vout and vir- tu- ous wife comes 

vom Her- ren. Wer ei- ne Eh-frau fin- det 
from Hea-ven; and who so find-eth such one, 

der fin-det et-was guts und scho-pfet Se-gen 
find-eth a good-ly thing, ob- tain- ing fa-vor 

vom Her- ren. 
from Hea-ven. 

No. 13 
Psalm *133 
See Vol.XI,No.5 

Sie- he, wie fein und lieb-lich ists, dass 
Mark ye, how good a thing it is, when 


Vol. XIV, No. 13 (cont) 

Bru- der ein-trach-tig bei ein- an- -der 
bro-thers u- -ni- -ted dwell in peace to- 

to- geth- er) 

woh-nen. Wie der kö- stli-che Bal-sam ist, 
geth-er. It is like cost-ly oint- men t poured 

der vom Haupt A- - a- ron her- -ab-fleusst, 
on Aa- ronfc head and run-ning down-ward, 

in sei-nen gan-zen Bart und her-ab-fleusst 
yea ev-en on his beard, ev- en down-ward 

in sein Kleid. Wie der Thau, der vom 
to his feet. As the dew from Mount 

Her-mon her- -ab- fällt auf die Ber- -ge 
Her-mon de- scend- ing, on the moun-tain 

Zi-on denn da-selbst ver-heisst der Herr 
Zi-on, where the Lord him- self proclaimed 

Se- gen und Le- ben im-mer und e-wig-lich. 
bless-ing and life for-ev-er and ev-er-more. 
for- ev- er) 

No- 14 
Prov. V 

18... and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. 
19. Let her be as the loving hind and plea- 
-sant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at 
all times; and be thou ravished always with 
her love. 

Freu-e dich, des Wei- bes dei-ner Ju- gend, 
Joy-ful be, thou with the wife of thy youth. 

Sie ist lieb- lieh wie ei-ne Hin- de, und hold- 
She is love- ly, yea, as the hind is, and as 

-se- lig wie ein Re- he. Lass dich ih- re Lie- 
plea-sant as a roe-deer. In her love do thou 

-be al- - le- zeit sat- ti- gen, und er- ge-tze 
at all times be sa-tis-fied;let her ra-vish 

dich al- le-we- ge in ih- rer Lie- -be. 
thee eve-ry mo-ment that she doth love thee. 

Appendix I 

Appendix I (cont) 

Her- ren Je-sum Christ. 
Sav-iour Je-sus Christ. 

II Psalm XIX, (see Vol. VIII, no. 18) 

Die Him-mel er- zah- len die Eh- re Got-tes, 
The hea-vens de-clare Gods e-ter-nal glo-ry, 

und die Fe-ste ver- kiin- di-get sei- ner Hän- 
and the fir-ma-ment shew-eth us what his hands 

-de Werk. Ein Tag sa- -gts dem an- dem 
have wrought. Day by day speak- eth know- ledge 

und ei-ne Nacht thuts kund der an- -dern. 
night un-to night pro-claim-eth their speech. 

Es ist kei- ne Spra- che noch Re- -de, 
There is no- where speech nor a lan-guage 

da man nicht ih- re Stim- - me ho- re. 
where the earth does not hear their voi-ces. 

Ih- -re Schnur ge-het aus in al- le Lan-de 
For their line has gone out thru eve-ry people, 

und ih- - re Re- de an der Welt En-de, 
their words have rest-ed where the world endeth» 

Er hat der Son-nen ei-ne Hu't-ten in der- set 
High in the Heavh a ta-ber-na- cle He hath set 

-ben ge- macht, und die sel-bi-ge ge-het her- 
for the sun, whence in glo-ry he is-su- eth 

-aus, wie ein Bräu- - ti- -gam aus sei- ner 
forth, as a bride- groom com- ing from his 

Kam- mer, aus sei-ner Kam- mer, und freu-et 
cham- ber, from out his cham-ber, with joy as 

sich wie ein Held zu lau-fen den Weg, 
a strong man hath in run-ning a race. 

sie ge-het auf an ei- nem En- de des 
His go-ing forth is from the end of the 

Him- me Is und läuft um bis wie- der 
hea-ven, and his cir-euit reach-eth 

an das-sel-bi-ge En- de und bleibt nichts 
al-so un- to its end-ing, and the heat 

fur ih-rer Hitz ver- bor- gen. 
Christ ist er-stan-den von der Mar- ter al- le. there-of from naught is hid-den. 

Christ is a- -ri- sen from his pain & torment. n . u ^m_ m «i «,. „j:h i«„ ^« 

r Die Him-mel er- zah- len die 

des sol- len wir al- le froh sein, Christ will 
There- fore we all will be joy- fill. Christ will 

un-ser Trost sein. War er nicht er-stan-den, so 
be our com- fort. Had he not a- -ri- sen, we 

wa- - re die Welt ver- gan- gen. Sind dass 
all would have sure-ly per-ished. Since he 

have per-ished) 

er er-stan-den ist, so lo-ben wir dem 
rose when sa- cri-ficed, so let us praise our 169 

Eh- re 
The hea-vens de-clare Gotfs e- ter- nal 

Got-tes, und die Fe- ste ver- kiin- di- 
glo-ry, and the fir-ma- -ment shew-eth 

-get sei- ner *än- -de Werk, 
us what his hands have wrought. 

May 8th 1952. 

Schutz, Vol. XV 
Psalm 124 
(Also Latin Text) 
(Syncharma rausicum) 

Psalm 124; 1. If it had not been the Lord 
who was on our side, now may Israel say; 

2. If it had not been the Lord who was on 
our side, when men rose up against us: 

3. Then they had swallowed us up quick, when 
their wrath was kinddled against us: 

4. Then the waters had overwhelmed us, the 
stream had gone over our soul. 

5. Then the proud waters had gone over our 

6. Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given 
us as a prey to their teeth. 

7. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the 
snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, 
and we are escaped. 

8. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who 
made heaven and earth. 

Wo Gott nicht selbst bei uns wä- re,so 

Had it not been 

God who was on our side, 

I-sra-el sa- gen, ja wo der Herr nicht 
Is-ra-el might say: yea if the Lord had 

wä- -re bei uns zu die-ser Zeit, wenn sich 
not been with us and on our side, when men 

so viel se- tzen wi- - der uns, uns na- 
rose a-gainst us and would swal-low us 

-gen und pla-gen, le- ben- -dig hat- ten 
in their an-ger, kin-dflled their wrath a- 

sie uns, steht ihr Räch gegh uns auf 
-gainst us, quick they would ov- er-come 

weit. Es hat- ten die Strö'-me, so- wohl 
us. Then in-deed the wa-ters had ov- 
al- - -le Was-ser- - wel- len, 

-er- whelmed and de- stroyed us, 

so- wohl al- - le Was-ser-wel-len 
yea in their pride had the wa-ters 

mus-sen be-de- cken, er-sau- fen, ii- ber- 
gone ov-er our soul, to swal-low us and 

-fal-len. 0, o Gott sei ge- -lo- bet, 
drown us. how bles-sed the Lord God, 

dass du uns nicht hast zum Raub ge- -ben, 
who made us not prey un- -to their teeth. 

to them, 

wie ein Vo- gel des Stricks ist un- ser 
Our soul is fled like a bird from the 

See- -le, ist un- ser See- -le, 

No.l (cont) 

ist un- ser Seel los e- ben, wie ein 
free when the snare is bro-ken, our soul 

Vo- gel des Stricks ist un- ser Seel los 
es-caped like a bird when the snare is 

e- ben. Freu dich, Chri- sten- schaa-re, 
bro-ken. Tri- umph, Chris- tail peo-ple, 

dein Hilif steht im Na- men, der al-lein Herr 
our help is in his name, who is the Lord 

ist, Him-mels und Er- -den, A- men, 
God, who made the earth and hea-ven, 

(at end) Him-mels und Er- den, A- men. 
earth and the hea-ven, A- men. 

No. 2. 1 

Da pa- cem, Do- mi- -ne, in di- -e- bus 
Grant us peace, God our Lord, for our life du- 

no-stris. Vi-vat Tre- -vi- ren- sis, 
-ra-tion. Hail to Treves the glo-rious, 

vi-vat Mo- -gun-ti- nus, vi-vat Co- lo- 
hail to Mainz vic-to-rious, hail to Co-logne 

-ni-sen-sis, vi- vant tri- - a fun- da- 
the migh-ty, hail them, tri- pie pro-tect- 

the three pro-tect- 

Vi- vat Fer-di-nan-cfus, 

uns gar 
in flood 

-mi- na pa- eis. 

-ors of con-cord. Long live Fer-di-nand — . , 

Cae-sar in-vi-cti-ssi-mus, Vi-vat Sa- - xo, 
Em- pe-ror in-vin-ci- ble. Hail to Sax-o- ny, 

vi-vat Ba-va-rus, vi- vat Bran-den-bur- gi- 
and Ba-va-ri- a; hail the Mark of Bran-den- 

-cus, vi- vant tri- - a tu- ta- mi- na 
-burg; hail them, tri- pie pro- tec- tors of 

pa- -eis. Qui- a non est a- li- us, 
con- cord. There is no- one, no oth-er, 

not an- oth-er one, 

qui pug- net pro no- bis. ni-si tu De- us, 
to fight for our safe-ty, on-ly thou our God, 

ni-si tu De- -us no-ster. 
on-ly thou, our pro-tect-or. 

No. 3 

Teu- - to- - ni- -am du-dum bei- li 
War threat-ened our coun-try, war-fare, 

a- tra pe- ri- cla mo-le-stant, 
im-pend-ing dan-ger, a long time. 

o- mni-bus,o bo- na pax, gau-di-a 

fowl-ers, free from the fowl-ers, 170 Bring t0 all '° bles " sed P eace » joy to a 

Schütz, Vol .XV, No. 3 (cont) 

mil- -le fe- -rat. Lae-ten-tur ci- ves 
thou- sand fire-sides. Let all be joy- ful 

pa-tu-lo, gens o-mnis in or- be, in pa- 
op-en- ly, and may eve-ry na-tion,in its 

-tri-a dul- ci, dul- ci pro-spe-ri-ta-te 
be-lov-ed home live and en- joy a new good 

no- -va. To- ta Sle-sis re- so- net, 
for-tune. All Si-le- sia must re-sound, 

jam to- ta Bu-dor-gis. Tur- ba no-vem 
and all of Bu-dor-gia. Come ye hap-py 

fi- -li- um no- va can- ti- -ca can- 
throng and wel-come the Son with your sing- 

-tet. A-pol-lo au- re- o- lo re- so- num 
-ing. A-pol-lo, play- ing on a go 1- den lyre, 

pe- cti-ne pul- -set e- -bur, ex-cla- 
set all the strings re- sound- ing) ye Gra- 

-mant pas- sim Cha- ri- tes, ho- mi- nes- 
-ces, chant and sing for joy, with the Lov- 

-que ve- nu-sti: O- mni-bus,o bo- na etc, 
-ers of Beau-ty: bring to all bles-sed etc 

Ad- -ve- ni-unt pa-scha pie- no, con-ce- 
Now comes to us Eas-ter, welcome, com-mem- 

-le- bran- da, tri- um- pho, in- - cly- tus 
-mo- ra-ted in tri-umph, crowned with hon- 

hic di- es est, gau- - di- -a mil- -le 
-or is this day, filled with a thou-sand 

No. 4 

Lieb-ster, sagt in su-ssem Schmer-zen, 
Dear-est, come and tell me sweet- ly, 

dei-ne Su- la- mc-thin dir, 
joy and sor-row let us share; 

komm doch, sa- get sie von Her- zen, 
bare thy heart to me com-plete-ly, 

kü-sse mich, o mei- ne Zier, 
kiss me now, my je- wel fair! 

dei-ne Huld ist zu er- he- ben 
un-sur-passed is thy per-fect-ion, 

fu'r des schon-sten Wei- -nes Re- ben. 
more than wine of choice se- lect-ion. 

Dein Ge-ruch der ist viel bes- ser 
Bet-ter is thy love-ly fra-grance 

als derfeist O-li-ven-saft , 
than the fat of olive-juice; 

an dem sy- ri-schen Ge- was-ser, 
grown be- side the syr-ian wa-ters, 

als des Bal-sams ed- le Kraft, 
with the bal-sam and the spruce; 

da- rum müs-sen auf sich schau-en 
for we all must bow be- fore you, 

und dich lie- ben die Jung-frau-en. 
and the mai-dens all a- -dore you. 

Zeuch :,iich hin-ter dir, wir kom-men, 
Take me with you, we are com- ing, 

fe- -rens. Nunc to- tus gau-det po-pu-lus, 

bles- sings. Bring joy to all the po-pu-lace, fol -S en dei " nen fen " den nacn ' 

we will fol-low where you lead; 
nunc bru- ta per or-bem, in nu- -me- rum 

and thru all cre-a-tion all that have breath 

lu-dunt, lu- dunt lu- - xu- - ri- - o- sa 
] re-joice, all that have breath re- joice in 

i no- vum. Om- ne so- lum re- so- na^ jam 
ryour God! All the hea-vens must re-sound and 

1 to- tus O-lym-pus, et cho-rus an- ge- li- 
all in O-lym-pus, and the an-gel cho-rus 

j -cus no- va can- ti- - ca can- tat, 
wel-come the Son with their sing- ing; 

I et an- te a- - e- -ra non so- li- -to 
re-joic-ing they fill all the air a- round, 

car- mi- -ne mul-cet o- vans, re-spon-det 
sing- ing in ex- ul- ta-tion; the mul-ti- 

pas-sim ju- -ven-um re-spon-det pas-sim 
-tude of young and old, the mul-ti-tude of 

ju- ven-um- que se- num-que ca-ter- va: 
young & old give their an-swer to-geth-er: 

In-cly-tus etc. 171 

nun er hat mich ein-ge- -nom- men 
for his ve- ry own he takes me, 

in sein heil-ges Schlaf- ge- mach, 
for his ve- ry own in-deed; 

will mich wis-sen an den En- den 
now at last my heart will show you 

wo sich mei-ne Brunst kann wen-den. 
what de- vo-tion it can owe you. 

Wem darf ich an Glu- eke wei-chen, 
For-tune fa-vors none more fair-ly, 

weil mich der so sehn-lich liebt, 
since his heart yearns af- ter mine; 

dem kein Wein ist zu ver-glei-chen, 
choie-est wine is not his eq- ual, 

den die be- ste Trau- be giebt! 
com- ing from the rich- est vine! 
Al- le Leu-te, wel-che le- -ben, 
All the peo-ple join to bless him, 

Schütz, Vol.XV, No. 4 (cont) 

rails- sen mei-nen Freund er- he- ben. 
en- vy me that I poss-ess him. 

Meint ihr dass ich min- der gel-te, 
Do not think I count for lit- tie, 

o ihr Toch-ter, So-ly-rae, 
ye daugh-ters.tho I be 

weil ich schwarz bin, wie die Zel- te, 
black as are the tents that clus-ter 


der hei-ssen 
the tor- rid 

A- rab Sea; 

könnt ich Schon- he it doch noch lie- hen, 
roy- al tap- est- ries en-tranc-ing, 

Sa- -lo-mons Ta- pe- ze- rei- en. 
pic-ture me in beau-ty danc-ing. 

Das* ich brau-ne Haut ge- won- nen, 
If my skin is brown and swar-thy, 

seht mich da- rum nicht so an, 
'twas the sun that made it so, 

ich bin schwarz- braun von der Son-nen, 
burned me with its flam-ing fer-vor, 

ih- - re Brunst hat dies ge-than, 
scorched me with its fie- ry glow; 

seit dass mich in Zorn und Has-sen 
by my mo-thefs child-ren fat-ed 

mei-ner Mut- -ter Kin-der fas-sen. 
to be scorned and to be hat-ed. 

Ich muss ih-ren stets ver- -wa- chen 
I must ev-er watch their moun-tain, 

ih- - re Berg und ih- ren Wein, 
guard their vine-yard from at- tack, 

ih-re Ber-ge, wel- -che ma- chen, 
I have nev-er shirked my du- ty, 

dass ich i-tzund schwarz soll sein, 
this is why I now am black; 

a-ber mein Berg bleib nur lie- -gen, 
my de- vo- tion must ap- pease them, 

weil ich muss-te sie ver- gnu- gen, 
hu- mor them and try to please them, 

end) weil ich muss- -te sie ver-gnugen. 
try to please them eve-ry- one. 

No. 5 

Nach-dem ich lag in mei-nem o- den Bet-te 
When I was toss-ing on my lone-ly pillow, 

ich sucht mein ed-les Licht, 
I reached in my de- spair, 172 

No. 5 (cont) 

ich sucht ob ich den Lieb-sten bei mir hat-te, 
to find if my be- lov- -ed was be-side me; 

ich fand ihn a- ber nicht, 
a- las, he was not there! 

mich zwang die Brunst das La-ger zu ver- la-ssen, 
my love was hot, and so I left my cham-ber, 

ich lau-fe was ich kann, 
& ran out in the night, 

hin-durch die Stadt, such um auf al- -len 
thru-out the town, thru all its streets & 

Gas-sen, und treff ihn doch nicht an. 
al-leys, but found not my de- light. 

Ich frag-te drauf die Wach- ter aus Ver- lan-gen: 
Ea- ger with love, I asked of all the watchmen: 

Wisst ihr mein Le- ben nicht? 
Have you not seen him here? 

Und als ich war ein we-nig fort-ge-gan- gen, 
And I had gone a-long a lit-tle dis-tance, 

da fand ich erst mein Licht, 
un-til I found my dear; 

ich griff ihn an, be-gie-rig ihn zu zwin-gen, 
I seized his hand, and ur-gent-ly en-dea-vored 

zu mei- ner Mut- ter hin, ich musst ihn 
to bring him back with me; I asked that 

doch bis in ihr Haus heim- brin- gen, 
he come home and see my mo-ther, 

und in die Kam-mer ziehn. 
and there with us to be . 

So gro-sse Lust ihr habt zum Re- he- -bo-cken, 
Much as you wish, you must not now dis-turb him, 

ihr Töch-ter So-ly- -me, so we- nig 
ye daugh-ters of the king, but let my 

sollt ihr, mei-nen Lieb-sten we-cken, 
dear- est sleep in peace and qui-et, 

bist dass er selbst auf -steh, 
'til his a- -wak- -en- ing. 

wer ist sie doch, die ih- -re Schon-heit zei-get 
Who can this be, who comes in all her beau-ty, 

kommt aus der Wu- ste- nei, 
that we may wor-ship her, 

wie Rauch era- por von theu-ren Myrr-hen stei- 
like incense waft-ed far a- cross the de- 



-get, und vie- ler Spe-ce- - rei. 
-sert, with sweet spi-ces and myrrh? 

Schütz, Vol. XV, No. 6 

Iässt Sa- lo- mon sein Bet-te nicht um- ge- 
ls not the bed of So- lo- mon pro- tec t- 

-ben, stehn sech-zig nicht all-hier aus Israel, 
-ed by six- ty val-iant men of Israel, 

No. 6 (cont) 

Soh- -ne, zu rech-ter Frdh-lich-keit. 
wed-ding, in joy 

and thank- ful- ness! 

• « 

die Stark-sten, so da le- -ben, 

these strong ones ev- er guard him, ^ see Son 6 

of Sol., 
und wa- chen stets da- fur? jy-r 7 ii\ 

and watch ov- -er him well? 

Sie al- le sammt sind rit- -ter-lich ge- 
All are his war-riors, trained in no-ble 

- -u- bet, sind ih-res Kb-nigs Macht, 
knighthood, and by his roy-al might, 

und schüt-zen ihn in- dem er liegt ver-lie- 
to keep him safe with his be- lov- ed mis- 

- bet be- -hü- -ten ihn die Nacht, 
-tress, and guard them thru the night. 

Der Sa-lo- mon liess scho-nes Holz ab- hau- 
Beau-ti-ful wood King So- lo- mon did fash- 

-en, von grü- nen Li-ba- non, 
-ion, on green Le- ba-non grown, 

von Sil-ber liess er ed- le Sau-len bau- 
and sil-ver col-umns made he for his bed- 

- -en an sei- nen Bet-te-thron, 
-posts, to bear his roy-al throne. 

die Deck ist Gold und Pur- pur ist sein 
his cov- er- let is gold, his pil-low 

Kis-sen der Grund ist Lieb und Gunst, 
pur-ple, the charm- ing bot- torn part, 

aus So- ly- ma von To'ch- tern, die wohl 
por-t ray- ing love, em-broid-ered by his 

wis- sen, zu sti-cken nach der Kunst, 
daugh-ters, un-riv-alled in the art. 

Kommt doch her- aus, kommt her doch, ihr 
Come all ye out, come out all ye 

Jung- frau- en, ihr Toch-ter von Zi- on, 
young mai- dens, ye daugh-ters come & sing, 

ach säu-met nicht, kommt ei- lends an- zu- 
ah tar-ry not, come quick- ly that we 

-schau-en den KÖ-nig Sa- -lo- mon. 
show you our no-ble Lord the King. 

seht auf sein Haupt, seht an die schö- ne 
see on his head he wears the crown of 

Kro- ne, auf sei- ne Hei-rath-zeit, 
beau-ty, with jew-els num-ber- less; 

die itz und giebt die Mut-ter ih- -rem 
we hail this day, to ce- le- brate his 

No. 7 

Itzt bli-cken durch des Him-mels Saal 
Thru hea-verfs vault, se-rene and fair, 

die giild- nen Stern-lein all-zu- mal. 
the stars are peep- ing eve-ry-where. 

Ich bin ohn Hoff-nung ganz al-lein 
Hope- less my watch a- -lone I keep, 

ich wach und an- dre schla-fen ein. 
a- wake, all oth-ers fast a- sleep. 

Du Jung- frau lie-gest in der Ruh 
You mai-den, ly- ing free from care, 

und hast die stol- zen Au- gen zu, 
your eyes are proud and my de-spair. 

du bla-sest durch dein ro-then Mund 
you blow be- tween your lips so red, 

da sii- sse Gift, so mich ver-wundt. 
your poi-son sweet to turn my head. 

Du den-kest nicht an mei- ne Noth, 
You think not how I toss and moan, 

noch an den sii-ssen Lie-bes-gott, 
but on the God of Love a- lone, 

der mein be- trübt Ge-müth hat bracht 
who brought my heart to this sad plight, 

in dei- - ne Hand und gro- -sse Macht, 
be-neath your hand and match- less might. 

Ich lieg und dei-ner tau- ben Thiir, 
Un- -heed-ed I fre-quent your door, 

ob ich doch mog-re kom-men fur 
ah if the spi-rit I im- plore 

und die- sen un- be-weg-ten Sinn 
I could but move to hear my plea, 

durch mei-ne Bit- te zu mir ziehn,. 
and with a smile to look on me' 

Was sonst bei Tag irrt hin und her, 
The fly- ing birds, the bu- sy bee, 

die schnei- len Fisch und auch ihr Meer, 
the fish- es dart- ing thru the sea, 

sind si- eher, ge-ben sich zur Ruh, 
at eve-ning all of rest par- take, 

ich al-lein bringt kein Au- ge zu. 
I a- lone must stay wide-a- wake. 


Schutz, Vol. XV, No. 7 (cont) 

Die Thra-nen ruf ich Zeu-gen an, 
My tears I call to tes-ti- fy 

da- mit ich dich nicht zwin-gen kann, 
how lit-tle weight with you have I; 

die Thra-nen, so ich dir zur Schand, 
as pledg-es to your shame I leave 

hier lass als mei- ner Lie-be Pfand, 
these tears to show you how I grieve. 

No. 8 

Tu-gend ist der be-ste Freund, 
Vir- tue is my tru-est friend, 

die uns all-zeit pflegt zu lie-ben, 
al-ways it will heed and love me; 

wann die scho-ne Son- ne scheint, 
when the sun is shin-ing bright, 

und die Wol- -ken uns be-tru-ben, 
when the clouds are dark a-bove me; 

rei- sen wir gleich hin und her, 
thru the world, where- efer I be, 

u- ber Land und u- ber Meer, 
on the land or on the sea, 

ist ihr kein Be- schwer. 


'tis ev-er true to 


Sie weiss nichts von Me n- sehen- guns t, 
Mor- tal wiles it does not know, 

wie es zwar manch Freund hier ma-chet, 
eun-ningways and tones be-guil-ing, 

der aus fal- scher Lie-bes-brunst 
like so ma- ny here be- -low, 

froh- lieh klagt und klag- lieh la-chet, 
gay la- ment and woe- ful smil-ing; 

der zwar gut ist vom Ge-sicht, 
guile for truth we oft mis-take, 

und sich al- 1er Treu ver-spricht, 
pro-mis- es they free-ly make, 

das Her- ze meint es nicht, 
and quite as free- ly break. 

Als das leich-te Glü-cke mich, 
Just when luck be- gins to turn, 

schien ein we-nig zu er- he- ben, 
show- -ing me a lit-tle fa- vor, 

woll- te der und je-ner sich 
friends are faith-ful eve-ry one, 

in den Tod auch für mich ge-ben, 
to the death will nev -er wa-ver , 

No. 8 (cont) 

nun ein k lei- ner rau-her Wind 
comes a lit- tie puff of air, 

nur zu wit- tern sich be-ginnt 
blow- ing up fron a- -ny-where, 

ist nie-mand der sich findt. 
and no friend now is there. 

Doch ich will von mei-nem Muth 
So I will not in the least 

auch das Mind-ste noch mich schrei- ten, 
let my faith in Vir- tue fal- -ter, 

und ge- den- ken dass mein Gut 
nor will I at a - -ny time 

wan- ren wird zu al- len Zei-ten, 
change my mind, my pur-pose al-ter; 

dann mein Trost in Gluck und Noth 
for my com- fort, come what will, 

hier und da in Ehr und Spott 
fast and firm, thru good and ill, 

ist Tu-gend und ist Gott, 
is God and Vir- tue still. 

No. 9 

Gluck in dem He- li- -kon, ich hör der Mu-sen 
Sweet voices rise and swell where all the Mu-ses 

Ton, Cli-o Eu-ter-pe rein, Mel- po- me- ne 
dwell, Cli-o and Eu-ter-pe, and fair Me— po- 

stimmt ein. Ich hör sü- ssen Ge-sang, 
-me- -ne. Gai-ly their voi- ces ring, 

wie der Si- re-nen Klang, doch wie ich recht ver- 
thus do the Si-rens sing, yet as I right-ly 

-nahm, von Phoe-bo alls her- -kam. 
thought, by Phoe-bus all were taught. 

All-hier der Or- -pheus hoch 
Here Or- pheus played his lyre, 

sein Har-fen stim-met noch, 
to set all hearts on fire, 

be-wegt Wal-der und Thal, 
val-ley and wood re-sound, 

er- füllt des Jo- -vis Saal. 
0- -lym- pus hears the sound. 

Ein neu- en Klang zu- -vor, der nicht in ih-ren 
Now comes a dif-frent song, that ri- ses gay and 

Chor, ein Jun- ger fing mit an, spielt auch auf 
strong; a youth be- gins to play and sing a 

die- sem Plan. (The next two verses appear vague 
round- e- lay. and unnecessary) 

Schütz, Vol .XV, No. 9 (cont) 

Der Mi-das nicht hie gilt, 
Here rich- es count for naught, 

den Phoe-bus tap-fer schilt, 
with beau-ty on- ly sought, 

al- lein der Mu-sen Zahl, 
here where the Mu-ses reign, 

singt in der Got- ter Saal, 
in Art's su- pre me do- ma in. 

No. 10 

Der Er- - de trinkt für sich, 
The trees and flowrs must drink, 

die Bau- -me trin-ken Er- den, 
their leaves and buds to nour-ish; 

vom Mee-re pflegt die Luft, 
the sun and moon and air 

auch zu- ge-trun-ken wer- den, 
can- not with- out it flour- is h; 

die Son-ne trinkt das Meer, 
all Na-ture has to drink, 

der Mon-de trinkt die Son- nen, 
so I, my friends, am think-ing, 

wollt dann, ihr Freun-de mir 
why then should I a- lone 

das Trin-ken nicht ver-gon- nen? 
be ham- pe red in my drink- ing? 

No. 11 
Song of Thanks 

1. Fu'rst-li-che Gna-de zu Was- -ser 
Mer- ci-ful Ru-ler and Prince of 

und Lan-de, ja das noch mehr war, 
our na-tion, filling with glo-ry 

vom himm-li-schen Stan-de, 
your hea-ven- ly sta-tion, 

ist uns er-schie-nen,sehr he*r- lieh 
we will pro-tect you, your hon- - or 

for- mi- ret, da die Wil- iiel-mi- 
will nour-ish, that your proud em-blem 

-sehe Rau- te flo- ri- ret. 
in splen-dor may flou-rish. 

(The other nine verses not given) 

No. 12 

1. Wie wenn der Ad-ler sich aus sei-ner 
As when the ea-gle leaves his rock-y 

Klip-pe schwingt 
crag to fly 

den Fel-sen-stein ver-lässt und nach der Son-ne 
on migh-ty wings a- loft to seek the sun and 


so ist auch i-tzund mir, 
so does my spi-rit soar 


im Fall ich se-hen 
as now I see you 

wie du, 
you two, 

du Fur- s ten- paar, die Hand ge- fes-selt an. 

no- ble pair, be- fore me hand in hand. 

2. Der Him-mel lässfs ge-schehn, kein Stern ist 
May Hea-ven bless you both, your star is 

wi- der dich, 
shin- ing bright, 

der al- te Sach- sen- held er-freu-et des-sen 
the Sax- on gods of old are hap-py at the 


Die Ro-sen in der Luft, die bil- den 
The ro-ses smell so sweet, they bloom so 

uns schon ein, 
won-drous fair, 

das dei- ne Hei-raths-zeit der wer-de gluck- 
theti make your wed-ding day a day be-yond 

-lieh sein, 
com- pare, 

3. Was Gott zu-sam-men- fügt, trennt kei-ne^ 
What God him-self has joined, no man can 

Men-schen Sinn, 
break in two, 

wie er es ha- ben will, so fallt 
t is a 1- ways best for us as he 

auch der 
would have 


us do. 
Die Tu-gend wird von ihm ab-son-der-lich 

for Vir-tue nev-er fails to be its own 

be- lohnt,* 
re -ward, 

in der die Got- t es -furcht als ei- ne 
to them who but o- -bey and hum-bly 

Wir- thin wohnt, 
fear the Lord. 

Schütz, Vol.XV, No. 12 (cont) 

4. Die Ga- ben hast du ja, die ir-gend 
You two have all the gifts which here on 

auf der Welt 
earth be- low 

uns k'ön- -nen füh-ren ein in des 
should make your joy in-crease,your peace 

Ge- lii- ekes Zelt, 
and com- fort grow. 

Was an den Fur-steh sonst wird hoch und 
Yea, a 11 that a- -ny prince would have or 

gross ge-acht, 
wish to do, 

hat Gott, o Paar, an dir itzt in die 
the Lord, luck- y pair, has giv-en 

En-ge bracht, 
un-to you. 

5.Drumb freu-e dich der Zeit, die du nun 
So now we all re-joiee, that life will 

von dir hast, 
be so fair, 

und hof- -fe, wie du thust, auf ei- nen 
and hope that soon will come a lit- tie 

klei-nen Gast, 
son and heir. 

Den dein ge-pf lan-zter Stock wird auf das 
For from your no- ble stock a no- ble 

neu- - en blühn 
branch must grow, 

und umb den Plei-ssen-Strom sein gr'ü-nes 
and leaves a- gain be green where Pleissk 

Laub an-ziehn. 
wa- ters flow. 

6. Es glan-ze stets dein Gold an dei-ner 
Your ring of shin- ing gold up- on your 

rech- ten Hand, 
hand you wear, 

und ma- -che sei-nen Stamm noch mehr als 
glo-rious tho you may be, more glo-rious 

itzt be-kannt; 
you will bear; 

wo ei- ne neu- -e Welt im Wach-se 
here in this new-born world that you have 

soll be-stehn, da muss all -zeit 
now be- gun, the one will be 

der Mond mit sei-ner Sonn auf-gehn. 

the moon, the oth-er. be the sun. -j. 

No. 13 
Canzone tt a 

Guid-ne Haa- -re, gleich Au-ro-re, 
Gold-en ring-lets, like Au-ro-ra, 

ihr ver- ir- ret und ver-wir-ret 
turn my head,per-plex and daze me, 

mein Jungs Her-ze oh- ne Scher-ze, 
vex my ten-der soul and craze me. 

run-des Stirn-lein, weiss wie Helfn-bein, 
no- ble brow of fai- ry beau- ty, 

auf dir woh-net Ve-nus Soh- ne 
where the God of Love is dwell -ing, 

und ver-wun-det mich zur Stun- de. 
to his ser-vice all com-pell-ing. 

Kla- re Aug- lein, glan-zend Stern- lein, 
Eyes of az- ure tease and taunt me, 

eu- er Glanz to-dtet mich ganz, 
tear my heart, a-las a- -part, 

eu- re St rah- 1 en machn mir Qua- len 
glan-ces that for- ev- -er haunt me, 

Co- rall-mund-lein, schnee-weiss Hand-lein 
Mouth of co- ral, slen- -der fin- gers 

ros- - farb Wan- gen, ihr habt gfan- gen 
cheeks like rose-buds, I am cap-tured, 

mich fur-wah- - re ganz und ga- -re, 
whol-ly thru and thru en- rap-tured. 

Wo nicht sen- det Ve- nus bhen- de 
Ve- nus come and give me com- fort; 

Hulf mir Ar- men mit Er-bar- men, 
leave me not in woe to lan-guish, 

ach ich ster-be und ver- der- be. 
ah, have pi- ty on my an-guish! 


Schütz, Vol. XVIII 
Es er hub sich ein Streit 
There arose a great war 

Rev. XII, 7: And there was a war in heaven: Michael 
and his angels fought against the dragon; and the 
dragon fought and his angels, 
8. And prevailed not; neither was their place 
found any more in heaven. 
9. And the great dragon was cast out, that old 
serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which decei- 
-veth the whole world; he was cast out into the 
earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 

10. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, 
Now is come salvation, and strength, and the king- 
-dom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for 
the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which 
accused them before our God day and night. 

11. And they overcame him by the blood of the 
Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and 
they loved not their lives unto the death. 

12. Therefore rejoice, ye .heavens, and ye that 
dwell in them 

Es er- hub sich ein Streit im Him-mel, 
There a-rose a great war in Hea-ven, 

Mi- cha- el und sei- ne En-gel strit- ten mit 
Mi-chael and his host of An-gels fought a-gainst 

dem Dra-chen, und der Dra-che stritt und sei-ne 
the Dra-gon, and the Dra-gon fought and all his 

En- gel, und sie-ge- -ten nicht, 
An-gels, and yet pre-vailed not, 

auch ward ih- -re Stat-te nicht mehr fun-den 
nor was there place for them a- -ny lon-ger 

im Him-mel, und es ward aus- ge- -wor-fen 
in Hea-ven, yea he was cast from Hea-ven, 

der gro-sse Drach, die al- te Schlang, 
the migh-ty beast, that snake of old, 

die da heisst der Teu-fel und Sa-ta-nas, 
who is called the De- vil.and Sa- tan too. 

der die gan- -ze Welt ver- -full- -ret, 
he who filled the world with false- hood- 

und ward ge-wor-fen auf die Er- -de, 
and down he fell to out-er dark-ness, 

und sei-ne En- gel wur-den auch da- -hin 
and all his An-gels, all his host were cast 

ge- wor- fen. 
out witn him. 

I (cont) 

Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft und das 
Now is the Hope and the, Strengt hand the 

Reich und die Macht un-sers Got-tes, 
Might and the Right of our God and 

sei-nes Chri- sti wor- den, 
of his Christ as- sured us, 

weil der ver- -wor- -fen ist, 
for come to naught is he, 

der sie ver- k la- get Tag und Nacht vor 
who did re-vile us day and night to 

Gott. Und sie ha- ben ihn u-ber- 
God. And they fought him and ov-er- 

-wun- den durch des Lam- mes Blut, 
-came him by the Sav-iourfs blood, 

und durch das Wort ih- res Zeug-nis. 
and thru the word they have spo- ken, 

und ha- ben ihr Le- -ben nicht 
for they did not love their lives 

ge- -lie- -bet, bis an den Tod, . 
they lived here un- to the death, . 

Dar- -um freu-et euch, ihr Him-mel, 
There- fore be ye glad, ye Hea-vens, 

und die dar- in- -nen, woh- nen. 
and all ye dwell- ing there- in. 

Und ich h'ö- -ret ei- ne gro- sse Stimm, 
And I heard a loud and migh-ty voice, 

die sprach im Him-mel: 
that said in Hea-ven: 



Vater Abraham 
Father Abraham 

Two Violins and Violone 

St. Luke, XVI, 19-31 

The Rich Man: 

Va-ter A- bra-ham, er- bar- me dich mein, 

Fa- t her A- bra- ham, have mer-cy on me, 

und sen- de La-za-rum, dass er das 
and send me La-za-rus, that with the 

Xu-sser-ste sei-nes Fin-ger, uns Was-ser 
tip of his lit- tie fin-ger he come and 

tau- che, und kiih- le mei- ne Zun-ge. 
touch me, and cool my tongue with wa-ter. 

Denn ich lei-de Pein, in die-ser Flamme, 
for by fie-ry flames I am tor-men-ted. 

Abraham: Ge-den-ke, Sohn, dass du 
Re-mem-ber, Son, how in 
dein Gu- tes em- pfan-gen hast, 
thy life-time thou hast re- ceived 

Schütz, Vol. XVIII, No. II (cont) 

in dei-nem Le- -ben, und La-za-rus, 
thy ma-ny bless- ings and La-za-rus 

da- -ge- gen hat Bö"- - ses em-pfan-gen; 
has like-wise re-ceived naught but ev- il; 

nun a-ber wird er ge-trö-stet, und du 
but now he doth rest in com-fort, and thou 

wirst ge- pei- ni- get. Und Ü- ber das al- 
art tor-men- ted now. And do thou re-mem- 

-les ist zwi-schen uns und euch ei- ne 
-ber, be- side all you and 

gro-sse Kluft be- fe- sti- get, dass die da 
us a migh- ty gulf is fixed, so they who 

woll-ten von hin- -nen hin- -ab- fah- ren zu 
now with us here would from hence pass un- to 

euch, könn-ten nicht, und auch nicht von 
you, can- not pass, nei-ther can you 

dan-nen zu uns, her- -ü- -ber-fah-ren. 
pass un-to us, from thence to us here. 

The Rich Man: So bitt ich dich, Va-ter, 

I pray to thee, Fa- t her, 

so bitt ich dich, Va-ter Va-ter, Va-ter, 
I pray to thee, there fore, Fa- ther, Fa-ther, 

dass du La- -za- rum sen-dest in mei-nes 
I be-seech thee to send him un-to my 

Va-ters Haus denn ich ha- - be noch 

so wur-den sie Bu- sse tun. 
then hap-ly they will re-pent. 

Abraham: Ho- -ren sie Mo- ses und 
Hear they not Mo-ses nor 

die Pro-phe- ten nicht, und die Pro- phe- 
what the Pro-phets spake, yea the Prophets 

-ten nicht, so wer-den sie auch nicht 
of old, they nev-er will be per- 

glau-ben, ob je- -mand von den To- ten 
-sua-ded, tho one should rise up from the 

auf- er-stüh- de, auf- er-stün- de. 
dead be-fore them, rise be- fore them. 

Two Angels and Lazarus: Sie ha-benetc 

Two Angels, Lazarus & Abraham: Hö- ren sie 
Moses etc. as above 


Much better in Latin 

bone Jesu 
Gentle Jesus 

bo- ne Je-su, o Je-su fi- li 
gen-tle Je-sus, Je-sus, Son of 

fa-therms house, for I have there my Ma „ ri _ ae vir . gi . nis> ple . ne> ple . ne 

fünf Brü- der, dass er ih- -nen be- zeu- the Vir-gin Ma- ry born, ov- er-flow-ing 
five breth-ren, let him there-fore bearwit- 

- ge, auf dass sie nicht auch kom- men 

-ness, lest they shall al- -so come here 

an den Ort der Qual, 

to this Place of Pain. 

Abraham : 


Sie ha- -ben Mo-ses, 
Yet they have Mo-ses, 

ha- ben sie und die Pro-phe- ten, 
and the Scrip-tures and the Pro- phets; 

lass sie die- sei- bi-gen, die-sel- bi- gen 
let them give heed to them, yea let them give 

lass sie hö- -ren. 
heed and hear them. 

The Rich Man: Mein Va-ter A-bra-ham, (Nein) 

My Fa-ther A-bra-ham, Nay, 

son-dem wenn ei-ner von den To-ten zu 
mark you, yet if one from the dead went 

ih-nen gin-ge, -so wür- den sie, 
un-to them, they will re- -pent, 

mi- se- ri- cor-di- a, pie- ne, ple-ne 
with ten-der sym-pa- thy, with corn-passion, 

mi- -se- -ri- cor- di- -a et pi- -a- 
and sweet long-suf- fer-ing and lov-ing- 

- ta- -te. Je- su, so- le se- re- 
-kind-ness, Je-sus, se-rene as is 

-ni- or, et bal- sa- -mo su- -a- vi- 
the sun, more fra-grant than the bal-sam 

-or, om- -ni dul- co- re dul-ci- or, 
is, more sweet than is the hon-ey-comb, 

prae cunc-tis a- ma- bi- li- or. 
a- -bove all oth-ers lov-a- ble; 

A- ma- bi-lis Je-su, trans-fi- -ge me- 
Be-lov-ed Lord Je-sus, per-vade Thou my 

-dul -las a- -ni- mae me- -ae, 
in-most soul with Thy sweet-ness, 

su- -a- vis-si-mo a- -mo- ris tu- -i 
that it be to me the dart to pierce my 

ia-cu- lo, per-fo-de cor me- -um 
ve-ry soul; per-me-ate my heart to 

Vol.XVIII.No.IV, (cont) 
ig- -ne- -a cha- ri- -ta- te tu- a. 

glow with love from Thy Fire E-ter-nal. 

Je-su, sum- ma be-nig-ni- tas, mi- ra 
Je-sus, fount of be-ne- vo-lence, won-drous 

cor-dis iu-cun- di-tas, in-cora-pre-hen-sa 
spi-rit of kind-li-ness, un-com-pre-hen-ded 

bo- ni- tas, tu- -a me strin-git ca- ri-tas* 
ex-cell-ence, Thy pre-cious love has wound-ed me. 

Da mi-hi, Do- mi-ne, spe- ci- -o- se prae 
Grant me, Lord my God, Thou the Fair-est a- 

fi- li- is ho- mi-num, et te so- lum a- men, 
-bove all the sons of men, that I love Thee on-ly, 

te so- lum de- si- de-rem, per te so- lum 
that Thou be my sole de-sire, that I come to 

am--bu-lem, ad te so- lum per-ve-ni- am, 
Thee a- lone, so that Thou art my on-ly goal, 

in te so- lo ac- qui- es- cam. 
that in Thee a- lone I may rest. 

Je-su, de-cus an-ge-li-cum, in au- re dul- 
Je-sus, an-ge- lie ma-jes-ty, a song of sweet - 

- ce can- ti- cum, in o- re mel mi-ri- fi- 
-ness fills the ear, the taste of hon-ey on the 

-cum, in cor- -de nec-tar cae-li- cum. 
lips, the heart with nec-tar ov- er- flows. 

0- le-um ef- -fu- sum, no- men tu- um 
Like a pre-cious oint-ment is Thy Name,0 

o Chri-ste, no- -men dul- ce, no- -men 
Christ Je-sus, sweet- est name by which we 

sa- lu- ta- -re; ad- iu- va er- -go 

call our Sav-iour. 

nos et sal- -va nos, qu 

help and save Thou us, for Thou a- lone art 

No.V, (cont) 

nach dei-ner gro-ssen Barm-ner-zig-keit, 
and thru Thy love and Thy Sav-ing Grace 

wasch ab, mach rein mein Mis-sa- tat, 
wash pure and clean my ma- ny sins, 

ich er- kenn mein Sund und ist mir leid, 
which full well I know are gross and base. 

al-lein ich dir ge-sün-di-get hab 
My sin- ful soul I can-not re-store, 

das ist wi-der mich ste- tig- lieh, 
nor wipe my ev- -il deeds a- way, 

das Bös vor dir bleibt nicht be-stehn; 
but ev- il Thou dost ev-er ab-hore, 

du bleibst ge-recht,ob man ur- -teilt 
and Thou art just, fair and right al- 

just and right- eous 



es Sal -va- tor no-ster: 
ev- er our Re- deem-er: 

-ta, sa- lus no-stra. 
and oür sai-va-tion. 

(I have made the two following verses 
as a summary of the general substance 
of the five verses of the original) 

Why art thou sad, and why so filled with 

Ah thou hast rea-son thus to grieve, 
my soul! 
Thy gra-cious God, who hi-ther-to has loved 

now has de-nied to thee thy hoped-for goal! 
Thy cher-ished yearn- ing, to ash-es turn-ing, 

thy dreams have found a sad a-wak-ing: 
Help us, Lord, there-fore, thv in „ QnH _,_ , „ fto „ . ^ & ' 

F • tnv J°y a nd glad-ness now but tears and aching 

, qui- -a tu so- lus " 

My days on earth are long and slow-ly passing 
my nights are dark and full of care and woe; 
let not my soul de-spair or lose its cou-rage 
but think on Him who saved me long a-go. 
Sa-tan as-sails me, yet there a-vails me 
ev-er the hope that Thou up- hold me, 
*til in His arms Thy Bless-ed Son en-fold 

Lux, vi-a, vi- 
Light,way of life, 

Re-demp-tor mun-di: 
Thou our Fe-deem-er: 

coe- li ci- ves, oc-cur- ri-te, por- tas 
Lord of Hea-ven, ap-pear to us, lift Thy 

ves- tras at-to-li- te, Tri- um-pha- to- ri 
gates that we en-ter in. Hail to the Lord vic- 

di-ci-te: A- -ve Je-su rex in-cly- -te! 
-to-ri-ous: Hail to Je-sus, the King of Kings! 

Er- barm, er- barm dich mein, o Her- re Gott, 
Lord, Have pi- -ty Lord, have pi- -ty,God, 

Lord my God, 



(The same as to these 7) 

Com-fort-less Tomb, you drive a-way 

all thought of joy and glad-ness; 
our drea-ry hearts no more are gay, 

but steeped in tears of sad-ness. 
Your op-en mouth is sealed with stones, 

and we de-part in sor-row, 
and leave to you these pre-cious bones, 

un-til that Day, To-mor-row. 

Vol. XVIII, No.VII, (cont) 

Pi-ti-less Death, be sa-tis-fied, 

nor send us more af-flict-ion. 
let us re-mem-ber Him who died, 

His pain and cru-ci-fict-ion. 
He plucked from Death its bit-ter sting 

these bones will soon be ta-ken 
and borne a- way on an- gel wing, 

in Hea-ven High to wa-ken. 


Ach wie soll ich doch in Freu-den le-ben, 
What in-deed can be the joy of liv-ing, 

weil ich von der muss sein, 
since I so soon must part 

die mir al- lein, 
from that dear heart, 

tut Freu-de, tut Freu- de, tut Freu-de 
which ev- er all plea-sure, all joy is 

ge- ben? 

Lust ist fern von mei-nern Her- zen, 
Here in grief and woe I lan-guish, 

denn dass ich muss ge-schie-den sein, 
for she and I are far a- part, 

von der Herz- lieb-s ten mein, 
my maid of no- ble heart; 

das bringt mir Schmer-zen. 
this brings me an- guish. 


Vier Hirtinnen 
The Four Shepherdesses 

Vier Hir- tin- -nen, gleich jung, gleich schon, 
Four shep-herd maids, all young, all fair, 

Fil- lis, Clo-ris, An-ge-li-ca, 
Riyl-lis, Clo-ris, An-ge-li-ca, 

und dann die freund-lich De-li-a, 
and fourth, the dain- -ty De-li-a, 

warn all ver- liebt in Co-ri-don. 
were each in love with Co-ri-don. 

Fil-lis, da- mit sie nicht ver-saumt die Schanz, 
Phyl-lis,who rare-ly ev- -er missed a trick, 

gab ihm zu-erst von Ro- sen ei- -nen Kranz, 
thought with arose to make her con-quest quick. 

Clo-ris nahm auch ihr Sach in Acht, 

Clo-ris would not be left be-hind, 180 

No. IX, (cont) 

und ihm ein Kranz von Li- lien macht, 
made haste a li- -ly-wreath to find. 

An-ge- lie, a- ber, rund und dick, . 
An-gie,the round and jol- ly one, 

ihm gab lieb- su-chend Au- -gen-blick. 
looked up with eyes that saidrCome on! 

Und als der gu- te Co- -ri- -don 
But as the gen-tle shep-herd tried 

fing in seim Sinn zu wah- -len an, 
be-tween the three to choose his bride, 

kam De-li und gab ihm ein Kuss, 
came De-lia with a kiss so neat, 

so kraf-tig,lieb-lich und so suss, 
so win-some, lov- ing, warm and sweet, 

dass er in ei- -nen Au-gen-blick, 
none of the three had a- ny chance, 

ver-gass Ro- sen, Li -lien und Blick, 
de-spite ro-ses,li- lies, and glance, 

und sei- ne scho-ne De-li- am 
and fair-est De-lia, she a- lone, 

vor an-dern ihn zum Schatz auf -nahm, 
shall be his ve- ry, ve- -ry own. 

I. Cane one tta 

der gro-ssen Wun-der- -ta- -ten, 
the migh-ty mar-vel wrought us, 

die die Lieb ver-rich-ten kann, 
when the Voice of Love is 4ieard, 

die in Freu-de weiss zu ra- -ten, 
what joy its fire has taught us, 

wenn sie hat ge- zun- det an, 
when the heart and soul are stirred! 

un- sre Her- zen, un-sern Mut, 
How our spi-rits are con-soled, 

den sie mach-tig, tro-sten tut, 
filled with com-fort, peace un- told, 

Was die Lieb, 
Such is Love, 

an ihm ge- tan. 
bless- ed Word! 


In dich hab ich ge- hof- fet, Herr, 

Lord, as I have trus-ted Thee, 

hilf , dass ich nicht zu Schan-den werd, 

from sin and shame keep Thou me free, 

noch e-wig-lich zu Spot-te, 
nor let me be con-foun-ded: 

No. II, (cont) 

das bitt ich dich er-hal- -te mich 
I pray to Thee: Up-hold Thou me, 

in dei- ner Treu Herr Got- te. 
by Truth and Grace sur-roun-ded. 


Herr Gott, dich lo- ben wir, 
Lord God, Thy praise we sing. 

Herr Gott, wir dan- -ken dir. 
Lord God, our thanks we bring. 

Dich, Gott Va- ter in E-wig-keit 
Our faith- ful God for ev-er-more, 

ehrt die Welt weit und breit, 
far and wide all a- dore. 

All En- gel und Him-mels-heer 
Hosts of Hea-ven Thee ac- claim; 

und was die-net dei- ner Ehr, 
all the An-gels praise Thy Name; 

auch Che-ru-bim und Se-ra-phim, 
both Che-ru-bim and Se-ra-phim, 

sin- gen im- mer mit ho- -her Stimm: 
in high-est voi-ces sing their hymn: 

Hei-lig ist un- -ser Gott, 
Ho- ly is our Lord God, 

der Her- re Ze-ba-oth. 
the Lord of Sa-ba-oth. 

Dein gb'tt-lich Macht und Herr-lich-keit 
Hiy glo-rious might and ma- jes- -ty, 

geht u- -ber Himml und Er- den weit. 
all-Heavh and earth de-clare to Thee. 

Der hei- -li- gen zwölf Bo-ten Zahl 
Iwelve he-raids pay Thee hon-or due, 

und die lie- ben Pro-phe-ten all, 
yea,pro-phets and the mar-tyrs too; 

die teu- ern V&r-trer all-zu-mal 
with migh-ty voice and one ac-cord, 

lo- ben dich, Herr, mit gro-ssem Schall, 
sing loud in praise of God our Lord. 

Die gan-ze wer- te Chri-sten-heit; 
From eve-ry-where in Chris- ten-dom, 

rühmt dich auf Er-den al- le-zeit: 
glad ti-dings of Thy glo-ry come: 


Herr Gott, (cont) 

Dich, Gott Va- ter im höch-sten Thron, 
Thee, God the Fa- ther.God the Son, 

dei- nen rech- ten und ein- gen Sohn, 
Thee, Ho- -ly Ghost, the Three in One, 

den heil- gen Geist und Trö-ster wert 
all Chris- ten- dorn, thru end.- less days, 

mit rech-tem Dienst sie lobt und ehrt, 
with ser-vice true will join to praise. 

Die Kb-nig der Eh* -ren, Je- su Christ, 
Lord Je- - .- sus Christ ,Thou Migh-ty One, 

Gott Va-ters ew- ger Sohn du bist; 
our Fa-therGo(fs E- ter-nal Son, 

der Jung-frau Leib nicht hast ver-schmaht, 
the Vir- girfs womb did not dis- dain 

zur-lö-sen das mensch- lieh Ge-schlecht. 
Sal-va-tion for man- -kind to gain. 

Du hast dem Tod zer-st.ört sein Macht, 
Vast might of Death is ren-dered naught, 

und all Chri-sten zum Him-mel bracht, 
and chris-tians all to Hea-ven brought. 

Du sitzt zur iiech- -ten Got-tes gleich 
At Gods Right Hand Thou sit- test there, 

mit al-ler Ehr ins Va- ters Reich. 
His hon-or in His realm to share. 

Ein Rich-ter du zu-künf-tig bist 
Thou art the Judge whom sin- nets dread, 

al- les, was tot und le-bend ist. 
to judge the liv-ing and the dead. 

Nun hilf uns, Herr, den Die- ner dein, 
Now help, Lord, Thy ser-vants well, 

die mit deirim teurn Blut er- -lo- set sein, 
whom Thy pre- cious blood has saved from Hell. 

Lass uns im Him-mel ha- ben Teil 
Let us in Hea-ven have a share, 

mit das Heil- gen in ew- gen Heil, 
with all Thy Saints as-sem-bled there. 

Hilf dei-nem Volk, Herr Je- su Christ, 
Save us, Thy Folk, from Sa-tarfe snares, 

und seg- ne, was dein Erb-teil ist, 
and bless us,. for we are Thine heirs. 

Wart und pfleg ihr zu al- -1er Zeit, 
Pre-pare us here to dwell with Thee, 

und heb sie hoch in E-wig-keit. 
in Hea-ven for E-ter-ni- ty. 

Tag- lieh, Herr Gott, wir lo- ben dich, 
Each day, Lord God, we wor-ship Thee, 

Vol. XVI II, Herr Gott, (cont) 

und ehrn dein Na-men ste- tig- lieh. 
Thy Name we hon-or stead- fast- ly. 

Be- hüt uns heut, o treu-er Gott, 
Guard Thou us, Lord, to-day from greed, 

vor al- ler Sund und Mis-se-tat. 
from sin and eve- ry ev- il deed. 

Sei uns gna-dig, o Her--re Gott, 
Be mer-ci- ful, Lord, we plead, 

sei uns gna'-dig in al-ler Not. 
be mer-ci- ful to us in need. 

Zeig uns dei- ne Barm- her- zig-keit, 
Corn-pass- ion-ate we pray Thee be, 

dir steht, 
on Thee . 

wie un- ser Hof- fen zu 
for all our hope de-pends 

. t ^.ch hof- fen wir, lie-ber Herr, 
So we there- fore pray in Thy Name, 

in Schan-den lass uns nim- -mer- mehr, 
that we be nev- er brought to shame. 

A- men. 
A- men. 



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